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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “cupup889,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
zk5SG(zk5SG)Adult (m)6,9638022
BYqdkA Cup Of Tea In The AutumnAdult (m)7,0438142
inEL5(inEL5)Adult (m)7,8588093
GZ8yEOkay Just Give Me A Second LoveAdult (f)7,2827982
3NiLJAnd We'll Always Save The DayAdult (f)7,0928082
aBeX2(aBeX2)Adult (f)6,31885320
f4Th1Little FireBall FutterwackenAdult (m)6,8958092
pqt1CChanging Colors and Crisp LeavesAdult (f)7,1237952
frKUhGold and Green GemsAdult (m)9,1459152
z4T4m(z4T4m)Hatchling (F)5,6816964
0WNoCIt's My 0WNoCHatchling (F)4,1593223
x0pRN(x0pRN)Hatchling (F)2,7442032
endJtendJtHatchling (f, F)5,9667422
1G6wl(1G6wl)Hatchling (F)3,1712612
Jee26Jee26Hatchling (F)3,5032341
LXR4e(LXR4e)Adult (f)6,4808341
EJyyN(EJyyN)Adult (m)6,5808092
TKesQSave Your ElectricityAdult (m)6,4768074
JF6qk(JF6qk)Adult (f)6,9207994
ceF2h(ceF2h)Adult (f)6,5388201
OJjMH(OJjMH)Adult (f)6,7528224
LW29NMr PinkoAdult (m)6,7758072
6RS2M(6RS2M)Adult (f)6,8048121
yz0Gx(yz0Gx)Adult (m)6,7668151
qdTBe(qdTBe)Adult (m)6,7848151
ajqCIFresh and PinkAdult (f)7,0988112
LtCGaSilver and GoomyAdult (m)8,40286410
Qm7um(Qm7um)Adult (m)6,9368542
M1WhU(M1WhU)Adult (m)6,6428255
gr3Tn(gr3Tn)Adult (f)7,8418005
i1jaP(i1jaP)Adult (f)7,1908163
T3xXa(T3xXa)Adult (m)7,1698026
1Cxt4Falling Leaves and Warm ScentsAdult (m)7,0878133
ozgPiFind Your Way Through The FireAdult (m)6,4968476
kFDlJLaboraozAdult (m)6,5398485
9uFM3(9uFM3)Adult (f)6,4568365
BQ6ka(BQ6ka)Adult (f)6,6238563
qS6FG(qS6FG)Adult (f)6,5588694
ErinjErin JAdult (f)6,7368762
qF2ZTFrozen Within The CavernHatchling (f, F)3,1198491
rD2pGFrozen Inside a Silver CavernHatchling (m, F)2,9137901
9BAkm9BAkmHatchling (f, F)3,1658432
WIj3JFallen VictimsHatchling (m, F)3,1508512
9BZQeThe Silver Shadow of the MoonHatchling (m, F)3,4287762
fbz8QRoyal Shadows Within The FogHatchling (f, F)3,4677703
jPF2xSurrounded by Fire and BonesHatchling (m, F)3,1988082
rVV88Red And Black BonesHatchling (F)1,3082955
Tu55lFrozen In Magma And DarknessHatchling (F)9792262
EgD7GEdgy Little Demon BabyHatchling (F)1,0632550
kergVkergVHatchling (F)1,0272131
TI4iYFrozen Within The ShadowsHatchling (F)9342242
GTa00Shadows Surrounding a GraveyardHatchling (F)1,0672452
jWscvI Do Not Like SunshineHatchling (F)1,1913151
EElVMEElVMHatchling (F)1,3944240
RDk0MAutumn Nights and Blazing LightsHatchling (F)1,3323321
U7iFhSpiral Embers and Fallen AshHatchling (F)1,2734201
9W3fwFrozen In Many RealitiesHatchling (F)1,3221731
S8LIuFluffy DarknessAdult (f)4,1418413
F4qKc(F4qKc)Adult (m)5,2018122
WEvrIDay Dreaming Of Cloud LoveAdult (f)5,5828062
fs5zZ(fs5zZ)Adult (f)5,2318342
j6w12Dorkface de HyruleAdult (f)4,7488764
Rv7MK(Rv7MK)Adult (f)5,0298993
tVd1D(tVd1D)Adult (f)4,7948543
Wpp8hMade of Bones and StripesAdult (f)3,5448485
7OlSGElectric Bones and YoyosAdult (f)3,5398275
o23pSSleepy and Fuzzy MarrowAdult (m)3,7838333
Bm3IhGoblins Hosting a BarbecueAdult (m)3,7628434
BKcXNControl All  '  Fear NoneAdult (f)3,4668802
lCVPbFlames of the Past Forever HauntAdult (m)3,7068152
1Wwa8CayohAdult (m)4,5177882
MwxumWait a Sec These Guys Are SmallAdult (m)3,2398661
pJX9GI Like Wearing PJsAdult (f)3,4379201
limcZSilver Caverns and DarknessAdult (m)3,2139191
P0NrMP0NrMAdult (m)3,2378592
BGyilBGyilAdult (m)3,3539081
sBavWOmen of StrifeAdult (m)3,1748151
WfahDThe Wisdom of Forsaken SoulsAdult (f)3,3548301
RNoGuThe Herald of Ill FortuneAdult (m)4,5597391
FaRjsOmen of DisastersAdult (f)5,0607402
0oQraThe Prophecy of Angered OmensAdult (m)4,6627322
jO4y7Lament of a Dead ForestAdult (f)4,6077311
iPDUROmen of FuryAdult (f)4,6807361
wN7ykHaunting Cries of Dead TreesAdult (m)4,5837301
OzCpNHoliday Cheer and October SpooksAdult (m)3,6589401
EJtbnConsumer of Death and MarrowAdult (m)3,6819212
yKno5Made of Gold and ScaresAdult (m)3,6709321
uHw4dScavenger of CorpsesAdult (f)3,7089311
q5V7nNightmares made of Copper BonesAdult (f)3,7819261
t5lCZRadiant and Fluffy MarrowAdult (f)3,6879191
kCQ3uBuzzard made of BoneAdult (m)3,6229191
gSgtfCravings of Blood and MarrowAdult (f)3,6509120
DHjukDrifting Through RealitiesAdult (f)4,0819262
R9Vu9Quiet Autumn NightsAdult (f)4,1209161
7xcJ6Rainy and Misty NightsAdult (m)4,1489092
cF9COI'm Gonna Get Ya  '  FEAR MEAdult (m)3,6829202
N39pMCavern of BonesAdult (m)3,8639472
zFpWMThose Sweet Kids Made My HomeAdult (f)4,2738922
qhV6hShadowy Cup Of Halloween TeaAdult (m)4,2069042
VfbERForsaken SoulsAdult (m)3,7829222
yEPtwAsh to Ash and Dust to DustAdult (m)4,4448711
AYn29The Silent Omen of DeathAdult (f)5,7889002
wixcOThe Collector of Burned SoulsAdult (f)7,1368584
LnkJODangerous Fire and Mind ControlAdult (m)6,9098622
vKadKFear My Power  '  Mortal FoolAdult (f)5,2158442
vTOp7Scary Exterior ' Loving InteriorAdult (f)5,6048614
4mx0VLurking in the ShadowzAdult (f)5,2938784
PlrKRMy Friend Carved This One For MeAdult (m)5,8448543
3J4A9JackfurAdult (m)8,3299762
5xBi6(5xBi6)Adult (m)7,6649041
wUNVz(wUNVz)Adult (m)6,8028052
X624O(X624O)Adult (f)6,8668004
P3bce(P3bce)Adult (f)6,6898192
BvqUn(BvqUn)Adult (f)8,5948631
UYYY4(UYYY4)Adult (f)8,6629202
JBzU7Come Meet The New Neighbors DearAdult (m)6,4348202
mXecfMaxecofAdult (f)7,0088101
EGKDOEGG KIDDOAdult (f)6,4988374
2TOusEGG KIDAdult (m)6,3818377
dunS3Hot and DizzyAdult (m)6,4488334
4AwxlThe Wicked StumpAdult (f)5,8628451
ZgqdI(ZgqdI)Adult (m)6,5958103
DIz8mx  Ditzy  xAdult (f)6,7018051
YneJGWe are the Spinel GemsAdult (m)6,8087882
qpvLGx  Never to Forget  xAdult (f)6,6868141
t2GU6x  Slow to Forgive  xAdult (m)5,8547912
l7yqSYou are my Favorite OneAdult (f)5,8967912
Jadamx   Jadam   xAdult (m)6,1288433
FcIw8EGG MOMAdult (f)6,1568652
zaQktOf all the Gems in this WorldAdult (m)6,0428593
Jh7kO(Jh7kO)Adult (f)7,1568494
TQq8JVex LeddoAdult (m)6,6708081
gGDZVZad UommoAdult (f)8,5827955
vXOC9Vex TimmoAdult (m)7,2058171
0mOXE(0mOXE)Adult (m)7,1327842
Ea2ZU(Ea2ZU)Adult (f)6,9697752
p2jTFThe Waters of HomeAdult (m)6,8928093
fc80M(fc80M)Adult (f)7,2408335
zdI4DZad Leddo  CB-EAdult (f)6,7017751
UDBUoUda Uommo CB-EAdult (m)6,4697810
psfTmPsiff Timmo CB-EAdult (m)6,9437935
1VXFpVex Fippo CB-EAdult (f)6,6688154
rLU7M(rLU7M)Adult (m)6,6788118
5lr0a(5lr0a)Adult (m)5,8647725
SStVg(SStVg)Adult (m)6,9418063
jZFSk(jZFSk)Adult (f)6,8817983
vcpY1(vcpY1)Adult (m)7,0998054
7Gjr3(7Gjr3)Adult (f)6,5677852
ROqq2(ROqq2)Adult (m)7,0117902
HGcZT(HGcZT)Adult (f)6,7937774
vG1xs(vG1xs)Adult (m)7,0047853
WDIJD(WDIJD)Adult (f)7,3697912
ow1u0(ow1u0)Adult (m)7,3387993
cvjrr(cvjrr)Adult (f)7,2448021
fX0zv(fX0zv)Adult (m)7,2427922
ImiR0(ImiR0)Adult (m)7,3367913
NFnga(NFnga)Adult (f)7,3597963
BFihVKing of Flaming StarsAdult (m)7,1177891
g7VhB(g7VhB)Adult (m)4,0879372
en7Ox(en7Ox)Adult (f)4,0419483
bktRl(bktRl)Adult (m)4,0768873
cjuKP(cjuKP)Adult (m)4,1428883
H7j2VI Swear I WILL Peck you DaveAdult (f)3,1578012
aVBarPlz Don't Eat MeAdult (f)5,5097653
61BkjThis is Dave the TroublemakerAdult4,8931,0094
i1C3mYummy Cheesy GoodnessAdult6,7238514
qnFWUOther Dragons Bite Me SometimesAdult5,3607833
P22ZIDo Not Write On Me Dave I SwearAdult5,1258644
aHAO6My Boots Are Made For WalkingAdult4,9891,0089
4c159My Boots Are Made For Walking x2Adult4,0129813
swgn4My Boots Are Made For Walking x3Adult5,4388114
bXk0IMy Boots Are Made For Walking x4Adult6,1327824
1LjnaMy Boots Are Made For Walking x5Adult6,2587645
Zk9ogMy Boots Are Made For Walking x6Adult6,3627527
kXf9mWhat a weird looking eggEgg (F)
SgrgqWhen Nothing Goes Right 'Go LeftAdult (m)4,9041,0191
fABa4If Plan ''A'' Didn't WorkAdult (f)4,6521,1121
fd9y6The Alphabet Has 25 More LettersHatchling (m, F)4,1899015
tfvXiLife's Too Short To WorryHatchling (f, F)4,2828762
DwclNLife's Too Long To WaitHatchling (F)3,3026852
Kcq7SSmile ' Happy Looks Good On YouHatchling (F)3,1627271
KgmTFHurt Me With The Truth '' ButAdult (m)3,5899623
tz6lTNever Comfort Me With A LieAdult (f)4,8251,0052
IP4PdFor I Will Find Out In The EndHatchling (m, F)3,5458091
Fb57vWhispers-  ''He touched the ButtHatchling (f, F)4,3338101
HQWwCx  I'll call him SquishyHatchling (F)3,3923821
d4zLRAnd he shall be mine  xHatchling (F)2,3444742
cNNaVA Broken WatchAdult (m)3,1088011
RN7rhIs Correct Twice A DayAdult (f)3,9968097
7vxgEYou Should Still Fix The WatchAdult (m)4,1497754
O2Y8NOh What A Scary FireballAdult (m)4,1839452
pf3c5So Small ' So Cute' Can't EvenAdult (f)3,8999703
2cz9Rx  Every Night' I Dream You'reAdult (m)3,8978752
qk7PsStill Here' The Ghost By My SideAdult (f)3,8688704
rA9ZmSo Perfectly Clear  xAdult (m)5,9528000
Z2WrZ(Z2WrZ)Adult (m)7,9441,16810
agJEGWarm Silver MistletoeAdult (m)9,2461,1995
GYhA4(GYhA4)Adult (f)4,9741,1660
pzoTR(pzoTR)Adult (f)5,3131,0972
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