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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “cupup889,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
VA4XRSpitfire   -Female CBAdult (f)3,1478503
LpQeQSpitfire     -Male CBAdult (m)6,5827421
ewaFUSpitfire    -Female CBAdult (f)6,4747381
1cRLYSpitfire    -Male CBAdult (m)3,8238251
WiDsISpitfire   -MaleAdult (m)3,6749033
gOE3MDrunkenly Laying in the SunshineAdult (m)4,1249824
LgAeJBasking in the Brilliant SunAdult (f)4,4451,0673
Kn8DlFlying with the SunriseAdult (m)7,5737731
15co9Basking in the Early SunAdult (f)7,0337331
tSrnLFlying with the SunsetAdult (m)4,6031,0703
ijus2Sunsets and Messy FamilysAdult (f)5,5599795
gJGEmWaking to the Tiring DayAdult (f)3,6168433
nvv5sThe Beautifully Stunning SunsetAdult (f)4,9831,0605
eQhpr(eQhpr)Adult (m)9,6501,92217
BGKqhTurpentine   -Male PBAdult (m)2,5237452
vCpJf(vCpJf)Adult (f)3,5528081
OPSscTurpentine   -Female PBAdult (f)4,1258493
JkPaDTurpentine    -Female PBAdult (f)4,1821,1073
s8LdkSpotted Greenwing   -MaleAdult (m)4,6248694
M4yLvSpotted Greenwing   -Male CBAdult (m)4,9137843
kr05KSpotted Greenwing   -Female PBAdult (f)5,2379654
3p4BoSpotted Greenwing   -Female CBAdult (f)3,48170616
Vh0aYTsunami Wyvern   -MaleAdult (m)3,0648512
P2H6GTsunami Wyvern   -FemaleAdult (f)12,0722,0395
7RWpJTsunami Wyvern    -MaleAdult (m)3,5429301
eEMHtTsunami Wyvern    -FemaleAdult (f)3,0037923
r5PZ3Crunchy ' Munchy OlivesAdult (f)6,6357341
IuulZCrunchy ' Yummy OlivesAdult (m)6,8207241
MO413Dance Among Your NightmaresAdult (f)3,4098484
R8sBTDance Among Your DreamsAdult (m)4,4108363
Ynq2XThe Waltz Of NightmaresAdult (f)3,6437602
pOuftThe Waltz Of DreamsAdult (m)3,00182816
XY7hPOlive   -FemaleAdult (f)2,4867744
qgYlDSing a Song of the StarsAdult (f)4,9989177
SO0jwBlue Nebula      -Female CBAdult (f)5,6688213
EQ0dEBlue Nebula     -Female CBAdult (f)5,5867143
vo356Blue Lights and Green StarsAdult (f)4,1308452
LCFUbBlue Nebula    -Female CBAdult (f)5,9387922
nv0sLBlue Nebula   -FemaleAdult (f)3,4108543
Igs4tGreen Nebula         -Male CBAdult (m)3,7515475
QwbVOx  Guardian of the Stars  xAdult (m)5,8188171
zkkb3Green Nebula    -Male CBAdult (m)5,4487681
4j2cjGreen Tea Made From The StarsAdult (m)3,3138122
qjhxaThe Stars Will Not DieAdult (m)6,0868911
qkXLEGreen Nebula   -MaleAdult (m)6,4089211
vW4GyBred Nebi-NebdasgeAdult (m)6,2677325
PwLkwDancing With The Stars In SpaceAdult (m)3,0566952
wMX1KThe Lone Green StarAdult (m)5,8668732
EMaHEBut Without The DarkAdult (m)4,1928171
WBTrsWe Would Never See The StarsAdult (f)4,0868364
lWV70Galaxy Musician 5PBAdult (f)6,2707473
vhzIaCloths Of StarlightAdult (f)6,8408511
wyhlzAnd Come Star Gazing With MeAdult (f)5,6487232
lXc2BRed Nebula     -Female CBAdult (f)4,9237121
pdS2lRed Nebula      -Female CBAdult (f)6,3888592
AAAuDRed Nebula   -Female CBAdult (f)6,0107283
s7E3SRed Nebula   -FemaleAdult (f)3,8928036
b4XaVRed Nebula    -FemaleAdult (f)1,8826792
4zgb9Purple Stars And Silver DreamsAdult (m)5,3019693
emw8px Song of the Galaxy xAdult (m)6,3179632
bF9xTPurple Nebula    -Male CBAdult (m)3,9948403
BsOWvPurple Nebula     -Male CBAdult (m)5,0987222
mMOYlx  Dancing With The Galaxy  xAdult (m)5,6517783
aTMVpx  Song of the Stars  xAdult (m)6,6917252
H5uORPurple Nebula   -MaleAdult (m)4,14590017
pTu1sPurple Nebula    -MaleAdult (m)3,4869183
4pMGHMystic Blue Ocean SpiritAdult (m)7,0087903
XlLdyGentle Blue Ocean GuardianAdult (f)7,1517763
A9bNqMr Rizver IVAdult (m)6,3738202
5JR7iThe Songs The Ocean SingsAdult (f)6,0047354
GqMQaTwo-Finned Bluna   -MaleAdult (m)7,5201,59212
NC4OuTwo-Finned Bluna   -FemaleAdult (f)3,8448012
BuAjsTwo-Finned Bluna    -MaleAdult (m)4,3981,0132
N9VtLTwo-Finned Bluna    -FemaleAdult (f)3,9828901
0G3vIStorm   -Male CBAdult (m)8,4141,8762
mMCWZStorm   -FemaleAdult (f)3,6138763
Ep444Storm   -MaleAdult (m)4,3338502
Vvsl6Tide PodsAdult (m)6,3937352
NEvL4Stargazing Princess PBAdult (f)4,9608042
0eY7hBlue Oil MoonsAdult (m)2,3627502
GbEWcGolden Blue MoonsAdult (f)8,4121,86911
F3bP9Broken Blue MoonsAdult (f)3,02883212
nrjNATerrae   -Male CBAdult (m)9,2001,85014
90kl4Terrae   -MaleAdult (m)3,0018306
ZwQw6Terrae    -Male CBAdult (m)3,9209141
3WXouTerrae   -FemaleAdult (f)3,5078815
ORWAyLight Blue Water   -Female CBAdult (f)5,3947204
uKMuzLight Blue Water   -Male CBAdult (m)3,8177840
BXS7cLight Blue Water   -MaleAdult (m)7,5491,7885
6EblALight Blue Water   -FemaleAdult (f)3,9228411
VjS5QLight Blue Water    -MaleAdult (m)3,63987918
vOiXKUltraviolet   -MaleAdult (m)3,7288363
2hf3TUltraviolet   -FemaleAdult (f)2,7247743
oroFLUltraviolet    -MaleAdult (m)3,2658665
W6HASWhite   -MaleAdult (m)3,0397733
56pQiWhite    -MaleAdult (m)5,8526690
yhdwTWhite     -MaleAdult (m)5,0369103
14qCuWhite   -FemaleAdult (f)9,1061,8353
16jmQDreaming of Winter BirdsAdult (f)3,7976910
ibeC6White     -FemaleAdult (f)3,5926610
PBofeDreaming of White FeathersAdult (f)4,1578384
UluJDVintage and PinkAdult (m)3,2918135
vnmaaPink   -MaleAdult (m)4,1058388
PC9BQPink    -MaleAdult (m)3,2657953
ge6L9Sir Pink the 1stAdult (m)4,8231,0573
EWJ4wDeliciously Pink And ChewyAdult (m)4,6428561
e5reIEfirelAdult (m)3,8039963
gYj79Erik DrekiAdult (m)6,6609652
8uIOFArakane DunonAdult (m)4,8318801
kpxE7TewcettaAdult (m)4,7838703
m9uqEPovilionAdult (m)4,6978871
8MmNRElegant VaticanusAdult (m)4,6988905
PbNV4Of Tsunamis And PinksAdult (m)7,8688641
Y4zxwTaikou no YuenAdult (m)5,6579281
HZrsKTaikou no HanashiAdult (m)5,7519222
dLDftJupiterunoAdult (m)6,0609242
QVGSuPink   -FemaleAdult (f)3,2168042
XMnl7Pink    -FemaleAdult (f)4,2821,0011
iifYEPink     -FemaleAdult (f)4,8029800
6BxhUPink      -FemaleAdult (f)4,8301,0432
41r3IZaliki The MysticAdult (f)5,6008362
AP1r9Of Pinks And TsunamisAdult (f)5,6169422
uGKKbJupiterunaAdult (f)7,8498571
e58nfDeliciously Pink Jupiter JamAdult (f)4,6287681
cdoYnMadam Pink the 1stAdult (f)3,3828793
emvy1EmvyAdult (f)3,2428682
EZUukSweet Pink DaggerAdult (f)2,7444882
TsXOEHellfire Wyvern   -Male CBAdult (m)3,4938334
tR3m0Hot and GoomyAdult (f)3,0948052
8E7CpHellfire Wyvern    -Male CBAdult (m)3,7238600
nsIHdThe Brilliant Flames Of FuryAdult (f)4,3528303
dsHXmHellfire Wyvern   -FemaleAdult (f)2,9258082
ltksQBrilliant Rays of SunshineAdult (m)10,9271,9576
LDS5dDrunken SunshineAdult (f)4,6139073
zSdhKThe Handsome SunshineAdult (m)3,8668891
fhoP8Sunlight and StarsAdult (f)3,0317874
it41bx  Golden Sunshine  xAdult (f)2,94784511
0DKkUSpring Seasonal   -Male CBAdult (m)5,8167074
ZZLEtSpring Seasonal   -Female CBAdult (f)5,9967182
WmF5KSpring Seasonal    -Male CBAdult (m)6,0547411
4qBwRSpring Seasonal    -Female CBAdult (f)8,2068232
92zn6Spring Seasonal   -MaleAdult (m)5,3778711
oDiNBSpring Seasonal   -FemaleAdult (f)4,5117811
qV1cASpring Seasonal    -MaleAdult (m)5,4238930
DZruFSpring Seasonal    -FemaleAdult (f)4,5208181
SF51sSummer Seasonal   -Male CBAdult (m)4,1678102
YfMzoSummer Seasonal   -Female CBAdult (f)3,7078843
FSHeTSummer Seasonal    -Male CBAdult (m)6,1548173
TCgkKSummer Season    -Female CBAdult (f)3,7548705
IVhQBSummer Seasonal   -MaleAdult (m)3,6828905
Z6hInSummer Seasonal   -FemaleAdult (f)3,3638591
i5NdbSummer Seasonal    -MaleAdult (m)3,6189024
IMdjUSummer Seasonal    -FemaleAdult (f)2,5257481
xMiCdThe Calm Winds That Call Me HomeAdult (m)4,3529571
l77xDThe Colorful Leaves Of AutumnAdult (f)5,1459912
sNYAVOily Autumn LeavesAdult (m)3,1258043
tob5jA Messy AutumnAdult (f)2,9997834
KFvCnA Mixed AutumnAdult (m)4,2218404
thdBQMessy Autumn LeavesAdult (f)4,1498368
PY1wlThe Crisp Falling LeavesAdult (f)4,8188861
Jk7uwWinter Guardian of SnowAdult (m)5,4558193
6NirSWinter Guardian of ColdAdult (f)7,0807242
5OjTGWinter Seasonal   -MaleAdult (m)1,8846771
SIKEUWinter Seasonal   -FemaleAdult (f)2,8006881
MhNgXWinter Seasonal    -MaleAdult (m)1,8786903
GkgrAWinter Seasonal    -FemaleAdult (f)3,4057590
NTlZgSunshine Upon The Morning DewAdult (m)6,4808232
GE5yaSunshine Upon The Crystal SnowAdult (f)4,7468040
bgbV0Lumina   -MaleAdult (m)5,5031,0233
CePsY(CePsY)Adult (f)3,9648143
ftRAp(ftRAp)Adult (m)3,6848341
ejpXLLumina    -FemaleAdult (f)4,2608409
mJ7EvLumina     -MaleAdult (m)3,6068203
V9a3TNocturne   -MaleAdult (m)3,5998204
jtmEGNocturne   -Female CBAdult (f)3,7878673
bXefaNocturne    -MaleAdult (m)3,6478051
bCtleNocturne   -FemaleAdult (f)3,4809220
mk758RepernereAdult (m)6,2788143
YyzeTMother of the Blue MoonAdult (f)6,0699893
cKbM7The Quiet Songs The Moon SingsAdult (m)9,3921,86630
XYQNDCountess Von MoonAdult (f)6,3168101
1xsaECrazy Blue MoonlightAdult (m)4,7827102
0LFmYMiss Swell the ThirdAdult (f)6,7318571
pa3tZGive it a Moonstone to Evolve ItAdult (m)3,6027942
k2ulbMoonstone   -FemaleAdult (f)5,2671,0673
QcCNFMoonstone   -MaleAdult (m)5,0329651
ANyCcThe Destroyer of StonesAdult (m)4,7441,0524
snbarGive it a Sunstone so it EvolvesAdult (f)2,9688045
fHkN6Press 'B' To Stop its EvolutionAdult (f)3,9108981
2Q8jKMagikarp ' Use SplashAdult (m)2,5317672
bjr1nMizdinAdult (f)6,6011,6766
CA0IKLiterally Nothing HappenedAdult (m)3,39885116
mVMNfOrange Fishy Dragon Used SplashAdult (f)5,1809377
q3cBPIt Wasn't EffectiveAdult (f)2,5697542
NYttGPillow    -Male CBAdult (m)4,1458270
yV2ljPillow     -Female CBAdult (f)4,2248032
BNgwOPillow   -Male CBAdult (m)4,1828421
WQgd3Pillow   -Female CBAdult (f)3,9818285
FEEKLPillow   -MaleAdult (m)3,6378012
uV9GqPillow   -FemaleAdult (f)10,9911,9467
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