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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “cupup889,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
dgTaLPillow    -MaleAdult (m)3,1928723
OOkT8OooooooooooookAdult (f)4,5208272
6Boq5Pillow     -Male CBAdult (m)4,1968065
8sNKDPillow    -Female CBAdult (f)3,3318443
5idPIPillow      -Male CBAdult (m)5,8057003
pjmPVPillow      -Female CBAdult (f)4,0948902
j45fdPillow       -Male CBAdult (m)5,2196770
hDzTLFluffy Spooky PillowAdult (f)6,7727840
QYBx1Pillow        -Male CBAdult (m)4,5545827
HOvGFHarmony's SteedAdult (f)6,8281,57410
zXdxXNathaniel The Royal PrinceAdult (m)5,6999042
eUVeGHorse    -FemaleAdult (f)3,1348501
aae3cAlexander The Noble KnightAdult (m)6,0739052
mrPUCMrs PucAdult (f)2,9258642
SciakStallion of LoveAdult (m)5,9671,0931
kNEoBHorse    -MaleAdult (m)4,1459541
gvSAIPurple   -Male CBAdult (m)4,1698522
PXdL4Vixen Cranor Von EleganceAdult (f)6,3358611
S8u8XPurple Hearts of LoveAdult (m)6,3967341
pxtfbPurple    -Female CBAdult (f)6,2207534
4AnKQPurple   -Male PBAdult (m)3,3458123
1UrVXPurple    -FemaleAdult (f)3,1048711
aGVCZPurple   -MaleAdult (m)3,6411,0422
DZVhiPurple     -FemaleAdult (f)3,3238652
co3LmPurple   -FemaleAdult (f)5,3359243
dKcq5Swallowtail   -Male CBAdult (m)5,9787513
29dupSwallowtail   -Female CBAdult (f)9,6471,8399
xfrL8Swallowtail    -Male CBAdult (m)6,5637251
NK6irSwallowtail    -Female CBAdult (f)3,9917932
piCu3Swallowtail   -MaleAdult (m)3,3011,0003
B9JObSwallowtail   -FemaleAdult (f)3,5908445
5FLHoSing a Song of the MountainAdult (m)4,1708241
JktClx Song of the Mountains xAdult (f)4,1318822
UfMqpFly Among The MountainsAdult (m)5,8911,2646
j93bUDance Among The MountainsAdult (f)3,4168054
LhCgZx  Wind Racer  xAdult (m)3,3188102
ZoSJBx  Sky Dancer  xAdult (f)4,4287691
bm8EpPurple Ridgewing   -MaleAdult (m)3,5168294
8dUFkPurple Ridgewing   -FemaleAdult (f)3,0818544
9vZkhI Make Many HappyAdult (m)4,2058311
BQGOFPurple Ridgewing    -FemaleAdult (f)3,1608623
6NbAXPurple Ridgewing     -MaleAdult (m)3,1398483
rZ93VPurple Ridgewing     -FemaleAdult (f)3,1828281
f1nLQUgandan Knuckles Knows Da WaeAdult (m)5,1539671
11nm6x  Guardian of the Mountain  xAdult (f)6,7257342
wb0nSx  The Colors of the Wind  xAdult (m)6,8497233
dRiqQBeautiful Mountain FlowersAdult (f)6,8417231
wnMMwStriking Wind DancesAdult (m)2,5446023
ToCqeJoyous RegularAdult (f)4,1477082
yTeQXLuna-LadyAdult (f)5,3847906
HgOUuBeautiful Wind DancesAdult (f)6,9308743
JlPJzClimb The Mountain TonightAdult (m)5,5667074
wGpjcx  Song of the Winds  xAdult (f)4,5318302
voosETan Mountains and Red SkiesAdult (m)3,9901,0121
biBAsx  Dancing With The Winds  xAdult (f)6,7707732
Cpi1mCpilmAdult (m)7,1997331
QO7ILTwo headed   -Male CBAdult (m)3,8228650
MN5pTTwo headed   -Female CBAdult (f)3,9808742
igPreTwo headed    -Male PBAdult (m)3,8418834
xP1o7Two-Headed    -Female CBAdult (f)3,6717612
t7J37Two headed   -Male PBAdult (m)5,3141,2227
tuihmTwo-Headed   -Female CBAdult (f)3,8398724
xuZVdTwo headed   -FemaleAdult (f)4,6821,0745
oFZ3fHarvest   -Male CBAdult (m)9,0761,9976
Hbb8uHarvest   -Female CBAdult (f)3,4638482
aUaVWHarvest    -Male CBAdult (m)3,3858475
JBkoeHarvest   -Female PBAdult (f)3,3519940
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