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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “cupup889,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
oE3Xg(oE3Xg)Adult (m)7,7811,1581
YEJNQYen-JoAdult (m)7,8391,2113
2F2dk(2F2dk)Adult (m)7,4961,1830
llRDL(llRDL)Adult (f)7,1811,1462
S1BnI(S1BnI)Adult (f)7,1031,1892
JifMU(JifMU)Adult (m)7,1321,1360
y8qxu(y8qxu)Adult (m)7,5071,1401
5x5EH(5x5EH)Adult (f)7,0691,1490
YYqZj(YYqZj)Adult (f)7,5301,1660
qC8wx(qC8wx)Adult (m)6,1131,1321
4G75B(4G75B)Adult (f)6,1221,1291
u41I6(u41I6)Adult (m)6,1701,1472
bdh8O(bdh8O)Adult (f)6,1051,1202
etXmU(etXmU)Adult (m)6,1961,1561
EPTNB(EPTNB)Adult (m)5,9561,1742
vFFyL(vFFyL)Adult (f)6,1181,1691
TnvGR(TnvGR)Adult (m)6,1881,1793
YURfU(YURfU)Adult (f)5,7851,1631
Zn8Db(Zn8Db)Adult (m)5,8741,1542
ByA7m(ByA7m)Adult (f)5,8761,1742
6LatB(6LatB)Adult (f)6,2881,2202
ouK0D(ouK0D)Adult (m)5,8681,1842
qzZde(qzZde)Adult (m)5,6871,1624
H6P7I(H6P7I)Adult (f)5,9101,2092
fG59v(fG59v)Adult (f)5,1431,0982
8YsFy(8YsFy)Adult (m)4,5691,0572
x5skC(x5skC)Adult (m)4,6061,0562
nqxRP(nqxRP)Adult (m)4,6951,0233
gUBQP(gUBQP)Adult (f)4,4991,0432
o18t1(o18t1)Adult (m)4,3281,0201
5TuhO(5TuhO)Adult (f)4,4351,0102
HUav9(HUav9)Adult (m)4,7001,0733
AGIjb(AGIjb)Adult (m)7,8011,3232
K9PGm(K9PGm)Adult (m)8,2041,3583
7Xmww(7Xmww)Adult (m)7,8111,3353
SDdiX(SDdiX)Hatchling (f, F)5,2468693
HawJu(HawJu)Hatchling (m, F)5,2358962
YGhUx(YGhUx)Adult (m)7,8981,3743
BO57M(BO57M)Adult (f)7,9191,4065
PrDYY(PrDYY)Adult (m)7,6761,3355
0EcpPI'M NOT ARGUINGAdult (m)3,4918183
uf6NdI'm Explaining Why I'm RightAdult (f)4,0327992
HggrGAn Upside Down Cup of TeaAdult (m)5,3237517
sFnYTApril Fool's CutieAdult (f)5,04976610
cgaDZSpider'Dragon ' Spider'DragonAdult (m)5,5117429
6FfUyMix Of Pink ' Purple ' And GreenAdult (m)5,1769972
h4DuBMirthamusAdult (f)9,0001,8494
NU92mNuntomeAdult (m)4,7387123
2Ri3KMean ' Green ' Dancing MachineAdult (f)5,0651,0073
gkp6RThat When Brothers Wage WarAdult (m)
rnp7NRupenAdult (m)7,7961,0731
iEwlkIwelkAdult (f)7,5041,0342
FGjakFeJakAdult (f)7,3988991
KhcAYKhcayAdult (m)6,6959932
P3tSZPeetzieAdult (f)9,5088711
kAcacKacacAdult (m)7,4768853
F3exFFeexAdult (f)8,0349041
Ahm0kRunning Ahm0kAdult (m)8,9538864
YFs2SYsotoAdult (f)9,1128644
j39XSBubbling Blue TeaAdult (m)7,6111,0393
4BSnDBsendaAdult (f)7,4278903
hFuPRThe Gentle Dusk Of The NightAdult (m)7,4791,0681
xutOSThe Bright Dawn Of The MorningAdult (f)9,2268591
v7J6gThe Quiet Song Of The NightAdult (m)8,0739492
3Dce4Sparkling White TeaAdult (m)7,8858333
q5PqgQpegAdult (m)6,3121,0411
sxhDASuxdahAdult (f)8,0769701
ID9grIdgreAdult (f)8,3778711
lInwkLinwickAdult (m)7,7769343
lBxGcLinbexAdult (f)6,5951,0032
rcDpfRacphiAdult (f)9,4148756
61a5JAnd the Legends have ForetoldAdult (m)
Hqoc8Of Purple Wings In The ColdAdult (f)
ADyvxAdyvexAdult (m)4,3596183
IW0xYIwoxyAdult (f)4,3397232
9gjjg9gjjgAdult (m)4,2707402
6jfTwSejjtweAdult (f)6,2898041
XIDHyXIDHyAdult (m)6,1867981
Oh2yyOthenaAdult (f)6,4577951
3wM9rTwemAdult (m)4,6797311
UQeuIQeulAdult (f)4,6667342
uLtOxThe Markings Upon My ScalesAdult (f)6,4547891
gZTUKTell A Story Unlike Any OtherAdult (m)6,4797901
9BYxVKnown To Both Beast And ManAdult (m)5,4577352
2bxf0A Story Unique To Each DragonAdult (m)5,3197353
mTuBaThat No Other CreatureAdult (m)5,4227474
q1geJMay Come To UnderstandAdult (f)5,3327333
AQ6h5One That I Will CarryAdult (f)5,1417283
aMS55For My Entire ExistenceAdult (f)5,3437322
w5u4aUntil The Day I Leave This RealmAdult (f)6,0387131
8f3mFAnd May Share My StoryAdult (m)5,9947181
2kWzkThe Handsome SunsetAdult (m)6,2817492
7fVoQRising With The Brilliant SunAdult (m)5,9277422
8WJLCHungover With The Rising SunAdult (f)5,9777401
gOpzEHungover With The Brilliant SunAdult (m)6,1057661
jFb3GHOOOOOONEYAdult (m)3,3767403
zg5M1Honey Drake   -Female CBAdult (f)3,4177373
155DxSweet Little Honey DudeAdult (m)4,2358132
0EVrIHoney Drake    -Female CBAdult (f)2,8815761
eJHXSHoney BoiAdult (m)2,6726351
tV291Kingcrownes   -Male CBAdult (m)4,8208625
a9jSTThe Gold Princess Of LoveAdult (f)3,8919733
D4kFnKingcrownes    -Male CBAdult (m)5,3437793
RCKn8Kingcrownes    -Female CBAdult (f)5,0447752
Gh7ttSinii Krai   -Male CBAdult (m)5,3437602
CBRv2Sinii Krai   -Female CBAdult (f)5,3057501
6pFrsSinii Krai    -Male CBAdult (m)5,4237702
i0BE0Sinii Krai    -Female CBAdult (f)5,5877602
tmJ59Sinii Krai     -Male CBAdult (m)5,5637741
dbOPoSinii Krai     -Female CBAdult (f)5,6257583
pXhUVSinii Krai      -Male CBAdult (m)6,5577483
EPByySinii Krai      -Female CBAdult (f)6,3497553
WwA8qSinii Krai       -Male CBAdult (m)6,4368331
JQJFPSinii Krai       -Female CBAdult (f)6,1838451
SJzXhDanger BladeAdult (m)6,4837551
eDhauWatch the BladeAdult (f)5,4007704
Rnn0xI'm a Part of the BladesAdult (m)5,4477614
01fO5Don't think you know the BladesAdult (f)5,0877603
gopuGCute Little Danger DragoAdult (m)5,5557572
vBklSAdorable Little Danger DragoAdult (f)5,4377603
02WcWSmall Body ' Sharp BladeAdult (m)5,5967531
APv3hSmall and SharpAdult (f)6,2927381
cRPTqMonarch   -Male CBAdult (m)4,8087051
d0hsVMonarch   -Female CBAdult (f)3,5897381
o9N2jMonarch    -Male CBAdult (m)3,6037352
MT4UwMonarch    -Female CBAdult (f)3,5367422
Px2U5Tetra   -M CBAdult (m)6,3647441
BfdjCTetra   -F CBAdult (f)6,2047960
Nqww6Tetra    -M CBAdult (m)7,3787833
fym3dTetra    -F CBAdult (f)6,2027541
VnWsITetra     -M CBAdult (m)6,4547821
6dVJtTetra     -F CBAdult (f)7,2757722
sbthlDark Lumina   -Male CBAdult (m)5,1541,0242
YxyrwDark Lumina   -Female CBAdult (f)5,1649762
AGBqlDance Among The StormAdult (m)3,8068152
gdeg5Waltz In The StormAdult (f)3,4937592
PtZAlSing A Song Of The StormAdult (f)5,6477264
nv3Z7X All My Life I Presumed Air ToAdult (m)3,5898631
s9QCkBe Free Of Charge '' That WasAdult (m)3,7458692
5Ee8AUntil I Bought A Bag Of Chips XAdult (m)3,5328631
O9xL7Buzz Buzz - I'm A BeeAdult (m)3,6049001
kXwvWI'll Sting Ya M8' Swear On Me MaAdult (m)3,0268862
fOhsgHORRENDOUS SCREECHINGAdult (f)3,5639091
2gmpGXx  You Know What's Funnier thanAdult (f)5,2466972
SCgw4x  Twenty Four  xAdult (f)5,4096801
5Qtbqx  No ' What Is It xAdult (f)5,0856891
kIXVITWENTY FIVE  xXAdult (f)4,9677051
HwUAsTwo heads '' Twice The FunAdult (f)6,2587231
JwumKWe're Warm And ColdAdult (m)4,2168153
QueaaQueaaAdult (f)3,3978782
f6Z6BXx This Isn't Your AverageAdult (m)5,3256291
wJLkADarkness ''' This IsAdult (f)4,4317652
aQ9TuADVANCED DARKNESS  xXAdult (m)5,3606354
f8cZVIce Ice ' And Fire ' BabyAdult (f)4,0727592
xCLKPCold Scales ' Warm HeartAdult (m)3,6219024
naocrNaocrAdult (f)6,6998022
pj364PJ364Adult (m)5,0797232
SEK4MSekformAdult (f)5,8917712
U2qXQQuite The Curious OneAdult (m)2,9338984
NsGPsBeautiful And BlueAdult (f)2,8559081
3yNTRMorphodrake   -M CBAdult (m)3,5174526
7gkjPXx Be Kind To AllAdult (m)3,6789863
dQSqhYou Know Not Their Story xXAdult (m)3,7279121
SkU3JXx Love AllAdult (m)3,7639182
s7FWSTrust A FewAdult (m)3,9378813
bcVfCDo Wrong To None  xXAdult (f)3,6029902
zFC6Gx Who Are We To JudgeAdult (f)3,6759773
koPBYNobody Is Perfect But We TryAdult (f)4,3677971
eMLfSAnd That's Good Enough For Me xAdult (f)4,4237841
kWhI4xX Golden Moon  XxAdult (f)7,1238271
7Ga0IDragonHeart   -By AviatorsAdult (m)4,3209201
lH8z3Can't Do This Without YouAdult (m)4,0949661
BZbOVTogether We Can Make It ThroughAdult (m)4,2339602
uTcMeThese Roads AroundAdult (f)4,3489191
mQJrqLove Under The Golden MoonAdult (f)4,3669222
z5HrkGentle Moonlit NightsAdult (m)4,3457803
zSgmAChapters Closed ' On A New StartAdult (m)5,3189992
ySLIjWe're Getting To MyAdult (f)5,1561,0222
HehxkFavorite PartAdult (f)5,4619984
MLZv6Cuz You're The Only OneAdult (f)5,5779863
7jMKaWho Can Tame My DragonheartAdult (m)4,0939804
356MzLove Ya Aviators ' Awesome MusicAdult (m)4,0709662
ug9WnPLUTO IS STILL A PLANET  xXAdult (f)4,0609883
JjF70Xx  Three Dragon MoonAdult (f)4,0129822
QdcZbWe All Share The Same MoonAdult (m)4,2339602
smJUPXx  Whispers Of The Moon  xXAdult (f)4,1379781
IebgkThe Sun Doesn't Like MeAdult (f)4,2019703
5htCsINSERT MOON REFERENCEAdult (f)4,1659585
V8H6kFather of the Golden MoonAdult (m)5,7541,1388
KRo1gGolden Magma and Deadly FlamesAdult (f)8,1438355
SsnctPhyltre ToysAdult (m)6,5341,1165
Vm8kQx Shimmer Gleam xAdult (f)7,2709154
4GUTrShiny FortuneAdult (m)6,4881,1274
uDcwVZariella The PrincessAdult (f)7,0521,0483
J6ejSMystical DivaAdult (f)6,5971,1476
RGKUeThe Lone Silver StarAdult (f)7,1081,1194
bForFShiver ShinoverAdult (f)7,2189845
VpzXPSpikey ShimmerAdult (f)8,3228746
SR3O2Majestic Shimmer WarriorAdult (m)8,6549453
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