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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “cupup889,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Hm4uDUnaware GiantAdult (f)6,2947591
qwSj2As Big as the MountainsAdult (f)4,5208131
m9F7cSnap Snap Danger FishAdult (m)6,1477261
JyvRkCrunch Munch Danger DragoAdult (f)5,9537603
zj0lwYou Already Know The SayingAdult (m)5,7107881
vJTv8And We've Heard It Many A TimeAdult (f)6,2097182
eOEi4SWIM INTO MY MOUTH FISHYAdult (f)6,0817303
9q0r0Is It That EasyAdult (m)5,3757253
bZy0KDanger Snap Fish DragonAdult (f)6,4377643
4hYy8Oh That's A Danger FishyAdult (m)6,4157311
ud2OPSnapping KillerAdult (f)6,2337752
0lIx4Twice the Strength And SmartsAdult (m)6,4237781
LkHPgWe've Got So Much Brain PowerAdult (m)6,3907792
cKdKWNot Like They Use ItAdult (f)6,4587852
6p4xxWhat's This About Two HeadsAdult (m)6,0717162
tKXkJSomethin About Them Being BetterAdult (f)6,2147272
vElvQApril Fool's Red BalloonAdult (f)5,2947704
ESz0QFLY AWAY ' STANLEY ' BE FREEAdult (m)6,0087693
x4UPdGAS POWEREDAdult (f)7,1797202
RMtlix  Floating Away  xAdult (f)8,5091,80526
1SkUyBig ' Red ' And Floating AwayAdult (m)3,5017802
FRCSaBuck DinecolaAdult (m)3,9928482
E6XdMFloating Through The SunlightAdult (m)4,1158003
d6N6jx  It Goes Like This  xAdult (m)6,0418434
p2QQ8x  The Fourth ' The Fifth  xAdult (f)6,4398152
18vNpx  The Minor Fall  xAdult (m)6,6068334
2nWEvx  And The Major Lift  xAdult (f)6,6568013
BpeAWx  The Baffled King Composing  xAdult (m)7,4019981
rDHNix  Hallelujah  xAdult (f)6,8541,0282
R7j0XAyy Girl You Like These FrillsAdult (m)4,2141,0051
hxomJThose Are Some Nice FrillsAdult (f)3,0619811
k03OqSome Crab Legs Sound GoodAdult (f)3,2419790
QoKUOGreen Eyes and Darkened LiesAdult (m)4,1148471
dsaXOGreen Eyes and Darkened SkiesAdult (f)4,3767931
YOf3cSCP-YOf3cAdult (m)6,8817992
YVHXNSCP-YVHXNAdult (f)4,9938802
qJxp1SCP-qJxp1Adult (m)7,1547892
GELCxNight's ExcitementAdult (f)4,9437102
1Kn0bI have 1 Door-KnobAdult (m)6,9637954
Yt9NpThe King of the ShadowAdult (m)6,7767411
WjJbgThe Queen of the ShadowAdult (f)5,1738282
7dpIaThief of the ShadowAdult (m)4,9757233
5lymHThief of the DarknessAdult (f)4,6637213
d7kg4Hunter of the Fallen NightAdult (m)4,7207152
LH8R6Huntress of the Fallen NightAdult (f)3,7907274
aIJxEI am a tough Warrior ' Fear meAdult (m)4,3937703
OW3AKOwkaeAdult (f)7,0651,1313
LXEkTI HAVE NIGHT-VISIONAdult (m)5,1747201
pjC7iEmerald Eyes and Loyal HeartAdult (f)6,9388682
nHpvwBlack and Green BloodAdult (m)6,9961,1033
5E8xwNIGHT-VISION IS AWESOMEAdult (f)6,0708414
TdqM5The Emerald EyesAdult (m)7,1498103
cD8NbThe Emerald HeartAdult (f)7,0178072
TGrJRRise of the DoomfangAdult (m)5,3517131
EE6UbEmerald Eyes And Silver BloodAdult (f)6,7268413
fLHPGDarkness made of SilverAdult (f)6,7267753
LQi7bx  Warrior of Darkness  xAdult (f)3,6908805
lhUgWSydiAdult (m)7,2331,60419
SvG8oSovgeightoAdult (f)3,15984420
PvJKiPovjakinAdult (m)3,3288263
oeS0iSmelling Absolutely FabulousAdult (m)3,7931,0033
r1ZaxCollector of Chocolate CandiesAdult (f)3,5459292
J9ZAcMunch Munch ' Insect LunchAdult (m)3,5259152
KnMgbAwe Yeah Them Yummy SmellsAdult (f)3,8291,0401
msIH4Honk Honk I'm A GooseAdult (m)6,2027911
kC6IOx   Living On The Edge   xAdult (f)3,9381,0661
QnzkbVery Salty From The ShoreAdult (m)3,5408823
eGMyBZerjeAdult (m)6,7208163
hbHCYI NEED HEALINGAdult (f)4,8058151
LZHjRx   Holiday Dancing   xAdult (m)3,4921,0013
mACBnI'm Looking For Them Fast BoisAdult (f)3,8921,1023
ArJX5I'm Fast As Freak BoyAdult (m)5,7038677
LvHxSFast And DangerousAdult (f)4,8977933
yq8tKFuzzy And DangerousAdult (f)5,3468163
NbzS3Observe The Beautiful CreatureAdult (f)3,1187791
wDV9LI AM A ZEBRAAdult (m)3,2017620
83hROYou're Not A Zebra DudeAdult (m)3,6197360
FPSVDHey Man Don't Crush His DreamsAdult (f)2,8887692
ulC89A Cup of Tea on the BeachAdult (m)5,6908252
GWZLdI Want You Today ' TomorrowAdult (m)4,9231,0325
cPtNZAnd For The Rest Of My LifeAdult (f)5,1511,0074
fmsqvI Love You More Than You KnowAdult (f)5,3319544
Rq1gIBe Open About Your FeelingsAdult (m)7,0018053
hCohHBeautiful Princess Of KindnessAdult (f)5,0698603
0UeH9Vespin Die BoltAdult (f)3,3098183
aVPaQx Shock xAdult (m)3,5418252
GH6lGElectric And FabulousAdult (f)3,3518175
8FIrVShocked And SatisfiedAdult (m)3,7868251
SzuImSzulmAdult (f)6,1738042
vYWpBVex-BoltAdult (m)5,0787193
0ZLCPMy Family Is Really ConfusedAdult (f)6,6898661
5Ld7TRockin' Child 5PBAdult (m)3,8016052
ru6PoA Whole Day Of 'Because' 6PBAdult (f)4,1095032
cHVVTTears of the CharadeAdult (m)6,1581,36411
XuKTuTears and NightmaresAdult (m)3,5328411
SWUB6There's a Dragon in my HouseAdult (f)3,5798561
6IUivLove Me some good ol' SulfurAdult (f)4,3368031
CBNcGI enjoy a good piece of CharcoalAdult (f)4,1458961
6gZm7The Knight of BrimstoneAdult (m)3,6181,0222
g72jhReflective BrimstoneAdult (m)3,48587229
leWThLewthAdult (f)3,9068231
RLgRhMinerals are deliciousAdult (m)3,32286611
vxJJbVurBahrAdult (f)6,8288753
eZgYKYOU WANNA FIGHT BRUHAdult (m)3,8328841
Zm1WRLET'S GO M8 1V1Adult (f)4,1489142
YjIhmLOL HAX GIT GUDAdult (f)4,0831,0590
eZCcGSHINY GLOWY ORBSAdult (m)3,1279123
nYhirNyhirAdult (f)2,8918743
T4awwBring Light To The NightAdult (m)3,0668722
Net9ITo Dance above the JungleAdult (m)3,6628553
Rt4TLThe Dance of the JungleAdult (f)3,7698522
teuruDance for the JungleAdult (f)3,9528771
aVdW8Gracious DancingAdult (m)4,2018814
Zd0hBThe Flight of the TreetopsAdult (m)3,7888414
Dhog2Sing a Song of Fire and StarsAdult (m)4,3617294
RWjSux  Guardian of the Starlight  xAdult (f)4,6307363
6FP9RWatch the Shooting StarsAdult (m)4,4837343
vbAe2x  Song of the Shooting Star  xAdult (f)4,4987352
GMwCJGemwo CJAdult (f)6,6838424
xIbNPHey ' that CAR is MINE ' get itAdult (m)3,5597280
mazzmI'll Be There If You Fall -FloorAdult (m)3,9337372
vI6mQI Need To Get My Nose CheckedAdult (m)3,6307371
oFYQeOh Great I Messed Up Her LineageAdult (f)6,6861,02212
A6T4CA Gingerbread Man Sits Inside AAdult (m)3,9008111
Krc1YGingerbread House ' Is The HouseAdult (f)2,8707710
FGCLYMade Of Flesh ' Or Is He Made OfAdult (f)3,1157841
MK8rOHouse ' He ScreamsAdult (f)3,7067440
2AFhGFor He Does Not KnowAdult (f)7,2268072
Dt5XBThe Song Of The ConstellationsAdult (m)3,7469772
f8VJVAmong The Stars I Call HomeAdult (f)4,1758552
84rRjDance Among The Stars xAdult (m)3,6989353
2B6GOThe Night Sky And Its StarsAdult (f)4,0228852
zNprBx Second Star To The RightAdult (m)4,3467782
AR5NkAnd Straight On 'Til Morning xAdult (f)4,4347691
7lBZGStarlight Prince OzaltAdult (m)4,5827401
W6SFRGuardian Of The ConstellationAdult (f)4,3948293
vzt6Hx  To Heaven And Back  xAdult (m)4,6548093
2EOxXIn and Out of ExistenceAdult (f)3,6209145
xHfFVx Out Of This World xAdult (m)4,9088252
IzOfGx Crystal Stars xAdult (f)4,2318001
o3wLiStars Like Diamonds In Your EyesAdult (m)6,4467421
wqlUtA Heavenly LullabyAdult (f)4,3787991
7wT6CShiny Stars And Frozen DreamsAdult (m)3,2958412
dphD9x  Glittering Constellations  xAdult (f)3,5647411
iD5qPHang Ten BruhAdult (f)6,4947540
AZgX2I'm A Oceanic Pterodactyl DragonAdult (f)5,8708514
u9PedThe Songs Of The SeaAdult (m)4,8716912
2OMXxDance Among The Ocean's WavesAdult (m)3,7118291
e19yTSing A Song Of The OceanAdult (f)3,7278072
BbacHSunny Shores And Coastal WindsAdult (m)7,1731,7932
BTnR2It's The Little Things In LifeAdult (f)9,9851,83111
Ztl4hCute Little Small FriendAdult (f)6,3447712
kk5jqLil  PrinceAdult (m)5,0011,0192
odLkeOdnite MineralisAdult (m)3,9814792
nbiAUCup of LogicAdult (m)3,9445125
qm7CbFunSized PipsqueakAdult (m)3,8078282
pq6y0PadqyoAdult (m)6,5038001
cynNHCyniken O'CaineAdult (m)5,0096663
xTpuyPuy O'CaineAdult (f)6,5707381
jgRocJagrocAdult (f)5,5128022
3kpqxMr ChagnyAdult (m)4,6057185
HcjrzZe Copper BanditAdult (m)4,5059783
VmwGCQuick and CopperAdult (m)4,2019793
7WRfmCopper-DancerAdult (m)4,5629373
W7lnINellaniAdult (f)4,9968351
LnXzDCrimson Skies and Broken LiesAdult (m)6,5257421
TuNvBI'M A RED FIREBALL FEAR MEAdult (f)9,6721,8785
U5UXkUnnecessary Emerald FireballAdult (m)5,0451,0412
fYrj2We Wanted To Be GardenersAdult (m)3,7278892
9izdCBut Everything We Touch DiesAdult (f)4,7947252
yuDs4Vine Mc Vine FaceAdult (m)5,7207223
MKjzFFlower Mc Flower FaceAdult (f)4,0588332
Wyz7pDon't Let The Flowers Bite YouAdult (m)3,9378782
4QSWDThe Flowers Are Very AggressiveAdult (f)4,3647971
C7Qg4Roses Are Red That Much Is TrueAdult (m)5,1817252
QQgQUBut Violets Are Purple Not BlueAdult (f)3,7798844
9h9LKx  Snapdragon  xAdult (m)3,4369901
07q9QDEADLY FLY TRAPAdult (f)5,7468553
720r7Mr SnapAdult (m)4,7597111
HDIzHMrs SnapAdult (f)6,5167731
5KStwEs0roAdult (m)4,4915236
os0roOs0roAdult (f)4,9647092
PGStyWe're Nice Come See Our FlowersAdult (m)5,8178222
qqWHeJust Ignore The Decay Around UsAdult (f)5,6578312
Wvk2DMr Vixen Freaky the 2ndAdult (m)6,5178281
2v7CwWatermelon VinelingAdult (f)4,8279112
In6Y9Diseased Electric FlowersAdult (f)7,1967874
VaK7IDeadly Dirt and Rooted DeathAdult (m)6,7238091
xMLAdRed Flowers and Deadly VinesAdult (f)6,4118682
sWgOsI Love Playing In The DirtAdult (f)7,0467993
iA312A Messy FlytrapAdult (m)4,1628551
81iiIA Very Messy FlytrapAdult (f)3,8258690
TpGMmMessy Yellow FlowersAdult (f)3,6496331
TPskAThe Dark Nights And Blue LightsAdult (m)8,6011,83621
JkgyQXx  Dancing Shadows  xXAdult (f)4,5289513
ch5VqIndigo Night ShadowAdult (m)3,7248641
U27vZThe Dark Night And Purple LightsAdult (f)5,0081,0132
7WdazMr Freaky Awesome The 2edHatchling (m, F)4,7078572
N0b8HMiniature ShadowsHatchling (f, F)4,0839153
OkbSGA Child Frozen In TimeHatchling (F)3,2067276
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