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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “cupup889,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
n5W3k(n5W3k)Adult (m)6,0929704
u9a7Y(u9a7Y)Adult (f)6,9981,0096
z9xIA(z9xIA)Adult (f)5,8189777
VxvHD(VxvHD)Adult (m)5,9669623
UhY7P(UhY7P)Adult (m)5,5299261
7HDeX(7HDeX)Adult (m)5,5289533
QpuO2(QpuO2)Adult (f)2,1316760
YM5CV(YM5CV)Adult (f)4,1026935
9TSlr(9TSlr)Adult (f)4,2036782
Em1VY(Em1VY)Adult (m)4,2657263
66M45(66M45)Adult (m)2,3825881
uRuTx(uRuTx)Adult (f)4,9737861
tl4Sq(tl4Sq)Adult (f)5,0587682
YXDZS(YXDZS)Adult (m)5,0688052
VrEzI(VrEzI)Adult (f)3,2706484
gAY7o(gAY7o)Adult (m)3,5366742
AoIeW(AoIeW)Adult (m)4,3227452
Wv2l8(Wv2l8)Adult (m)4,3217423
iJnLF(iJnLF)Adult (f)4,3027251
J32Lo(J32Lo)Adult (f)4,4847391
cPY6f(cPY6f)Adult (f)4,2598121
1agUF(1agUF)Adult (m)4,5998391
vG985(vG985)Adult (m)4,4518051
9fPhF(9fPhF)Adult (m)4,4898283
JStjY(JStjY)Adult (f)2,0876650
O9895(O9895)Adult (f)1,7576150
CvKhr(CvKhr)Adult (f)1,9126411
4a1IJ(4a1IJ)Adult (m)1,9006790
YBiip(YBiip)Adult (m)1,7746130
r4OX5(r4OX5)Adult (f)1,7906341
cR8Op(cR8Op)Adult (f)5,0861,0612
9TYb3(9TYb3)Adult (f)4,8701,1052
i7eFl(i7eFl)Adult (m)5,0531,0931
7ZIjB(7ZIjB)Adult (f)5,0771,0862
aCn8f(aCn8f)Adult (f)4,9721,0863
OnX2r(OnX2r)Adult (m)4,9951,0634
MhVf7(MhVf7)Adult (f)6,0421,1100
1Oe2L(1Oe2L)Adult (m)6,0351,1021
77FFn(77FFn)Adult (f)5,2351,0890
tqAHD(tqAHD)Adult (m)5,1681,0952
SOQt7(SOQt7)Adult (f)4,9421,0522
6bcfU(6bcfU)Adult (m)4,9131,0642
HXH23(HXH23)Adult (m)4,9811,1021
YWTck(YWTck)Adult (f)5,0231,0811
wJE39(wJE39)Adult (f)5,0881,0850
nbLRt(nbLRt)Adult (m)6,1221,0750
hPCnK(hPCnK)Adult (m)6,0841,0751
ZloXB(ZloXB)Adult (m)6,2181,0741
maiz6(maiz6)Adult (f)6,2021,0951
h6dca(h6dca)Adult (f)6,0951,0811
Z2bt0(Z2bt0)Adult (m)5,9851,0760
SX2zI(SX2zI)Adult (f)5,9471,0783
C16TB(C16TB)Adult (f)5,9381,0520
Zdxxo(Zdxxo)Adult (f)5,6451,0951
nmZam(nmZam)Adult (f)5,5571,0933
jToAf(jToAf)Adult (f)5,2511,0821
Wz23h(Wz23h)Adult (f)6,4791,1380
lEBQt(lEBQt)Adult (f)6,7581,1311
FhTjZ(FhTjZ)Adult (m)6,5711,1352
RpY6P(RpY6P)Adult (f)6,5151,1371
M8kag(M8kag)Adult (m)6,8411,1421
dARj4(dARj4)Adult (m)5,5761,1371
CbVkX(CbVkX)Adult (f)5,4741,1682
wWB7U(wWB7U)Adult (f)5,5261,1651
CrQ9G(CrQ9G)Adult (m)5,5011,1641
31lx3(31lx3)Adult (f)5,5631,1241
ntGZO(ntGZO)Adult (m)6,2701,2412
UIcAF(UIcAF)Adult (m)5,5771,1593
kncHB(kncHB)Adult (m)5,4981,1391
1IwUd(1IwUd)Adult (f)5,4821,1143
HD3RP(HD3RP)Adult (m)5,9161,1562
lj2VT(lj2VT)Adult (m)5,5751,1140
oRerW(oRerW)Adult (f)5,1621,0681
akBda(akBda)Adult (m)5,1301,0930
RXNZe(RXNZe)Adult (m)5,4921,1220
cxJJB(cxJJB)Adult (f)5,4411,1261
RZWxK(RZWxK)Adult (f)5,3831,1041
tGToF(tGToF)Adult (f)4,6621,0862
YBD3P(YBD3P)Adult (f)4,6881,0511
Yc4pw(Yc4pw)Adult (f)4,7821,0501
9CAxB(9CAxB)Adult (f)4,7651,0972
yaHyh(yaHyh)Adult (f)4,8561,0441
Wj3fj(Wj3fj)Adult (f)4,7731,0511
qXFkK(qXFkK)Adult (f)4,8951,0422
6oLlA(6oLlA)Adult (m)4,5381,0434
GYR4P(GYR4P)Adult (m)5,6141,1083
Higtw(Higtw)Adult (m)5,5881,1130
PisvN(PisvN)Adult (m)5,6461,0980
iAVkK(iAVkK)Adult (m)5,6901,1210
g665a(g665a)Adult (m)5,4251,0980
tWCdK(tWCdK)Adult (m)5,7671,1170
kpOTt(kpOTt)Adult (f)5,7871,1030
BpLXP(BpLXP)Adult (f)5,8661,1020
0FLip(0FLip)Adult (m)6,7231,1522
0owLD(0owLD)Adult (f)6,7041,1591
sxsMW(sxsMW)Adult (m)6,7461,1312
P5CiY(P5CiY)Adult (f)6,8931,1172
vdn0S(vdn0S)Adult (m)6,7241,1381
KO5BJ(KO5BJ)Adult (m)6,6161,1341
69gzy(69gzy)Adult (f)6,7481,1302
OpAkq(OpAkq)Adult (m)6,8451,1411
F1CMI(F1CMI)Adult (f)6,2351,1732
lMozl(lMozl)Adult (f)6,3631,1900
sHyET(sHyET)Adult (m)6,4101,1961
Pt1xB(Pt1xB)Adult (f)6,3681,2001
cueTk(cueTk)Adult (f)6,0081,1941
6ex2z(6ex2z)Adult (m)6,3081,2160
p3Rmp(p3Rmp)Adult (f)6,3561,2030
gncyf(gncyf)Adult (f)6,1711,1740
B3uI8(B3uI8)Adult (f)5,8071,0390
JCd8W(JCd8W)Adult (m)5,5821,0540
7cwaE(7cwaE)Adult (f)5,5991,0281
djGMu(djGMu)Adult (m)5,4951,0450
9kg68(9kg68)Adult (m)6,4171,0530
dV0Ja(dV0Ja)Adult (f)5,7711,0521
WvymO(WvymO)Adult (f)5,6961,0360
00YPy(00YPy)Adult (f)5,7231,0532
oeZgR(oeZgR)Adult (f)6,0971,1232
FlvSZ(FlvSZ)Adult (m)5,9501,1321
10BgR(10BgR)Adult (m)5,8621,1022
EXH27(EXH27)Adult (f)5,8601,0681
FfCDO(FfCDO)Adult (f)6,0501,1312
ggbwZ(ggbwZ)Adult (m)5,9771,1062
NUHjeThe Future Holds So Many WondersAdult (m)6,1597924
n4FBfLet's Take A Look At ItAdult (f)3,7778712
b4VxOx  We See All That Is ' WasAdult (m)3,7098882
CaC83And Possibly Could Be  xAdult (f)6,2547384
q5vMeKeeper of Time and SpaceAdult (m)4,1278054
Fo4lJA Peak Into The FutureAdult (f)6,2371,0733
oACqEDave Did You Take My NotebookAdult (m)3,5417813
afkZWStaring Into Space At The StarsAdult (f)8,7471,81718
hvj54My Neck Is Very TiredAdult (m)6,2771,0683
HgSI8Just Love Looking UpwardAdult (f)3,3768182
L8UOTLateuotAdult (m)6,5217402
NuaUtNuautAdult (f)5,6648372
bNAIVMr GrouchyAdult (m)5,3137781
gHFQ1Mrs GrouchyAdult (f)3,6529312
tOWNGTowongAdult (m)5,0787022
CDlCyCidicyAdult (f)3,8748425
RYCOKErin the FairestAdult (m)4,7157211
5BSw7Silvia the KindestAdult (f)3,6758873
90OmM900 more pleaseAdult (m)3,7608551
5LqwO900 more what exactlyAdult (f)6,0417991
3Dodh3 Dogs PleaseAdult (m)3,7648712
adpUWWhy Stop At 3 ' Make It 5Adult (f)5,6437441
47ICbOur First Child Became A DoctorAdult (m)4,0545742
rDzyOThe Hubby and I Are So ProudAdult (f)7,3547461
yNHjsI'm A Master NinjaAdult (m)3,8969211
ihPHAI'm A Master Ninja As WellAdult (f)5,0547712
mOkaRx  Wise Men Say  xAdult (m)5,7077311
X7cHHx  Only Fools Rush In  xAdult (f)5,5028703
HrcbSx But I Can't Help xAdult (m)6,9497911
79xKtx Falling In Love With You xAdult (f)4,5579362
D9aHox  Oh Shall I Stay  xAdult (m)6,4107721
pWSM3x  Would It Be A Sin  xAdult (f)6,3357442
PJCrYx  Oh If I Can't Help  xAdult (m)6,0408752
ckd7Px  Falling In Love With You  xAdult (f)6,1008781
d2JqSLatqs ExperienceAdult (f)6,3127391
z4xymZxymAdult (m)6,9107412
BnfDlGreen Is A Gorgeous ColorAdult (f)7,1617952
4EeQhGreen Is Not A Creative Color  xAdult (m)5,5867940
xaN4wGreen is CreativeAdult (f)6,9897995
NnUz6Yeah Man ' Stop Being A ButtAdult (m)4,6797332
6YbxsGuys He Was Referencing A VideoAdult (m)5,4218112
OIN8oGreen Magic and False IllusionsAdult (m)6,5608514
yEBchYe BanchAdult (f)7,1599133
w39FTGreen Christmas CheerAdult (f)3,5787411
cV3MiCivmi MortisAdult (f)4,8571,5762
FpNEkMr Ems IIIAdult (m)7,0337902
TtK6iAwe Yus Looking UpAdult (m)4,9601,0102
P1ereLook At My Fabulous PawAdult (f)4,7941,1052
lbTM6Got In The Red PaintAdult (m)4,8781,0031
vWxqZGot In The Blue PaintAdult (f)4,0048371
stqlYI Love Sun-ShineAdult (m)7,0038042
y9O5NPlayful Shimmer-KinAdult (m)10,4011,4093
g0idZNatural FlowersAdult (f)10,1411,3927
YBVYGWarm Cup of Sun TeaAdult (m)6,9497782
H0tJ4Golden Dusty AngelAdult (m)3,06174380
UAAVOCome And Sunbathe With MeAdult (m)3,9119022
kcWvLTrying To Get A TanAdult (m)4,7069022
XobYjXx Who are you to judgeAdult (m)3,7138891
g6P7xthe life I liveAdult (m)4,4607821
lwCsAI know I'm not perfectAdult (f)3,8148871
ll8Yrand I don't live to beAdult (f)3,5769844
4AeXBBut before you startAdult (f)3,7879753
38pqvpointing fingers make sureAdult (f)4,4007961
IKcIKyour hands are clean  xXAdult (f)4,6318243
nlv93X -Bob MarleyAdult (f)4,6009731
TozbyTozbyAdult (f)4,8727041
rkr9cArkartoAdult (m)2,9128801
NU3ruNu xAdult (f)3,6348391
ETVZpx Back From Retirement xAdult (m)3,4989171
WH9gRCharming And PinkAdult (f)3,2359172
R9wdFx Pink And Dangerous xAdult (m)3,1009354
nJCqWx Miko xAdult (f)4,8507070
ZBzFQx Pink Is Manly xAdult (m)4,9037082
iGa6MEmily PinkstonAdult (f)4,8147051
XBAOfSimon PinkstonAdult (m)2,9188662
usWR2Oblivious GiantAdult (m)2,6536372
Hm4uDUnaware GiantAdult (f)6,2947591
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