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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Tastica,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
I9B19Ibis StellarHatchling (F)2,4503273
wCHuCChuc StellarHatchling (F)1,9246988
rAaGFRaag StellarAdult2,1607272
FUySXFuyex StellarHatchling (F)1,9437256
rRlhGRihg StellarHatchling (F)9602545
j24moEmor StellarAdult1,9828361
XTTSQMafia StellarHatchling (F)2,8463644
YMNRlManri StellarHatchling (F)3,3801,1623
UY9nbNib StellarAdult5,2411,1454
U2gBtMr PterodactylAdult7,5251,0678
dC2E7Lette StellarHatchling (F)1,4675602
C4UTaCuta StellarHatchling (F)1,0914682
nZohyZohy StellarAdult2,4036532
BOGFmBoggy StellarAdult2,4319563
6BGF7Mr IguanodonAdult3,2791,01611
eIC9uEicus StellarHatchling (F)8213281
mtH3hHehit StellarHatchling (F)3,3971,0473
SpB1JEvo StellarAdult2,2497808
BOYTIMr TriceratopsAdult4,8561,2623
DZO6iDorothy VirgoHatchling (f, F)2,6196265
7973MSasem VirgoHatchling (m, F)2,6516743
IHSH3Ishi VirgoHatchling (F)1,0722905
43ikcEikc VirgoHatchling (f, F)1,9796791
OEXKSSeko VirgoHatchling (f, F)1,95059874
fHqOYSilen VirgoHatchling (f, F)2,6957111
e1XFIOracle DelphiHatchling (f, F)5,2721,1037
Srg3RSerger VirgoAdult (m)2,7418460
lX6zoYounee VirgoAdult (m)2,5226204
BdhxbWisp VirgoAdult (m)1,9185277
2dPZJNecho VirgoAdult (m)3,2146574
mfOCOKhan VirgoAdult (f)3,0106907
xbXP9Foam VirgoAdult (m)2,7426456
KrgGjHawkeye VirgoAdult (m)3,1016642
z0vPTYanna VirgoAdult (f)2,7928074
7koN0Kono VirgoAdult (m)1,9785726
KtVoDChaira VirgoAdult (m)2,4996992
87ld2Saar VirgoAdult (f)2,8716513
NgudLGudil VirgoAdult (f)2,8766681
o9XdIOxil VirgoAdult (f)2,8666593
VYRx5Very VirgoAdult (m)2,5486963
dmhOgHomg VirgoAdult (f)2,4647581
guVxwGuvu VirgoAdult (m)2,2867431
Nxdo1Glace VirgoAdult (f)2,7328573
4CDFGAeida VirgoAdult (f)2,6598634
WRD4wMiro VirgoAdult (f)2,1296200
gP4nzPinz VirgoAdult (m)2,9758343
vPRWSPorws VirgoAdult (m)2,0766981
luYrvLury VirgoAdult (f)2,3447291
xkkKaXkka VirgoAdult (f)1,8756120
Nq1v2Nive VirgoAdult (f)1,4476761
0dysZOdyssey VirgoAdult (m)2,0719032
yLqp2YodaiAdult (f)2,6927454
DI23UDissu VirgoAdult (f)2,6348814
TBUsrCirro VirgoAdult (f)6,4548443
Z6oc2Zoc VirgoAdult (m)4,0801,0377
DVC7lNidia VirgoAdult (f)3,1208954
9vNYZNiny VirgoAdult (f)4,54280310
XL0rrLorr VirgoAdult (f)2,6717824
WofqWOvid VirgoAdult (m)3,2738938
VhsQAAmgen VirgoAdult (m)3,3459393
HkkapAnadlu Andromeda VirgoAdult (f)2,8737734
PE6KpCalley VirgoAdult (f)3,4451,0338
HdnMPLlyfr VirgoAdult (f)6,04067910
H0BNQBrifo Andromeda VirgoAdult (m)8,4541,4815
FnRTOCurpen VirgoAdult (m)9,9651,6248
afhcNEira VirgoAdult (f)8,4981,5543
1bjuIGwener Andromeda VirgoAdult (f)9,8581,6238
JqhQvGadwr VirgoAdult (m)10,2021,6726
44CA6Glynu Andromeda VirgoAdult (m)6,6061,1646
88tLnMewnol VirgoAdult (f)5,8781,3738
tL5nrBianca VirgoAdult (f)2,5629152
kXUTvWhite VirgoAdult (f)2,6409462
44m43Aama ScorpioHatchling (f, F)1,8367032
82PlpPlip ScorpioHatchling (f, F)2,8126098
QTLZJLizi ScorpioHatchling (f, F)1,4775851
JnpE7Jinip ScorpioHatchling (F)7853103
IQZeNZen ScorpioHatchling (m, F)4,5819764
8rvzXRivsx ScorpioAdult (m)2,4149233
vJFo3AM Forest Zombie Fodder OneAdult (m)3,4441,0102
d97hhDish ScorpioAdult (m)2,5297444
QTmn2Quitm ScorpioAdult (f)2,6237572
qnF8oBofi ScorpioAdult (f)2,5967363
CG8OqGoos ScorpioAdult (f)2,0916941
HgSRMSirm ScorpioAdult (m)2,1736842
Ae09vAeov ScorpioAdult (f)3,5811,2104
BxAI6Bais ScorpioAdult (m)2,3346845
Ilc1lIlcil ScorpioAdult (f)1,8706452
tAXAoTaxa ScorpioAdult (f)1,6346561
KUs52Kuss Andromeda ScorpioAdult (m)4,3001,1367
HneBuYnni ScorpioAdult (m)9,5171,2439
W1KaYFfordd ScorpioAdult (m)1,8647551
soTG9Rasio ScorpioAdult (f)2,5769251
CIpAPCipa PiscesHatchling (f, F)2,0266821
N6Ks9Niks PiscesHatchling (m, F)2,6047175
bIPfMBip PiscesHatchling (F)1,4445634
liIQsLils PiscesHatchling (f, F)4,9729977
yjZgcSunkern PiscesAdult (m)2,2786206
TBZAUZaut PiscesAdult (f)2,6975964
HApTGHapt PiscesAdult (m)2,5055793
fgf33Figee PiscesAdult (f)1,8045670
ogpLFOggle PiscesAdult (f)2,5347423
97wtlWitl PiscesAdult (m)2,3226731
pkpHmVienl PiscesAdult (m)3,3959303
vIeNLPihim PiscesAdult (m)2,1907913
WLJ7JLiji PiscesAdult (f)6,9941,39012
GFKQlLovato PiscesAdult (f)4,4591,3115
doQrHChwyn PiscesAdult (f)3,1068102
fTY9NFynn PiscesHatchling (f, F)1,8987461
Ph0gPLupa PiscesHatchling (m, F)2,6006962
PKEklBenys PiscesHatchling (F)8423661
Qe4YjAsarol PiscesHatchling (f, F)2,2119351
kX0pELlanw PiscesHatchling (m, F)1,8947941
EdT6aSony PiscesAdult (m)2,7928575
FTtEGYooshi PiscesAdult (f)2,6455845
f96iGBinar PiscesAdult (m)2,4265995
SS6jrJiri PiscesAdult (m)2,1226113
Vp4EcPeec PiscesAdult (m)2,1006281
RQCd8Canwarn District FourAdult (m)2,3567643
fZhmJHumi PiscesAdult (f)2,2148501
Y6M0PElusen PiscesAdult (m)6,6101,1645
K96AeAlbertus SebaAdult (m)2,4298791
jv3p3Nofio PiscesAdult (m)1,9738520
lNtO8Llynges PiscesAdult (m)3,3701,1732
I06ZDIoziz LibraHatchling (f, F)1,7677053
5FjD0Fijido LibraHatchling (F)1,0844405
Cs8ULPersephone LibraHatchling (f, F)4,0781,0236
hFMucZero LibraHatchling (m, F)1,8177182
aAzYcPlato LibraAdult (m)3,1207317
oGzVdMelivir LibraAdult (f)4,7561,1582
XS3V3Berno LibraAdult (m)6,2101,0715
du1eQGosar LibraAdult (f)1,8506212
CY1eHCiyeh LibraAdult (f)1,8346273
UtVn8Sina LibraAdult (f)2,1168122
qaEiWEiwo LibraAdult (m)1,9247230
5WloxLoxi LibraAdult (m)1,9807540
C1m5YCimsy LibraAdult (f)1,9327290
ZVRB1Zibri LibraAdult (f)1,8997331
snk9eSnake LibraAdult (m)2,0057271
IpNnGPing LibraAdult (f)1,8917050
JmQ13Missy LibraAdult (f)2,0567573
OMwqVOmi LibraAdult (f)2,4657742
rLv3rRiler LibraAdult (m)2,6489113
b3A03Boer LibraAdult (m)2,8399981
RLI3iLiei LibraAdult (m)2,2776713
rmsU2Vampire Zombie Fodder OneAdult (m)2,5486836
nQpInCinder LibraAdult (f)2,44789214
l3F1fHallow LibraAdult (f)2,8018257
0RHA7Orha LibraAdult (f)2,4698187
D1q9oTorri LibraAdult (m)6,2121,0857
bSsVtBlaen LibraAdult (f)3,9601,0824
t8T6VPefrio LibraAdult (m)6,7371,2483
GKa92Florence LibraAdult (f)8,7771,4068
VNaYgVoodoo LibraAdult (m)10,0751,6795
rbqpuEros LibraAdult (m)8,1591,4188
01p9APluto LibraAdult (m)9,0581,2575
JHVfPCrusader LibraAdult (m)6,4301,4686
NHLdmCharon LibraAdult (m)2,5728814
Jbms6Icari LibraAdult (m)3,1376854
p6EP0Valkyrie LibraAdult (f)2,0478092
uSTrcPryderi CelestialAdult (m)2,5796224
Hstm1Manawyddan CelestialAdult (m)2,4416133
LuLDmElsa CelestialAdult (f)2,7619952
P6YI8Anna CelestialAdult (f)2,3848662
xiv7ZOdelia CelestialAdult (f)2,2158173
EYtecKari CelestialAdult (f)2,2557414
0jphTCherie CelestialAdult (f)2,6519725
GoMGiKalina CelestialAdult (f)2,7589704
stRsGOberon CelestialAdult (m)3,0489177
ek1lICrimson CelestialAdult (m)1,5837181
73UJJEsme CelestialAdult (f)2,0798972
CQC0lRose CelestialAdult (f)2,5821,0625
PPEThRome CelestialAdult (m)2,5107585
lc2DoThorn CelestialAdult (m)2,6481,0652
PeSmLCaressa CelestialAdult (f)2,1989307
eol4WValentine CelestialAdult (f)2,6281,1173
8ttM9Perfa PiscesAdult (f)3,3236347
gv1JG(gv1JG)Hatchling (F)1,6374646
C8ijx(C8ijx)Hatchling (m, F)2,7398275
pmIxjEtte PiscesAdult (f)2,0367501
zBtd0Alou PiscesAdult (m)1,9096931
YyhoXTugal TaurusHatchling (F)1,57939716
9X0eBEbsox TaurusHatchling (F)2,4116195
UrIomUriom TaurusHatchling (m, F)2,7228011
7frBRFribr TaurusHatchling (f, F)2,0877821
cX7xENetic TaurusAdult (f)1,8896720
yu2RsYusir TaurusAdult (f)1,3717113
uXXxUUxxu TaurusAdult (m)2,6248063
LY4zPLyz TaurusAdult (m)2,3287172
0JI6tOji TaurusAdult (m)2,1107455
4bUHKYsgall TaurusAdult (f)6,6039216
VhgWJGlas TaurusAdult (f)6,6741,0917
pn8I6Electro TaurusAdult (f)3,4201,0213
L870OLusu AriesHatchling (F)2,0203995
dgrBOBorg AriesHatchling (m, F)3,45576013
JgvTAGivta AriesHatchling (f, F)4,2609349
j89bkJabi AriesAdult (f)3,5871,2212
k4R71Karii AriesAdult (m)3,52692631
pVtdoBility ScorpioHatchling (m, F)2,6067018
UQLvtLivt ScorpioHatchling (F)1,6456311
k7N79Niss ScorpioHatchling (f, F)2,1756141
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