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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kanaye,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
LlM4(LlM4)Egg (F)
xCl70(xCl70)Adult (m)9,4141,4868
Yf2Tj(Yf2Tj)Hatchling (m)6,9011,0525
Yq9XM(Yq9XM)Hatchling (m)7,0841,0764
VGwNh(VGwNh)Hatchling (f)6,8331,0983
1n2PG(1n2PG)Hatchling (f)6,8921,0563
41bwP(41bwP)Hatchling (m)5,2309775
5nE3Abandon Egg Hatch StopHatchling (F)1,2214902
TirrRNatural TwentyAdult (f)7,5588788
waBOoComplete WeeabooAdult (m)8,3141,04910
z9cWfWinged Couch PotatoAdult (f)6,8239204
oAHWKLucy HawkAdult (f)4,66486813
MSfvrThe Golden CoatAdult (m)7,5181,0499
Sr9NnLullaby SolaceAdult (m)9,8281,34611
bmnpIndependent BitmapAdult (f)3,48171920
CsGD3Linda's ChocolateAdult (f)3,3667305
tYVBsExtremely Very GoldAdult (m)7,8421,3837
70DxCGlorious Tea TorchAdult (f)4,7776344
qZv8ZBatul CarbonAdult (m)3,7611,1526
9B01fVery Ornamental GoldAdult (f)4,4936161
O4HHOvesia HedienneAdult (f)2,52369640
YuEGLaleronna DotanisAdult (f)3,09471216
yWy7xRadiant Morning PrincessAdult (f)4,7187972
JOMCZaelen Wickedmist ThuwedAdult (m)4,778826196
gg0sGo Go Gadget CuffsAdult (m)4,39376233
FTkIMythical Thuwed BlazeAdult (m)7,3111,14013
HCPCAnelesaAdult (f)2,99978537
YMo3Aladdin's Golden HandcuffsAdult (m)2,17359720
Tu0WKanaye Crafted Golden HandcuffsAdult (f)2,33863431
1W6GGlorious Forbidden Incest CuffsAdult (m)4,48384925
pePHTetaela LakatheAdult (f)2,43543911
5Ny8yUtter DisbeliefAdult (m)4,1645999
W3b9lDelight Upon My TongueAdult (m)5,47539111
nEeIZNeat  and  TidyAdult (m)3,6337606
XE6NVSir MelancholyAdult (m)5,5666076
SqAidGilded CepheusAdult (m)5,1454162
7VXQsMischievous DisbeliefAdult (m)4,2706194
ZTt6Dash's Delicate HandcuffsAdult (m)4,6861,00718
E9gTIShae SlinkyAdult (m)3,8987614
up43d(up43d)Adult (m)10,0841,01810
c6Cm2(c6Cm2)Adult (m)7,7618502
X9VXtGilded ArcherAdult (m)7,3671,1461
FMeWAxael SilversongAdult (m)2,24155854
gsohGQueen's ConfidentAdult (m)4,1278734
IfgYMidnight Glowing StarAdult (m)6,4581,0087
iAEquGilded OrionAdult (m)9,1181,4184
XjNGStepping StoneAdult (m)4,65395318
75EKgFaen FaunAdult (m)2,34268812
1xtaRDragging My QueenAdult (m)4,7698243
O4GDrZylus NentaAdult (m)7,6941,3615
tb476Critical SuccessAdult (f)3,37557211
EBvof(EBvof)Adult (f)3,6987053
LcqqaGilded LyraAdult (f)7,8721,2997
kAoRqGilded CarinaAdult (f)9,2551,0749
PYk9Pykenrae LasornAdult (f)3,75261427
FQnENIced SatinAdult (f)10,4861,0699
AL6qSilver Baby BonesAdult (f)2,34953923
ppZEnRogue BlossomAdult (f)7,4711,3229
PSwY4Lumen QuatrixAdult (f)3,3544426
FD25DReveal Vision's GlowAdult (f)3,0036448
wwjmO(wwjmO)Adult (f)5,50485113
BY7h1Such A Pretty PandaAdult (f)4,0137195
A2VmCala JavayAdult (f)3,55926914
th7aSilver and Diamond HandcuffsAdult (f)2,1991,00817
1RgC3Cold Sudsy BathAdult (f)3,6057102
0oBIsEros JieriAdult (m)6,0211,06412
uINPbArilule SulanAdult (f)8,2688252
hkbW2DanseuseAdult (m)6,53485610
FyHZLGlacial Summer DanceAdult (m)5,02485114
ciAlATyrant StanleyAdult (m)8,6349415
EfNpEWand of Dispel MagicAdult (m)9,0037833
8aB2wInfinite DreamingAdult (f)6,9408528
hSF8CGoodness Me - I am Such a MessAdult (m)3,5971,0625
gvjIaLucky Penny ElementsAdult (f)7,3228386
VMg94Thyrsus D'SenariAdult (m)6,10987813
T3AG1Gladiate AdoniseAdult (m)7,40072214
e451jPrata Hedera D'HennegelAdult (f)9,09677029
l5dieInduction RecursionAdult (f)6,6211,3563
7HOo4Intricate ObsessionAdult (m)8,9439038
e0FHQEngraved PocketwatchAdult (m)5,7511,0057
mg1a1Too Toasty Warm To FreezeAdult (m)4,9217916
TciuSTwee ShivareeAdult (f)7,74990513
IVfoyNaturally TastyAdult (f)7,4431,2757
zVoFwTwenty CaramelAdult (f)5,8927945
kcPUcBronze Weather VaneAdult (f)7,60380919
TbhLPKiriba PrushAdult (f)7,0689517
OMTO4Verdigris FirethornAdult (m)8,3105549
cNlrWMischievous CharoiteAdult (m)8,6768861
0jAQB(0jAQB)Adult (m)8,1918723
3Rcju(3Rcju)Adult (f)10,1609243
EVYxP(EVYxP)Adult (f)11,9841,2046
fHClrClear as a Piece of CheesieAdult1,17835512
6HCbDon't Nom the Cheesie CuffsAdult2,35768511
GUW1Wherefore Art Thou Cheesie CuffsAdult2,92474012
eWflCheesie Cuff Nommers AnonymousAdult2,77637916
SaVjRevenge of Nommed Cheesie CuffsAdult3,43452921
YZYMPresident Cheesie Cuffs of NommAdult2,01752718
s4nCCheesie Cheesie Sick in BedAdult2,43941141
rBvAsAnd the Cheesie SaidAdult3,7237994
vBv4Don't Nom Frozen Cheesie CuffsHatchling (F)3,78537417
F5fMCheesie and the Forty ThievesAdult2,4815327
cBbLBeauty and the CheesieAdult2,23967814
SWZEmLagie and CheesieAdult2,3607405
9Yp0aEarth to CheesieAdult2,7196356
I6DYCan't Nom These Cheesie CuffsAdult3,38551123
MqEnuMurdered High Ranking CheesieAdult3,0155668
2vQ8Cheesie Cuff Nomming For DummiesAdult3,0554538
MnSZuCheesie Dragon on a StickAdult3,8968687
LFP9VFlippin' the CheesieAdult2,1015345
6XnpCheesie Cuffs in the FreezerHatchling (F)1,4132227
DKu3Kanaye's Cheesie Cuffs ObsessionAdult1,97176316
5ZjR9Cheesie Crackers in my SoupAdult4,6416519
5LbCBRD Nomms Sweet Cheesie CuffsAdult1,990391106
WBTNBRD's Cheesie Cuffs Got NommedAdult3,36445211
BHaUBRD Scares Nommed Cheesie CuffsAdult3,2336144
GASTBRD Secretly Noms Cheesie CuffsAdult3,20350015
8V15BRD Guards Nommed Cheesie CuffsAdult3,61342413
odlgBRD Loves Noming Cheesie CuffsAdult1,94663818
00v2Nommed Cheesie Cuffs CrossingAdult3,5245487
QaYlNommed Cheesie Cuffs CrosswalkAdult2,41055912
WilQThirty Cheesies and CountingHatchling (f, F)2,8173025
2N2XThe Joy of Nomming Cheesie CuffsAdult3,11843211
aWV7I Nom Cheesie Cuffs For ScienceAdult2,4404889
QDEqNomming Mature Cheesie CuffsAdult2,37350310
rfWmNomming Immature Cheesie CuffsAdult6,2491,2439
hAuUFazzle Nommed the Cheesie CuffsAdult2,55643928
YG3nNom Your Cheesie Cuffs Til HappyAdult2,5299259
JiQCCheesie Cuffs Are Delicious NomzAdult3,41789112
uCJBHe Who Noms Cheesie Cuffs LastAdult3,57799317
1M3dA Cheesie Cuffing LineAdult4,86095312
VGUtCheesie Cuffs Nomming 101Adult2,82377112
8R5ROh Wow - Forty Cheesies NowHatchling (f, F)9594286
5cOOLagie Noms Birthday Cheese CuffsAdult5,8901,04011
3rthHow to Nom Your Cheesie CuffsAdult1,31950513
L1imCheesie Cuffs of NommingAdult1,78859820
KVvdCheesie Cuffs Nommers HandbookAdult2,52355511
T54MA Nom of Two Cheesie CuffsAdult3,13496914
3VnBNo Nomming the Cheesie CufferAdult2,68555113
4pMYMando Can Haz Cheesie CuffsAdult1,8276039
1W0MEna Nomms Cheesies in the CloudsAdult1,76443327
q48nMicrowavable Cheesie CuffsAdult2,85855513
TZ8QHoly Jeeze - Fifty CheeseHatchling (m, F)5,3541,0663
DeKVWhen a Cheesie Cuffs Fed UpAdult2,78543811
ZLA8I Can't Make You Nom MeAdult4,1145672
jaJSLemon Meringue Cheesie CuffsAdult4,0967858
hNuVToasted Cheesie CuffsAdult3,15555761
klZkMelted Cheesie CuffsAdult3,51855112
r9SJGrated Cheesie CuffsAdult2,6622288
t4kBDeep Fried Cheesie CuffsAdult3,73773911
WO3uSemi-Charmed Cheesie CuffsAdult5,25768411
ZQ7ZThis Cheesie is Made for CuffingAdult2,8546894
FkXeKanaye's Nibbled Cheesie CuffsAdult3,17181210
Dcs3Sixty Cheese - Need More PleaseHatchling (F)1,11515232
JX1hCheesie Cuffs in a BottleAdult1,58266519
m8sIInsane in the Cheesie CuffsAdult1,5976528
u3BFRunaway Cheesie CuffsAdult4,04465820
tRIFCuriously Nommed Cheesie CuffsAdult3,48250216
9412Thrice Awesome Cheesie CuffsAdult2,3931,08130
Je6sCheesie Cuffs PartyAdult1,28865614
dLrYRaise the Cheesie CuffsAdult2,43278923
piOCGreat Cheesie HugglesAdult1,68177018
0X96Mini Babybel NommingsAdult4,10563711
C1FTFive Different Nacho CheesiesAdult3,0127147
A0FcGeeze Louise - Seventy CheeseHatchling (F)2,3566254
BBe3Hail the Conquering CheesieAdult1,84767810
XdY4Oh the Glory of Cheesie CuffsAdult3,15274820
7mfbNomming on the String CheeseAdult4,7766817
vSvYCheesie Cuffs 'n QuackersAdult2,9687769
FiTBLittle Lord CheesieroyAdult2,88182214
0vbJJust a Quick BiteAdult2,8587743
Cju6Just a Tiny BiteAdult3,1791,0256
GOq7Cheesie Carrot CuffsAdult3,0705655
5Mj0nLife is Like a Box of CheesiesAdult2,03266314
9ffkA Whole New Cheesie CuffsAdult3,2529477
5SuDJCheesie is as Cheesie DoesAdult2,13354110
o3NODon't Tease the Eighty CheeseHatchling (F)10,1136752
j7EvOnce Upon a CheesieAdult4,2664338
L7GmThe Cheesie and the PeaAdult4,5051,0715
6ZICCheesielocks and the Three CuffsAdult4,60680312
fpB8Jack and the CheesiestalkAdult2,0206624
oA9QThe Little CheesiemaidAdult7,2509519
ZOEiThe Little MercheesieAdult3,5251,0095
d0gMAladdin and the Magic CheesieAdult2,3936349
mkBYThe Secret CheesieAdult5,05477612
P762They Lived Cheesily Ever AfterAdult3,25360312
8cY84It's True -Ninety Cheesies QueueHatchling (f, F)4,1355434
kYOqbDown Down CheesieAdult3,17663511
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