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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kanaye,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
FwG4KSilent OppressionAdult (m)3,2653585
hBK6vIsolate The SubAdult (m)4,6967891
Kw4koKutieAdult (m)2,6206802
S9eAWhite Mint TeaAdult (m)4,14668910
Z43rTasielAdult (m)3,59290220
LBHkLijikAdult (m)1,9503739
yRahiLast Nugget in the BoxAdult (f)2,5255334
0jKZFuzzy Fuzzy Cute CuteHatchling (f, F)9683808
Z6VLTiny Fuzzy BlindfoldHatchling (F)3021236
fisbTiny Fuzzy Toe CuffsHatchling (f, F)70013111
pIK2Tiny Fuzzy Finger CuffsHatchling (f, F)1,1474595
GLZ3MacNuggetyAdult (f)3,9901,10447
UygYuIncandescent DeprevationAdult (f)4,8191,0891
dC3yOImplacable SurvivorAdult (m)5,0738842
n8Nb6Let Me Undo My TieAdult (m)2,2535662
L0hUkI Get To Seduce The Rich GuyAdult (m)2,3265941
nwusqMore FanAdult (m)2,7966431
TSFjdI Can't Reach The TopAdult (f)2,3395891
hHjXGSublime SybariteAdult (f)7,2581,1931
A5wH8Merit ThricetonAdult (m)4,5421,0472
Ps29zAmicable CavewandAdult (f)5,9311,1811
jSlvkTwo Thirty Purrty CheesiesHatchling (F)1,6982645
QJ8qUOne Seventy - Cheesie ProsperityHatchling (F)2,1927341
HchhcLucky Ride QuatrinaAdult (f)3,2056232
a0e6uLimned in BronzeHatchling (F)3,0955803
stMLaQuadneria Flurry DorkfaceAdult (f)4,2067653
mknCRicor Grish ThuwedAdult (m)6,8461,03114
1nOkDarkness in  the LightAdult (m)3,0448325
YSM6Brownies and CuffsAdult (m)7,1609641
opptGiren Niodel D'HennegelAdult (m)2,0427158
L74GEeek - Someone DeletedAdult (f)2,74757412
WsiZKanaye's Yaoi Loving ThuwedAdult (f)2,4498818
RNNIQuadnere Evano DorkfaceAdult (m)1,82040414
t55qGo Post Compulsively KanayeAdult (f)3,30252813
jaO5Healer of ChocolateAdult (f)2,06363212
0CrfDaezera Dusk DorkfaceAdult (f)2,41678425
PtshParax ThricestonAdult (m)1,70055455
CfhLZonras CavewandAdult (m)1,55863929
0HnbZae the Couch ThuwedAdult (f)2,64066615
tRomLovely Starbright HandcuffsAdult (f)2,74843816
74aMWistful Dreams of CuffsAdult (m)3,87738820
IXZDFuzzy Handcuffs DorkfaceAdult (f)1,79652912
fmRNHuggleSnugglesAdult (m)2,65326710
aBNjKJust a Little RompHatchling (F)2,7565192
nEeIZNeat  and  TidyAdult (m)3,6337606
E9gTIShae SlinkyAdult (m)3,8987614
up43d(up43d)Adult (m)10,0841,01810
c6Cm2(c6Cm2)Adult (m)7,7618502
SqAidGilded CepheusAdult (m)5,1454162
7VXQsMischievous DisbeliefAdult (m)4,2706194
gsohGQueen's ConfidentAdult (m)4,1278734
X9VXtGilded ArcherAdult (m)7,3671,1461
iAEquGilded OrionAdult (m)9,1181,4184
O4GDrZylus NentaAdult (m)7,6941,3615
1xtaRDragging My QueenAdult (m)4,7698243
5Ny8yUtter DisbeliefAdult (m)4,1645999
XE6NVSir MelancholyAdult (m)5,5666076
W3b9lDelight Upon My TongueAdult (m)5,47539111
75EKgFaen FaunAdult (m)2,34268812
XjNGStepping StoneAdult (m)4,65395318
IfgYMidnight Glowing StarAdult (m)6,4581,0087
FMeWAxael SilversongAdult (m)2,24155854
ZTt6Dash's Delicate HandcuffsAdult (m)4,6861,00718
qjn9Zilvren SilversongAdult (m)2,48688316
wwjmO(wwjmO)Adult (f)5,50485113
EBvof(EBvof)Adult (f)3,6987053
1RgC3Cold Sudsy BathAdult (f)3,6057102
FQnENIced SatinAdult (f)10,4861,0699
kAoRqGilded CarinaAdult (f)9,2551,0749
LcqqaGilded LyraAdult (f)7,8721,2997
ppZEnRogue BlossomAdult (f)7,4711,3229
tb476Critical SuccessAdult (f)3,37557211
BY7h1Such A Pretty PandaAdult (f)4,0137195
FD25DReveal Vision's GlowAdult (f)3,0036448
PSwY4Lumen QuatrixAdult (f)3,3544426
A2VmCala JavayAdult (f)3,55926914
tNSgShiny Sharp NeedlesAdult (f)6,56976817
AL6qSilver Baby BonesAdult (f)2,34953923
PYk9Pykenrae LasornAdult (f)3,75261427
qO3GDainty Pink TopazAdult (f)2,56956393
th7aSilver and Diamond HandcuffsAdult (f)2,1991,00817
VUE0nMalignant BrandAdult (f)3,7619672
51zEiRococo EdificeAdult (f)3,8479701
j7IucForboding VioletAdult (m)3,5376811
qry60Reactionary KillAdult (m)6,0531,0563
mxxSbFilched GlovesAdult (m)5,5221,1771
d3Fn5Secret and ShadowAdult (m)6,5901,1284
5tnIcIndulge SingleAdult (m)5,6409481
qwSOCBotibe GamalosAdult (m)2,2875761
2HVyZWe're Using MagnetsAdult (m)2,4075543
ZD8VeEarnest WormAdult (f)5,8721,4142
rVOq0Venerable WormAdult (f)5,9661,4210
0tSgMIngratiated WormAdult (f)5,8071,4360
hE9AERamify WormAdult (f)4,6399641
eFBLEWorm BatAdult (m)3,8429974
JmrP9Verify The OrdersAdult (f)5,2425291
8WvEJAnother RouteAdult (f)3,2435301
hhGTvHGTV - You Know You Wanna KnowAdult (f)4,8977019
S0oBlI'm So BiAdult (m)3,5636804
bOLMRockieraAdult (f)1,93360119
Yh37Handcuff This DorkfaceAdult (f)2,0886548
7wwuRockeerAdult (m)1,8431,2284
moMcRMagnet LekasietAdult (f)1,5274262
YxfP1Vessalna LekasietAdult (f)1,9466881
5MKV6Mikeive SicceAdult (f)1,5116072
UJB7PUju BoppeuAdult (f)2,4986940
WrOnIMidnight Raspberry ThuwedAdult (f)2,6986054
sngLSleepy CuffsAdult (f)1,31661018
qaNbInsubstantialHatchling (F)1,1922013
OAuMFlood Control of DoomAdult (m)3,5806036
Au9zwDominice DoubleAdult (f)9,0971,2983
RdyIsSingle ZoombatAdult (m)4,6158580
oXLUkCardinal of DeathAdult (m)4,8041,1412
GFlemSir Flem of LaceydomAdult (m)7,1381,2614
6Ho5FImpure BeguilerHatchling (F)1,1053082
DLlLVision of DeathAdult (m)3,54962119
m07s2(m07s2)Adult (f)5,9108393
IigedAngry Zombie FodderAdult (f)7,2651,0556
4YN0tDainty DeathAdult (f)4,6071,2032
bvnVhWhistle of DeathHatchling (f, F)3,8796491
CehmTaste of DeathAdult (f)1,7447377
S0G3Sound of DeathAdult (f)4,0808475
EFc7Demented Untraded HandcuffsAdult (f)2,24946817
BYhCFendon SorrowHatchling (F)1,14655127
VU6Kq(VU6Kq)Adult (m)2,6606262
JMlhP(JMlhP)Adult (f)4,7211,2152
olww1(olww1)Adult (f)4,7719771
YDNEI(YDNEI)Adult (m)3,0268043
hp9fX(hp9fX)Adult (m)2,7938023
z4Lt4Custodial MatchAdult (f)2,4916441
GPiw1Buy All the StuffsAdult (f)2,4246331
zA54hTrue Rose ThuwedAdult (m)2,4195913
CFO2vFalling Berry DeepAdult (m)3,6749762
EnS7CGifted GarlandAdult (m)3,7139861
obtaSThe Internet is for ItAdult (f)6,0091,2414
Lis6FSnow Bells ThuwedAdult (m)6,3521,2742
GVhZQFestive Green BoughsAdult (m)3,9619244
1TMBSThe Great Holly DaughterHatchling (F)1,5785132
uSut4The Great Holly SurpriseAdult (f)3,16642711
12zf4Dispassionate SentinelAdult (f)3,0315549
QMXAUsaranin IchardoniAdult (f)6,00967916
inTbwTry To Kill Me Next YearAdult (m)2,4824797
4wMW7Jupiter He's GoneAdult (m)2,3855418
EdzubRakish ConceptAdult (m)6,0039190
4m4J4Captious RockAdult (f)5,8388870
XMZ1iCleave ToczidAdult (m)2,7325080
aNUoWGlimmering CherryAdult (m)2,6825041
U7co4Toomany to BreedAdult (m)6,0981,2542
RRAihNo Children for YouAdult (m)5,7271,2072
Q2lcaNo Mate for YouAdult (f)5,9011,2451
pYk9MFar Too Big FamilyAdult (f)5,6311,1970
kl6hFVampire LegoAdult (f)3,9689020
5nLjgAudacious WestborneAdult (m)4,5771,0521
W5zmlHackneyed WestborneAdult (m)4,6711,0620
EN4rBBurnt WinterAdult (f)4,4701,0571
iqUffGlib HeartflameAdult (f)3,2978240
MzzqdWolf Den at Mohegan SunAdult (m)5,7161,1251
EqK5rRibbon PestAdult (m)3,7848961
mlNnsGarish SundayAdult (f)3,8589111
edZwoGolden Lilac ThuwedAdult (f)3,7198602
JnPPpKeep Wax SomedayAdult (f)3,6859432
LaIgbMajor AncestorAdult (f)3,8559202
O5sjrVacate SomedayAdult (f)2,6896710
Xb67IBlighted ThricetonAdult (f)4,3089302
imlLtIncorrigible ThricetonAdult (f)4,1849091
A3M2HInclement TwoferAdult (m)6,4121,2105
ATdUCDutiful TwoferAdult (f)6,5381,2092
1n2PGForever MindbreakerAdult (f)7,6161,1593
VGwNhProud NemisisAdult (f)7,5861,1964
Yq9XMBig Man So FreakyAdult (m)7,8741,1904
Yf2TjRuby Oven HoodAdult (m)7,6611,1526
u29QFQuestionable TwoferAdult (f)4,9749330
jdZGOSweet Delsin ThuwedAdult (f)5,1419531
qgpb6Earnest DelsinAdult (m)5,2909401
o9Em9Taste of AladdinAdult (f)4,7929151
LJ5NM(LJ5NM)Adult (m)5,1689461
bhDWZ(bhDWZ)Adult (f)5,3589290
TBWsR(TBWsR)Adult (f)5,3309450
DLhof(DLhof)Adult (m)5,0049241
qmtfs(qmtfs)Adult (m)2,9924821
Yvk4b(Yvk4b)Adult (m)3,2034662
JRaUJ(JRaUJ)Adult (m)2,8344501
RuSQf(RuSQf)Adult (f)2,9454953
wv4ZD(wv4ZD)Adult (m)2,9764761
PYYq8Disappearing ThuwedAdult (f)2,8704630
AY9fj(AY9fj)Adult (f)2,6414420
NH2Ko(NH2Ko)Adult (f)2,8924721
6LsuaLucious DelsinAdult (m)2,6224060
1hXYmCryptic TwoferAdult (f)2,5034340
fVeff(fVeff)Adult (f)2,9464530
eZBj5(eZBj5)Adult (m)2,5664410
j5vbl(j5vbl)Adult (f)2,4784271
A73Jv(A73Jv)Adult (m)3,1724460
LJEs2(LJEs2)Adult (m)3,1614411
mT2ecContrived ThuwedAdult (f)2,9604141
JUrByJabber into FlameAdult (m)5,4311,2730
1LRXkBuxom ThuwedAdult (f)5,3481,2381
V1mquVimaque HeartflameAdult (m)4,7669821
FEZkPI Made A Funny FaceAdult (m)2,8226740
Pvwq7Pawkatonie TwoferAdult (m)2,9356421
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