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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “FirestarRulz,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qEpm7Doodle DayHatchling (m, F)5,3721,1474
03k0cVenetian SpitfireAdult (f)3,3237712
0JcPTFriday Night Slumber PartyAdult (m)3,2627233
S3pvDCrypt of the SorcererAdult (f)3,2617212
M1XhtCarolina Goldenrod of the SpringAdult (m)3,2877233
OxesqWrath's Eternal EleganceAdult (m)5,7211,0322
SycY3Voidless SkylinesAdult (f)5,7761,0242
VsmprTsunami Of FlamesAdult (m)5,7279882
KhQSxThe Duality of All ThingsAdult (f)6,5261,1443
3xtvzMajesty of the SerpentAdult (f)4,3008182
aEtqmAhquatihaAdult (f)4,5138336
OsAqSOzwald the All-ConsumingAdult (m)5,0388841
DCB0MCrimson ComboAdult (f)5,0128912
sjcJiDo You Want Milk In Your TeaAdult (m)2,7516434
lINRoGypsum From the Mines of ParisAdult (m)3,6357172
dg28LMidnight StargazingAdult (f)7,0661,0904
ma7NHMother's Infinite HorizonAdult (m)6,7501,1041
hZgHoYoung and Murky DepthsAdult (m)6,9621,0992
VOK8mThunderbolts and LighteningAdult (m)6,0679657
wmtWpThe Madness of a Tearful GoodbyeAdult (f)3,8197473
F7dcCA History of Grace and EgoAdult (m)3,6297212
1dNoxStarlight StrollAdult (m)5,1257662
aef1KHyped About The New SeasonAdult (m)8,1451,1112
MBoQhGold For MarziaAdult (f)8,2601,1495
bw1y1The Wickedly Dancing TorchlightAdult (f)7,2281,1012
MqvkTSpiked TeaAdult (m)8,8401,2384
P978SGood Morning DoveAdult (m)10,1151,3172
UHTpgDestroyer of WarsAdult (m)9,1741,3233
y9HOcThe Snake For The CryptographerAdult (m)7,0921,2392
3oNCGTrap of Smoke and FlamesAdult (f)7,4361,2683
szuUgWell Loved BirbAdult (m)4,9389733
jpo86Lady of the Midnight ForestsAdult (f)6,9491,2472
xg7TbWrithing Cretaceous SeawaterAdult (m)6,8581,2352
Tjw4GHorizons Full Of NightingalesAdult (m)5,7791,0863
fjM5jPersian VibrancyAdult (m)6,9781,2774
bNR8aFaceless Steed of Abstract IdeasAdult (f)4,8829722
aLO9ZInterdimensional Beast of MythAdult (f)6,7801,2684
Jv2tAWibbly Wobbly the Time is NobblyAdult (f)5,5681,0735
XwbMIThe Tomb of HorrorsAdult (m)7,2611,3734
1vWcYBeauty of the Ocean MistsAdult (m)4,6349853
ewbaYInchworm ConsumptionAdult (f)7,5041,3174
w8hv9A Round of SpearmintynAdult (f)4,7349874
jHD9KChilly Winter GaleAdult (f)5,1211,0275
HKPfuLone Shaded PineAdult (m)4,8931,1742
Paqv4Crescendo of HarmonyAdult (f)7,1871,3034
Vdms0Mining Diamonds in the SkyAdult (m)4,6259456
6lwNbTurkey FaceAdult (f)4,8529722
fyFW7Molten EmotionsAdult (f)4,5249372
j12laStar Trek II The Wrath of KhanAdult (f)6,8021,2652
zO01AQueen Lix GrantzAdult (f)4,1209612
YZ5V0Unfathomable PersistenceAdult (f)5,9641,1597
iOxkxAte Up All the SoapAdult (f)6,5301,2192
1IY4QGlistering Mockingbird of SongAdult (m)4,1228846
hoiocSugar Sweet Man DoveAdult (m)3,9109559
HcvvdStorm King Costa-BixenAdult (m)6,0351,1823
pwU6NVerdant Meadows of WildflowersAdult (m)4,1798793
h0BzxAshes2Ashes Dust2DustAdult (m)6,7371,2313
6bVxHYou Know You Rock My WorldAdult (f)4,6931,0032
Av8L6Lovely Rila of WhispersAdult (f)4,5089493
4wc6XPure Mountain Spring By the RoadAdult (m)6,5841,2113
X01d3Rreginea HartAdult (m)6,2671,1535
sAXwNPlanning a Secret ExcavationAdult (m)5,8421,1454
hyjxHThe Sahara's Ballet DancerAdult (f)4,6679663
0NCTNTogether We're Powerful And BoldAdult (f)4,5179391
gJ4paKihmelar ExcorioAdult (m)4,5039373
BCDP3Rhasbraye Lee ScottAdult (f)6,2271,1664
uFTyRSam Sam the DelivererAdult (f)5,0121,0143
SKr2USt Maurlno of the Black LiliesAdult (f)4,9561,0164
0axx0Oh Unholy Ravioli It's A DoleyAdult (f)6,5201,2024
V6pfNRock Garden's Cairn of BalanceAdult (m)6,6001,2443
1zjtNCy the O'Hare Delivery GuyAdult (m)6,9291,2422
WnBF8The Zodiac of GanshereAdult (f)4,7129533
NQz5CCelestial AstrayAdult (m)4,9379723
QIUGiOnce a Copper ForgeAdult (f)5,4611,0814
LwqHiAether of the ElvesAdult (m)7,2361,0694
hzymlA Glittering Star-Filled RealityAdult (m)6,0791,1422
Vi48zThe Mole People of VesuviusAdult (m)6,6751,2243
7R1hvAngry at Autocorrect Once AgainAdult (m)5,6521,0072
YSV6uo Dance Along the Light of Day oAdult (f)5,7221,0373
7UGBGGive Him A Run For His MoneyAdult (f)5,8031,0771
noJWCGave The Doley Some Sweet ShadesAdult (m)5,9941,0952
TtwodSire Todd AquilloAdult (m)5,6571,0285
rIw8XMelting Summer VanAdult (m)4,9149122
KtMDvCosmic Abundance and RadianceAdult (m)6,4541,1503
SGNWLChild of Brilliant Blue PondsAdult (f)6,4551,1184
XAWKIMarch of the Carolina InchwormsAdult (m)6,3981,1374
opgYLDouble Dose and Double TroubleAdult (f)4,6869283
Goqo7Reve d'etre l'envie de CarlaAdult (f)4,8739073
a6VUvPosessing Fangs with a Blue EdgeAdult (m)4,5519083
siCCrThey Ran Into A Lotta TroubleAdult (m)4,5399234
HNa1RA Symphony of Mole People UnitedAdult (f)6,3351,0591
1DcHUCoal of the Boiling RockAdult (f)6,2781,0653
9sZjCThe Knowing Ra is Never FinishedAdult (f)9,4711,37220
XqOq8Fruity Fruity RatatouilleAdult (m)5,4738703
N3F8vPicky Child From a Sleepy FamilyAdult (m)6,1419174
YTFnkTreasured Forget-Me-NotAdult (m)6,6641,0854
BZiQUJamie the Mail PersonAdult (f)5,4599342
d3dxWK'Lawlki HakorAdult (m)5,1099023
KMlVEBatata With KumquatAdult (m)5,4008823
AjFDoLegacy of a Doleian SpitfireAdult (m)6,2061,0635
4rxwMMy Shadow Is Crime PreventionAdult (f)7,2451,1963
TvKIgAn Unsteady and Unsure HistoryAdult (m)7,6121,2752
tc0LUNebula of Forests and VinesAdult (m)5,9531,0762
iNGhVFlight of a Troublesome SerpentAdult (f)6,0531,0642
3UVIVRay of Sunlight Upon The CurrentAdult (m)6,4701,0991
GUpNqNightdancer of a Silent MelodyAdult (m)6,1869844
Q0NxxParis' Gold For Our RoyaltyAdult (m)6,9811,1423
9VFIEHeartsong Flickering OutAdult (f)6,7341,0802
WqTykLex of the Setting SunAdult (f)5,4049513
OJAMbThis Xenoworm JamsAdult (m)7,4071,1565
e2iwlWired and Fully ChargedAdult (f)8,1141,1553
8UEc2Exclusively Freaky AdolescentAdult (f)5,3949223
srFoBDemanding Creature of the SoilAdult (f)7,9351,1882
O6qWRStanding In GloryAdult (f)5,8829085
iBRbEAll You Do Is Look The Other WayAdult (m)7,7681,1371
lR6MbScorpion Ghosts of the PyramidsAdult (f)7,8071,1812
ckKUdTwice a Price of Blood Moon ViceAdult (m)6,4441,0426
2es5sBorn of Unending CarnageAdult (f)5,2169144
zIZdCKruseina Dreaming of White SandsAdult (m)9,4781,3449
Gia9ySoft and Fluffy FoosballAdult (m)7,4551,0232
v7s8uCelestial Starborne MoonslingerAdult (m)5,3129585
gEjmbOrange Wedge of Queen MagiaAdult (m)5,2709692
NK3HJHade's Next Top ModelAdult (m)7,4421,1943
lERXyFiend's Golden OppertunityAdult (f)5,7731,0204
qFKbhForbidden Jewel of Splendor DiebAdult (f)2,3715933
bwjrDAlphabet Soup Rare With NumbersAdult (f)5,4931,0283
knLbFWarsong of the Inchworm ArmyAdult (m)7,3481,2313
eephtEep of the Broken StraitAdult (m)8,3481,2262
yFzgURemarkable Little GremlinAdult (f)8,1931,2271
djIhDAmazonian StallionAdult (m)9,2501,3665
fMDzOSomewhere Noblemen Are CallingAdult (f)4,1878966
IvFmNCan't String Lights in SpaceAdult (m)5,6541,0353
q9YL9What Was Once Lost Or StolenAdult (m)6,5141,2053
j7ubDHeat of a Lighthouse BeaconAdult (m)9,2381,4692
5KgzXApivorous By NatureAdult (m)11,1041,7466
ZrgOWDarkness Impressed Upon a DragonAdult (m)9,2231,5104
qhNoWThere's Not Mushroom in the TeaAdult (m)5,0991,1126
t1pdmElectical Firestorm BluesAdult (f)4,6598367
sivOMDebonaire Peach FeathersAdult (f)9,3101,5585
HSAPBFragrant Fir Feast of the FawnAdult (f)5,6551,0814
WAXaa2 Heads Wacks 3 iPhonesAdult (f)6,1291,1067
Wu0ClCanned Sunshine for the NightAdult (m)7,5281,1674
o3QhhBlazing Pyre of the FallenAdult (m)9,4421,5401
iO0QGPumpkin Butter Matters MostAdult (f)6,6611,1664
WAoM6Get Off Of My Lawn WhipprsnapprAdult (f)9,4801,5042
xznWABrilliantly Vermillion ChocolateAdult (f)6,6861,1473
TgChyThe Shiniest of All the ColorsAdult (m)9,6061,5096
Dmj0ELetters From a Brightened HeartAdult (m)6,5271,1585
I6aqSVagazi's Gilded LazuliAdult (m)5,5561,1354
UlRXGJingle Jangle From Far AwayAdult (f)6,3091,1514
jVrgvGlaw Gwanwyn Codi BlodauAdult (f)5,6681,1073
ZivnNAll You Doley DragonsAdult (f)8,7611,5042
xq0PDGodzilla's Immovable WallAdult (m)8,5151,4673
5iUn5Grief as Gentle as a DoveAdult (f)9,0221,5012
1JZa9Wren the Friend of DragonsAdult (m)8,3111,3942
AiYoAAiya Iokopeaz ThuwedAdult (m)8,1511,3383
0xQWoMoonlight Chocolate SnackAdult (f)8,2741,3921
zmW9TNightmare Eyes and Racoon TeethAdult (f)8,3201,3713
SOpjsEnter the URL For PC Master RaceAdult (f)6,3961,1941
1ebaQWind Racer of the ExosphereAdult (f)9,1701,4812
QUqkTCussing Out the O5 CouncilAdult (f)6,0381,0874
N0nOkDaisy Summer Afternoon GambleAdult (m)6,1111,1165
8s6WuSesostris the PlenteousAdult (f)6,0321,1075
lG5fgSweet and Spicey Snapdragon PieAdult (f)6,2171,1222
PfeY9Dark Rose-Hearted WarriorAdult (f)7,9841,0571
3Qu07The Shining Heart of a DoleyAdult (f)6,9191,1365
jB03TThe Butler IslandAdult (f)5,4971,2843
aPtRkScheduling for Important ClientsAdult (f)5,4741,2793
3im3APerpetual InternAdult (f)5,3601,2632
7zHGBMore Than a Cute FaceAdult (f)8,3181,3202
qOTKkCopper Coils of DeathAdult (f)6,2799856
4eMnMJoyous PolarityAdult (m)6,0311,1014
LwL4RMystical Cyan Blue SkiesAdult (m)6,8921,1535
a4RQ9Cozy Glow At TwilightAdult (m)8,5031,3205
sFOneidontlovethefamilyreunionsAdult (m)5,8161,1044
y5jWyExtravagant DissonanceAdult (m)8,6811,41626
flFt4A Midnight ReflectionAdult (m)7,8221,3083
3v3UFA Peace of MeAdult (f)8,0531,3266
F5iiXThe Coppa Spade Me FarewellAdult (m)8,2151,3215
VXkQjRomanian QualmAdult (m)5,9501,0802
xWVV1Frisian Mast in the Ice StormAdult (m)6,7359905
7pinBDoley's TeapartyAdult (m)7,9901,3244
rqLOPHaruno NevalisAdult (m)6,1829832
iI9tFBlue Boi BansheeAdult (m)5,5981,0312
QrpwiMore Than an Electric StormAdult (m)6,3911,1152
4gmn0Polychromatic RenderAdult (f)4,1158408
2572dPeekaboo FaceAdult (f)8,1341,3344
eb6yiCheskar Family ReunionAdult (f)5,4861,0592
wmuNcNilla Wafer Top Hat TimeAdult (m)5,7141,1061
1U89yLady Lazy ThronesAdult (f)7,0251,2132
KMZ3dAww She Thinks She's a PersonAdult (f)7,5561,3602
4tNPvIndecisive But FabulousAdult (f)6,7031,2453
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