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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Bittybat,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WH7LkKing For A NightAdult (f)8,4101,1174
IlHljUnguarded HourAdult (m)8,5031,1173
dDheUHurricane ExpressAdult (m)8,3391,3234
5fRJGKiller's KissAdult (f)7,6901,4033
f0RfjKing's RhapsodyAdult (f)7,9491,2211
4Z9OFHold That KissAdult (m)3,2377532
ddyl8Cinema VoxAdult (f)8,3031,0982
FJixRSpotlight ScandalAdult (m)10,3881,1387
IYbACDay's Journey Into NightAdult (f)10,6391,0883
igZShCrybaby KillerAdult (f)5,1827905
qdIqpTomorrow's ForeverAdult (m)3,6676424
lAk5tIt Happened TomorrowAdult (f)3,7676913
nFddCA Day And ForeverAdult (m)3,3396466
AtXkAHold That GhostAdult (f)3,3616183
IAfcALast One Of NineAdult (f)3,7166694
GCyOhThe Man With Nine LivesAdult (m)2,7316772
pUZlWMelody In TimeAdult (m)2,9836941
b6QhtTwo SecretsAdult (f)2,7066651
FDIlPBeautiful CheatAdult (m)2,8106500
98zOUEve Of The WeddingAdult (f)3,5516892
B15mDRival Of The EmpressAdult (f)2,9667341
7E0No(7E0No)Adult (m)3,5566670
5X7EcI Found A StarAdult (m)2,7616132
xUl4KShe Gets Her ManAdult (m)2,9336491
qul8wI'll Be Your SweetheartAdult (m)2,9556720
k4x15Down With MiseryAdult (f)2,8696690
bnNdSTexas DynamoAdult (f)3,0927273
Vk0kNTwilight EpisodeAdult (f)2,9946863
jH2hgA Man Walks In The CityAdult (m)3,0958231
K7YWVSing It To A StarAdult (m)3,3457662
xuD42Broken LanceAdult (f)9,0491,1769
SEGqfMadam BlancheAdult (f)9,6101,2714
ZHLG6True HeavenAdult (f)7,3341,0172
GybbABlonde RansomAdult (m)9,6861,0295
QeAbiFighting RenegadeAdult (m)12,5881,1794
RC5iANight In DecemberAdult (f)14,5711,2195
tLJFXLong Long WaitAdult (m)5,4587714
wFf3iPassenger Of ParadiseAdult (m)4,7188552
GHUESBedside MannersAdult (m)4,3798773
qgG5jSeven Little SinsAdult (f)2,8087600
9tI6T(9tI6T)Adult (m)3,8299032
bz8lCScarlet WeekAdult (f)2,6997251
tGOzBDown Four Dark StreetsAdult (f)2,7857601
9kQoiTaken Your FancyAdult (m)4,8727181
HzUNIDiary Of A ChambermaidAdult (f)3,0487181
Zia8GDead Man's ShoesAdult (m)3,2266811
DuBgoCountry PriestAdult (m)4,0419011
Fsa5WHighways By NightAdult (f)9,6231,2135
tev7uMurder In ReverseAdult (m)8,1499521
1SQMsEmergency LandingAdult (m)8,0581,0612
dKm8gAmerican EmpireAdult (f)6,1416842
nF2gTCavalry ScoutAdult (m)4,5397293
VTtEvEvidence Of CircumstanceAdult (f)3,5226881
n6yibThe Art Of Getting AlongAdult (m)4,2877141
0E9gRUnjust AngelAdult (f)4,5237160
obqcYMake Mine MusicAdult (m)3,0966743
4W7mdHer Kind Of ManAdult (m)2,5037020
NRXgBSpecter Of A RoseAdult (f)2,4016680
C4DgZNotorious Lone WolfAdult (f)2,8576611
ob2ydLarceny In Her HeartAdult (f)2,9606791
Ib4SgLone Star MoonlightAdult (m)3,0626851
OaxzGWhite CorridorAdult (f)4,3107681
UpY5cGasoline AlleyAdult (f)4,3358052
Qv832Wine Of YouthAdult (m)6,4501,1446
RV9A9Exclusive StoryAdult (f)3,9056132
hMcB2Left CrossAdult (f)4,6347271
ZRataStory Of A Love AffairAdult (f)4,7466753
WNB5NSong And Dance ManAdult (m)8,2799654
UHNM0Mephisto WaltzAdult (f)9,3791,2376
kL7qhLights Of LondonAdult (f)3,1416763
Ng9p1Port Of Seven SeasAdult (m)7,7411,2793
RK1evOdd ObsessionAdult (f)5,4127755
z6rrTCage Of GoldAdult (m)3,9327621
Ow8bJHunt The Man DownAdult (f)2,5397122
D3NmcThe Next Voice You HearAdult (m)2,7977612
14x0XRose Colored LifeAdult (f)3,0228361
QoOYAThese Pearly TearsAdult (f)3,4098183
MIQo6Steel Against The SkyAdult (m)2,9436632
oXS00(oXS00)Adult (m)3,2705771
G6tHP(G6tHP)Adult (m)3,4745920
Da0OI(Da0OI)Adult (m)3,4706110
107xX(107xX)Adult (f)3,3745922
YSxTj(YSxTj)Adult (m)3,1887032
o6yfYIncident On A VolcanoAdult (m)2,8836442
IA3mZBury Me DeeperAdult (m)3,7436101
O8h6tDynamite CanyonAdult (f)3,3437272
hwSZyMelody Beyond LoveAdult (f)2,8046891
860cFLawless CowboyAdult (f)3,9177672
y1TeCBeast From A Thousand FathomsAdult (f)3,0788061
iX7G1The Day The World EndedAdult (m)2,8157552
TbyRpPhantom Of The Red HouseAdult (f)2,9358191
RRFimA Creature Walks Among UsAdult (f)2,9247821
ptEc6Beast Of The AmazonAdult (m)2,9797850
tbMkOConquer The WorldAdult (m)3,0628060
Zmb7yBewitching CryAdult (f)2,9287700
uz1EkLiving IdolAdult (m)3,1708331
a4Wxk(a4Wxk)Adult (f)2,7447942
kVmu5Radio City RevelsAdult (f)8,0491,2284
lt16HRed Planet MarsAdult (m)7,8491,0972
2IDREManhattan MadnessAdult (m)9,2619797
lAyxhDon't Get PersonalAdult (m)7,3628323
IqsljSo You Won't TalkAdult (m)16,5121,1303
NVPUgThat Certain SomethingAdult (m)8,4129424
DdR12Desire In The DustAdult (f)4,4038493
QcB3sNever So FewAdult (f)5,5168045
nXnzlSouth Sea WomanAdult (f)5,0777061
5zLUuBoth Barrels BlazingAdult (f)3,7026891
uZOaqBe Thy LoveAdult (f)5,2849581
g9x6hRing For The NurseAdult (f)5,3939364
rXld9Bewildered HeartAdult (f)4,4779302
MxJS6Spanish MoonlightAdult (f)5,4359231
cT9NdBay Of MoonlightAdult (f)4,4757552
GwpJM(GwpJM)Adult (f)4,4147281
3Cxnb(3Cxnb)Adult (f)3,7126401
qKZia(qKZia)Adult (f)3,6896422
cO9RD(cO9RD)Adult (f)2,7756601
TLIRz(TLIRz)Adult (f)3,5258504
pUqnuHigh Powered GirlAdult (f)4,0406331
z1qTELast MetroAdult (f)3,9125811
U4RokMen In Her DiaryAdult (m)4,2736470
GjrUrFog And SunAdult (f)3,1397121
A6dMkVenom And EternityAdult (f)2,6456742
B0WFESnake River DesperadoAdult (m)2,5597024
bF08KPenny For A VioletAdult (m)3,6816622
h0VyuUnder The Paris SkyAdult (f)3,4906821
zk73jSilk Blood And SunAdult (m)3,9068092
2ZGM9Distant JourneyAdult (f)3,6186901
SLChdTyrant Of The SkyAdult (f)3,6026943
X9eLAStop That CabAdult (f)5,0016801
ofZHiGentle JuliaAdult (f)8,7441,1673
0g8o9Six-Gun GoldAdult (m)8,2201,1334
2K2PQHotel ImperialAdult (f)12,8181,0905
tgCVWSound Of The MountainAdult (f)4,5977766
1TIpRLucky CainAdult (f)5,6207152
3tHhHMurder In The Blue RoomAdult (f)3,5786661
7hm8BPenny SerenadeAdult (f)4,4707143
1ZtUYRoar Of The PressAdult (m)2,9976800
ieL9NHeart of SalomeAdult (f)6,7409940
AZpSjIron TrailAdult (m)6,9419404
f3x4SHero Of The SaddleAdult (f)10,0551,0664
n4Q5ISecret FuryAdult (m)4,0206973
WQbivVengeance ValleyAdult (m)4,6547171
bYQccHardly A CriminalAdult (f)3,6207161
2epT7Scandal ProofAdult (f)7,0081,0162
GaPZJHangman's KnotAdult (m)10,8601,2727
q1WucArc Of TriumphAdult (m)10,3241,0252
m7300Master KeyAdult (m)11,4891,1033
XRkeMFootlight GlamourAdult (f)7,4861,2073
6aqjnGuilt Is My ShadowAdult (m)4,6938561
ylY3BSmuggler's GoldAdult (m)5,5397362
VDnPDI Became A CriminalAdult (f)3,5526540
QGgQ7Right CrossAdult (m)8,2971,2553
H36rvStrange GambleAdult (m)9,0391,1904
6oNYeAtomic CityAdult (f)8,7761,0983
NZBw1Red Hot And BlueAdult (f)7,8561,2863
VWKMETest PilotAdult (f)3,4007111
82xF2Dead For A DayAdult (m)11,8491,10210
PnS2kFacts Of MurderAdult (f)5,7597863
coUKaThe Toast Of New OrleansAdult (m)4,3158543
SkGF8Gunfighter Of The WestAdult (f)4,9547222
EYtzvMoment To MomentAdult (f)4,2146282
cuQNjCage Of SilverAdult (m)3,7796211
WGEdXEver Open DoorAdult (f)9,6141,0223
ManDGMurder In The Private CarAdult (f)3,2636994
REnEFCruel Cruel LoveAdult (m)6,5261,0374
MsJTtNo Luck LeftAdult (m)6,0517924
Lr9kWNight Club GirlAdult (f)4,7975792
uVdRGFrozen LimitsAdult (f)12,2071,1733
ETmplNaked EdgeAdult (m)8,8661,0523
PmcLaClash By NightAdult (m)9,4771,2588
33St0Escape By NightAdult (m)4,4546342
opxyLDouble DynamiteAdult (f)3,7927612
NhbH2Too Late For TearsAdult (m)4,7646821
Ql3GEBelle Le GrandAdult (m)4,5636890
Rj3EbOne Night's KissAdult (m)4,7687070
BzRjHBeast With Five FingersAdult (f)4,7346840
IJ1moLady Let's DanceAdult (f)3,1255152
PvRoCSword Of The BeastAdult (m)4,1146681
rrsCnForbidden StreetAdult (f)4,1096372
fssCVThe Murderer LivesAdult (f)3,4527263
PcLx0The Night My Number Came UpAdult (f)4,7007154
SFSc1Devil In A ConventAdult (m)5,3751,07612
rCsx7Black Cat MansionAdult (f)8,4141,3106
BMcQuYou'll Find OutAdult (m)7,2861,2969
O1nJLMan Made MonsterAdult (f)7,0761,2633
NPZ9lDoctor XAdult (f)7,3731,2952
QbqDCShadow Of The CatAdult (m)6,6461,3452
R0EAJVirgin BloodAdult (m)2,9846033
zFylXScream Of The Demon LoverAdult (f)5,7718636
U5HwJEye Of The CatAdult (m)7,1871,1247
cwWDBNightmare In WaxAdult (f)7,1451,1064
4RRciUnseen HandsAdult (m)2,3687311
cpmqpThe Cat CreepsAdult (f)2,5237701
9OJNqMurder By The ClockAdult (f)2,5677451
owusUSecret Of The Blue RoomAdult (m)2,4627561
eJuxFPhantom Of The ConventAdult (f)2,5307831
cX9XoMadman's SpecialtyAdult (f)2,5657341
hvyLNThe Thing From Another WorldAdult (f)2,3417092
Z7xq7Death Is A NumberAdult (m)2,3517241
XRQrAGirl Diver GhostAdult (f)2,7598651
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