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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Bittybat,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9kfki(9kfki)Adult (m)2,5157832
lnfGU(lnfGU)Adult (m)2,7017251
oAEQI(oAEQI)Adult (m)2,7587132
P0bwSAddio AmoreAdult (m)8,9941,4024
ddhQYCanto Della VitaAdult (m)8,8861,5563
dbNIRAlba Di SangueAdult (m)7,1501,4087
ephY9Mosca CiecaAdult (m)7,6641,5626
YwwLqAngelo FeritoAdult (m)7,6951,4377
nllzU(nllzU)Adult (m)2,8187424
AbPmL(AbPmL)Adult (m)2,8507343
TShGz(TShGz)Adult (m)2,4937601
UoueSCorona Di FerroAdult (f)5,1461,2573
MaOsGCinque LuneAdult (f)4,9121,2092
sKPZT(sKPZT)Adult (f)2,7467221
7ExUG(7ExUG)Adult (f)2,8677031
1xJW0(1xJW0)Adult (m)2,8016492
0LUFd(0LUFd)Adult (m)2,7086431
pIBHCGarden Of The MoonAdult (f)7,7151,2635
t4o2rLost HoneymoonAdult (f)9,3851,1022
rpdkkSing Your Way HomeAdult (f)7,8551,2704
wSjQsScarlet SpearAdult (m)8,9141,1884
r8asvDaredevil's RewardAdult (f)7,3108577
AgVEUPetticoat LarcenyAdult (f)5,4031,2354
rxK4wStar In The DustAdult (f)4,7277103
oiF5CBitter SpringAdult (f)3,8417651
jor1YThe Loves Of SalammboAdult (m)7,6071,2472
rK8e9Rage In HeavenAdult (m)8,6291,1172
Y6VUHCorinthian JackAdult (f)7,3781,0333
j4S08Strange IllusionAdult (m)9,4039084
zJmmnFlaming BulletsAdult (f)9,6909762
bXXkOCaptain Of The CloudsAdult (m)6,0467042
XgoxVLonely Long DistanceAdult (f)8,2801,2806
X5AEZRide VaqueroAdult (f)4,4357802
qfEw0Conquering HeroAdult (m)3,5576491
f61PvPhantom Of ParisAdult (m)9,4411,2773
m5kE8Infernal MachineAdult (m)6,5831,1814
s4TflHell's HingesAdult (m)9,3561,1083
WeK9aCrooked RoadAdult (m)11,8641,0764
Udep8Third Finger Left HandAdult (f)10,7049833
N5KQiRoman WindfallAdult (f)4,8187232
pyWp7(pyWp7)Adult (f)4,2447032
ut5NWSing A Song Of TexasAdult (m)3,6177071
SmKeEWicked DarlingAdult (f)8,3311,2755
x1xFcTenth SymphonyAdult (m)8,9741,2794
CNE6VWalk In The SunAdult (m)9,9059591
fKgMhDoomed CaravanAdult (f)7,4551,0511
EbAzXFor Those Who Will FollowAdult (f)8,8961,1963
Dv8bYFive PenniesAdult (m)5,9397846
aigkgPrince Of PlayersAdult (m)4,9217145
brtVlSign Of VenusAdult (f)4,9027221
sNDmwThe Voice Of The ViolinAdult (m)10,9111,1306
DEGmJRoyal ScandalAdult (m)9,9771,1399
nbXlBSix Gun RhythmAdult (m)11,3951,0954
qm2GaGentle GunmanAdult (f)7,6871,0303
rQUoIArctic FlightAdult (m)9,3131,1024
NR3lcFive Minutes To LiveAdult (f)10,9741,1223
xuhYSTop Secret AffairAdult (f)5,1487754
rTXPMCity Under The SeaAdult (m)4,3266843
IcD3R(IcD3R)Adult (f)2,5256473
z7LhS(z7LhS)Adult (f)2,9756112
Wkvx2(Wkvx2)Adult (f)4,7007281
O1uqJ(O1uqJ)Adult (f)4,1476702
zsu5lFar CallAdult (m)7,0751,0201
dCWsDJoy StreetAdult (f)6,9651,0161
nBFY4Twenty Years' SleepAdult (m)6,8829884
B9SbUThieves Fall OutAdult (f)8,4589575
CQDn0Nine Days In One YearAdult (m)8,7691,2163
Q9tM4Convict SixAdult (f)4,3736351
K16QnPalace Of IllusionAdult (m)4,7958232
bOBjTThey Also Sing From SadnessAdult (f)4,5177232
WLqQC(WLqQC)Adult (f)2,3585382
x5ymPMidnight TaxiAdult (f)8,8051,1514
jt1oZKnave Of DiamondsAdult (f)8,2641,1826
9aTOkConfidential AgentAdult (m)9,2991,0244
LQtTWOver 21Adult (f)9,2499433
vIlXjPhantom BaronAdult (m)8,7449335
Po7lgThrill Of The SkiesAdult (f)10,7009664
nYeYXLady Takes A SailorAdult (f)8,2061,1557
oPEL4Horizons WestAdult (f)10,0801,0794
JfGy7All In A Night's WorkAdult (f)4,3476502
uRXhbSecond FaceAdult (m)4,1097283
ZFtSiYour Lucky StarAdult (f)3,7426301
XsI7j(XsI7j)Adult (m)2,4477021
ZWBCq(ZWBCq)Adult (m)2,4197230
9LHMx(9LHMx)Adult (m)2,3997070
WRZmU(WRZmU)Adult (m)2,4837271
nBilc(nBilc)Adult (m)2,4967251
K5hzB(K5hzB)Adult (m)2,7306530
MrgHj(MrgHj)Adult (m)2,4426930
6CAeI(6CAeI)Adult (f)4,5686752
Gqg9Y(Gqg9Y)Adult (f)2,8756932
dLIGdEach Pearl A TearAdult (m)7,8391,2023
KcrGrAnother Time Another PlaceAdult (f)7,8791,3204
j78WGDelicate DelinquentAdult (m)8,5481,2303
ZnroLSecret SixAdult (m)10,6551,4335
1wTX4Difficult LifeAdult (m)12,6151,1113
NvBPA(NvBPA)Adult (m)3,7369160
DRcnu(DRcnu)Adult (f)2,7916622
HooRf(HooRf)Adult (f)3,8016112
JKlcz(JKlcz)Adult (f)2,7757591
Uekoy(Uekoy)Adult (f)4,0067112
87b0a(87b0a)Adult (f)3,1916720
YYOkc(YYOkc)Adult (m)3,4787331
yt1Oy(yt1Oy)Adult (f)2,6626990
WTjThSilken NooseAdult (f)6,3218502
O7cynJinxed MoneyAdult (m)2,8028212
QMM0yCorridor Of MirrorsAdult (m)4,8147351
W2YOMA Woman's VengeanceAdult (f)4,7077191
Ljg7g(Ljg7g)Adult (f)2,7917960
nlorH(nlorH)Adult (f)3,1937561
pIOgx(pIOgx)Adult (m)2,9847341
uQnhb(uQnhb)Egg (F)
kyeU9Wake Of The Red WitchAdult (m)5,9338090
rxwkQAngels' DilemmaAdult (f)6,1328391
vIm5nWhispering CityAdult (f)5,0877160
BrcCgJohnny O'ClockAdult (m)4,8867151
zxp1cMoon And SixpenceAdult (m)3,6657882
VoAAN(VoAAN)Adult (m)3,4556380
1ZbzC(1ZbzC)Adult (f)2,5986451
LCh6l(LCh6l)Adult (m)2,6347071
LYkdZ(LYkdZ)Adult (f)2,4887071
V3sl6(V3sl6)Adult (f)2,7026731
GYPJo(GYPJo)Adult (m)3,6577124
iOD5Y(iOD5Y)Adult (m)3,8025991
MRo2f(MRo2f)Adult (m)4,5426882
KJvkh(KJvkh)Adult (f)3,4985152
VWwY2(VWwY2)Adult (m)3,6829724
xe5kT(xe5kT)Adult (m)4,1214011
PO1PFJuke GirlAdult (f)10,4889954
T3grXMoon Is BlueAdult (m)5,6957262
pqkiHThe Damned Don't CryAdult (f)4,8328934
z0uIP(z0uIP)Adult (f)2,6446802
OY9xC(OY9xC)Adult (f)2,3926612
5MFcX(5MFcX)Adult (f)2,4816654
Dd9Fo(Dd9Fo)Adult (m)2,8107391
XtV0I(XtV0I)Adult (m)2,7806491
tgf0J(tgf0J)Adult (m)2,9566743
7B2DKLight At The Edge Of The WorldAdult (f)8,7031,2614
2Hmp0Storm At DaybreakAdult (m)8,7751,1576
QcLMcImmediate CallAdult (f)11,8301,0774
Oh9VtDrowned MoonAdult (f)8,1611,1054
zR67MPortrait In BlackAdult (f)9,4691,1281
MnqXDPhantom From A Thousand LeaguesAdult (f)5,8538062
ZV4XfCrossed SwordAdult (f)5,1448005
8fabC(8fabC)Adult (m)4,3947001
mIFLR(mIFLR)Adult (m)3,2707111
SrrDE(SrrDE)Adult (m)2,5716981
2LQFeHell DiverAdult (m)9,5431,3362
eW1HLWhite Shadows In The South SeasAdult (f)8,4461,3053
GXr8rMiracles For SaleAdult (m)7,3591,0201
yPSM4Mystery ShipAdult (f)8,2409382
WghchDown To The Sea In ShipsAdult (f)3,7086212
xJMs9So Evil My LoveAdult (m)4,5746732
UxtGzNothing But The NightAdult (m)4,3926602
9prQrGilded HighwayAdult (m)7,3701,2445
aeUPrCentennial SummerAdult (f)3,6486681
9OXGhFatal HourAdult (f)12,1131,0632
YKrQnToo Late BluesAdult (m)9,7051,1033
Gl4qFStrange ImpersonationAdult (f)4,0697252
uGbHB(uGbHB)Adult (f)3,1057440
KieXWPretty FoeAdult (m)8,0571,3204
iUk7JLawful LarcenyAdult (f)10,2601,2835
vPUMvFugitive KindAdult (m)8,7891,2035
8Pgp1Nothing SacredAdult (f)9,4111,1315
aCgZtSix Thousand EnemiesAdult (f)8,7431,2086
Ybn3qEnchanting ShadowAdult (m)4,4798782
bp0C1Bitter VictoryAdult (f)5,0178526
Hnt1eLife At StakeAdult (m)5,7617753
jOiQEOn Stage EverybodyAdult (m)3,7177341
x24PtFatal HeartAdult (m)7,9971,1786
llJnJFatal StarAdult (f)6,8731,1854
objhVFatal GoldAdult (f)9,2531,3415
YXQduFatal SeaAdult (f)9,2481,1292
XoPXRFatal FollyAdult (m)7,5461,3763
MCWAwFatal KissAdult (f)8,4939296
2zJZWFatal SkyAdult (m)9,9611,0147
kThb0Fatal AnswerAdult (f)8,4669473
IZbVCFatal SongAdult (m)6,3216884
29bQoFatal WhisperAdult (f)8,6371,1432
rGqNfFatal MoonAdult (f)6,0838661
HqdZGFatal ShowAdult (f)4,6517215
3N44qFatal MillionAdult (m)4,5166251
hsAMlPrelude To WarAdult (f)7,8411,1453
l5ZoMEdge Of FuryAdult (m)9,1191,13611
sHpwUSide Of HeavenAdult (m)8,8491,2285
HTvfkPrison Of NightAdult (f)7,5379293
Vi74fLook In Any WindowAdult (f)8,0009894
IyMlvAnatomy Of MurderAdult (f)5,2338064
cjQJnShake Hands With The DevilAdult (f)4,9127522
R1rLJ(R1rLJ)Adult (f)4,9137191
d1LRb(d1LRb)Adult (f)4,0876941
RV4DB(RV4DB)Adult (m)4,5309502
oe5Ks(oe5Ks)Adult (m)2,6456901
0EKWp(0EKWp)Adult (f)3,2596451
5T1rA(5T1rA)Adult (f)2,8307151
LC4oH(LC4oH)Adult (m)4,4636701
XEORH(XEORH)Adult (m)4,2036732
BpB9OReturn Of OctoberAdult (m)5,7508290
ht6RiBehind A Locked DoorAdult (f)6,1358240
XJitsWinter MeetingAdult (f)5,0217352
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