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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Bittybat,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
PKqAy(PKqAy)Adult (f)5,2937282
DUBspTemple Of DuskAdult (m)10,7431,1194
8UBhDStandby StarAdult (m)8,4881,1513
3H2wILawless CodeAdult (m)8,5011,1875
tBMc8Crow And SparrowAdult (f)9,3081,1755
F20VFKnife In The WaterAdult (f)9,1991,1104
QX8OGShoot The PianistAdult (m)5,4147093
bVsyLDrowning TideAdult (m)4,0047973
fFF9IRoman SeasAdult (f)4,8157921
xucL9The Long WaitAdult (f)4,8067190
0FqdW(0FqdW)Adult (m)4,3077092
Ew40V(Ew40V)Adult (f)2,9356172
SKho0Stars In My CrownAdult (m)4,1297233
187sEHouse Across The LakeAdult (f)4,7657824
UBreyThe Devil NoirAdult (f)5,3701,1457
xnRcRNight Of The DemonAdult (m)9,0201,3465
MqG7lDoor With Seven LocksAdult (f)8,8911,3684
16zyvBlack Moon CallingAdult (f)7,2971,3091
c3xYRStrange DoorAdult (f)6,3231,3172
cYNS3Night Of The EagleAdult (m)6,5181,3181
UbouSHand Of The NightAdult (f)2,1755513
TSNHnEven The Wind Cries OutAdult (m)5,4631,1293
ieisVHouse Of EvilAdult (f)7,0001,1457
Z3cjNMantis In LaceAdult (m)7,1191,1814
WERI3(WERI3)Adult (f)4,0988101
VxnTa(VxnTa)Adult (f)4,0428140
W8kbV(W8kbV)Adult (m)2,4517561
N6zqN(N6zqN)Adult (f)2,3647111
ORtuV(ORtuV)Adult (m)2,4827412
E5UoT(E5UoT)Adult (f)2,3747401
8BZCL(8BZCL)Adult (m)2,4157401
ykRRq(ykRRq)Adult (f)2,6537442
hoCwD(hoCwD)Adult (m)2,4908422
UcSRa(UcSRa)Adult (f)2,4928721
Ax5cD(Ax5cD)Adult (f)2,5626261
NuWSn(NuWSn)Adult (m)2,5506130
gy5IbThe Queen Of BabylonAdult (f)8,5051,2417
p9yMYVilla RoseAdult (m)10,2541,3374
hyVJoManhattan MelodramaAdult (m)9,2881,1163
U3gBjLove HungryAdult (m)7,4679992
Yqyz7Traitor SpyAdult (f)11,6291,0432
ZtaE1Pride Of The BoweryAdult (m)14,6481,2107
Mefd9Murder Among FriendsAdult (m)8,3789322
LxpqCArizona TerrorAdult (f)6,0747172
2NAuIHands Off The MoneyAdult (m)4,6997743
a0oG0I'll Remember JuneAdult (m)3,7987171
cR2V1(cR2V1)Adult (m)2,5395961
4KGSqFlirting With FateAdult (f)11,2401,0288
56iNKWord Of HonorAdult (f)12,5311,1404
pi7PLMillion Dollar LimitedAdult (f)6,6607142
mXPmlKings Of The SunAdult (m)10,8511,1307
QDPq5(QDPq5)Adult (f)3,2958851
F8iPZSoul AstrayAdult (f)10,8591,1643
w3MqNNight Of ThrillsAdult (m)7,3979925
pJ7SNTorpedo AlleyAdult (m)8,9721,2055
rxdS1(rxdS1)Adult (m)3,2705972
21P5rCavalcade Of DanceAdult (m)2,6745213
JQJmlIron MistressAdult (f)10,8371,2462
1tPoT(1tPoT)Adult (f)3,2087064
4670A(4670A)Adult (f)3,6657672
La577(La577)Adult (m)3,9796472
HHItX(HHItX)Adult (f)4,2266833
3GGJb(3GGJb)Adult (f)3,5047272
5ic7F(5ic7F)Adult (m)2,4596782
cWfsp(cWfsp)Adult (m)3,5767051
Gw9u8Darker Than AmberAdult (m)8,4741,4927
dCVKKThe Girl Said NoAdult (f)9,0971,2935
RoHgyTrick For TrickAdult (f)7,6431,3403
GG8K1Barren GainAdult (m)9,2121,0599
FE59vGaslight FollyAdult (m)9,4459651
sHJq1Leave Her To HeavenAdult (f)8,1449664
wP5TULoose LetterAdult (m)9,0311,0675
YHTHcStranger On The Third FloorAdult (f)9,8619495
2K0xiStranger In My ArmsAdult (f)5,0437583
oyMq7Sing Boys SingAdult (f)3,6137727
o05EPDie A Thousand TimesAdult (m)5,7387144
JrYynSting Of A KissAdult (f)4,0146541
eT6pqChime At MidnightAdult (m)3,9826303
pueo0Good Time GirlAdult (f)2,7433905
tMoLfTerror By NightAdult (f)3,8537142
ISZ1ADoctor BewareAdult (m)4,4306412
1Yut1(1Yut1)Adult (f)3,9856873
2qc9B(2qc9B)Adult (f)3,9576562
4VQz4(4VQz4)Adult (f)3,8796582
9CWv3(9CWv3)Adult (m)3,9926763
tuAWv(tuAWv)Adult (m)3,7497271
0GK0E(0GK0E)Adult (m)4,1007633
l15FpHow To Steal The WorldAdult (m)10,0921,3332
Wvw3cNever Give A Sucker A BreakAdult (f)8,2019434
GDZGbPath Of WarAdult (m)4,6067504
hmEgOAngel In HandcuffsAdult (f)4,9898572
7XwahAn Hour For Your HeartAdult (f)4,1441,0101
lF2zTSeven Days To NoonAdult (f)4,0857221
8hwDdTrouble With AngelsAdult (f)4,4296442
a7ugKBury Me DeadAdult (f)4,0847064
OkGwx(OkGwx)Adult (f)2,9575181
QOaRtRacing BloodAdult (f)8,9691,2918
g7w1zThunder Over The PlainsAdult (f)8,9851,2345
WqpjbYou Can't Buy LuckAdult (m)8,6781,2724
5rgTvNaked Among WolvesAdult (f)9,9031,1053
vm0KRHasty HeartAdult (f)4,3557453
5SJDSLast BridgeAdult (m)4,9097291
LPCTH(LPCTH)Adult (m)5,1007211
cLWW0(cLWW0)Adult (f)3,2006751
L8JkkSign Of FourAdult (f)9,0291,2075
QM0ZaIt Should Happen To YouAdult (m)4,7907111
RSSqUWatch The TraitorAdult (m)5,1888113
1VzfTA Thunder Of DrumsAdult (m)9,4571,5706
gieJYGuilty HandsAdult (m)7,8461,2253
H6K79Wild CompanyAdult (m)5,0537965
3hqtlService DeluxeAdult (f)9,5481,1175
LYzLSShip From ShanghaiAdult (m)9,9011,2416
r49zHCatch My SmokeAdult (m)9,1811,0097
U3GhfIf I Were QueenAdult (f)11,3881,2675
CCslDLuxury LineAdult (m)5,6577043
yehSxWanderer In The WastelandAdult (f)3,3298780
fMP4S(fMP4S)Adult (m)3,6698122
qQ3PbPanic In The StreetsAdult (m)7,0161,3046
dxrJrReckless HourAdult (m)8,6371,4876
a8GXUDeath Of A ScoundrelAdult (f)7,7751,2753
LR7XyCash On DeliveryAdult (f)8,4681,2556
c7zOzVictory And PeaceAdult (m)9,3231,0683
O3o3kHundredth ChanceAdult (f)8,8261,0044
hqxBESociety ScandalAdult (m)11,3701,23710
jrT9fDangerous InnocenceAdult (f)11,9081,2717
LLX9BMy Gun Is QuickAdult (f)6,7638071
B0rwICinerama HolidayAdult (f)4,8788452
eLQQsDistant DrumsAdult (f)5,4939558
y5Gox(y5Gox)Adult (f)4,2038812
JHU5t(JHU5t)Adult (m)4,5449291
PlTdj(PlTdj)Adult (f)5,1666950
uq55jAlias A GentlemanAdult (m)7,9861,1774
hBM66Thrill Of A RomanceAdult (f)8,5051,2545
mHeQdYoung RajaAdult (m)11,3491,1967
VRljyLoaded DoorAdult (f)12,0101,2496
pdk3nSpiral RoadAdult (f)10,4891,2455
tWLFTThe Sea Shall Not Have MeAdult (m)7,4048451
9VIy2Amorous AdventuresAdult (f)5,7567374
K4yl3Two O'Clock CourageAdult (f)5,7067391
KNLNoYou Came AlongAdult (f)5,9647211
xO9Rd(xO9Rd)Adult (m)4,5908182
D3ywXGuest For A NightAdult (m)12,9891,1402
8Rsmu(8Rsmu)Adult (f)4,4546903
6rdGvFlowering WildernessAdult (m)3,4609312
5zRb9Wings Of MorningAdult (m)3,4299051
M3PNb(M3PNb)Adult (m)4,5507393
PoAq8(PoAq8)Adult (m)2,8306401
gWXZMDay With The DevilAdult (m)3,7947334
pnsHL(pnsHL)Adult (m)3,8587562
bQ7yc(bQ7yc)Adult (f)4,2107821
Wt9Oo(Wt9Oo)Adult (m)2,5087083
peudP(peudP)Adult (m)3,3126931
U4gsN(U4gsN)Adult (m)3,3397050
v2G4s(v2G4s)Adult (f)3,3427021
nnYePCharming FlowersAdult (f)3,2807383
DxqwRGuilty Of TreasonAdult (m)4,2721,08710
WUwreSeventh VictimAdult (f)3,8026912
MwI58Behind Green LightsAdult (m)3,6657052
EaxFUBeauty For The AskingAdult (m)8,1201,2885
5EfjqRun Still Run DeepAdult (f)9,1781,1606
qCvJaSoul TriumphantAdult (m)9,4291,0993
OBqLpSwing Out SisterAdult (f)9,1479342
kNRY8Mask In BlueAdult (m)8,6329194
n18QDOutlaw ParadiseAdult (f)11,1441,0793
OUAW2Still Of NightAdult (m)9,0279952
ekM0JUncertain FeelingAdult (f)8,1759451
GMpmNRose Of The MountainAdult (f)10,9951,1666
EI0IEFastest Gun AliveAdult (m)5,7677302
AjDsPKing's ThiefAdult (f)5,7787034
f2bizNorth Atlantic ActionAdult (f)3,5256432
OQmEB(OQmEB)Adult (f)2,8266681
M6cRi(M6cRi)Adult (m)2,4426151
4ngzF(4ngzF)Adult (m)2,4486900
1eila(1eila)Adult (f)2,9928120
kVONc(kVONc)Adult (f)2,8586731
3oiwo(3oiwo)Adult (m)3,5376982
kaBNn(kaBNn)Adult (f)3,3897312
L80fe(L80fe)Adult (f)2,5756381
kmtn2(kmtn2)Adult (m)2,9026872
B3wrP(B3wrP)Adult (f)3,2927451
3LAco(3LAco)Adult (m)4,2387181
Co2jA(Co2jA)Adult (f)2,6976503
ug1w5Kid NightingaleAdult (f)8,2231,1856
KG2KWHeart Of A SirenAdult (f)4,1653015
VX943Sudden MoneyAdult (m)11,5581,0930
aduBHBells Of St Mary'sAdult (f)4,0127085
QrnbvBetween Two WomenAdult (f)4,6997691
de6HT(de6HT)Adult (m)2,6246290
sEZQz(sEZQz)Adult (m)4,2777603
nRBl6A Twist Of SandAdult (m)8,9381,3442
coEzvMidnight GambleAdult (m)9,4781,4055
pEEz9Danger SignalAdult (f)9,6381,0485
CIdyeHoneymoon MachineAdult (m)12,6401,0381
PhKLiHarder They FallAdult (m)5,8037230
aqIkb(aqIkb)Adult (m)3,1888351
anhbQMaid Of The Silver SeaAdult (f)9,6451,4014
19VwhMademoiselle MidnightAdult (f)7,0311,0144
5ukqcBrass BottleAdult (f)10,0071,0817
u2baHFlower Drum SongAdult (m)10,7509064
k0BIEMake Mine MinkAdult (f)5,3908513
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