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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Bittybat,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
G41Fw(G41Fw)Adult (f)2,9346211
541PvPainted SkinAdult (m)3,1246073
egn2jGoodbye GeminiAdult (f)5,4721,1132
4Wx9l(4Wx9l)Adult (f)3,9298551
JFRSuArmored CompanionAdult (f)11,1111,0924
OBCFjOdds Against TomorrowAdult (m)5,4507873
p9unfShe Slept HereAdult (f)4,5577141
BuZYg(BuZYg)Adult (f)5,5287270
FD99jLiving On VelvetAdult (m)7,4631,2576
t0a9RArise My LoveAdult (f)4,9766552
vQLeM(vQLeM)Adult (m)3,7936642
kHCKD(kHCKD)Adult (f)4,1477623
ZsfAtBorn To The WestAdult (f)8,7601,1164
PJYYCMillion Dollar MysteryAdult (m)9,6031,0202
MUkZMEscape In The DesertAdult (f)10,3021,0633
y5dwHNow Hear ThisAdult (f)6,7147342
u8zHB(u8zHB)Adult (f)4,0766822
mnD0i(mnD0i)Adult (f)3,4657462
rO9AKStar For A NightAdult (m)8,2391,3256
13LzeBroadway SerenadeAdult (m)8,2721,0662
quqx2Midway DanceAdult (f)8,1221,0501
OIArfI Wanted WingsAdult (f)9,1921,0863
Q86ptBring On The GirlsAdult (f)2,9977391
3EgfRClub HavanaAdult (m)2,9597371
jztX2Don't Fence Me InAdult (f)4,5596562
sQyJ5(sQyJ5)Adult (m)2,4666882
HKUh2Blondes Don't CryAdult (m)5,6509822
bRScFWreath For A RedheadAdult (m)5,6949242
2sfPTThe Golden AmazonAdult (m)5,4791,0312
FyNMmBeloved SparrowAdult (m)4,3789381
uTnhmSnare A Wild HeartAdult (m)5,3068601
ugVzaWhite Rose Of LoveAdult (m)3,8957271
SlDiN(SlDiN)Adult (m)3,1646651
qOOmg(qOOmg)Adult (m)4,4267061
9Hhop(9Hhop)Adult (m)4,1217660
l9yVn(l9yVn)Adult (m)3,5647330
cA4je(cA4je)Adult (m)3,9586545
NKPtA(NKPtA)Adult (m)2,8316641
dq9Rf(dq9Rf)Adult (m)2,9376531
10XqCWalking HillsAdult (m)6,0038491
oWStJFour Faces WestAdult (f)5,6188142
MnU22Gentlemens' AgreementAdult (m)4,9337422
0JsbwTragic HuntAdult (f)5,0787441
yJJTfThey Won't Believe MeAdult (m)5,3107382
3PZiBEndearing CharmsAdult (m)3,7437342
1wfDN(1wfDN)Adult (m)2,6077432
mz3VC(mz3VC)Adult (m)3,6486592
pzTq8Lady In ErmineAdult (f)9,4521,36310
CVF3jTide Of EmpireAdult (f)7,2421,1784
Eylq9The Thief Of VeniceAdult (m)7,8031,2032
Kqd0QWickedness PreferredAdult (f)7,8471,2133
vlLNxVenetian AffairAdult (f)8,9431,2014
Ig40MIdol Of The CrowdsAdult (m)8,4481,1912
Q6PH2Beau IdealAdult (m)7,5351,2452
JVPOjBeyond VictoryAdult (f)8,0831,3243
SxmoVProfessional SweetheartAdult (m)8,0821,3753
ddaH0Roar Of The Iron HorseAdult (m)7,7488705
HMMlmVampire LoverAdult (m)7,8121,3264
Ko8GaSavage InnocentAdult (m)8,1151,3424
8LFoDA King In New YorkAdult (f)9,0871,2596
Dg1mYRun Of The ArrowAdult (f)9,4171,2382
XAFwpTwelve Miles OutAdult (m)9,7301,5491
WD2tpLady Of ScandalAdult (m)9,2481,3322
s209pFour Of SwordsAdult (f)9,1121,4544
YWMYcTwilight Of HonorAdult (m)10,1911,5891
Dtk26Killer CureAdult (m)10,5251,6742
Dx5e0Kid GalahadAdult (f)8,1721,1493
aWWyoConspiracy Of HeartsAdult (f)7,8991,3043
M20eMScarlet HourAdult (m)9,0481,3853
hCvNERed GarterAdult (m)8,1601,1003
TDGR2Amateur GentlemanAdult (m)9,4071,0294
1Lk97Long OddsAdult (m)9,4801,0183
TrkyELamp In The DesertAdult (f)8,8731,1432
zGCh7Bohemian GirlAdult (f)11,2241,3836
8U3xiDebt Of HonourAdult (m)8,3101,0239
Q8V18The Knight ErrantAdult (f)8,4011,0346
fsAV2Loves Of CasanovaAdult (m)10,6411,4552
l0JtQSpite MarriageAdult (f)11,2981,4474
fHX2XLaughing SinnerAdult (f)9,0451,2435
oNuJQLibeled LadyAdult (f)7,9331,2388
Z4a6KKing Of BurlesqueAdult (m)8,2411,2274
y8wFLThe Mad GameAdult (m)8,1171,2094
0bMrFThe Bride Wore RedAdult (f)7,9811,2096
KRtcELoser Take AllAdult (m)8,0491,2323
gPxkMDangerously YoursAdult (m)8,1561,2452
NTBUERough RomanceAdult (f)6,4431,0661
OFRTVBorn RecklessAdult (m)6,5471,0661
bqG0UWild West RomanceAdult (m)6,7411,0793
Xp8gxThief In The DarkAdult (f)6,8491,0573
gq07rNix On DamesAdult (m)6,7961,1011
0ZkODNot Quite DecentAdult (f)7,3569971
A2cqnTragic LoverAdult (m)9,5011,0372
lNIkgLure Of The GownAdult (m)9,7271,0531
dp8LlHonor Of ThievesAdult (m)9,1161,0553
cQtnMAll For A GirlAdult (m)10,8811,1553
TcxTELove And BulletsAdult (f)9,3449859
rb4EWLove PangsAdult (m)9,8091,0325
2dzdcRogue's RomanceAdult (f)7,4271,0292
mEhKNAshes From EmbersAdult (m)10,3311,0838
lpbx9Vain DesireAdult (m)9,8681,0636
iGyoFSalome Where She DancedAdult (f)10,2191,1044
ELswBCrack-Up KissAdult (m)10,9221,0561
wpS57Duel In The SunAdult (f)10,1661,0522
YrBdZNight In ParadiseAdult (f)10,0091,0331
BfcnaSunless StreetAdult (f)10,1501,0422
yDcYsScarlet RideAdult (m)8,6798882
oa83HEnemy Of The LawAdult (f)9,4311,0253
Tz0rAEndearing Young CharmsAdult (f)9,4679722
Htk5mWolf Of New YorkAdult (m)8,6481,0223
Td32lAccent On LoveAdult (f)9,6861,0472
kSleGAppointment For LoveAdult (f)9,0791,0321
hGrgwBlood WeddingAdult (m)8,9201,0492
yp7YlBorrowed HeroAdult (m)8,8121,0282
AQdflDesign For ScandalAdult (m)9,0001,0212
oePNFThe Devil Pays OffAdult (f)9,0211,0232
0CKD1Glamour BoyAdult (m)8,3581,1403
HZTNlFor Beauty's SakeAdult (f)8,2901,0940
JxEW0Gambling DaughterAdult (f)8,1731,0762
JG04yMusical RomanceAdult (m)8,6999614
w7eHdLonely Are The BraveAdult (m)9,9621,1485
NoBDKThe Magnificent ConcubineAdult (f)10,2121,1553
BaSs9(BaSs9)Adult (m)8,0991,2592
ABLk5Five Miles To MidnightAdult (f)8,1911,2881
gCVBLFollow That DreamAdult (f)7,9151,2332
86E5zHalf TicketAdult (f)8,2361,2674
Sy4vwHell Is For HeroesAdult (f)8,0021,2633
KQTsyPocket Of MiraclesAdult (m)10,0119633
6f5u2Portrait Of A MobsterAdult (m)10,2771,0224
DbEAuSail A Crooked ShipAdult (m)10,1451,0591
ANVRpFlooded OutAdult (f)9,7959892
ybq8qFive Golden HoursAdult (f)10,9489141
ePSmICarry On RegardlessAdult (m)10,4081,1072
uv8ISOn The Tiger's BackAdult (f)8,2878822
VTS8pThe Day The Earth Caught FireAdult (f)10,7921,0702
xLo5rCome SeptemberAdult (m)10,5681,0742
xzy76Saturday Night Sunday MorningAdult (f)7,3749621
bBRIwSong Without EndAdult (f)3,6857411
jAojJA Woman Ascends The StairsAdult (f)4,1337651
tlv6IAltogether CrazyAdult (f)6,2318077
v9KoRDevil's DiscipleAdult (m)5,9097895
6s7vIMurder By ContractAdult (f)5,7867801
iOqNPPillars Of The SkyAdult (m)5,4567221
4l460Hold Back The NightAdult (m)5,9828152
JHdn0Smile Of A Summer NightAdult (m)6,2457691
spYuaSo This Is ParisAdult (m)6,1368262
JTMOyThree For The ShowAdult (f)5,8607814
Q1437Too Bad She's BadAdult (f)4,8947725
wmpEQWeak And WickedAdult (m)4,8357733
SOq5cBeauty's VeilAdult (m)4,3567961
gNLmhBring Em Back AliveAdult (m)4,1707750
Qqcm9One Gun For HireAdult (f)4,6376902
nJTuDThrow Of The DiceAdult (m)9,3071,2983
XPf8sTo What Red HellAdult (f)9,1001,2642
e4I9GFlame And ArrowAdult (f)4,6248083
i0LzZ(i0LzZ)Adult (m)4,0796533
C821lFine MadnessAdult (m)4,2397050
ENopFLost CommandAdult (f)4,4986731
vRHhNSomething In The WildAdult (f)4,7777001
EhUqYSong Of Old WyomingAdult (m)2,5654533
QucCf(QucCf)Adult (f)3,6295901
JM3UC(JM3UC)Adult (f)3,0227183
GEeCH(GEeCH)Adult (f)2,9046622
Z0jG6(Z0jG6)Adult (f)3,8615961
LPcEU(LPcEU)Adult (m)3,1287552
v5uFv(v5uFv)Adult (f)3,0366641
1u1loHigher LawAdult (f)11,0651,1784
U531uFlames And FortuneAdult (m)10,7291,2306
jLx4FRiding HighAdult (f)7,8071,1212
Dely5Journey Into LightAdult (m)4,1118033
e86Z3Portrait Of LoveAdult (f)5,7769883
zVGETUnwary HeartAdult (f)6,2019732
U0fnXMadame SerpentAdult (f)5,1601,0011
HhpxFBe More Than DreamsAdult (f)4,7109311
xUpwgValley Of DesireAdult (f)5,7649293
TdrRpNightingale In The SycamoreAdult (f)3,8607200
0F8RU(0F8RU)Adult (f)3,1346922
Il2Vm(Il2Vm)Adult (f)3,0606593
EvO0G(EvO0G)Adult (f)4,3527531
UX62B(UX62B)Adult (f)2,1986451
QoV6Z(QoV6Z)Adult (f)3,5667081
IyA1w(IyA1w)Adult (f)3,8736380
VzsLy(VzsLy)Adult (f)3,8016311
Zh0Hl(Zh0Hl)Adult (f)2,7676541
5BvOV(5BvOV)Adult (f)2,8276261
0ukMPTell It To The JudgeAdult (m)4,5028022
3n9dIFame And The DevilAdult (f)4,0317834
7twamThe Flame And FleshAdult (f)5,0007626
Hnsj3(Hnsj3)Adult (f)5,3207100
Nzw1jCrows And SparrowsAdult (f)3,7565983
1FxpcEscape In The FogAdult (m)4,5456591
KysZyBaby Take A BowAdult (f)6,6321,2033
nKm5RSin SisterAdult (f)7,4911,0692
19qZNTarget For TonightAdult (f)7,9499184
6UrWlCrash DriveAdult (f)2,1985893
08ErwVictor and VanquishedAdult (f)4,1148272
rKPDMMoney From HomeAdult (m)4,4896471
6T4gyImpatient YearsAdult (f)3,6706732
yUSBg(yUSBg)Adult (f)3,1837170
dW2OY(dW2OY)Adult (f)3,1986962
KgAf9(KgAf9)Adult (f)3,3357702
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