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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Bittybat,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
PfCtRGirl With A TemperAdult (f)11,9911,1835
BA46nBlazing FrontierAdult (m)2,4155056
0maoLStorm CountryAdult (m)8,3791,2583
JfRiwBridge Of GlassAdult (f)12,5481,0535
BhzOzA Night Of LoveAdult (m)3,9448172
NZx6uLay Her Among The LiliesAdult (m)5,7839823
z9I0yStrange LoyaltiesAdult (m)6,0809804
8zB98Love Without WingsAdult (m)5,4219872
v9m6SSubstitute For LoveAdult (m)5,6909002
lUD2WGarland Of MarigoldsAdult (m)6,0559181
BbsIE(BbsIE)Adult (m)3,0896735
BryMQ(BryMQ)Adult (m)4,1367411
T299L(T299L)Adult (m)2,3247062
WLLeZ(WLLeZ)Adult (m)3,3886361
xWb19(xWb19)Adult (m)3,9156381
EmCjSHalf AngelAdult (f)8,6141,1441
PndEBSlender ThreadAdult (m)7,5301,4015
XChjWTwelve Minutes After MidnightAdult (m)11,8591,0635
941R8Sensation HunterAdult (f)3,6657161
ntACm(ntACm)Adult (f)3,6475853
oxnstA Deadly AffairAdult (m)4,3836851
23u4SFace Of AnotherAdult (f)4,2336770
BJ15i(BJ15i)Adult (f)5,1757464
bBlJt(bBlJt)Adult (m)5,1107100
RpAQm(RpAQm)Adult (f)4,3876671
Y8shGTread On The Tiger's TailAdult (m)3,3607552
NcV0JDark CommandAdult (m)4,4027333
Vt1QI(Vt1QI)Adult (f)2,6677631
Y5H9G(Y5H9G)Adult (m)2,9176333
S9KEi(S9KEi)Adult (f)2,6846540
2UF2l(2UF2l)Adult (f)2,7126410
ifGcI(ifGcI)Adult (m)2,6146362
iMMka(iMMka)Adult (f)2,5895962
QPy9R(QPy9R)Adult (m)3,5356411
XrbkY(XrbkY)Adult (f)3,1287003
Dr6R4(Dr6R4)Adult (f)2,9887146
HINaB(HINaB)Adult (m)3,0796842
21Oqf(21Oqf)Adult (f)3,5027020
NxQ8OTake One False StepAdult (f)8,4881,2942
JzpLoTwo Flags WestAdult (m)5,2436871
UUJPDA Love In Each PortAdult (m)9,4031,3005
ZeXSmMany-Splendored ThingAdult (f)6,2917526
VCCUNOne Heavenly NightAdult (f)8,2011,2914
IfKsFExile ExpressAdult (m)11,8751,1354
iS3elLove Is A ScandalAdult (m)4,7988602
vszM2Twice-Told TaleAdult (f)8,6191,1262
qTaOWFar CountryAdult (f)5,8788144
GcuivYou're Missing The PointAdult (f)5,0948022
wAcneMidnight ExpressAdult (f)6,3841,1627
mvb5rGentleman Of FortuneAdult (m)8,2021,2087
PHMNyHouse Of The ArrowAdult (f)10,9621,0283
P2e8yCode Of The OutlawAdult (m)8,3989882
PxpYtCure For LoveAdult (m)7,7441,2432
Rk30mCry Of The HuntedAdult (f)11,1961,1241
gMDBCWild NorthAdult (f)5,6437463
fqlYqYou Beautiful DollAdult (m)3,6148101
IBpOB(IBpOB)Adult (m)2,9187242
QX8dQ(QX8dQ)Adult (m)2,8726702
P1d9qWicked WickedAdult (f)8,7281,2187
BWiTRThe Bad Sleep WellAdult (m)8,0931,2724
Vtd9PHell In The HeavensAdult (f)7,5711,3574
kG4jCFatal WitnessAdult (m)10,8791,1165
rkwMuSagebrush HeroAdult (m)9,0621,0136
ssT8uCall A MessengerAdult (m)12,3291,5605
7gyjYChasing TroubleAdult (m)10,9581,0203
X1nM0Moon Over ShoulderAdult (m)8,7389554
hvLo3Avenging RiderAdult (f)7,1841,2259
j7dfQOne Dangerous NightAdult (m)8,2531,1274
s5IHtTwilight For The GodsAdult (f)4,6397474
kg36zWildcat WarAdult (f)4,5376761
lvba6Altar Of DesireAdult (f)8,9441,2153
ji8Q1Crime DoctorAdult (m)9,5871,0263
d7O7rHow To Be LovedAdult (m)9,6841,1945
BlSi8Four SecretsAdult (f)3,9357494
B1qM5Hit The IceAdult (m)3,5966792
EDXGTSins Of RomeAdult (f)7,9611,2886
FuFMmNight Of The Quarter MoonAdult (f)8,8401,2334
O2vZXDon't Bother To KnockAdult (m)8,7271,1943
wsVA7Port Of CallAdult (m)9,1861,1756
inEPbLucky To MeAdult (m)11,8451,0852
5b1TgHour Before DuskAdult (f)3,6246511
7jpnpManhattan MoonAdult (f)7,3241,2586
E8h7CDiamond RowAdult (f)9,3921,1605
51rB2Lights Of Old BroadwayAdult (f)9,0471,2222
bsiWpYoung MillionaireAdult (f)7,4587837
kSpA3Caught In A CabaretAdult (m)10,8271,1292
KPqtQHearts AdriftAdult (m)10,9801,1334
NoyCZNever LovelierAdult (f)8,4821,0250
xX6mTHeadline HunterAdult (f)9,5629641
qPPMpSeventh VeilAdult (f)9,1241,0035
Otr6eCity SingerAdult (f)8,7529975
pRnjQBy A Silken ThreadAdult (m)11,4171,54011
0Ujy5Air DevilAdult (f)11,7431,5657
fnQsBAlmost A GentlemanAdult (m)11,8331,5246
fngHsBar Twenty JusticeAdult (m)11,5041,5134
nNWAiCovered TracksAdult (m)11,0301,5065
1WvWcDark Eyes Of LondonAdult (m)11,8171,12410
znuyDStorm Over The NileAdult (f)5,9917933
p2gngCry DangerAdult (m)4,3978693
vc5rmAnd One Was BeautifulAdult (f)4,0186814
SROhBHour Of GloryAdult (f)3,8966331
WntWxThieves' HighwayAdult (f)2,7529233
v43rnHouse Of The FoxAdult (f)8,1299544
nWaPiNo Nice GirlAdult (f)5,3369352
iXLDzOperation LoveAdult (f)6,5159613
H0M6xSeptember In ParisAdult (f)4,6619411
40pIxFeel Of SilkAdult (f)4,2297232
UjwYWThis Wish I HaveAdult (f)4,7117670
M2rYU(M2rYU)Adult (f)3,1076783
qaK7T(qaK7T)Adult (f)2,5445655
VWvYK(VWvYK)Adult (f)4,2017511
ioZsX(ioZsX)Adult (f)3,6727543
5Hlzu(5Hlzu)Adult (f)2,9526571
yOLXs(yOLXs)Adult (f)3,0276581
5h2GADrop Dead DarlingAdult (f)8,5121,3515
6v8VXBeau BroadwayAdult (m)8,8691,1834
AnfaQThe Red DanceAdult (m)7,2058715
MFacfTelltale KnifeAdult (f)10,8081,10913
gp6DUSilk And SatinAdult (m)10,1791,0624
jyUszStrange SuperstitionAdult (m)10,3841,1165
NtswXThe Woman In QuestionAdult (f)10,7861,1089
88SP3Who's GuiltyAdult (m)9,8799402
eqCW3Devil's DiamondsAdult (f)13,2961,31312
IHfxSMissing MillionAdult (m)12,0021,0409
ufSTTAppointment With VenusAdult (f)6,3018035
e9LKbBeware My LovelyAdult (f)5,4977094
4JIRVAnother Man's PoisonAdult (m)3,8127553
68JGkCome Fill The CupAdult (m)3,9907803
aZcraAsk My HeartAdult (m)5,0438732
UYG6gYour Foolish HeartAdult (m)3,8618465
3B0OaBetween Eleven And MidnightAdult (f)5,5798445
jraXuAngels In DisguiseAdult (f)2,0376543
iVqSkOnce More My DarlingAdult (f)2,9747522
Qp9VwStrange BargainsAdult (m)2,9616802
BJ9RN(BJ9RN)Adult (m)3,9428124
vtbmRThe Crimson CanaryAdult (f)3,8045862
57Z1i(57Z1i)Adult (f)2,9907083
5Ujkz(5Ujkz)Adult (m)2,9717061
DvSBe(DvSBe)Adult (m)3,0417032
EJseP(EJseP)Adult (f)3,0137072
Hnpfh(Hnpfh)Adult (f)3,6307832
FOl88(FOl88)Adult (m)2,7536621
BqSD3(BqSD3)Adult (f)3,5257111
Hwsbb(Hwsbb)Adult (m)4,0476463
7zJAoReckless MomentAdult (f)2,5326611
e8C4bChicago DeadlineAdult (m)2,4867290
ufFxjRun For Your MoneyAdult (f)3,3926751
omsf7Navy SecretAdult (f)11,8661,0893
iZxu0Moon PilotAdult (m)8,8191,2033
U0iZGSilence And The SeaAdult (m)4,0066673
bSdvcMy Dear SecretaryAdult (m)7,6461,0477
veXaBSalomy JaneAdult (f)7,4748024
M0quLMaiden Of The Seven MoonsAdult (f)9,6621,0853
TnpVOCome Out FightingAdult (f)8,2998786
MgZP3One Night's HistoryAdult (f)8,7601,0471
VhVgeAnything For A SongAdult (m)6,8681,2175
za5qpBest Of EverythingAdult (f)4,2097512
jV051Enemy BelowAdult (f)8,1131,2042
SD3ZKI'll Cry TomorrowAdult (f)5,9217436
8AAY5The Spider And The FlyAdult (f)4,0157813
q93IK(q93IK)Adult (f)4,2577042
hkBnkUncertain GloryAdult (m)3,3847342
3BWssFrom Hell It CameAdult (f)6,9631,2603
CZVcQBlind BargainAdult (m)8,0101,50111
WuV5hCat And CanaryAdult (f)8,9561,3346
bpSmdHypnotic EyeAdult (f)6,1431,3312
IEeHADeath CurseAdult (f)5,0439923
QnozZKill In EcstasyAdult (f)6,1041,2512
xuAQvSister HydeAdult (f)7,0741,1323
xpF2i(xpF2i)Adult (f)2,5028691
Fwm6l(Fwm6l)Adult (m)2,5348682
6DKK3(6DKK3)Adult (f)2,1726741
zDnRv(zDnRv)Adult (m)4,5721,0832
19y5I(19y5I)Adult (f)2,8687472
Js14S(Js14S)Adult (m)3,5216680
B5SdB(B5SdB)Adult (f)2,8545831
0K1RX(0K1RX)Adult (f)2,8547171
5gJcp(5gJcp)Adult (f)2,6896962
i41L0Summer And SmokeAdult (f)9,3631,4633
yKDEKA Violent LifeAdult (m)9,4981,0782
JCAVBRough Tough And ReadyAdult (m)3,8796242
BQl3U(BQl3U)Adult (m)2,9657044
4VCpT(4VCpT)Adult (f)3,6787061
3Prkf(3Prkf)Adult (m)3,6307431
UwH5vWicked CityAdult (f)8,3121,1915
Of98tThe Unchanging SeaAdult (f)9,4541,0354
lJ8YCExplosive GenerationAdult (m)11,0119464
JzKl1The Big GambleAdult (m)10,2451,1302
ljSNyThe Man Who Never WasAdult (f)5,6547271
dYdMM(dYdMM)Adult (m)2,8996143
MyWhx(MyWhx)Adult (m)3,4785551
O9YkU(O9YkU)Adult (m)2,7966441
NgOyx(NgOyx)Adult (f)3,8296003
G6g6eSealed LipsAdult (f)9,4191,0304
4HOBTBlack LimelightAdult (f)8,7351,1934
Mh3taAt Sword's EdgeAdult (f)10,2231,1145
FH4W0Ballad Of A SoldierAdult (m)5,9027744
jCTIqPaint The Clouds With SunshineAdult (m)4,0717842
JiEh9(JiEh9)Adult (f)3,3506961
AXWDN(AXWDN)Adult (m)3,2126903
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