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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Bittybat,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WPfIE(WPfIE)Adult (m)3,0116273
MaYtY(MaYtY)Adult (m)3,1714945
fFAD6(fFAD6)Adult (f)3,3215432
AfUQP(AfUQP)Adult (f)2,8586741
V99hZLend A PawAdult (f)9,1451,0531
TeECfNever Trick A TricksterAdult (m)3,5798764
Mf734All The Gold In RomeAdult (m)5,1879824
Y20XF(Y20XF)Adult (m)2,7875334
DGT3E(DGT3E)Adult (f)4,7906673
N4GYdJade MaskAdult (m)11,8531,1115
sYx6SThe Wind Is My LoverAdult (m)8,1561,1483
Zw6K4All Mine To RememberAdult (m)4,4147726
onp4cDangerous AssignmentAdult (m)3,6057391
PjGhCWhiskey GaloreAdult (m)5,0496602
OlFWC(OlFWC)Adult (m)4,1776883
Zq856(Zq856)Adult (f)3,7836761
AwpYp(AwpYp)Adult (m)3,9706653
HmrLw(HmrLw)Adult (f)4,1146764
QIQm8Nearly A KingAdult (m)8,4111,1333
1xXrzThe Unholy NightAdult (m)9,4631,3402
RqffaDaughter Of EveAdult (f)7,6391,1843
bfwjgLure Of LondonAdult (m)8,8189791
5AipJOn Your OrdersAdult (m)8,8671,2714
EbuQ8Venus On TrialAdult (m)8,5529354
yP2akNobody's DarlingAdult (f)8,1701,0783
OG93EBullet For A HeartAdult (m)9,4721,1393
VJmADWitch's CradleAdult (f)9,7881,1302
FDFO0Seven Brides Seven BrothersAdult (m)6,0217894
heAbfA Killer WalksAdult (m)4,0028332
RiJM9Sleeping CityAdult (m)3,8417203
ez68rGates Of The NightAdult (f)3,5437321
nFCelStreet Of ChanceAdult (m)3,4137592
72pXkCrooked SkyAdult (m)8,8331,2032
QMpJxThe Demi-BrideAdult (f)9,8371,3451
WYI5OWeekends OnlyAdult (f)6,3421,1793
SJlemView From The BridgeAdult (f)9,8081,1495
W0jqzGunman's WalkAdult (f)5,4357634
LVW6YArizona BanditAdult (f)3,9617862
B4K51Show Them No MercyAdult (m)8,9481,1691
HnguZMister Rock And RollAdult (m)7,7641,23012
v8klMVoice Of The CityAdult (f)11,1491,4135
lkMtvTarget InvisibleAdult (f)9,3469322
DVsMORoom For TwoAdult (f)12,5701,0015
pwKmXPassage HomeAdult (m)4,6026974
hdOFwMy Heart Has WingsAdult (m)5,8889934
aszSmI'll Never MarryAdult (m)6,0429705
zsrkNMy Heart Is In The HighlandsAdult (m)4,6889343
2059BHideaway HeartAdult (m)3,8027002
yc3Ip(yc3Ip)Adult (m)3,7427423
cNhDSRoad ShowAdult (m)8,0069045
qKPnSAdorable CreatureAdult (m)5,1088503
FiP5cEmperor Of CapriAdult (m)3,9446321
agf1uCircular PanoramaAdult (m)6,9511,0085
wd4csMortal LoveAdult (m)8,9861,1153
WVzIvLaughter In ParadiseAdult (m)3,9257801
k9HraMan In The DarkAdult (m)4,9517973
pK0D3(pK0D3)Adult (m)4,0256232
boy0Y(boy0Y)Adult (f)3,8487314
oHytEIdol DancerAdult (m)10,9251,0885
6npEzCloud And MoonAdult (m)8,6698662
iKviEAtom StrikeAdult (m)8,8929684
2aLkVMagnificent FraudAdult (f)10,4741,0764
pi1LKEvening Of LoveAdult (f)7,1031,2175
AMB3w(AMB3w)Adult (f)4,2896922
mNkV4Seven Cities Of GoldAdult (m)8,0941,3732
ERHquThree Cornered MoonAdult (m)9,8981,5328
YGoRyThe Lords Of High DecisionAdult (f)7,7581,4055
kgrN0Nine Lives Are Not EnoughAdult (m)8,3201,1023
cflrqBack From EternityAdult (m)7,3511,2233
kJrbuThe Lovers of MontparnasseAdult (m)7,7981,3434
p0ki9Days Of HeavenAdult (f)7,9171,1482
iEILgLaw Of The LawlessAdult (f)8,6761,1114
UKOTbSix Cylinder LoveAdult (f)7,0721,0213
3KfsLEnemy To The KingAdult (m)7,3021,0266
bdCqiConquest Of DiamondsAdult (m)8,7659828
lfEmRNone But The LonelyAdult (m)8,8509064
q8ruLRequiem For A HeavyweightAdult (m)10,2551,1385
Va9mvDevil Makes ThreeAdult (f)9,3221,2284
iU5bBA Terrible BeautyAdult (m)3,7757422
muAPMThe Bad And The BeautifulAdult (f)5,5746875
YioFBBeauty And The DevilAdult (f)3,6078692
eV2MU(eV2MU)Adult (f)2,8546491
QTT3O(QTT3O)Adult (m)2,9207511
ncHyX(ncHyX)Adult (m)2,5916811
Qr33t(Qr33t)Adult (m)4,0088731
4mnCu(4mnCu)Adult (f)3,7557692
MXgUF(MXgUF)Adult (m)3,4567221
XDPUyConstant NymphAdult (m)8,0601,25210
ZgkXoBridge To The SunAdult (m)10,9181,1963
U9J9ATrouble Along The WayAdult (f)4,6818801
MwwkmBaby The Rain Must FallAdult (f)5,2756870
7ShcJCrystal ReaderAdult (f)6,4987994
xSkq1Wishing RingAdult (m)10,9521,1883
azosBTin CatAdult (m)10,0841,0224
lVS4TSave One For MeAdult (m)5,8118062
L2vpmDesert DesperadoAdult (f)8,5031,3315
D4MofChampagne For CaesarAdult (m)9,1011,1784
1B4EwSolitaire ManAdult (m)10,8191,4274
mj772Blonde FeverAdult (f)10,0561,1574
vOqyu(vOqyu)Adult (m)4,2476352
9nBkUBlack SpursAdult (f)8374697
YitTvSpirit UnwillingAdult (m)6,5281,3583
1mJvODevil's WidowAdult (f)6,4601,3571
mdiayAny Body Any WayAdult (m)6,3211,3271
x7p4xKing Of The WitchesAdult (m)6,4921,3271
lW0zpCurse Of The Crimson AltarAdult (m)6,3801,3330
n1Q0kBeast Of The Yellow NightAdult (f)6,1441,2670
6xLxwRevenge Of Doctor XAdult (m)6,3291,3081
OJrHp(OJrHp)Adult (f)2,8975894
hJYF0House Of RainAdult9,0241,1204
XTVbb(XTVbb)Adult (f)3,1116731
3Cvn5(3Cvn5)Adult (m)3,9248882
zVQA5(zVQA5)Adult (f)3,3066912
x3jGT(x3jGT)Adult (m)3,0076861
DL9EK(DL9EK)Adult (f)2,6967454
jpOBr(jpOBr)Adult (f)4,1566852
HML8K(HML8K)Adult (f)2,8306670
mwwhA(mwwhA)Adult (f)3,5157192
GocFX(GocFX)Adult (f)2,8526852
BZVIf(BZVIf)Adult (f)2,9856950
feJAM(feJAM)Adult (m)2,9906831
k0VULViva MariaAdult (f)8,1281,2926
h8x0gSilk StockingAdult (m)8,7181,2065
5D7prFell A StarAdult (m)8,8608283
21ULnSeven SweetheartsAdult (m)7,0901,3622
8EhqWFootlight FeverAdult (f)8,3811,0803
FciNgWalk Softly StrangerAdult (f)7,3931,2235
9n0GMFifth Ave GirlAdult (f)8,1421,3015
xTP3WUnfaithfully YoursAdult (m)8,7131,2783
Lb3IySailor BewareAdult (f)9,0791,3016
ssiwGDiamond HandcuffsAdult (m)8,6931,3851
dM0LzTaxi DancerAdult (f)9,1401,4791
sb6FVBy Love PossessedAdult (m)7,7791,3454
ZjSUgCry ToughAdult (m)9,1561,1692
In111Stranger's KissAdult (m)8,3011,3902
rpynDGoing HollywoodAdult (f)8,1961,2482
gYccMGold HeelsAdult (m)7,7511,3453
e3BoYScarlett StreetAdult (m)9,1571,0155
mo7VuCode Of The StreetsAdult (f)12,2341,5318
dmFrLI Stole A MillionAdult (m)11,8581,0793
GDckfSagebrush And SilverAdult (m)8,2398694
XHpgMSchoolgirl's DiaryAdult (m)8,2499041
v7T2dSeventh SurvivorAdult (m)8,1499262
AFDqKEvening Of HappinessAdult (f)9,9041,1055
SGsoVDead Woman's KissAdult (f)8,6161,1832
2Oqs0Ride The High CountryAdult (m)8,3491,1514
TSF4GMajority Of OneAdult (m)9,3199673
Lr7WdGirl With A SuitcaseAdult (f)12,0131,0404
bAFNIStrangers When We MeetAdult (m)3,6786872
M9ylYThe MillionaressAdult (f)5,8398574
FyIWHOrders To KillAdult (m)6,2227965
PaoYKMeet Me At The FairAdult (f)5,0196832
P6riCMister ImperiumAdult (m)4,6529052
r577uThree Little WordsAdult (f)4,5267793
EjFiS(EjFiS)Adult (m)4,1456652
gnW67Romance In Minor KeyAdult (m)3,8316961
BmkLTTake A Number DarlingAdult (f)4,2426531
f3qnoMain Street After MidnightAdult (f)2,9197021
7d3pxA Night With YouAdult (f)3,0056880
FWW6MSong For Miss JulieAdult (m)3,0056731
L9SWgEve Knew Her ApplesAdult (m)3,0446660
YrlZcOutlaw Of The RockiesAdult (m)2,8746430
txRnz(txRnz)Adult (m)4,3996831
S5Vbe(S5Vbe)Adult (m)2,8446861
T3ms5(T3ms5)Adult (m)2,9379503
49CEO(49CEO)Adult (m)2,8286561
WgCng(WgCng)Adult (f)2,6516640
1HBht(1HBht)Adult (f)2,6256410
cASXZ(cASXZ)Adult (m)2,6786350
1hqZh(1hqZh)Adult (m)2,6256520
uk1z9(uk1z9)Adult (f)3,7905971
ehQzU(ehQzU)Adult (m)2,5987002
R3Cj5Arizona GunfighterAdult (m)8,9321,1406
ieGUVSword Of The ConquerorAdult (m)8,8871,1444
5JH5TDanger DiabolikAdult (m)8,7141,1574
6HtshChance Of A NightAdult (f)9,0831,3794
ahBg8If The Emperor Knew ThisAdult (f)8,3331,3562
nlpaIAt The AltarAdult (m)6,3046637
5uyk0Paper BulletsAdult (f)9,2279678
vrVGaWest Of CimarronAdult (m)7,9811,0103
q4eQxSunday HeroAdult (f)9,3741,2445
sWYePA Drop Of DewAdult (f)4,5198705
D0ZhuIdentity UnknownAdult (m)5,2207011
fFOSNHollow TriumphAdult (m)10,3121,1414
ZeiX0It's Only MoneyAdult (f)11,3721,1454
clxKuLone Wolf Meets A LadyAdult (m)6,9887882
qlFNmSol MadridAdult (f)9,1421,3007
fJKTzNobody's Sweetheart NowAdult (m)13,2911,2444
roTLwA Saint Meets A TigerAdult (m)10,4471,1845
7FZWrDon't Take It To HeartAdult (f)5,4198074
hVULmBrass LegendAdult (f)10,9851,64717
JewEhStation AlarmAdult (m)10,5911,31410
Hc9RY(Hc9RY)Adult (m)5,9648353
pmqKbRemedy For RichesAdult (m)8,9971,3208
4Fy8q(4Fy8q)Adult (m)3,2137023
4Nxuj(4Nxuj)Adult (f)3,0796971
G41Fw(G41Fw)Adult (f)2,9346211
541PvPainted SkinAdult (m)3,1246073
egn2jGoodbye GeminiAdult (f)5,4721,1132
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