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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Andromen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9DGwwTere TulemastAdult (f)2,42739525
k1CUwsprinters sprint the sproutAdult (m)3,2928021
xqNpRBlinded Welcome LumiclawAdult (f)3,2277253
SJ3CxCherry Pumpkins PyralclawAdult (f)3,8546291
tsDvzMadness Hunt SandclawAdult (m)3,3587511
iqYisDeserted Prey SandclawAdult (f)3,3037323
wZgOc(wZgOc)Adult (m)3,2777961
EO2wJ(EO2wJ)Adult (f)3,4137761
YuB4U(YuB4U)Adult (m)3,3567731
ljJG0(ljJG0)Adult (f)3,4827861
Vtpnc(Vtpnc)Adult (m)3,8756163
Ln0xe(Ln0xe)Adult (f)3,2067350
X6MNC(X6MNC)Adult (f)3,2177521
X7F5oHidden Away FloretclawAdult (m)3,1747491
GNx5l(GNx5l)Adult (f)3,1497310
91v7Z(91v7Z)Adult (m)3,2627400
n3HYg(n3HYg)Adult (m)9,5191,2913
LKqD7A Someone's Eggs AHatchling (f, F)4,3228043
7ce7MBlack Plasma StudiosAdult (f)3,2468252
f9YqMIsiiqAdult (f)6,5991,04113
mnaWnSilenced Alt NightclawAdult (m)7,4071,2946
E1oRDWelcome Needs NightclawAdult (f)3,0954332
bU5qHLeetle Pub BusEgg (F)
CYSZ6Thor forbid chickening outAdult (f)2,3205986
tm5hjFlaming Ember Stars StarclawAdult (f)9,4039327
bHMhCHighlighter Sky StarclawAdult (f)7,6151,2246
mWiERPatterned Arrow StarclawAdult (f)10,2341,3786
INVmMBloodied StarclawAdult (f)10,4421,5188
MF9wYBloodwing StarclawAdult (f)5,5429743
NfSndQuestioned Revolution StarclawAdult (f)4,2787684
wTyskRoaming in the Dark Sky StarclawAdult (f)4,1559342
fZr3HChild of a Flamed Sky StarclawAdult (f)3,2497632
9mPdUSome Blooded StarclawAdult (f)3,2367473
9NzZ4Strawberry Chocolate StarclawAdult (f)6,4061,1323
LJUR7Colorblind StarclawAdult (f)4,7839262
3vdIKCrimson StarclawAdult (f)5,2211,0079
9cA9tLate StarclawAdult (f)4,6597343
rEBeQJikkidy Daa StarclawAdult (f)4,5158763
Jb0X0Silverstar Sky StarclawAdult (f)4,7269282
RByMgMaroon Heart StarclawAdult (f)3,7809582
FL92jMarsfallen StarshineAdult (f)3,1868184
vOOLUVololo StarclawAdult (f)4,6171,0071
RM6BaIntergalactic Scale StarclawAdult (f)2,3706272
fqmWuChild of a Star Deity StarclawAdult (f)5,9687143
2VgGDLippy Tappy StarclawAdult (f)4,0629034
LguY6Not a Red Guy StarclawAdult (f)9,9998498
rNd9fNebay StarclawAdult (f)3,7139073
ybHmmThinkering Redstar StarclawAdult (f)3,9049664
Jg7Q1Blinded StarclawAdult (f)4,9107592
F4G3UAssumer StarclawAdult (f)4,9127622
IM5jaSpicefallen StarshineAdult (f)4,2298483
CETgSCountryish StarclawAdult (f)3,7747863
TgPoIUnsainted StarclawAdult (f)3,7478172
2TT82I'm a Starling Darling StarclawAdult (f)4,3998153
W9AAlNebulaotic StarclawAdult (f)4,4618512
JAqpzStarblown StarclawAdult (f)4,8287081
oZAJoZayo StarclawAdult (f)4,1546841
8jyOQShining Blazes StarclawAdult (f)4,3898084
i8jsLOverplagued StarclawAdult (f)4,2698834
Pty5TTosgia StarclawAdult (f)5,0988232
gITPhSight of the Aurora StarclawAdult (f)6,9671,1821
shQlORed Blood Colors StarclawAdult (f)6,5831,1144
cDBKaDark Matter StarclawAdult (f)5,7291,2567
YEGvxWinefallen StarshineAdult (f)8,6651,3252
CbkLsRaven's Bloodstar StarclawAdult (f)4,1477102
awsGdTulipfallen StarshineAdult (f)7,2481,2684
c2sJ2Coughed up StarclawAdult (f)5,6301,1812
SZUTUFlamefallen StarshineAdult (f)4,7229125
uGP92Golden and Red StarclawAdult (f)5,0961,1494
G7NyFFrom Over the Sea StarclawAdult (f)6,2451,2355
A2zJ9Raging Reja StarclawAdult (f)7,3719914
7Vzi9Stellar Bones StarclawAdult (f)6,4491,1505
Q3aUtKore StarclawAdult (f)3,6027713
j23dyGalaxy Sweetness StarclawAdult (f)3,6687691
T8QawUntaken is Taken StarclawAdult (f)4,2078101
h1ldmWhere did August go StarclawAdult (f)4,7849143
ZabYnZabby StarclawAdult (f)4,1798416
Bg6coUntaken StarclawAdult (f)6,9431,2236
b9pfnDia-Penk StarclawAdult (f)5,6391,0134
V7vGrWhere did October go StarclawAdult (f)4,0268223
5K7jkWhere did April go StarclawAdult (f)4,2699063
DSYfuPepperfallen StarshineAdult (f)9,3091,3834
dgvTzFragility StarclawAdult (f)4,4381,0064
3Rt7OShifter's Artemis StarclawAdult (f)4,0199062
MAnNyMAnNy StarclawAdult (f)5,2411,1124
nfmaWRieGrow StarclawAdult (f)5,1611,0604
UawN9Redheart StarclawAdult (f)3,7488102
gbOEPStjerne StarclawAdult (f)2,8269724
eB8u7Brilliance StarclawAdult (f)7,0391,3856
dnwGVEmperors of StarclawAdult (f)2,8827096
RWo7sVoiced Whispers StarclawAdult (f)5,4651,1774
o5iMDDeadly Thoughts StarclawAdult (f)6,2351,2614
mqF4UCloser Butter StarclawAdult (f)7,2261,1913
Rp4htRed Tinsel StarclawAdult (f)7,9231,4085
L65HiLiving Darkness StarclawAdult (f)6,7029933
sdl7nRed Silence StarclawAdult (f)8,9081,5174
dep2OGalactic Elements StarclawAdult (f)5,1458346
t4DJXOutright Pretty StarclawAdult (f)2,8817722
QLuotAltway 5th GalaxyAdult (f)3,6728692
WDUE8Single Shot StarclawAdult (f)3,5477483
krLU7Raven Nebula StarclawAdult (f)3,9537762
h38oyCat's Eye Shimmer StarclawAdult (f)4,1498562
ze7K8Our Time's Coming StarclawAdult (f)4,5551,0074
nsbWdFrozen Wave StarclawAdult (f)4,4189452
GH2P4Can I Keep It Up StarclawAdult (f)5,9081,0423
O2dV6Shiny and Red StarclawAdult (f)5,4409092
ojgHuFrostbite Moonlight StarclawAdult (f)9,9719317
VtcBCHoly Water StarclawAdult (f)6,5367731
rH7KxI Get What I Deserve StarclawAdult (f)9,0111,1816
b4AMKCelestial Skies StarclawAdult (f)3,1147783
Am7fNEvery Answer StarclawAdult (f)10,5451,62820
j1n8PAltway 2nd Threatened CyberwitchAdult (f)5,05076111
Huq4hRun Away StarclawAdult (f)3,9097491
iySi2The Wolf StarclawAdult (f)5,3926902
G7sPnSpiral Constellation StarclawAdult (f)5,5378085
DjS9SWren Nebula StarclawAdult (f)4,0418982
jbAWKAssassin's Mazja StarclawAdult (f)3,8856963
JdX00Coming Gates StarclawAdult (f)4,9048793
Z0WqURed and Hot StarclawAdult (f)6,2011,1322
kFWZcNew Analyzer StarclawAdult (f)4,8398483
YDODqSilent Lining StarclawAdult (f)3,7438182
gFw9RFrostbitten Moonlight StarclawAdult (f)3,6547531
30ZluSunsetfallen StarshineAdult (f)3,9008351
minySMinys StarclawAdult (f)3,9939573
8jl5gDeath's Embrace StarclawAdult (f)5,5996993
cK6hFAudio Prime StarclawAdult (f)6,8139164
VMirnMirn StarclawAdult (f)7,5021,2223
idFtHUntaken Nebula StarclawAdult (f)4,7598842
bVzMzIkskileAdult (f)4,1281,0427
H6ad8LielvardeAdult (f)3,9278213
JNbv1Starshaken Silverstar StarclawAdult (f)4,7849473
0KVMMThe red Sun is going downAdult (f)3,6911,0485
n6lPhLast Legends StarclawAdult (f)2,9704909
0pAblOpal Nebula StarclawAdult (f)3,5157752
4U5AvSkulteAdult (f)3,8387682
G7gAUChocolate StarclawAdult (f)4,1698881
FrdAaAromatic Chocolate StarclawAdult (f)3,6879182
TiIapL E S   F R I C T I O NAdult (f)3,6378646
8CoVaAlone and Blind StarclawAdult (f)3,4918441
gp39lChange of Words StarclawAdult (f)8,2381,33515
Rz2tGCandlelit Chips StarclawAdult (f)6,5781,2224
pt6KTRed Stones StarclawAdult (f)6,9451,2145
cyq0TMinuit Angels StarclawAdult (f)2,8077461
hVlyYBurning Wave StarclawAdult (f)3,5458621
7S1mJRidged Nebula StarclawAdult (f)3,6867332
KoOVgGlistening Nebula StarclawAdult (f)4,2591,0524
icIMqher own - And so she spoke - AndAdult (f)6,9521,1406
0dWizso she spoke - The lion ofAdult (f)3,0087672
73Q0gCastamere - When none remainAdult (f)3,1034983
PXfUjBloody Time StarclawAdult (f)5,2711,1125
8zel2To mourn her reign - So proudAdult (f)3,9526902
LXvyNMoon's Wish StarclawAdult (f)2,7316432
cLpSRScarlet Holly StarclawAdult (f)2,7836652
hP9SvWorried that the war's come homeAdult (f)3,3377092
BsyQiAnd with the swords lain downAdult (f)3,9838901
l1ZKgAcid Rain StarclawAdult (f)6,5571,2053
U33iyTo pay when fire survivesAdult (f)5,0781,0682
HSCOLReaper Phantom StarclawAdult (f)5,4241,1008
XFyiqblood as it goes coldAdult (f)2,9607570
IV39FElegant Requiem StarclawAdult (f)2,5255621
buo8uBleeding Sun StarclawAdult (f)2,8557901
c2n2KNuclear Zenith StarclawAdult (f)5,9911,0373
7jSHtSugary Love StarclawAdult (f)4,4188353
71CxUInnermost Desire StarclawAdult (f)3,1775135
FGaYtDark Confessions StarclawAdult (f)2,0666061
AHwFbTravelling Thunder StarclawAdult (f)1,9236261
q3qt8Lightened Thoughts StarclawAdult (f)3,1818182
Ppqg5Endless Pain StarclawAdult (f)3,4685812
yGN5hNuclear Invention StarclawAdult (f)3,6734581
agKBcShared Upgrade StarclawAdult (f)2,7376102
ijb6uFragile Chocolate StarclawAdult (f)3,2687323
OqdPTAligning StarsAdult (f)3,3306884
XwKRSUntaken Nova StarclawAdult (f)3,4716994
eIznANathan WagnerAdult (f)3,80977228
Xv2RYRider of FateAdult (f)4,1587084
KhADcLet it be fear they knowAdult (f)4,2418032
Z2pNJNumb behind the dregs of wrathAdult (f)3,8717821
iCsBxMersragsHatchling (f, F)3,6286991
pvdGiLiepajaHatchling (f, F)5,1567443
NpPkLWho  Will  Save  You  NowHatchling (f, F)3,0096522
FeIZqSeafallen StarshineAdult (f)8,7831,16110
229b7Blueberry Nebluae StarclawAdult (f)6,3269766
ILnaEGlowing Algae Nigtskies StarclawAdult (f)7,6151,2815
JNrN0Peacing Starred Night StarclawAdult (f)6,8811,2544
fwkTENeptunefallen StarshineAdult (f)4,1458033
fSFQeSouthern Cross StarclawAdult (f)4,9799343
GRpJ0Cosmic Eclipse StarclawAdult (f)4,9529003
6STD3Starred Daugava StarclawAdult (f)3,5979602
qrJVMLimbaziAdult (f)4,2585195
9vgwbIncoming Pain StarclawAdult (f)3,9927764
3DT3KWatery Silverstar StarclawAdult (f)8,1041,0855
fMNmFWhen none remainAdult (f)6,7081,1805
GpqPRBluesky StarclawAdult (f)12,0051,0186
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