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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Andromen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bh2UkDusty Wanderer NightclawAdult (f)6,3141,24622
3gUCBNegative Magic NightclawAdult (f)2,4746361
kLAd0Dark LadAdult (m)3,7296704
uQH4UUnknown Darkness NightclawAdult (f)2,7406492
AgBAmSilent Spells NightclawAdult (m)3,8168721
CEvP4Pleasant Magic NightclawAdult (f)3,7088512
lvOs2Shadowed Luminosity YuleclawAdult (m)2,7477691
5KGoSFestivity Time YuleclawAdult (m)3,9528981
xfo6HStriped Holly YuleclawAdult (m)3,8068941
ekSH1Skylit Power AntaclawAdult (m)3,6797824
iMrT7Saturnic Return AntaclawAdult (m)3,4737953
kNUsQSetlight Love AntaclawAdult (f)3,4078253
MUNJoHeaven Sent AntaclawAdult (m)3,7697491
iyuf1PlavinasAdult (m)3,0507261
ECXCPExcept it gustsAdult (f)4,6499435
JuRJ3JurjaaneAdult (m)3,5648632
7AfeeAloof the FeesAdult (m)3,8398693
tMKl4Abandoned Memories GustclawAdult (f)2,9977563
NUdRCNew Divide GustclawAdult (m)3,0127424
BXTqeDenied Truth GustclawAdult (m)2,9677333
LWQL7Altway 4th Aetheral RavenAdult (f)5,1961,0235
TLRHiSwift Swirls GustclawAdult (f)3,4466688
zVYlHFrosty Air GustclawAdult (m)3,8837375
bQClOWrapped Air GustclawAdult (f)4,1748711
kuennSilver Wind GustclawAdult (f)4,1766773
RVVPiAltway 3rd Stardurst OreshAdult (m)3,6628353
wxEZSVaraklaniAdult (m)3,4467531
KPngLAccidentally Wrong GustclawAdult (m)2,9446763
qvEauEast Holly SoulclawAdult (f)2,1759705
VvIibFairy Tail SoulclawAdult (f)3,3151,0981
smnCPStoned Candle SoulclawAdult (f)4,4509382
kv55ePearl Incarnation SoulclawAdult (f)3,7321,0621
yfOhwYun Sezel SoulclawAdult (f)3,0259962
CiUK0Nymph's Candles SoulclawAdult (f)3,2791,0492
U65TSCatallite CreatorAdult (m)7,3091,0045
ObsJmChinianci ChangerAdult (f)10,4251,5885
9A2iuDragonite DestroyerAdult (f)8,0079187
2l513Bracken Frosty TimeclawAdult (f)10,2581,23712
0mekMTiming the Futura TimeclawAdult (m)8,8041,1997
zpIrZBracken Futura TimeclawAdult (m)2,9377591
Aak93Timey Wimey TimeclawAdult (f)2,86550920
WVkbBWibbly Wobbly TimeclawAdult (m)2,63049111
7mz2NSkirit of Aeonia TimeclawAdult (m)5,5811,0215
V6yYLWizard Copper TimeclawAdult (f)2,5736662
EKiCMTime Travel Problems TimeclawAdult (m)1,7935964
vMXvkSkirit Garnets TimeclawAdult (m)3,9758512
m56BzAeon of Avalon TimeclawAdult (m)4,9181,0744
hQBLZCutting Ages TimeclawAdult (m)3,5038192
uQj21Icy Future TimeclawAdult (m)6,7891,2433
YTSDkStuffs TimeclawAdult (f)4,4488281
hAdNyHadny TimeclawAdult (f)3,7608232
oTK8NWibbly Sound TimeclawAdult (m)3,3888473
gNRhQSkirit of Eye TimeclawAdult (m)4,0857633
lWaeeTake Back A Moment TimeclawAdult (f)3,2127961
NPpTxAltaria TimeclawAdult (f)3,2477703
bMfioPacified Sound TimeclawAdult (f)3,1536231
U9SlIWibbly Love TimeclawAdult (m)2,8506832
K15unMaxwell Roth RedclawAdult (m)9,5001,5005
3sks5Flaring Firescales RedclawAdult (m)5,0418975
CwqIRI'm REDy now RedclawAdult (f)5,1649554
al7kDFlaring REDy RedclawAdult (f)9,7401,4613
Bb2wPI'm Flaring now RedclawAdult (m)10,1761,4432
Yu2TsFlaring Flies RedclawAdult (f)10,3251,4514
qhc5mNarthine RedclawAdult (m)4,3339823
CjNM0I'm a Firescale RedclawAdult (m)4,0898903
Sbqj1Rothed Narthine RedclawAdult (m)3,9708223
cODACFired Magnifica RedclawAdult (m)5,2158873
GgkZFPure RedclawAdult (m)3,4374085
R2nMkRedder than you RedclawAdult (m)4,0127901
bv0l3Golden Flame RedclawAdult (f)2,8185081
rICrrMaasika RedclawAdult (m)4,7918842
IY5NXupon the fallen snowAdult (m)4,6629615
L1Y3UBlind with the power and furyAdult (f)5,7481,0261
6QFqLRedstone's Hot Gleam RedclawAdult (f)4,0487901
1A9RNNumb behind the dregs of wrathAdult (f)5,0419362
tpQwOPhoenix Shimmers RedclawAdult (m)4,2969562
gPpVcFlaming Thuwed Graves RedclawAdult (f)3,8988783
LOgM2Andraseniel RedclawAdult (m)4,7131,1533
dzwXfRed Hot Firescale RedclawAdult (m)5,7321,0603
hglAaSherile Day RedclawAdult (m)6,6191,0721
3y48FRedblood Arcanum RedclawAdult (f)7,1211,2837
A5TLHTitan's Prey RedclawAdult (m)6,2251,1215
b9gi5Black Eliminate RedclawAdult (f)4,4747683
DcPQFTower Untight RedclawAdult (f)7,2011,2592
YQ69fRed Fez RedclawAdult (f)5,1309295
h9aOULava Lamp RedclawAdult (m)3,0816942
olqtmIgnited Runner RedclawAdult (f)2,5166951
0mgHZPrickly Demons RedclawAdult (f)4,7719104
w1wmrMagnifica Narthine RedclawAdult (m)2,7426651
qBsrNBronze Fire RedclawAdult (m)5,0208971
oOsJOGuarded Flame RedclawAdult (m)3,0157224
JR88tRing of Peppers RedclawAdult (f)2,6536181
9RVzTThe Far Side of ParadiseAdult (f)2,6506392
mG6DyCesvaineHatchling (m, F)3,5317024
kiivyPurpur Strings PurpleclawAdult (f)6,1811,0443
Tqb1nPurpur Sights PurpleclawAdult (m)6,8659423
ZqLFmPurpur Frosty PurpleclawAdult (f)8,0809022
29EFYGentle PurpleclawAdult (f)5,3987073
wpufkSilent PurpleclawAdult (f)10,8941,7296
SyC65Purring PurpleclawAdult (f)7,8081,30411
77itNFertile Vines PurpleclawAdult (m)4,2097063
yM6UqAltway 4th Glimmer PurpurAdult (f)3,3467543
dvVLtHoliday Yuletide PurpleclawAdult (m)3,6327661
1LBBqAltway 4th Raddest OmensAdult (f)4,0188362
TbiGtPink Blooming Wings InfluclawAdult (m)6,8641,0985
XFdqNThe Rosed Flyer InfluclawAdult (f)6,7241,1183
RmEDlBlooming Roses InfluclawAdult (f)5,9669231
b9ldcSoft Hearts InfluclawAdult (m)5,1479012
eo9WxSoftened InfluclawAdult (f)10,1171,5466
B1KQpSweet Harmony InfluclawAdult (f)10,1701,5427
P4WqOPink Roses InfluclawAdult (m)9,4431,4037
GVF1KWhere did June go InfluclawAdult (m)4,7228504
RFxQkSweetest Candy InfluclawAdult (f)5,4401,0561
E5Z8SSoftened Pink InfluclawAdult (f)3,4748323
Nb0LyWetland InfluclawAdult (m)6,8051,4183
a9Xh4Hotland InfluclawAdult (m)5,7589853
6JQmJFlower Hearts InfluclawAdult (m)14,6191,0396
kjrPKDry and Warm InfluclawAdult (f)3,7767741
95zcXDeeper Spirit InfluclawAdult (f)3,3797273
Ze7eYAltway 4th PenkterAdult (f)3,7707343
0gmx1Altway 5th Heaven in MemoriaAdult (f)10,6601,2786
rQ8RqHow Messy InfluclawAdult (m)3,5187026
hr1tjMatching Love InfluclawAdult (f)5,2268041
fWzL9Sweet-hearted InfluclawAdult (m)3,1116124
drPH4Altway 4th Celestial ElementsAdult (f)3,6067076
l4fCfSweetness Abroad InfluclawAdult (m)3,5178661
7YH6zAltway 4th Celestial ShadowsAdult (f)4,7519421
fyLeIAltway 4th Digital MotherAdult (m)3,2978043
FVw6tAll Anger InfluclawAdult (f)4,7881,0402
p2zYNSparky Licorice InfluclawAdult (f)2,5627302
53IenLens Flare InfluclawAdult (m)2,6047461
iyWYRFallen Lava InfluclawAdult (f)2,9497850
HqQ30Sugar Shovel InfluclawAdult (m)3,1286622
4aWMCStreaming Data InfluclawAdult (m)2,4736431
Gg3MbPath to Absolution InfluclawAdult (f)2,5196181
DlendLend Angel InfluclawAdult (f)2,6246341
4m9EZDreams of Neon InfluclawAdult (m)2,8576092
64rW8Altway 5th Interesting AssassinAdult (m)3,4798852
OE0cAClinging Dream InfluclawAdult (f)3,5538842
pOkcHLove Reaper InfluclawAdult (m)2,5986672
vAlhqSwift Arrow WhiteclawAdult (m)5,77385311
jRzRtAltway 3rd Blizzard's BreatherAdult (f)10,1711,2078
Whq5gSnowed Sticks WhiteclawAdult (m)8,0721,1515
CXGw4Whispering Elmes WhiteclawAdult (m)5,8191,2097
gGzPrMilky Way WhiteclawAdult (m)4,5228932
iXqJvSugar Heart WhiteclawAdult (f)5,1939273
wdoKVPaper Yogurt WhiteclawAdult (f)5,3719711
nHh7TLit Up Way WhiteclawAdult (f)7,1491,3463
EWHSJAltway 8th DorkwedAdult (f)3,8337826
mSsesSpring Yogurt WhiteclawAdult (f)4,3318821
9RkgAAltway 4th ShadesAdult (m)4,3227842
oweZkSnowed Splash WhiteclawAdult (f)5,5771,0512
auclHAltway 3rd Comet WarriorAdult (f)5,1569101
GkZlXOnyx Moonstone WhiteclawAdult (m)6,3131,21410
17Ug7Altway 4th Smoking HeavenAdult (f)5,6931,1441
aOJoBSummer in Miranaya WhiteclawAdult (f)4,2698191
bCBQZAltway 4th Sweet WhitesAdult (f)4,2159264
eT929Altway 4th Loving ForestAdult (f)3,7926742
SS4AIAltway 4th SaaiAdult (f)3,4688632
HCuEOLaylon Galaxtica WhiteclawAdult (f)5,4941,0423
NM3EkMad Snow WhiteclawAdult (m)4,2538891
OQptoSummer Silence WhiteclawAdult (f)4,2318451
5SPfnGolden Healer WhiteclawAdult (f)6,5671,1763
KnhXlBronze Sweetness WhiteclawAdult (m)2,4657011
1BYTwStraupeHatchling (F)1,290863
xEb9aOrange Ridges TeleclawAdult (f)6,9491,1111
RO0MXMageriya TeleclawAdult (m)5,6389684
C55EjReflectors TeleclawAdult (f)3,5177962
9JItTArcaned Power TeleclawAdult (m)7,8871,1794
AWJqwSilvery Magic TeleclawAdult (m)4,4588632
t3vl5The Magic of Oranges TeleclawAdult (f)4,6028583
TYZMYMentioning Honorables TeleclawAdult (f)5,4847384
YJAq5Break our Fall TeleclawAdult (f)5,6077512
XXUrMSlepkavas KodekssAdult (m)6,0611,3124
5gkuGMagirita TeleclawAdult (f)8,6811,1233
9YueLAlterning Thuwed TeleclawAdult (m)3,2847621
AhIJNPrized Inbreeding TeleclawAdult (f)3,2777491
qRypsSingle Hero TeleclawAdult (f)4,8656961
CzoGLPurely a Magician TeleclawAdult (m)4,7766811
cf8U4Power House TeleclawAdult (m)3,8387972
kqSUYPipardiikjisAdult (f)2,9657572
qi30uMagical Overflow TeleclawAdult (m)3,8287322
xyNgjStranger Things TeleclawAdult (f)3,1708185
RIuzIShiny Magic TeleclawAdult (f)2,7476561
Tk6hoBurtniekiHatchling (f, F)4,6587483
BPmBcMazsalacaHatchling (F)2,0534972
ORthjHatred Of Love BoltclawAdult (f)3,5488974
rc4bAAdorned PeaceclawAdult (m)4,7518794
a1yFrElemental PeaceclawAdult (f)10,7241,5307
8oCXTRested Dorkface PeaceclawAdult (f)3,4186882
XnFa1Altway 3rd PeaceAdult (m)7,2901,3156
x2zeaOf Pebbles and Grass GreenclawAdult (m)2,3315764
CPZ8qMuuda AvatariAdult (f)6,5921,0183
6K3VjPyropean Europa PyralclawAdult (m)4,5919393
HNDB3Polished Stones PyralclawAdult (f)9,0361,2382
IANlfLonded PyralclawAdult (f)7,9201,4473
j4sxyCalming Tunes PyralclawAdult (m)7,9761,5114
kTRvpAuroric Tastes PyralclawAdult (f)3,9837912
RuDyTRudy Dragon PyralclawAdult (f)6,8521,5596
O7hXtAltway 3rd Looking StonyAdult (f)3,7439002
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