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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Andromen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
K15bXHonoured North LiveclawAdult (f)2,7697481
MFrR4Gleaming Gold LiveclawAdult (m)3,6256542
wWbFjSparking Stalker LiveclawAdult (f)3,5018051
lIGDSthe wheel but then would forgeAdult (m)3,6257854
oiawnTired Shades LiveclawAdult (f)2,9456881
x97U2Slip Away LiveclawAdult (m)3,1837333
Fwn5xFawn Stalk LiveclawAdult (f)3,3317832
HPZfBTo End It LiveclawAdult (m)3,3307580
YbgpQPast Price LiveclawAdult (m)3,2487280
j1OW4Heart of Love LiveclawAdult (f)3,0756920
KGfRFOrange Price LiveclawAdult (m)2,6996922
PxjETYeti Hunter PowerclawAdult (m)2,2887542
6vueOShaken Surrender PowerclawAdult (f)3,5019790
X7DfjInto the Silence PowerclawAdult (f)3,4041,0120
1iIVDMagnetic Pulse PowerclawAdult (f)3,3391,0051
sEV6zMonster You Made Me PowerclawAdult (f)3,6919560
CVvCxLast Stand PowerclawAdult (f)3,3349870
W7ip2Made Me PowerclawAdult (f)3,6909500
Lad0QGalvanic LadAdult (m)4,5591,1882
gFHPzOut There PowerclawAdult (m)3,0137650
z4hJLUnder the Knife PowerclawAdult (f)3,3768902
E84sjShaken Spirits PowerclawAdult (m)3,0007081
AT0akStone Orb PowerclawAdult (f)2,7536810
BeqmcShady Spirit PowerclawAdult (m)3,3193942
Kt912Dual Sided MindclawAdult (m)2,5157194
cvZmxGlorious Victory MindclawAdult (f)2,8498181
wRbFLTime Skipper ResetclawAdult (f)2,2157491
x1RrwSparkling Red RealclawAdult (f)2,2737381
XYxfRCandy Shade CoralclawAdult (m)2,7317992
Hn4eTLovely Light CoralclawAdult (f)2,4927442
vRWUjFestive Glare CoralclawAdult (m)2,8247380
u3psZUnderwater Hunt CoralclawAdult (f)2,6777792
kfRwWLegal LinkingAdult3,3938739
FJXz3Delicate Work NobreedclawAdult2,9768314
hakSaSuntaziAdult (m)3,6898193
EyP7fSpirit and Shadow BlankclawAdult (f)3,7848300
PmFarFar Traveller BlankclawAdult (f)3,7768341
827AZY I N   A N D   Y A N GAdult (m)2,8747443
Kq8B9Other Side BlankclawAdult (m)2,7996803
yDCxgRifTCAAdult (f)2,9376692
qBhRXShallow Portal RiftclawAdult (m)3,3157802
896EATheir hope  became fearAdult (f)4,3608533
o2q4PBorn Wound RiftclawAdult (m)4,6358914
IGGL4Hidden Ghost RiftclawAdult (m)4,8441,0663
5YSsdHealed Past RiftclawAdult (m)3,3427692
WX2foComing End RiftclawAdult (f)4,3687665
TU57dFight the Fear RiftclawAdult (m)3,15375210
3xLDfSparked Tension RiftclawAdult (f)2,8207390
Fw5PNSpectral Shades ShadowclawAdult (f)4,6761,2925
ifBB6Night of Error ShadowclawAdult (m)3,5388972
etwgZHallowed Walker ShadowclawAdult (f)2,8648663
KLKIgVirtual Spectra ShadowclawAdult (f)2,6727672
2BHS8Candle-lit Cavern ShadowclawAdult (m)2,7527551
89oGvDistant Spirit ShadowclawAdult (m)2,7217713
8bHhbScattered Memories ShadowclawAdult (f)2,4027002
VlReLFaded Substance ShadowclawAdult (m)4,8049566
L5slkNo Lessons ShadowclawAdult (f)2,6137651
EnEmXSworn Life ShadowclawAdult (m)2,5677241
L1qf7Ethereal Ash ShadowclawAdult (m)2,7987212
SLzlIPhantom Love ShadowclawAdult (f)2,7136816
88YwjA V I A T O R SAdult (m)2,0356933
QRvY3NanoleafAdult (f)2,0496582
x3tPqReflections of a DreamAdult (m)2,6117085
qSitaSweet Star ShadowclawAdult (f)4,4968882
p2WWISummer Pain ShadowclawAdult (m)4,2478912
KAG2SMoonlit Walker ShadowclawAdult (f)4,9171,1059
ACjybMisty Mountain ShadowclawAdult (f)2,3768053
nomcWCanopy Stalker ShadowclawAdult (f)2,5728311
VnLtgDead Rider ShadowclawAdult (m)2,7298342
r3KpdMissing Second ShadowclawAdult (f)2,4698781
sFyooForever' and Today XenoclawAdult (m)4,7081,0627
rtyl8Time's Codex XenoclawAdult (f)4,0118331
DxMiETimer Setter XenoclawAdult (m)8,7051,7098
x2M0wSecond Mow XenoclawAdult (m)4,6427813
ANIO8Time Warper XenoclawAdult (f)5,3048135
3MTI2Creator Codex XenoclawAdult (f)5,9891,1525
ZRVf4Altway 4th ValentinesAdult (m)7,9691,3203
d6aQdAltway 3rd TimelordAdult (m)6,5241,14311
qagjRToday's Nemesis XenoclawAdult (f)4,3797502
LfvhgAltway 6th December TimelineAdult (f)4,4379305
53wp3Broken Chronolock XenoclawAdult (m)3,7877432
y659SAxe Vibes XenoclawAdult (f)2,7445654
ySCSoSparking of the Wyrms XenoclawAdult (f)5,7381,1538
Fd8e3Astrapian XenoclawAdult (m)8,9271,3608
ZDQA4Frozen Thunder XenoclawAdult (m)4,8611,1404
TqV0zElectrifying Blast XenoclawAdult (f)5,7441,0075
hl4ILColdest Lightning XenoclawAdult (f)5,4858963
KBIJ5Frozen Horizons XenoclawAdult (f)5,2489382
XqnJYElectrified Time XenoclawAdult (m)8,2321,31813
pqMxUStrangest Storm XenoclawAdult (f)3,5406512
b2V3WCrying SpellAdult (m)3,0727396
WlTr0Temperate Joke XenoclawAdult (f)4,4141,0155
T6xKUUnlegged Lightning XenoclawHatchling (F)1,8413723
hb6rcPyro's Fire XenoclawAdult (m)4,1498924
82nrCGordon's Flames XenoclawAdult (f)10,0301,5147
AJ67CHottest Pyro XenoclawAdult (f)4,1838111
KACqcFlamed on Me XenoclawAdult (m)9,5461,53310
YFeFyFlamed Codex XenoclawAdult (m)9,3951,6917
qLhyuOrange Pyro XenoclawAdult (m)4,6788293
Ufi3dColdest Orange XenoclawAdult (m)5,9361,1404
wQYQ7Hot Worms XenoclawAdult (m)4,9129701
DQCkZDock on Fire XenoclawAdult (f)7,0271,3356
oRsqSGrave Marrows XenoclawAdult (f)5,3289147
ke0LRBurning Flames XenoclawAdult (f)3,0167030
LNvTpBurning Joy XenoclawAdult (f)4,5678502
jjzaFYour Flame XenoclawAdult (f)3,1798322
SjTCLSpitting Flames XenoclawAdult (m)3,7807270
dbBsdSteel Blaze XenoclawAdult (m)2,9966421
7sumaSummed Up XenoclawAdult (f)3,4638064
B51TqSlithering Thuwed XenoclawAdult (m)4,8079204
LJGnwSlitherheart Currents XenoclawAdult (f)4,5168348
0Lr4SI am a Watersnake XenoclawAdult (m)4,0189563
RHw8mWaterwyrm Thalitoe XenoclawAdult (m)8,4721,29210
huhaHhuhaH XenoclawAdult (m)7,0526836
B9hipThalassied XenoclawAdult (m)3,9587384
9nLD2Roxanne Silver XenoclawAdult (f)2,9537153
3cmaeLeafy Whispers XenoclawAdult (m)6,0209277
pZoRMLeafing Snakers XenoclawAdult (f)6,9129067
gDX3jRainforest Wyrm XenoclawAdult (m)5,3109975
0CbDLLehed XenoclawAdult (m)5,5001,0116
qYMSSMossy Ice XenoclawAdult (f)3,6258921
Zef9jZef Leaf XenoclawAdult (f)5,9158835
skZ4yAltway 3rd GaiatanAdult (m)4,9497767
DNPuGGaia-ish XenoclawAdult (m)7,7361,0755
asxJ7Honored Altway the 4thAdult (m)7,9141,3141
i1yfoWe all know who we are XenoclawAdult (f)11,8507903
1KE29Most Natural XenoclawAdult (f)6,1921,2593
Tv4U8Timeturner Leaves XenoclawAdult (m)3,8467123
y6YEqNatural Frost XenoclawAdult (m)3,8028091
DV7yIClover Tales XenoclawAdult (m)4,3058620
NQ72OMagy Xenos XenoclawAdult (f)10,4901,2653
iuxqCSunner Wyrm XenoclawAdult (m)8,8491,1789
XNbNhOrange Powers XenoclawAdult (m)6,2358132
5oWPKSedona Wyrm XenoclawAdult (m)3,5047191
Q81hZXenia Wormers XenoclawAdult (f)4,7277707
EzryUEzry Wyrm XenoclawAdult (f)4,2448912
oUtLMSiiva Outletta XenoclawAdult (f)7,4459563
td3SYLaggy Slightly Alty XenoclawAdult (m)5,7011,1586
uAB7CDark Prize XenoclawAdult (m)4,0588702
IvbHUExotic Flows XenoclawAdult (f)4,7531,1725
8WmJPFreaks Like Us XenoclawAdult (m)3,4028911
cY5PRNever Again SilkclawAdult (m)2,9457310
n4sY2Visible Rainbow SilkclawAdult (m)2,9557450
sqc69Avian Flight SilkclawAdult (f)2,6317240
nGwqjWebbed Avians SilkclawAdult (f)2,4657080
dtgN2Sweetest Flight SilkclawAdult (m)3,0188490
irSnhShiver Leaves SilkclawAdult (f)3,2147673
JEuzbWebbed Storm SilkclawAdult (f)3,0138632
lipLqSweetest Shot SilkclawAdult (m)3,0678331
6noGAThis Is A Call SilkclawAdult (m)5,2771,0652
AdBLwScarred Wasteland SilkclawAdult (f)4,3068850
I2FhpThermal Energy SilkclawAdult (f)3,9038400
jgoKNHardened Youth SilkclawAdult (f)3,8698380
gmbOAGrave Encounters GraveclawAdult (m)3,4151,0521
pRYbMPrimarily Stalking GraveclawAdult (f)3,4261,0411
YshIVFletcher Watcher GraveclawAdult (m)3,7828493
QhojZCold Sizzle GraveclawAdult (m)2,8087872
RILLXRillx Follower GraveclawAdult (f)5,2501,2082
xd7afSafely Gone GraveclawAdult (m)2,8497473
xpuwEHymn of Ashes GraveclawAdult (m)2,9097703
WFUBTFubt Valentine GraveclawAdult (f)2,5637152
PM4hQSilent Tears GraveclawAdult (f)2,5187290
MUvAgOpen Your Eyes GraveclawAdult (m)2,6397441
YiR82VoryvaAdult (m)2,0817141
ptPOWKarahodyAdult (m)2,1027012
8XdBrPostaciAdult (m)2,1946952
v32nDMenacing Magic GraveclawAdult (f)3,0088381
yIfQaEvil Healing GraveclawAdult (f)2,7388231
Jmq1yYoung Night GraveclawAdult (f)3,2618292
lFyn7Cold Mistake GraveclawAdult (m)3,5979532
goU6GDundagaHatchling (m, F)3,1116644
0EjY4Tanned Edges RidgeclawAdult (m)8,5761,2207
pVvjISimilar Angle RidgeclawAdult (m)6,4501,1301
GAqY4Spikescale Colorscale RidgeclawAdult (m)4,1448291
vmggcRidgy Spiky Scales RidgeclawAdult (m)7,8481,0564
PZvYHMountain Shadow RidgeclawAdult (f)4,1687453
URanQAltway 3rd Runaway InfinisAdult (m)3,6818222
uEE7TRidged Sky RidgeclawAdult (m)4,4696024
LameHLameH SingerclawAdult (f)3,6758704
DyBdsSinging Beauty SingerclawAdult (f)6,4531,1234
C0PrNAncient Sun SongclawAdult (m)9,2001,2904
Fk5w4Ancient Sunny SongclawAdult (f)6,9931,1186
bfXqPAncient Sungleam SongclawAdult (f)4,3429743
8PFe8Sun's Chilly SongclawAdult (m)5,3311,1193
UUpC4Altway 4th Solstice SongAdult (f)5,2469853
c3VyUSilver Sunset SongclawAdult (f)4,8078989
ToacPChallenged Silver SongclawAdult (f)4,6788552
cu6dFMistletoe Dances SongclawAdult (m)3,9796803
U7DQMPlasma Skin SongclawAdult (f)3,6996521
Ht3GpStarset Sunsets SongclawAdult (m)3,7218372
qtT8eWorld You Created SongclawAdult (m)3,4046782
5lhYiYou're The Drug I Take SongclawAdult (f)3,2356891
8am7jHeart's North SongclawAdult (f)2,9556702
qaRioCan You Change Me SongclawAdult (f)2,9417052
1EO4fShimmering Sunrise SongclawAdult (f)3,1366642
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