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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Andromen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
AUIdGAuid MistyclawAdult (f)6,1479153
Yw1FJSharp MistyclawAdult (m)4,1617432
ZVjpkWarring MistyclawAdult (f)3,9517751
WwxxqCloudy MistyclawAdult (m)4,0187562
jVDJbDrizzlefeather MistyclawAdult (f)3,8637382
practPractical MistyclawAdult (f)6,3421,2272
Llw98Life MistyclawAdult (m)4,5958453
gtxkKDeeded MistyclawAdult (f)3,4777342
SMkLgLaughing MistyclawAdult (m)3,2168016
YUoHDdefeated - March to the endingAdult (f)4,4147831
Jv5icVictorious MistyclawAdult (f)4,6568151
eMIaDElmad MistyclawAdult (m)5,0271,0191
HhPeWPew MistyclawAdult (m)4,0587152
1zPKLPickle MistyclawAdult (m)3,3326602
hst6WPureness MistyclawAdult (f)8,7151,6319
SWIm8Apocalyptic Clouds MistyclawAdult (m)4,1158243
eOgmNSilence MistyclawAdult (m)4,1996661
aNkLPAnkle MistyclawAdult (m)8,7578781
MIwyDHoliday MistyclawAdult (m)4,11284510
lRiLgToBeNamed IAdult (m)3,9888641
IVbOABoa MistyclawAdult (m)3,4967812
ZTfJ9Silver Shadow MistyclawAdult (m)4,4748322
D4NC0D4NC0Adult (f)3,7426963
n27GLSpectral MistyclawAdult (m)3,3297322
GojRVShade MistyclawAdult (m)3,1306841
JTRc4Hunted Relic MistyclawAdult (m)2,6776653
xTQ5tSpared Hunter MistyclawAdult (m)2,6276802
8prfaSailing On MistyclawAdult (f)5,7371,0872
pQFUaSilent Moon MistyclawAdult (m)2,6516412
NwK36Spirit Heart GlowclawAdult (m)2,5307492
TMjhpReturning Balance GlowclawAdult (f)2,6177401
Jqaj1Flickering Flames OmenclawAdult (f)4,7261,1442
p8teZOminous Snakes OmenclawAdult (m)4,6611,1384
zKigeUpside Upset OmenclawAdult (m)2,5478164
TDuAPVienachAdult (f)2,9596312
3f1XTKandavaAdult (m)3,4349723
YRZjVMyrakyrituAdult (m)3,9871,1102
3UciPKryviAdult (m)4,1891,1004
E8O0zMelted Wax CandleclawAdult (f)4,0336902
DRHTnHeart Beating CandleclawAdult (m)6,0701,1824
OPumQC  A  N  D  L  E  SAdult (m)4,8919501
DDVAFGlowing Wax CandleclawAdult (f)4,3188241
Gm1q5Waxed CandleclawAdult (f)3,9048071
6gCrIFaded Star CandleclawAdult (m)3,9757642
EKiK4Coded Wax CandleclawAdult (f)9,3941,3213
YtTmXWaxy Autumn CandleclawAdult (f)3,8397671
hp1WXAltway 5th Dream AegisAdult (m)3,4927912
PwHcdThe Fallen CandleclawAdult (m)5,2157612
tvurXAmity Prizes CandleclawAdult (f)4,5117523
4DNJOHalf-dead Terror CandleclawAdult (m)4,6428932
B41aeAltway 6th Dreamer LinesAdult (f)4,5659162
tcn5ZMissed Wax CandleclawAdult (f)3,5547473
LtapQFallen Tail CandleclawAdult (m)3,9248840
hDPScHalf-dead Bones CandleclawAdult (m)4,1889531
1e3e7Stoned Fall CandleclawAdult (m)3,9348451
CvjdaThe Innocence CandleclawAdult (m)3,1406442
reS32Dripping Sweetness CandleclawAdult (m)3,2937610
sBty6Rekindled Poison CandleclawAdult (m)2,9416471
1uxItWaxing Moons CandleclawAdult (f)2,6407281
YiTgJEmu Vilry DespipclawAdult (m)4,0878324
nS8WZExiled Anger DespipclawAdult (m)5,0621,2775
3M8AzMemory Fire DespipclawAdult (m)2,6377131
g8C3GDistant Flame DespipclawAdult (m)3,0161,0121
tS39kAngry Icicles DespipclawAdult (m)2,5576942
XkxBdPete Etmaal DespipclawAdult (f)2,8137571
AWW3mFuture Sanity DespipclawAdult (f)2,6667122
W225rSoft Anger DespipclawAdult (m)2,5307041
wOtuuCurious Danger DespipclawAdult (f)4,2271,2353
yJEMVLuminous Landscape DespipclawAdult (m)3,7199992
DC8WWUlbrokaAdult (m)3,3761,0142
HoabaHoabaAdult (f)3,4569982
IRaENA  F  T  E  R  G  L  O  WAdult (f)3,2131,0551
WN2MRDziviaAdult (f)1,9576802
NweKjEvened Anger DespipclawAdult (m)3,7261,0152
AFGfJImperivmAdult (m)2,0677022
8M5OERujnujAdult (f)2,5716945
V2VUVSlippery Feathers MarineclawAdult (m)2,9408170
ptJ9Qfallen snow - Burn themAdult (m)2,9886861
Yy3EKall down to embersAdult (f)2,9816902
PV0IgLeafshine SiftclawAdult (f)5,9911,1308
9yblKBreezer's SiftclawAdult (f)5,0348454
edrfqDim SiftclawAdult (m)8,2531,2993
D2SebSeb SiftclawAdult (m)5,6611,1843
iSJslWhere did we go wrong - IfAdult (f)3,4757306
n7VyzSpeak by Chirping SifterclawAdult (m)3,6409631
gA8Q7Purpurictic SiftclawAdult (m)4,06367012
Yr7IBWishing SiftclawAdult (f)3,3336225
64Pnq64 png Files SiftclawAdult (m)3,1547412
PFUplSiyatia SiftclawAdult (m)3,1936401
NarxhMissing Treasure SiftclawAdult (f)2,5425862
9JxMgGhost Death SiftclawAdult (m)4,2356673
LzUQPUneclipsed SiftclawAdult (f)5,2539051
8nWSNFallen Stars SiftclawAdult (f)6,2061,2963
Ny2DgCoastal SiftclawAdult (f)3,7678840
XWvb4Loud and Clever SiftclawAdult (m)3,1056155
J1HKyAlpinic SiftclawAdult (f)4,5838691
Ztik6Tepat aiz Stuura SiftclawAdult (m)3,0147522
fqWnBFawn Water SifterclawAdult (f)3,5578913
dEQwfit's all the same - Running fromAdult (f)3,5518680
Tz2p3Sinful Bone SiftclawAdult (f)3,4027660
kqawvDashing Hunt SiftclawAdult (m)2,9007801
cZKl7Eternal Blue SiftclawAdult (f)2,8907360
I4aT2Where The Shadow Ends SiftclawAdult (m)3,3017541
HxlltAnything Like This SiftclawAdult (f)3,3607372
pzIl7Candy Stealer SweetclawAdult (m)3,5741,0831
nSN91Icing Chrome SweetclawAdult (m)2,6898002
A6oZUT H E   L O N G E S T   R O A DAdult (m)3,6921,0792
G4l72Presented Feathers SweetclawAdult (m)3,0599912
r3YH3Feathered View PipioclawAdult (f)2,8037542
a9tlFQuiet Whispers PipioclawAdult (m)4,3299573
QdDlVDivine Fluff PipioclawAdult (f)5,7921,2213
WMBB6Megabytes of Fluff PipioclawAdult (f)3,9568412
yDiOEFestive Sarge MagiclawAdult (m)3,5248784
UMJVKSnow Mage MagiclawAdult (m)5,0497931
QTLPaWinter Spirit MagiclawAdult (m)5,3088122
yhTylSave Malcorium MagiclawAdult (m)5,3309691
lZgCjFriendly Beast AshclawAdult (f)5,1389971
OZR7lCome With Me AshclawAdult (m)3,1237732
2NnK1Edge of Change AshclawAdult (m)2,60976316
PP4zkIt's a police box Can't you readAdult (m)4,2329301
9D15uWho I am is where I standAdult (m)3,8248026
79SarThe Doctor's ExterminationAdult (m)3,4738721
xvaSYIn My Head AshclawAdult (m)3,1297221
AuPShFaded Beast AshclawAdult (f)3,6107892
fvDL5Altway 4th Biochemical WorkAdult (m)3,1496722
kOTn6Rested Angels RadiclawAdult (m)3,5971,0771
JJXWDCrimson Christmas RadiclawAdult (m)3,1507521
KBqKeAntarean Angel RadiclawAdult (m)3,0877712
G436xRadiant Moon RadiclawAdult (m)5,1979184
H3hmKRadiant Sights RadiclawAdult (m)3,5699801
gjSMbSleepy Fluff PillowclawAdult (f)5,2891,0547
tlfVmXangr8Adult (f)7,3281,1797
6KsNrFrozen Bllax NightclawHatchling (f, F)9,4977429
A4kRYPilteneHatchling (f, F)3,9204772
nMEESMees - male ja Naine - femaleHatchling (m, F)6,2678463
dpf11AglonaHatchling (F)1,7184124
eFebiGulbeneHatchling (F)2,9664332
sjRnyPROVE YOURSELF AND RISEHatchling (F)3,3446354
Zx2n8LubanaHatchling (F)3,0496972
g7YiaBlackberry Glow NightclawAdult (f)6,2068513
VziPMCharnale Eespihh NightclawAdult (m)6,3098682
hDjjwThe Charred NightclawAdult (m)7,0501,1022
01M1jNightly NightclawAdult (f)6,4941,1136
56fd2Darkened Creams NightclawAdult (f)9,7521,4454
lIMvaand Cynder the CynderblockAdult (f)4,4311,0363
6cRNiSpyro Time NightclawAdult (m)2,8207522
3LbabEl Bab NightclawAdult (f)4,4219253
t2nbWBlack Dorkface NightclawAdult (m)3,8007084
Le3qiSour Cream NightclawAdult (m)7,4121,1543
DyCtyStill Feeling CreamyAdult (m)7,1911,0865
WCRruDarkest Soul NightclawAdult (f)3,5856862
eDbd9Warded Wasteland NightclawAdult (f)7,9781,0296
nrAf4Missing Blackness NightclawAdult (f)4,9068923
5fKyvSilent Times NightclawAdult (f)5,5621,0283
zi3JRLurking Allspice NightclawAdult (f)5,0339963
78BYeCoppernicus Euluan NightclawAdult (m)5,2509653
BunMPThe Embers of the NightclawAdult (m)5,8769654
3ckgXShadowsong NightclawAdult (m)5,4659454
vZh89Metallish NightclawAdult (f)6,2388835
JLI9CFar Away Echoes NightclawAdult (m)9,5511,25411
nRMhePure Blackstone NightclawAdult (f)5,6981,0164
waqpwHero of Brine NightclawAdult (f)6,3321,0622
WiA4UThe One Stalking NightclawAdult (m)4,4468785
BCrbGNightly in London NightclawAdult (f)4,5188794
oq5K1Stalking London NightclawAdult (m)4,9309582
VtVmLDeadly Hunter NightclawAdult (m)3,8544273
PKmn8Maximum Stealth NightclawAdult (f)7,2911,3232
zgLtKDinging Shadow NightclawAdult (f)3,9237154
26x3TKiller's Shadow NightclawAdult (f)9,4331,3154
a9tzpDark Song NightclawAdult (m)7,9821,1361
7YxBxDulled Gold NightclawAdult (m)8,1361,0416
ZOzzbSinned Overway NightclawAdult (f)5,5558543
EBNpESilent Grace NightclawAdult (f)4,7667832
ZvC5rAltway 4th WitchesAdult (f)8,0131,3312
sla4NBreaking Lines NightclawAdult (m)7,9551,3913
5UR3oSilent Desire NightclawAdult (m)3,4766972
vcyS5Unalted Failure NightclawAdult (f)6,2021,0425
lJTvbClever Shadow NightclawAdult (f)4,6911,1303
JQLwUJune StornnAdult (m)4,1267494
r6UmpBlack Rump NightclawAdult (m)6,3199693
YPbSXSeeping Shade NightclawAdult (m)2,9955323
Lexj3Lexje NightclawAdult (f)6,3801,1935
wdmzZMelno Birku Laiks NightclawAdult (f)6,3461,2204
TCUqFNot Eclipsed EnoughAdult (m)2,3875654
FqDUtEyaxia NightclawAdult (f)5,7269253
4nRC3Shadowstep Heart NightclawAdult (f)5,8671,0603
jMrLDCome With Me Now NightclawAdult (f)4,4588883
HOYRSVelvet Eagle NightclawAdult (m)4,4978104
xSEW9Prove Yourself NightclawAdult (f)6,6831,0815
DJSHjRed Coal NightclawAdult (m)5,9201,0433
uYLT6Lix Sizz NightclawAdult (m)7,1751,4265
vh95qI'll be Dead NightclawAdult (f)3,8141,0309
dn8OTUnknown Knowledge NightclawAdult (m)3,4647755
kbWtHUnstoppable NightclawAdult (m)7,7599714
gKVxxPleasant Arcana NightclawAdult (f)4,3238805
MFXHfLiver Storms NightclawAdult (m)4,0538385
ZiVwfGolden Sorrow NightclawAdult (m)2,1265945
YuQHiAngled Universe NightclawAdult (f)8,5611,4136
bp5vJMoth Disc NightclawAdult (m)5,8411,1172
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