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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Andromen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
PkgZNSilas' Embrace StarclawAdult (m)3,6577464
djfVYSet to pay the costly priceAdult (m)3,5497322
m0pXuBirzgaleAdult (f)3,3586135
E5oGiSalaspilsAdult (f)2,9767555
NVT1lRembateAdult (f)4,6951,03313
118LPStarlight Rider SkyclawAdult (m)3,7267797
IRseBTempered Constellation SkyclawAdult (m)3,2117504
v6qGuSky's Flowfire Dorkface SkyclawAdult (f)5,4611,1085
GrlZhBritain is everywhere SkyclawAdult (f)4,3698933
IyfK2MazirbeHatchling (f, F)3,9098713
RzKRmOzolniekiHatchling (f, F)2,14322310
16uReSaulkrastiHatchling (F)1,72045220
EhosmAdaziHatchling (F)3,0256171
NrwuePenny Forever PrizeclawAdult (f)5,1991,0135
HdtOFResting Stars PrizeclawAdult (f)7,2861,2103
WHRFEVincent Burn PrizeclawAdult (f)6,8368749
mKHbhBeholding Truths PowerclawAdult (m)6,2991,0679
nukZHALL THE NUKESAdult (f)6,1061,1065
ze6K1Greatest Will PowerclawAdult (m)5,5341,0224
qe5d1Save poor Malcorium from PMsAdult (f)5,57097712
pJbqcDefying Skies PrizeclawAdult (f)5,0098726
24SE2Locked Secrets PrizeclawAdult (f)6,69485621
MwXIrTejectAdult (m)
6x6nBTejecterAdult (f)
aYMFHTejected GauntletAdult (f)
Xv7ttOohing Tejected PeppersAdult (m)
cKLS8Barely TejectedAdult (f)
wRElJTejectedAdult (f)
WRZUvTejected FireAdult (f)
JLrJFLate TejectionAdult (f)
6SeD8Bloody TejectAdult (f)
npIG2Finally TejectedAdult (m)
nlFruAngered TejectAdult (m)
phsBuSneaky Ninja PrizeclawAdult (f)5,7809725
oOE6cExtra Shiny PrizeclawAdult (m)7,7981,1285
oCQTpPyral Golden Gleam PrizeclawAdult (m)7,4441,1177
Ev0G4Frosty Shinies PrizeclawAdult (m)7,7941,1557
oFEWQShaded Silver Assassin PrizeclawAdult (f)7,1081,1476
fT1aVWinter's Assassin PrizeclawAdult (m)8,6951,6658
LPtnwIcicle's Assassin PrizeclawAdult (f)4,9009655
l179eOsirian Wintermint PrizeclawAdult (f)7,5689612
S1QvQUncoded Rebel PrizeclawAdult (f)12,0671,26911
ehNN0Syryn's Nebular Nova PrizeclawAdult (m)8,4121,1814
tLEFILefi Gleam PrizeclawAdult (m)7,0911,2702
yz7jnOsirian Bird PrizeclawAdult (f)6,2441,0255
oa7y8Silas Burn PrizeclawAdult (m)6,2491,0233
7igpHOsirian Nature PrizeclawAdult (f)4,4479842
gs6elKay Kare PrizeclawAdult (m)8,4238935
nbBmfKareyal PrizeclawAdult (f)7,8481,2205
nY689Runaway Octant PrizeclawAdult (m)7,9381,0496
876aBSpectral Resurrection PrizeclawAdult (m)4,6498682
rOCCYPoccy Epica PrizeclawAdult (m)6,6499576
aEzqIPeaceful Holiday PrizeclawAdult (m)5,7391,12010
bXbYmTasty Digits PrizeclawAdult (f)6,3751,3363
7fi5T7 Fists PrizeclawAdult (m)5,8179642
NhXQYDark Angel's Falling PrizeclawAdult (f)5,0939623
iAPshShaded Abandoner PrizeclawAdult (f)5,6368915
IQwKhPeaceful Silverheart PrizeclawAdult (f)6,7471,2278
EeZ9cEezeri PrizeclawAdult (f)5,0581,0362
2ao8BShiny Reflector PrizeclawAdult (m)4,8519661
h8dyiFace the Odds PrizeclawAdult (m)5,9649363
CbmMLApocalyse Hero PrizeclawAdult (f)6,8501,0719
iNN41Shiny Shards PrizeclawAdult (m)6,3099742
EYj22Onyx Death PrizeclawAdult (m)5,1031,0635
krQebMomentarily Heated PrizeclawAdult (f)7,9038095
u2b55KegumsAdult (f)5,9021,0842
6bqoiCrystal Fists PrizeclawAdult (m)4,9961,1325
fSOU7Sweet Tinsel PrizeclawAdult (m)6,00494612
IiM3wDoll Tinsel PrizeclawAdult (m)6,7701,0865
eTr9rDark Hero PrizeclawAdult (m)4,9429273
6V76ODalek's Glory PrizeclawAdult (m)4,8551,0043
AdhwRCornfield Bomber PrizeclawAdult (f)5,2939523
ILby4Unbearable PrizeclawAdult (f)9,5821,4495
Y34eOAnguished PrizeclawAdult (f)6,7761,0523
Do1VVDeededAdult (f)5,6661,1176
aIuu9Bronze Nymph PrizeclawAdult (f)5,7541,2176
kzJJjHighly Locked PrizeclawAdult (m)4,6571,0384
el2aPHigher Secrets PrizeclawAdult (f)5,4991,2362
Ef34eConfused Stars PrizeclawAdult (f)4,5471,1191
8v4MkStormy Horizons ThunderclawAdult (f)9,4881,40111
mmbnoNyeri ThunderclawAdult (m)4,4628416
SnqIiSneezer from Nowhere ThunderclawAdult (m)3,8197766
WbIqaMagma Sneezer ThunderclawAdult (m)4,1788502
xcNT2September ThunderclawAdult (f)7,5761,0923
PlwdjWidiriti Zapper ThunderclawAdult (f)4,3848232
JpULKZapper's Lightning ThunderclawAdult (f)6,8901,3415
tP3xdInbred Freezing Spikes IceclawAdult (f)4,9851,0449
SPGBdFreezing Winter IceclawAdult (m)4,6768572
QUEBoIcicle's Breath IceclawAdult (f)5,1811,1567
SuMUESinine IceclawAdult (f)6,3951,1615
uhb9JOverfrost IceclawAdult (m)5,2189006
vIxWKFrozen Trees IceclawAdult (m)4,1188162
TANAOCold Horizon IceclawAdult (f)6,6991,1623
z4z32Stay Cool IceclawAdult (f)4,9427442
6ZbGLStay IceclawAdult (m)4,6298194
HXgSPOvericed IceclawAdult (f)5,4787622
1qP5HNo Delays IceclawAdult (m)7,1501,17010
soDDrFrost Sodder IceclawAdult (m)8,9841,1127
z8E0UC  H  I  L  L  YAdult (m)10,0371,53120
0IsIaKeeping Cool IceclawAdult (m)4,1009702
zPBuQFrozen Mistletoe IceclawAdult (m)4,8877452
gZmBBFrozen Dragonplane IceclawAdult (m)3,4799413
uK9wZGlacial Age IceclawAdult (f)3,0017862
dONPAHotwalker MagmaclawAdult (f)4,5137585
pRHgqAntique Work MagmaclawAdult (m)4,7919713
XrJvWLacareta MagmaclawAdult (f)4,5569065
agyMPRoasting Mosquitoes MagmaclawAdult (m)3,2807035
yIu2eSealed MagmaclawAdult (f)2,05150710
wcMSNNormandy MagmaclawAdult (m)6,8761,1065
GIPNwVolcanic Vents MagmaclawAdult (m)3,6601,0061
jeZ0WControlled Violence MagmaclawAdult (m)3,3317944
Q6VuHMy OdysseyAdult (m)2,2151,0292
sXq8lAfter InfinityAdult (m)2,2401,1400
NlrqKDark Times ArcaneclawAdult (f)2,9481,0673
K4QXdLatvijaAdult (m)3,6141,0123
Kbzv5Elim Sakuhana ArcaneclawAdult (f)2,3156751
oqv5aMikitikaAdult (f)2,2197093
nfrC4Rhythmical Magic ArcaneclawAdult (m)3,5499873
vkZMAFreezing Stoneyards ZyuclawAdult (m)9,1521,1998
zMQCzTejecyAdult (m)8,1941,0685
vja2RI'M A GRAY GAUNTLETAdult (m)6,7019504
qgXXfOohing Black PeppersAdult (f)6,5611,0643
j6bAaPhantom Fury ZyuclawAdult (m)9,9411,1017
vv5BUI don't wanna be free ZyuclawAdult (m)7,4378724
ESSPTSunshine Flow ZyuclawAdult (m)5,8831,1042
KFbdmSerene Monster ZyuclawAdult (f)5,69584414
QbEUZFeel Alive ZyuclawAdult (m)4,5168481
6cgdJHunted Power ZyuclawAdult (f)7,1361,1013
xT3kiBirthday Wish ZyuclawAdult (f)5,8601,1313
3BJXxPowerful Shade ZyuclawAdult (m)8,0311,3017
8LeIpGlowing Ambers ZyuclawAdult (m)8,0108988
cZMI0Nyuksa ZyuclawAdult (f)6,0189836
qDa8FI'M A YELLOW GAUNTLETAdult (f)7,9081,0261
Hq5RbOohing Yellow PeppersAdult (f)5,2901,0022
HRh3MAlmost Forgotten ZyuclawAdult (m)8,79269113
NZTvVPowered At Last ZyuclawAdult (m)6,7461,2058
lJ1AvUnseen Power ZyuclawAdult (m)7,1011,3034
tV6CcFilled Hate ZyuclawAdult (f)8,0121,36511
v8cvSStolen Power ZyuclawAdult (m)7,3771,0743
UMg0WHoney Wish ZyuclawAdult (m)5,3301,1772
asDyASecret Stars ZyuclawAdult (f)5,4191,1524
Dap5xHaunted Skywyrm ZyuclawAdult (m)7,5761,1958
qC6sFBlue and Pink ZyuclawAdult (f)7,3321,0093
i7syJI'M A BLUE GAUNTLETAdult (f)9,1371,1792
PhcAGOohing Blue PeppersAdult (f)5,0859981
5MMSlCut the Cords ZyuclawAdult (f)6,8369513
UkprmGauntlet Child ZyuclawAdult (m)5,2721,1741
jTUbTAviators GodhunterAdult (m)4,9991,0131
xZYUWAccidental Mistake ZyuclawAdult (m)8,1321,3298
PbkC7Unearthed Powers ZyuclawAdult (m)6,4791,1553
Dr5bHRisen Power ZyuclawAdult (f)8,5751,0742
xVrsZFaded Gauntlet ZyuclawAdult (m)4,6601,0742
h7jkOShivers Slitherers ZyuclawAdult (f)8,1461,3209
N9bp6White Failed Fall ZyuclawAdult (f)8,2451,0073
wO3EjI'M A WHITE GAUNTLETAdult (m)8,8031,1504
IejXFOohing White PeppersAdult (m)9,8361,6056
pkiJgVery Amphipterean ZyuclawAdult (f)9,9831,22211
LYrKBSparkling Tea Cups ZyuclawAdult (f)8,3331,3674
SrEW1Shiny Power ZyuclawAdult (f)6,3241,0072
GVtQZSelfless Might ZyuclawAdult (f)9,8771,54815
jmomRHated Love ZyuclawAdult (m)7,3411,0532
WdeBnFallen Power ZyuclawAdult (f)7,4821,0984
U2gTTSelfless Teject ZyuclawAdult (f)5,3911,1423
dz326Decaded ZyuclawAdult (f)6,0531,33411
cRS7JPunane VolitusAdult (m)7,0431,0553
poH9eI'M A RED GAUNTLETAdult (m)7,3318665
yjFOjOohing Red PeppersAdult (m)6,4461,1022
iEcfcCrimson Powerline ZyuclawAdult (f)6,2661,0686
facbFRed Heart ZyuclawAdult (m)5,2841,0704
uT4m9Uttermost Desire ZyuclawAdult (f)5,9431,1030
njSsSDecoy Soul ZyuclawAdult (m)6,3421,1232
QnHqnBlinded Power ZyuclawAdult (f)7,4821,0892
s4HiLBleeding Sun ZyuclawAdult (f)7,4841,2634
CS2MgDecoy Life ZyuclawAdult (m)4,6801,0382
fiiOxMetallic's Pink ZyuclawAdult (m)7,3351,0725
mXZXQPink's Calls ZyuclawAdult (m)11,2271,5036
8GRNLI'M A PINK GAUNTLETAdult (m)8,6869576
1yZmCOohing Pink PeppersAdult (m)5,2861,0312
u7wmYPlum Roses ZyuclawAdult (m)6,5689472
kSADHTejecting Gauntlets ZyuclawAdult (f)4,8371,0970
74YSzTejecting Time ZyuclawAdult (m)5,7191,0342
E9YXqAltway 3rd Warmth EffectAdult (f)5,6711,2343
cSNTzAwakened Power ZyuclawAdult (m)7,7961,0732
rTOLsShaken Story ZyuclawAdult (f)4,7049432
kvtxkReminiscent Blood ZyuclawAdult (m)4,6701,0753
LoarvLoarv Magic WitchclawAdult (m)2,7177793
tuquYGlittering Spells WitchclawAdult (f)4,3061,1272
V8QwuEnchanted Fire WitchclawAdult (m)5,1129993
xR2FDLikewise Greenlight WitchclawAdult (f)4,5921,2052
S7PtJStrawberry Magician WitchclawAdult (f)3,33193010
z6i29Dark Saints WitchclawAdult (m)3,6139853
4AIGeSonic Brightness WitchclawAdult (m)2,9999682
xSo9ODusk Spells WitchclawAdult (m)2,5267372
LbUQ6Theoretic Influence WitchclawAdult (f)2,8088822
BLFOcBramble's Guardian WitchclawAdult (f)2,3566902
x5yOHMother's Protection WitchclawAdult (f)2,5357356
xDvR3MiodamAdult (f)2,9856061
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