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You pick up the scroll labeled “herk,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
eb29lZebgi TriscaleAdult (f)5,2787084
hhdk3Haddok TriscaleAdult (f)6,3956650
HTef0Thefo Tsuscale  2Adult (f)6,3075887
dJQFkCatcher Tsuscale  2Adult (m)6,4306212
kLVYDHakobu Mrindi Chi Tsuscale  3Adult (f)5,3201,1947
8nBWIBinwi Tsuscale  3Adult (m)5,5559441
4ipSACatch me if you Tan  2xxxAdult (m)4,3021,0984
9YOJKFalling Kaleidoscope  2xxxAdult (f)5,8481,0852
guG47Lil' Undecided GuppyHatchling (F)2,2084147
GhZCLil' FishbaitHatchling (f, F)1,23258522
ThJndLil' KoederHatchling (m, F)1,5956822
LhXMNess of Loch Shell  CBAdult (f)679243189
HMZtnPond of Loch Shell  CBAdult (m)3,7971,2905
jmLMTShuilong of Loch Shell  CBAdult (f)6,4191,2102
HBQFlHarbeque of Loch Shell  CBAdult (m)6,3841,1873
YNFNkWhy not Funk  CBAdult (f)4,7371,0997
f6tNwSweetwater Cuffs  CBAdult (m)2,9849386
nQOGTQuogty of Loch Shell  CBAdult (f)4,6881,1024
B8TMgBatmog of Loch Shell  CBAdult (m)3,9871,0452
1qCWJWijcq of Loch Shell  CBAdult (m)5,6451,1155
hdNq8Night of Loch Shell  CBAdult (m)3,2158874
bNc7tDon of Loch Shell DSeascale  2Adult (m)2,1139511
uq9A3Shell DSeascale  2xAdult (f)3,2178362
ZkiQPShelly Shootingstar  2Adult (f)3,3801,1113
siF9vZero degrees Celsius  2Adult (m)7,1381,4567
2WehUMostly below the Surface  2Adult (f)5,0281,1223
cgumBThe Fraction is a bit unclear  2Adult (m)3,3569834
4pZ63Icey Waters  3Adult (m)5,8016231
cGjGyCold to the touch  3Adult (f)6,0086341
MU2KpMugedina Magscale  2Adult (f)7,0136361
hNdP1Pihnd Skyscale  2xAdult (m)4,1366282
TGoOeAhab Snake Stripescale  2Adult (f)5,3598011
nfPXoMoby Stripescale  2Adult (m)3,8011,1392
6d9TJTJ of Loch Shell  3mAdult (m)2,3017906
Ti42JSo Long- Thanks for all the FishAdult (f)3,2828433
sGLpLil' BoilyHatchling (f, F)1,02045818
DQYi3Lil' EccoHatchling (m, F)3,9397860
U2ZahMujina of Loch Shell  2Adult (f)6,1061,2114
R6UYjRuyji of Loch Shell  2Adult (m)3,5566311
HeIJ5Heiya of Loch Shell  2Adult (f)3,9201,2302
DFcHZAmphitheatrical  2Adult (m)5,4731,0852
HzJuUJuzuh of Loch Shell  2Adult (f)7,4695092
4oqfkFaquor of Loch Diamond 2Adult (m)5,7811,0011
jYondYond of Loch Kaleidoscope  2Adult (f)6,1499472
RCOdjRocqi of Loch Shell  2xAdult (m)7,2974993
vcpm4I can hear you Curtis  3xAdult (f)5,3341,1517
VbJexJex of Loch Shell  3xAdult (m)5,3921,1394
H2GijLake Whisper  3xAdult (f)6,5991,1704
LeAGALeaga of Loch Shell  3xAdult (m)6,9895154
8bqi5Lil' Splinter xxHatchling (m, F)3,8919342
CNraLil' Cordy FrostHatchling (f, F)5,74673711
2L9LJLil' IcecubeHatchling (m, F)4,8796172
iT0vV273 degrees below Zero Cuffs  CBAdult (f)6,4931,4487
a0QkrSon of the Glacier  CBAdult (m)5,5791,5456
AcVBmIcicle  CBAdult (f)6,9341,4925
Osb8gI sank the Titanic  CBAdult (m)3,2329282
MX1PnA Lawyer's Heart  CBAdult (m)5,6008256
eG2oAA Politician's Soul  CBAdult (f)5,1648094
j1ZORJizora  CB dAdult (f)5,6917383
tj0ey(tj0ey)Adult (m)5,0897396
nhQnuI hunt down immigrantsAdult (m)5,6997923
9dtjHI'm a FAST trainAdult (f)7,0631,0883
hoLzD(hoLzD)Adult (m)4,4119341
xXNBYIceflower Roots  2PBAdult (f)6,7721,0541
MzgTrMy land is an island  2PBAdult (f)5,0826581
CYzHZSon of Icicle  2PBAdult (m)3,9831,2484
MQD9mHell Froze Over  2PB dAdult (m)5,2866454
C38p9Cebquo  2PBx dAdult (m)5,2367552
o9cMqSon of Iceland  3PBAdult (m)4,7367273
NBrusRoots in Hell  3PB dAdult (f)5,6136824
HwgNeRoots in Iceland  4PBx dAdult (f)7,0826562
VGN2CGuncu Ariascale  2xAdult (m)5,5758131
Vz3T6Bruce BlackscaleAdult (m)6,4717611
IAKknRefuser BlackscaleAdult (m)4,9501,3273
RVej0Khaotic Freezer BlackscaleAdult (m)5,2591,13819
Ev8ICBevic Blusscale  2xAdult (f)4,9409604
eeQMMMessenger with a Gift  2Adult (f)4,6931,3353
jutdOJust Do Butterscale  3cAdult (f)6,5371,0405
6YPisGypis Crystalscale  2Adult (m)7,5746363
k2x5RTreibeis Crystalscale  2Adult (m)4,9937424
Gyh0QLaborah Crystalscale  3cxAdult (m)4,3717933
cBTxYIcesnake DSeascale  2Adult (f)5,3486591
6mpSNSea of Souls DSeascale  2Adult (f)5,4576051
h2fzfHunter DSeascale  2xAdult (m)7,1055542
966IZFrostsnake DSeascale  3cxAdult (f)7,2775943
mYnm6Antennasoul DSeascale  3cxAdult (f)5,5916601
uby9gWiesel Frostscale  2xAdult (f)6,6709614
ISvcvIsqva Ghostscale  2Adult (f)5,4086323
s59YcGhostship  2Adult (m)5,3436205
B9DFuDubfeg Ghostscale  3cAdult (f)5,4418634
oEU7WNaval Poem Ghostcale  3cAdult (m)5,0766671
2D8ejMy family SHOUTS at people  4cAdult (f)3,4901,03210
u2dWmFrozen Ghostscale  4cAdult (m)5,7067212
PVIvnPuiun Ghostscale  4cAdult (m)5,5186003
wu2o8Wuzob Ghostscale  5cxAdult (f)5,3416193
dLU0eDuloe Ghostscale  5cxAdult (m)7,7669302
t9yGBIcy Shouts  5Adult (f)4,8727024
ishazIshaz Hellscale  2Adult (m)4,2236712
bXgCHChibxu Hellscale  3c dAdult (m)5,4186074
c2bqCGlace Lurkscale  2 dAdult (m)7,8897175
5Xj5NFrozty Lurkscale  2Adult (m)4,2256711
XIRv9Xir Lurkscale  3cxAdult (m)5,3656592
ql5XZQuix Magescale  2Adult (f)5,2335773
zhNZ6Z'anza Magescale  3cxAdult (f)6,2377173
zbry8Z'e Moon Ice Moonscale  2Adult (f)6,3568252
H7Ra7Huraga Peacescale  2xAdult (f)6,9335985
JLdegUhura Redscale  2 dAdult (f)5,1217273
8E7GdBelga Redscale  2Adult (f)5,5235844
4W3zYAwezy Redscale  3cx dAdult (f)4,8747782
D2nATNatty Skyscale  2Adult (m)5,8406294
YUsSISmoke me a Kipper Skyscale  3acAdult (f)6,4535931
3nkBWIce Knight Slimescale  2Adult (f)5,2239714
aj4JFFaja Slimescale  2Adult (f)5,5935943
1eKZ2Kezz Slimescale  3cAdult (f)6,4899153
oUoPYPrime Knight Slimescale  3cAdult (f)5,4346452
M2ajqPrime Gelantine Slimescale  4cxAdult (f)3,0138432
D6YydFrozen   StarAdult (m)6,0706565
QN2rfQuen Starscale  2xAdult (m)4,5929473
FvEwVWho cares about colour  3cAdult (m)5,9736323
Hs46EJoey Vergil Jr Triscale  2Adult (m)5,1396751
L6XeDAsasco Thuwed  2Adult (m)4,2591,19717
yJu38Juyi Triscale 2xAdult (f)3,2734242
xxXbXNot Safe For Work Triscale  3cxAdult (m)5,6347410
XwY0bMy baby will overthrow Vexen  2Adult (f)3,6668943
rXUxERuxxe Whitescale  2Adult (m)4,7849425
DnM9Frozcam WhitescaleAdult (m)2,23681115
cyKRaCykra Whitescale  3cxAdult (m)3,7179284
aQALvQualv Whitescale  3cxAdult (m)4,4316273
gWpnmMerciful Justice  3cfAdult (m)4,1381,1963
d0mJGFroztbrand Winterscale  2Adult (f)6,7221,2994
PkIlvHamlet Brandt Winterscale  2Adult (m)5,7617332
9sckOFrozone  3mAdult (m)3,2771,0378
nn0mFrozcara  3spAdult (f)2,0204196
GfTgALunar  CBAdult (m)1,9648483
jhQZXEndymion  CBAdult (m)3,8941,1812
Q62BVHubal  CBAdult (m)7,5061,1651
p3iCPWadd  CBAdult (m)4,7871,2711
hXDaGYarikh  CBAdult (m)6,8191,6276
LvWw9Tecciztecatl  CBAdult (m)5,9981,1200
wHTZSZuckerstueckchen  CBAdult (m)4,7907785
xoF0DConiraya  CB dAdult (m)6,5617011
eHiPjAlignak  CB dAdult (m)6,0246381
83mhqIgaluk  CB dAdult (m)5,9146904
8Hx96Baal-HamonAdult (m)3,6338683
cnqKpTa'lab  2PBAdult (m)6,6181,2803
YE2ICNapir  2PBAdult (m)6,3351,2185
gnsYvConiraya  2PB dAdult (m)5,3367221
k0YD7Pah  2PB dAdult (m)6,3889061
jZgx0Awilix  2PB dAdult (m)5,1097832
lyu63Lyuge  2PBAdult (m)5,8408781
p4kObPakob  2PBxAdult (m)3,0558852
KQH20Conichiwa  3PB dAdult (m)5,3746061
Ajtp5Kusuh  3PBxAdult (m)5,6581,1728
Z20WaZ'owja 3PBxAdult (m)5,5207253
vyflvVyflu  3PBAdult (m)5,5276231
kBiORMano Ludens  4PBAdult (m)6,3731,2671
xeBeWBexer Ghostscale  3cAdult (m)6,1687001
NvV9nNevermind Ghostscale  4cxAdult (m)6,5156801
XFZiaFyzio Goldenscale  2 dAdult (m)6,3257081
ebp9tBeppo Goldscale  3cxAdult (m)5,5626544
LVIqnGolden Moon  3cAdult (m)3,6501,0451
HRQO6Ice Moon  2Adult (m)5,8661,2126
mMQq7Lunar Rosescale  3cAdult (m)6,1365452
4NLEzNalezzo Rosescale  3cxAdult (m)5,6965913
tzSalCapital Rosescale  4cAdult (m)5,3856243
grDz8Gread Rosescale  4cAdult (m)7,0656604
6258RGreesly Rosescale  5cxAdult (m)2,3257163
DfPLwPluffy Skyscale  2xAdult (m)5,0407754
s4gVeSagev WaveRscale  2xAdult (m)5,6607501
yJFVWSchimmernder Mondstein  4Adult (m)5,3791,0563
9MpGJLil' BinnenHatchling (F)1,7595911
tUcNLil' OstseeHatchling (f, F)2,60643819
gnLePIf I'd only been a girlHatchling (m, F)3,8766661
UjsHPacifica  CBAdult (f)2,16549621
Uc8dAtlan Tic  CBAdult (m)2,22633017
KoA80The Irish Sea  CBAdult (f)4,1826401
534A3Totes Meer  CBAdult (m)5,2416593
jQa3bSuedsee  CBAdult (f)5,8776133
iX1GqRotes Meer  CBAdult (m)5,0506682
Z4NTWZ'Antowar  CBAdult (f)4,7635611
dM2iFIndian Ocean  CBAdult (m)5,8965144
uQnTvI cut through Waves  CBAdult (f)5,0076231
mrVJcMr Ray Cokes  CBAdult (m)5,4556473
PIljtPirate PiitAdult (m)6,2526922
KbTezRadiowaverunner  CBAdult (f)8,3386651
TjaDFGerman Reaction  CBAdult (f)7,6568812
CeoGVAntarctic Sea  CBAdult (m)5,3246792
DF0s1Arctic Sea  CBAdult (f)5,3226693
xyKaVSurfmasterAdult (m)5,7676833
fpe9ESurfmistressAdult (f)5,8116734
PzeiJSolcintra SeaAdult (m)5,4516202
ksQF0Concelta Sea  CBAdult (m)6,4506263
Yvve0Yvveo  CBAdult (f)5,8575562
RfYe0Altarean Sea  CBAdult (m)4,7597245
BKRGgCentaurian Sea  CBAdult (f)6,0946416
sZyo8Betazoid OceanAdult (m)4,8946334
QqLaqMinbari SeaAdult (m)6,5866003
nAhBoGungans' HomeAdult (m)6,9996443
riZaSRisan Seas  CBAdult (f)3,2807052
fK6qzSurebleak's Ocean  CBxAdult (m)6,6066352
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