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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “aliru,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5pGk0Little Water ChildzHatchling (F)2,3213033
uy6wyThe Quick Whipper SnapperAdult (f)3,3924553
4lmiGPasifist RouteAdult (f)3,1664122
fguCaPasifist KingAdult (m)5,0488262
pdI2DWisps of A Feathery FallAdult (f)3,8001,0452
DhZjAFall Fall To The GroundAdult (m)4,5731,2084
68U8WRootwormAdult (f)2,6396830
RKLGWTheiveryAdult (f)2,5887351
zma8nzma8nAdult (f)3,0319802
IIkYJWicker LightsAdult (f)2,4936831
cpGu6Witcher LightsAdult (f)2,4356871
z7ZqeFlickering Flames Of EyesHatchling (m, F)2,6047881
jpoxiElectricicityAdult (m)2,9444425
SOQRtShockingzAdult (m)7,1716882
Ve8u5Venus of LightningAdult (m)4,1069244
g4VI5g4VI5Adult (f)3,2557712
KRMe5KRMe5Adult (f)3,1046875
pJScGThe Flowers are GrowingAdult (f)2,5574253
WboQqEarth WyrmzAdult (m)9,5581,4699
zSmOFA plant childAdult (f)2,3836622
99lML99 mLAdult (m)3,4727501
PA2U4A OrangeAdult (m)4,16666211
jVjQvViper In OrangeAdult (m)3,7778540
SFKcfFire SnakAdult (m)7,8051,3443
AVbPFAvviaAdult (f)7,8711,3523
O8E7gLost- InfernoAdult (f)4,3748395
HuXAfWyrm Of Coast BayAdult (m)2,7274376
PdnQzWyrm Of WaterwayAdult (f)3,0867526
Nx7lKFire PlayerzAdult (f)2,9924775
UDnjkPink bEANZAdult (f)5,9119494
1LE6vPink GifttAdult (f)5,3061,0171
ICa77ICa77Adult (f)5,4051,0215
dTHSEDarken MoodsAdult (f)5,9081,0362
961ymLittle Broth3rAdult (m)7,9451,2806
2WShMThe Moons ColouringAdult (f)5,2111,0011
gGqF0Little Sist3rAdult (f)8,0161,3273
BsClxYellow GifttAdult (f)5,5461,0153
yATyLDarken ChildAdult (m)5,5599982
McsI8Lady Of Darknes5Adult (f)4,5209916
E9Mi1Little Fire Mag3Adult (f)10,3021,4715
kzcf5The Red OmeAdult (f)6,2888770
CLiCfSnowdecahedronsAdult (f)5,1953562
BES2wA Creature of DinoAdult2,80770614
bGJtlBlues MusicsAdult3,82486816
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