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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “aliru,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
dCUthWinged Oxidized CopperAdult (f)3,9897173
fKsD8Cor'lerAdult (m)4,8101,1501
lLMDKLar'ocAdult (f)3,0726051
ZMwACOdy'nAdult (m)3,4998220
ZVtVeFirepunkAdult (m)2,4234984
5E0lIFire CrackerzAdult (m)2,6717361
vgkUUFl'yreAdult (m)3,6068100
cDGes(cDGes)Adult (m)3,7828560
jXpgWPoisonous-IvyAdult (m)3,1485172
5hG5qI'm the one allowed to b a plantAdult (f)3,7366292
yTKVMLook a plant- I was InncorrectAdult (m)3,1755211
uGbpqLittle Vine BoiHatchling (m, F)4,5881,0323
fQG2KHibernating GreenAdult (m)2,9987324
2eQAMDarkened-SkyAdult (m)3,2264742
7FP4BBlack And Blue ColorsAdult (m)1,5343600
MiUNKCreatureeAdult (f)2,8787522
z2tX8Dreaming FloaterAdult (f)2,9834893
Tq1fSDream KingzAdult (m)4,6628180
FIuLyFIuLy-codedAdult (f)3,9344514
FTkrYBlack serpantAdult (m)1,7354491
nv9BwLeviathanzAdult (m)6,4348082
YlIndYlIndAdult (m)4,7199630
nZZcXDeep Dark OceansAdult (m)3,1857342
ybHLzSea NAdult (f)3,2397460
utSwoDy'p LentrezAdult (f)2,7045802
FHlFvFirey Mana CrystalAdult (m)1,7023871
d7aRsDestructor-now with magicAdult (m)2,7317441
BCPPnDestructrissAdult (f)2,6657341
v7GdUDes'picziAdult (m)4,5951,1832
thXjvDy'sirAdult (f)2,3496932
4MoeM(4MoeM)Adult (f)2,5777222
mr3CLJyr'ilAdult (f)2,8865390
51SdlDimond ButterflyAdult (m)2,5723481
12jORDimond SparklingAdult (f)2,6433790
uBFMaNobracAdult (f)3,6276371
reccIreccIAdult (m)3,9277991
UNEGqPurple Fins Are Better Than RedAdult (f)2,8554263
YQyOBMore Purple fin sAdult (m)4,3828100
kJdGkRed Fins Are Better Than PurpleAdult (f)3,4075302
ZRPiVRed Back  Reef BackAdult (f)4,5899562
GvDeGLittle Red FinAdult (f)2,9567572
3SUyoRed Finned WingsAdult (m)2,9667531
W3kp1Times of Scarlets and RedsAdult (m)2,2485593
sQVhzThe ReddenAdult (f)3,5328971
gJV9IRoradoAdult (m)4,8514043
nHC4PFeaviriaAdult (f)4,6975043
47vuvDuo ElementHatchling (f, F)5,2421,0003
5N2XdDusk WarrAdult (f)10,7761,6967
4Vf9HShockingly BeautifullyAdult (f)2,6194351
YVFEAElectricly StunningAdult (f)2,2787288
kk1nnStatic Electricity SAdult (f)3,4326550
WRI0D(WRI0D)Adult (m)3,8888130
nVqnAThe Flames Little EmbersAdult (f)2,0254444
4ZSepEmbers of SeptemberAdult (f)4,2189171
xj4K9Sparking Ember NightsAdult (f)3,3097021
tCkHmEmber boy-oAdult (m)2,8617050
lh30rEmbers Of The HomesAdult (f)4,6721,00411
d2AZWEmbrenaAdult (f)3,8319180
ZGRkTLyv'reAdult (m)4,3328453
igbrQLy'erAdult (f)3,5118091
ytLpnLittle Blazing SmoldersHatchling (f, F)3,84080711
Yn6egEyes of Burning LiesAdult (m)2,6334283
TE4zT(TE4zT)Adult (m)3,1998751
c0IjaLittle Flame StarterAdult (f)3,1968301
IxNQCUnderfell RageAdult (m)6,4966261
dA5zUScary MadamAdult (f)4,4211,0472
Qp8zmBas'hAdult (f)3,8758991
kmyRlEmerald EyeseekerAdult (m)2,6985071
wTYzZFlame EyeseekerAdult (m)2,6214055
RinjgWater EyeseekerAdult (f)2,2914072
j12UoFluff EyeseekerAdult (f)2,6274221
5upEyBlue Stoned ScalesAdult (f)4,6229454
DjmN3Sapphire-Based CollectorAdult (m)3,2357699
ieQF3Ry'venAdult (f)3,7828672
ItCSHItCSHAdult (f)6,5111,0873
sHntZPalexFlamingoAdult (m)3,5544154
gmPLEFla'myroAdult (m)2,6296421
y2NW0LiliezAdult (m)4,7451,1354
8FVcCFloral SweetheartAdult (m)3,3656491
yzBEdyzBEd-codedAdult (f)8,8711,6123
s5ajOPurple skies- Dry your eyesAdult (f)2,7507374
4iyJSA Golden LassieAdult (f)5,0029581
5bWPgThe Red CollecterAdult (f)4,4959382
hVHw8Frilled Hopes And DreamsAdult (f)2,5624350
UohmMFrilly PatternzAdult (f)2,4034140
nIDBqFrill You Back OffAdult (f)6,1524241
a1uMPA Frostbitten HeartAdult (m)2,9494672
ZAs5TUndertale's Dragon Of FrostAdult (f)2,85269810
xTesQTes'trimyAdult (m)3,3969071
6E1x7(6E1x7)Adult (f)3,3548201
L9GNO(L9GNO)Adult (m)3,6038351
Htiai(Htiai)Adult (f)4,8081,1253
K7CrN(K7CrN)Adult (f)4,1798771
OJdEsScale Of Gold And RedAdult (m)3,3338622
YWL23(YWL23)Adult (f)3,3488691
KHEkx(KHEkx)Adult (m)4,5601,0642
3tgYRGreen Gem CreatureAdult (f)4,7878744
xvxRgGems of Royal RedAdult (f)5,7441,2476
bRILfKing of RubyAdult (m)1,2934394
2jLJsRuby GemmAdult (f)1,9285951
8tGYEGems Of Royal BlueAdult (f)7,5985784
9QY8VKing of SapphirezAdult (m)3,4854194
S9yWWAn Ember GemHatchling (m, F)3,2796842
ymF1ZAlastor and AzazelAdult (f)3,0374453
15YtDHazel and SavieliaAdult (f)2,7844735
3291s3291sAdult (f)4,5289030
9hQopWhite Winged BlueJayAdult (f)2,8014078
zwKs9Bright Sunny WillowAdult (m)3,6424214
PAA95The Night WillowAdult (f)3,3215184
L4xSaLittle Shad3Hatchling (f, F)4,7759445
oRES5(oRES5)Adult (m)4,7791,1220
GaxFh(GaxFh)Adult (f)2,5465941
bptcgEvery Scale is Secretly a CoinAdult (m)3,2417562
V8AByGolden PlacesAdult (f)5,3821,1554
WWAhfBrilliant Gold Within CavesAdult (f)5,8701,14419
V8ijtShadow Based GoldAdult (m)2,7507363
DtwqaMore Gold GainedAdult (m)3,0997747
8QZ0DFlowering BeautieAdult (m)2,8254465
kyqXXGolden HopezAdult (f)3,2503933
2PmQqBurn the Ground and TownsAdult (f)1,7425412
Qgir4Graveyard HollaringAdult (f)3,0957905
FIrJ5Charcoal DarlingAdult (f)4,1491,2343
j48Q9Grave Boy With The Charcoal RemAdult (m)2,5607881
xgPIDThe Grave Watcher Of CoalAdult (f)2,6787911
IqqDMCharcoaled GoldAdult (m)2,7367402
zobKjBir'nesAdult (m)3,0578962
ZPYxe(ZPYxe)Adult (m)3,4869363
gixxm(gixxm)Adult (f)2,4417050
v9r2J(v9r2J)Adult (f)2,6157471
i4Tda(i4Tda)Adult (m)2,6207180
EwcE1(EwcE1)Adult (m)2,2496951
SlaRV(SlaRV)Adult (m)2,3067110
GrlRl(GrlRl)Adult (m)2,9896012
cpoABOne speckled drakeAdult (f)4,3539341
OCvZkThe Spotted CreatureAdult (f)3,3877440
XPjszThe Drake that Holds SpotsAdult (f)3,2627090
CDQnAMen can hurl rocksAdult (m)3,0574483
88ZUKWomen can hurl rocks tooAdult (f)6,5001,1371
Ws0lO(Ws0lO)Adult (f)4,3338630
kqDSOChanging of DreamsAdult (f)7,2885944
bmKLiTimes Are Changing HandsAdult (f)5,4601,2151
2l7GDCreation Of DreamzAdult (f)9,2027314
lsEq3The Creator Of ArtsAdult (m)9,3337102
UdBPQGreen is not creative uwuAdult (f)5,3149552
LI4b3(LI4b3)Adult (m)5,5568491
m1yXtDestruction Of DreamsAdult (m)5,6656465
dhun8The Grave DestructionAdult (f)9,4571,2786
jc4rnThe-Guardians-of-KnowledgeAdult (m)2,8463964
7D2g3The-Guardians-of-LightAdult (f)3,4524344
rV4HKThe Guardian's WingsAdult (m)2,8237122
C3BzO(C3BzO)Adult (m)4,0638770
ggKjRGuardian Of DreamzAdult (m)6,81468611
Y1VIaLittle Harvester of CropsAdult (f)3,0644332
TslRFNew Harvest SkiesAdult (m)3,0347551
BPo9mHarvest Time Harvest TomeAdult (f)4,2129910
pFEA4FeaaAdult (m)3,2117512
JYgUj(JYgUj)Adult (f)3,9488380
ZxIthLet Me Find You A PartnerAdult (m)2,7535443
0qsnIHeart-Shaped-ChocolateAdult (m)3,0846915
nUIM1Little Heart GiverHatchling (F)1,7736491
vKYKWChild of ChocolateHatchling (m, F)2,9207382
7XSobStealing Your HeartsAdult (f)2,1965281
MCVZ0A Windy HeartstealerAdult (f)2,8786881
1UvyWFallen-AngelzAdult (m)2,8564003
xcPlJDancer's Flaming HopesAdult (f)2,7684043
oq4E1A Fire Ball On LegsHatchling (m, F)4,0801,0263
6XufjPonyta The Fire DragonAdult (f)3,0494562
ZehsgFlaming PrideeAdult (m)6,1774288
TvLelTvLelAdult (m)2,7164442
uDQkXHollieLeafAdult (f)2,8415242
ixUNT(ixUNT)Adult (m)3,2217073
Lvua4(Lvua4)Adult (m)2,9036821
xmZFoMinteiyAdult (m)2,5135613
690i4(690i4)Adult (m)3,7909992
hAFot(hAFot)Adult (m)3,0716931
LitD0(LitD0)Adult (m)2,9026453
w9bmqHolldai CheerAdult (f)2,9995352
EEQeS(EEQeS)Adult (f)3,8471,0201
40TEq(40TEq)Adult (f)2,9716802
2DS7A(2DS7A)Adult (f)2,7936630
L7WSyRibbon Covered LynxAdult (f)2,1975111
dEiVt(dEiVt)Adult (f)3,1406973
0yRnP(0yRnP)Adult (f)2,9346751
HjsWqWill it be Christmas YetAdult (m)2,8935232
qfcrd(qfcrd)Adult (m)3,8169772
wsgWRBrightenedWingsAdult (m)2,8975491
EcDR3(EcDR3)Adult (m)2,5427761
aXwAbBlitzenzAdult (f)2,3055213
tssff(tssff)Adult (f)3,9211,0061
4ppR6(4ppR6)Adult (f)3,7851,0111
qSR6O(qSR6O)Adult (f)3,2187150
S6vkF(S6vkF)Adult (f)3,3937051
RUTeP(RUTeP)Adult (f)3,2096863
EhGgD(EhGgD)Adult (f)2,8216260
W5yG6Welcome to ChristmasAdult (m)1,8754484
RbBF3(RbBF3)Adult (f)3,8171,0211
5lKSn(5lKSn)Adult (f)3,2837371
aoUrSThe Snowy DancerAdult (m)2,0504635
UKKFL(UKKFL)Adult (m)3,9107772
YPYvXSnow Lion of WinterAdult (m)2,2184783
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