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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “SpiritOfSakura,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
jPqUDon't Know and Don't CareAdult (m)3,40433217
N2JBHeaven and HellfireAdult (f)3,5484815
LEePoEvan and EscenceAdult (m)2,6036842
eV7HLLinkin and ParkAdult (m)2,6327130
5MGEFShame and SorrowAdult (f)1,9116433
fEIC9Mii and YuuHatchling (F)9193572
g1f9W(g1f9W)Adult (m)1,7915730
t34mD(t34mD)Adult (f)1,7985801
Eo4MG(Eo4MG)Adult (m)1,6616352
kUnjr(kUnjr)Adult (f)1,8346871
AG7F4(AG7F4)Adult (f)1,7666102
aZuRFAzurf the PaleAdult (f)2,0226452
ErGTG(ErGTG)Adult (m)2,3896661
Lilt6(Lilt6)Adult (f)1,8686841
wUOl7(wUOl7)Adult (m)2,0616044
nuU2n(nuU2n)Adult (m)1,5886051
pc7qp(pc7qp)Adult (f)1,5645861
fkfbF(fkfbF)Adult (f)1,8985820
CWeKF(CWeKF)Adult (m)1,5776441
UvfdS(UvfdS)Adult (f)1,4376401
dDGm2(dDGm2)Adult (f)1,8266010
ZNRvy(ZNRvy)Adult (m)1,7295830
GGmtI(GGmtI)Adult (f)1,9226291
syIpu(syIpu)Adult (m)1,8515591
Cua4v(Cua4v)Adult (m)2,2586322
uYgdL(uYgdL)Adult (f)2,4766361
qASjt(qASjt)Adult (f)1,8765890
Pt5pK(Pt5pK)Adult (f)2,3017071
HYznt(HYznt)Adult (m)1,7706481
7SSIu(7SSIu)Adult (f)1,7756390
NfqHf(NfqHf)Adult (f)3,5357061
FBNaI(FBNaI)Adult (f)2,3756424
v8AnAriano Sharpclaw DorkfaceAdult (m)2,44344644
5ABX(5ABX)Adult (m)1,52443943
IMt3(IMt3)Adult (f)2,58044630
rjNRt(rjNRt)Adult (m)1,9237015
Yt8dhEviath of PernAdult (f)2,3675904
gT9cS(gT9cS)Adult (m)1,2555621
9u4bM(9u4bM)Adult (m)1,3435670
qUaNg(qUaNg)Adult (m)1,3085590
SVPdM(SVPdM)Adult (m)1,6815711
BoH0QA Darling DarjeelingAdult (f)1,9505775
DpJKuDarkest DarjeelingAdult (m)1,7836043
qVRcnRefined and Dignified like TeaAdult (f)1,7576264
hT6DHA Very Dark TeaAdult (m)1,6235692
64C2C(64C2C)Adult (m)1,9005720
k1w7u(k1w7u)Adult (f)1,8396770
mWZq9(mWZq9)Adult (m)1,3916121
KQvkw(KQvkw)Adult (f)1,5986661
l1RlQ(l1RlQ)Adult (f)2,5466672
MTO44(MTO44)Adult (f)1,8266171
cmg5v(cmg5v)Adult (m)1,7356292
L2Oa0(L2Oa0)Adult (f)1,6096501
VU8Xu(VU8Xu)Adult (m)1,7736621
l5c2Y(l5c2Y)Adult (m)1,7396090
zTQwY(zTQwY)Adult (f)1,8137021
3HV4r(3HV4r)Adult (m)2,1646071
60XTX(60XTX)Adult (m)2,3275270
g9WtiLittle Black Rose of the OperaHatchling (f, F)1,9896511
ysEFoLittle Shadow of the OperaHatchling (F)9523841
41mChMiyako NightroseAdult (f)1,7245554
cpjfH(cpjfH)Adult (f)2,0414902
4g3sa(4g3sa)Adult (f)2,0365934
lBWDlThe-Phantom-of-the-OperaAdult (m)1,7446322
LmgNUShadow of the OperaAdult (m)2,1285976
lZP0AThe Scent of Tea LeavesAdult (f)1,4966542
Iu0ZUThe Earl GreyAdult (m)1,8056082
qxUqGDelicious TeaAdult (m)1,3555883
75mVsJust My Cup of TeaAdult (f)1,5286363
PTZamI SMELL TEAAdult (m)1,8545994
CA7On(CA7On)Adult (f)1,3716192
69HEd(69HEd)Adult (m)1,6846671
6WZDS(6WZDS)Adult (m)2,3195733
6lrpF(6lrpF)Adult (f)1,9925453
lQCfD(lQCfD)Adult (f)1,2446211
x5728(x5728)Adult (m)1,3336620
MYmuJ(MYmuJ)Adult (m)1,3685732
vfghb(vfghb)Adult (f)1,5045970
R7M2v(R7M2v)Adult (f)1,6806443
TC9CD(TC9CD)Adult (m)1,5946401
Kc4XT(Kc4XT)Adult (m)2,0095811
rP4lH(rP4lH)Adult (m)1,8045821
BBZTj(BBZTj)Adult (m)1,5226522
HLAvn(HLAvn)Adult (f)1,5336611
R4V2f(R4V2f)Adult (m)2,4555664
1xEQI(1xEQI)Adult (m)1,7926411
XeOob(XeOob)Adult (m)2,6486382
oAiwv(oAiwv)Adult (m)2,1556542
UX2Uy(UX2Uy)Adult (f)1,6376511
zIaY3(zIaY3)Adult (f)3,4637081
XDlp3(XDlp3)Adult (m)3,6447022
D3NUFai's Guardian of the OceansAdult (m)2,9302425
kQrbB(kQrbB)Adult (m)3,3837038
pQPWR(pQPWR)Adult (m)2,3026547
zmpni(zmpni)Adult (m)1,9225560
Qpe3W(Qpe3W)Adult (f)2,1505561
ifpFChraeloryth of PernAdult (f)4,4253424
Oj3iDLyeriloth of PernAdult (m)2,1415602
YbvWmParadise SingsAdult (m)4,0289968
d5HqQBrith of PernAdult (f)2,4246441
L8YeF(L8YeF)Adult (f)3,8351,1354
Nj8S0(Nj8S0)Adult (f)1,5536122
bhdts(bhdts)Adult (m)2,4435731
iI1Yc(iI1Yc)Adult (m)1,7945572
a4DRN(a4DRN)Adult (m)1,8315812
Qr0er(Qr0er)Adult (f)2,0356271
j8Fqx(j8Fqx)Adult (f)1,8625951
alvRw(alvRw)Adult (f)1,7606261
FOoIR(FOoIR)Adult (m)2,1526421
ipyH2(ipyH2)Adult (f)1,5775862
dIx8B(dIx8B)Adult (f)1,3885951
BdsQTropics SoaringAdult (m)71351724
lWoW0(lWoW0)Adult (f)2,5196064
HCumD(HCumD)Adult (m)2,1235562
g504G(g504G)Hatchling (m, F)1,1315401
u2nUbU 2 NOOBHatchling (m, F)5,4069146
2rXkT(2rXkT)Adult (m)1,9956474
UQlCv(UQlCv)Adult (f)1,7906531
Mf0oA(Mf0oA)Adult (m)1,7836361
yMxm7(yMxm7)Adult (f)1,7496650
SrNYl(SrNYl)Adult (f)2,0405722
Bdllx(Bdllx)Adult (f)2,4275711
7Uz7U(7Uz7U)Adult (m)2,2345670
270FOm Nom Nom NomAdult2,2225179
DuOn0(DuOn0)Adult (m)1,5986262
aivRM(aivRM)Adult (m)1,8706951
8UIGG(8UIGG)Adult (m)1,6016553
gFjlK(gFjlK)Hatchling (F)7823251
HWl3Angel de NieveAdult (f)3,3064033
Vapha(Vapha)Adult (f)1,3716193
NW14S(NW14S)Adult (f)1,3856626
25KDB(25KDB)Adult (f)1,6676744
xDBaT(xDBaT)Adult (f)1,3706553
OfSLr(OfSLr)Adult (f)1,5296571
sABLY(sABLY)Adult (f)1,6595840
TjV4A Gift of TinselAdult (f)3,0153794
BkUA5(BkUA5)Adult (f)1,7716501
aJiP8(aJiP8)Adult (m)2,5235185
df90j(df90j)Adult (m)2,4705903
JBF7E(JBF7E)Adult (m)1,4626591
bIm0n(bIm0n)Adult (m)1,5275850
P0nHX(P0nHX)Adult (m)2,0365462
YFO5O(YFO5O)Adult (m)2,1135330
SWLEH(SWLEH)Adult (m)1,5456610
SJ1UI(SJ1UI)Adult (f)2,1216171
mDAY8(mDAY8)Adult (f)1,7706482
mIs05(mIs05)Adult (f)1,5026212
KPESK(KPESK)Adult (f)1,7716481
LvdSt(LvdSt)Adult (f)1,6045610
C0BSy(C0BSy)Adult (m)1,8985711
lmpGA(lmpGA)Adult (m)1,8846081
8ecFH(8ecFH)Adult (m)2,0915591
7DEno(7DEno)Adult (m)2,0685590
S09fSea TalonAdult (m)3,6652723
7R4wL(7R4wL)Adult (f)2,7506724
An82f(An82f)Adult (m)2,4237162
HIyUu(HIyUu)Adult (f)1,6167362
740ur(740ur)Adult (m)1,5927362
SLuePlants  vs  ZombiesAdult (m)2,32349234
VlNdn(VlNdn)Adult (f)1,9956461
clj6p(clj6p)Adult (m)2,2696842
N5KjM(N5KjM)Adult (m)2,0646162
hDrZB(hDrZB)Adult (m)2,1436093
Vv6HQ(Vv6HQ)Adult (m)1,6886101
AmxAI(AmxAI)Adult (f)3,8208293
0LIHDiving DreamAdult (m)2,3724268
segW7Clouded Wings - District EightAdult (m)1,7106083
EBVvhFantasy MagicAdult (m)3,2305193
ZsCfOMagic in the CloudsAdult (f)2,2975581
7IDER(7IDER)Adult (f)2,4396221
BlIIg(BlIIg)Adult (m)2,1806652
n0onp(n0onp)Adult (m)1,9555911
B37am(B37am)Adult (m)1,9376224
HASmMy NereusAdult (f)3,48935810
L6LOThe king and his menAdult (m)2,6758029
JPEkWith the keys to the cageAdult (f)1,5416125
MtBqgThe seas be oursAdult (m)1,7155458
abvddAnd by the powersAdult (m)1,3645532
5QqYlSome men have diedAdult (f)2,2535032
SKS8uWe lay to Fiddler's GreenAdult (f)2,9645710
St9CCFrom its watery graveAdult (f)2,2176022
XO8ikDo you hear its sepulchral toneAdult (m)2,7136054
cb2ESAnd turn your sail toward homeAdult (f)2,1945521
mJV9GHoist the colors  highAdult (m)3,3077285
255YrHeave-hoAdult (m)2,1706062
FeCQ9Never  shall we dieAdult (m)2,6135453
nm10QLord Lucius TempestiorAdult (m)1,9876112
U9Poe(U9Poe)Adult (m)2,7125322
HkaM8(HkaM8)Adult (m)2,2215762
Rl1Ip(Rl1Ip)Adult (f)2,4516141
fLj52Shinim'et of the Lake CBAdult (f)2,5876394
AQTia(AQTia)Adult (f)2,1126712
kKPEX(kKPEX)Adult (m)2,3986303
EVa8sLady Eva VoileAdult (f)2,1805722
LpxSi(LpxSi)Adult (f)1,8116551
b3Q3H(b3Q3H)Adult (f)1,3805901
twOHW(twOHW)Adult (m)2,4277082
Jic0g(Jic0g)Adult (f)2,0847491
p40HV(p40HV)Adult (m)2,3737231
lbDI8(lbDI8)Adult (m)1,8377242
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