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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “SpiritOfSakura,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
tQYDJ(tQYDJ)Adult (m)1,8925463
5ZuURythymth of TelgarAdult (m)4,4523283
EbQEAzielth of PernAdult (f)1,8964956
UPTbXSanctueth of TelgarAdult (m)1,7766117
GLFJARadranuth of PernAdult (m)1,9447045
MI2DtRynnyuith of PernAdult (m)1,9526062
VFVvJEngumth-Echath of PernAdult (m)1,6636123
4obgtTonhonoth of PernAdult (m)1,7166723
RovcXBut it won'tAdult (m)1,5796151
ricln(ricln)Adult (m)2,1206152
gLoqOAnd we were too busyAdult (f)1,8206251
crtpH(crtpH)Adult (m)2,2856362
uV8tmZheashith of PernAdult (f)2,5496531
qVl4r(qVl4r)Adult (m)1,9715441
ezpbDLady Megaera FureurAdult (f)2,2585850
OsmNj(OsmNj)Adult (f)1,9745241
fRTyNno one saw it goAdult (f)2,1445392
qW3n7You think it'll  last foreverAdult (m)1,8106642
jcML7all that historyAdult (f)1,5025951
s3vrxand no one was even lookingAdult (m)1,4956153
myDxhEven the skyAdult (m)1,4935943
wAblZIt's  deadAdult (f)1,5485881
zXtseThe End  of the WorldAdult (f)1,4745461
jykyK(jykyK)Adult (m)2,5175933
j7v0L(j7v0L)Adult (f)2,3625851
dPRzq(dPRzq)Adult (f)1,8915752
HPPhBronzetail GrifonnHatchling (m, F)2,9532664
N3fPY(N3fPY)Adult (m)1,8446182
Sz2iu(Sz2iu)Adult (f)1,6296281
WOXyV(WOXyV)Adult (f)1,4245690
G054t(G054t)Adult (f)1,4485780
JUyRe(JUyRe)Adult (m)1,7266030
g2q0A(g2q0A)Adult (f)2,0805910
JUe5E(JUe5E)Adult (f)1,7405570
AtP9i(AtP9i)Adult (f)2,0186060
304BDuskwing NightsteedAdult (m)1,00555940
ktv56(ktv56)Adult (m)1,6956055
8WVI6(8WVI6)Adult (m)2,3325332
dBZFo(dBZFo)Adult (f)2,4786003
s2Vg0(s2Vg0)Adult (f)2,3275314
2N05h(2N05h)Adult (f)2,1895622
1bKqh(1bKqh)Adult (m)2,2225871
dDZ2L(dDZ2L)Adult (f)2,1475281
RRCeT(RRCeT)Hatchling (m, F)2,4135502
hLnXe(hLnXe)Adult (f)4,0918245
Z87FO(Z87FO)Adult (f)1,7196191
YaU4SArticuno - Bringer of IceAdult (m)2,2085067
AIBvM(AIBvM)Adult (f)1,7676560
0ePaI(0ePaI)Adult (f)2,6238514
6HY39(6HY39)Egg (F)
QG5gMy ShuiAdult (m)3,31833212
EbQaFai's Lady of the LakeAdult (f)3,1792213
uUH2Fai's ChiAdult (f)4,7553175
JacjLady Ariel SerpentisAdult (f)2,49432115
cUTMFai's Graceful AgilityAdult (m)1,84940330
5r4tFai's Proud GazeAdult (m)2,33546332
PTIrJRiot of RotAdult (f)2,3085256
WDNlg(WDNlg)Adult (f)2,0006153
rzL2NBaron Loch SerpentisAdult (m)1,7835583
0efZi(0efZi)Adult (m)1,8835540
57JpE(57JpE)Adult (f)1,7926330
GY4ECLugia - Guardian of the SeasAdult (f)5,70885712
xvmGj(xvmGj)Adult (m)5,3271,0138
JlFrE(JlFrE)Adult (m)4,8728773
Bwo2u(Bwo2u)Adult (m)5,3801,0244
qqYS6Qanescir DarastrixAdult (m)5,5559425
XXaAN(XXaAN)Adult (m)3,8291,0395
6wtUv(6wtUv)Adult (f)2,7038412
lAXA5(lAXA5)Adult (m)2,4866571
a854w(a854w)Adult (f)2,1086221
mt5tr(mt5tr)Adult (f)1,7935872
QD89E(QD89E)Adult (f)1,8826040
FXuCY(FXuCY)Adult (m)2,1776681
CGrbi(CGrbi)Adult (f)2,2066722
NZYOd(NZYOd)Adult (m)1,9876191
qDbLY(qDbLY)Adult (m)2,5346422
lsKF6(lsKF6)Adult (m)2,0735741
SHOhc(SHOhc)Adult (f)2,7356400
ZN1P9(ZN1P9)Adult (f)2,0826020
bnH6a(bnH6a)Adult (m)2,0945940
Du78L(Du78L)Adult (f)2,1896740
JsIKHikari's FlameAdult (m)3,06133511
qSoKPenultimate PendragonAdult (m)3,17245715
o5uGMagi SparksAdult (m)3,82874016
ZgjtFai's Spark of MagicAdult (m)4,7614317
0WfQFai's Golden MagicAdult (f)3,5702993
WZmlFai's MagicAdult (m)3,0342445
VdqDLady Arianna ExcelsiaAdult (f)1,6856488
aG5NMagic Light - District OneAdult (m)1,92843023
7CkMUMagic Light II D1Adult (m)1,7815402
ckc5qpeople  and cars and concreteAdult (f)5,4579393
d3F4s(d3F4s)Adult (f)2,0846312
LKMvr(LKMvr)Adult (f)2,4985301
e2u3QThe end of the Earth - It's goneAdult (m)2,1346000
i7qk2(i7qk2)Adult (f)1,7145601
DJJQ4One day it's all goneAdult (f)2,0916521
JMchO(JMchO)Adult (m)1,5375962
1QwQnsaving ourselvesAdult (m)1,6516331
x1NnjBaron Zauberer ExcelsiaAdult (m)1,7115392
eSOYR(eSOYR)Adult (m)2,1157921
3BF4hAll those yearsAdult (m)1,6036652
sY8NYMy planet's goneAdult (f)1,6036294
WBGE9Moltres - Bringer of FireAdult (f)3,0637678
RB6Mj(RB6Mj)Adult (m)2,7739043
0R3aMokona's Shy SideAdult (m)3,0412024
EanKS(EanKS)Adult (f)2,5716300
MIoiR(MIoiR)Adult (f)2,2645858
4LxR6(4LxR6)Adult (m)1,9845521
5oWG7Lunae LumenAdult (m)2,4395533
K0aRrPleniluniumAdult (m)2,1225385
LqSosRadium LunaeAdult (m)2,4825727
nArRtSpiritus LunaeAdult (f)2,4088386
K1DNjAngelic Glow - District ThreeAdult (f)3,9071,1001
s7HpeLord Dimitri NocturnusAdult (m)2,39646713
LXLLLTime isn't a  straight lineAdult (m)1,6016111
itogWand it's all my faultAdult (m)1,7576611
Evi27(Evi27)Adult (f)1,6205781
Bglg9You can be born in the 20thAdult (m)1,8356550
7fYz5It's not  your faultAdult (m)1,6236002
JWQPlWhat about  meAdult (m)1,6565661
ABAfqWorld War FiveAdult (m)1,4115341
MNk0Hat the Boston Tea PartyAdult (m)1,6146151
grHB1(grHB1)Adult (m)2,0444943
DNE7c(DNE7c)Adult (m)1,8136261
Wp6zp(Wp6zp)Adult (f)1,7476130
WgHMThrough the PortalAdult (m)3,6422893
nRIrEIskelos of the LakeAdult (m)2,1896471
PDfNHTanermor of the LakeAdult (m)2,2105963
N3A3sEldeus'u of the LakeAdult (m)1,6346193
0aoD6Sien'shi of the LakeAdult (m)1,7935972
WZRlq(WZRlq)Adult (f)1,7406213
sFZpbLor'ashina of the LakeAdult (f)1,8926145
jXAyT(jXAyT)Adult (f)2,0005900
Wipt(Wipt)Hatchling (m, F)2,9682612
ssq0(ssq0)Adult (f)2,2115588
sSAfM(sSAfM)Adult (f)1,7266085
PWYQaCeret'e of the LakeAdult (m)1,6217002
oBbbrIlosia of the LakeAdult (f)2,1785893
eAXVuEmtai of the LakeAdult (m)1,9984844
QCoMY(QCoMY)Adult (m)2,4046492
32u19Rothtor of the LakeAdult (m)2,2245851
4Qx1r(4Qx1r)Adult (f)1,7196003
GDfvf(GDfvf)Adult (m)1,8826521
CSQRhSiar of the LakeAdult (m)1,8756841
IB146(IB146)Adult (f)1,4646313
IxyQh(IxyQh)Adult (f)1,7516580
R1mLU(R1mLU)Adult (f)1,5966521
a2KgP(a2KgP)Adult (f)2,2775461
MAMUPArdir of the LakeAdult (m)2,3946311
GR74gShy'rma of the LakeAdult (f)3,9361,4621
gZVvg(gZVvg)Adult (f)2,0846252
Z2bFTropics HiddenAdult (f)4,4853285
TMuDD(TMuDD)Adult (m)2,0266191
O8yaY(O8yaY)Adult (m)2,3096542
hamVj(hamVj)Adult (m)1,7035422
lkXs(lkXs)Adult (f)1,53073228
3jigLonely Nights - District SixAdult (m)1,6326965
6iNDLChilled Dragon WingsAdult (f)1,9774932
bCAnE(bCAnE)Adult (f)2,2426402
lm4Hp(lm4Hp)Adult (m)1,8945551
scGBcIsaya of the Lake CBAdult (f)1,7396871
X7kQDreamsong AngelwingAdult (m)2,6892625
gutRTawny AngelwingAdult (f)3,9524617
HrOBCrested AngelwingAdult (m)3,2642263
XGsiGabriel AngelwingAdult (m)4,3812934
uTgS(uTgS)Adult (m)1,51963915
VlMB(VlMB)Adult (m)3,50751510
k62IDesert AngelwingAdult (f)2,3695786
ZjA2Ochre AngelwingAdult (m)2,7766244
mAj0Talulla AngelwingAdult (f)1,70461110
oSlXChanson AngelwingAdult (m)2,5895686
e39BLagu AngelwingAdult (m)2,3725527
jM1WP(jM1WP)Adult (m)1,4935897
7h6IOAurielle AngelwingAdult (f)1,8306347
osLEb(osLEb)Adult (m)3,3607163
RU1MjHarper AngelwingAdult (f)2,6046805
PgDl8Angel's Magic EmbraceAdult (f)1,7925964
YoNat(YoNat)Adult (f)1,8556183
AX12Dragonriders of Pern lineageHatchling (m, F)1,73345926
3pYtJ(3pYtJ)Adult (f)1,9606501
flEQL(flEQL)Adult (m)2,0826250
P2pWc(P2pWc)Adult (m)2,1836701
i3XLt(i3XLt)Adult (m)1,5995961
0rtdy(0rtdy)Adult (f)1,4875860
SBYdo(SBYdo)Adult (f)1,5635891
91ALE(91ALE)Adult (f)2,5955363
dUThi(dUThi)Adult (m)2,1215021
cJnI4(cJnI4)Adult (f)2,2286081
JrQkb(JrQkb)Adult (m)1,7985611
HLvOJust a Piece of PaperAdult1,38547721
EFRlLord Leo NapcottonAdult (m)1,52843828
466sZBaroness Cashmere NapcottonAdult (f)2,1956063
Ft08H(Ft08H)Adult (m)1,9285842
JDlks(JDlks)Adult (m)1,7285782
lA4o(lA4o)Adult (m)2,40748826
jN0G(jN0G)Adult (f)1,52672425
YAWpE(YAWpE)Adult (m)2,1515365
0Nnn9Christine-DaaeAdult (f)2,95761110
0lAp2(0lAp2)Adult (m)3,3097197
2Zdc0Elodie DaaeAdult (f)2,1426292
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