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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “SpiritOfSakura,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2TqAA(2TqAA)Adult (f)2,3226290
jHZRn(jHZRn)Adult (f)1,9776110
h0TVG(h0TVG)Adult (m)2,5825680
1jx4i(1jx4i)Adult (m)2,6296421
nFhK8(nFhK8)Adult (m)2,1806491
QjC7s(QjC7s)Adult (f)2,2285851
hrWMSand StrikeAdult (f)3,3802654
NbSAc(NbSAc)Adult (m)2,3755865
lorD3(lorD3)Adult (m)2,4366343
VoKaI(VoKaI)Adult (m)1,8086321
ocd9F(ocd9F)Adult (f)1,6166551
LMT87(LMT87)Adult (m)1,6605693
MkVFAncient Stone - District FiveAdult (m)9045622
8DPDSEskela of the Lake CBAdult (f)1,3666591
Sf0bB(Sf0bB)Adult (m)1,7685911
XI0MGolden Rays of LightAdult (f)4,8383694
T319(T319)Adult (m)1,63264520
4MEA5(4MEA5)Adult (m)2,4706661
GlV8QAosa de las RayasAdult (f)2,3745933
oXqOCAsheld de las RayasAdult (m)1,6335632
f26ux(f26ux)Adult (f)1,2425541
LMUU6(LMUU6)Adult (f)1,7126161
oJgNE(oJgNE)Adult (f)1,3116501
ejBe1Aria'la de las RayasAdult (f)1,8586471
qsIJ5Athmos de las RayasAdult (m)2,3725632
KXg7lAdwyni de las RayasAdult (f)1,4895403
h416WAughas de las RayasAdult (m)1,7905472
IzQKhAidosa de las RayasAdult (f)1,9416083
fBZMm(fBZMm)Adult (m)2,0966734
pI0A8Ale'lyei de las RayasAdult (f)1,6075764
EoAd8Arquada de las RayasAdult (m)2,2075962
5ovq(5ovq)Adult (f)1,66266615
f8n3GAyeri de las RayasAdult (m)2,2766481
jNF2kAsiatin de las RayasAdult (f)2,5087030
d2Eii(d2Eii)Adult (m)1,9736632
pdPdi(pdPdi)Adult (f)1,8615712
HNgXm(HNgXm)Adult (m)1,8276321
b34Iz(b34Iz)Adult (f)1,8206342
hgjOV(hgjOV)Adult (f)1,7085991
6odLZ(6odLZ)Adult (m)1,7096020
yCzwb(yCzwb)Adult (m)2,0716201
hoi7W(hoi7W)Adult (f)2,0846290
gkaIr(gkaIr)Adult (m)1,8796240
QXWmi(QXWmi)Adult (f)2,3446401
foyEW(foyEW)Adult (m)2,2056302
OvQVD(OvQVD)Adult (f)2,5856551
s09DO(s09DO)Adult (m)1,4405620
MvDpq(MvDpq)Adult (f)1,4416521
dkp5N(dkp5N)Adult (f)1,6525571
Juo3b(Juo3b)Adult (m)2,1266074
KqqiD(KqqiD)Adult (m)2,1686129
kbNG7(kbNG7)Hatchling (f, F)2,2047589
O1OVSkies of FlameAdult (f)7,21452510
eRHa(eRHa)Adult (f)2,46430714
e16BtDusky Light - District OneAdult (f)2,4216313
dM9MCLady Scarlet RivergleamAdult (f)1,9986520
q83JV(q83JV)Adult (m)1,6485671
I6thSunfire's SongAdult (m)3,9043154
7nArSunhopeAdult (f)4,1213222
sGpaSkarith of TelgarAdult (m)5,0271,22914
EuBFCyath of TelgarAdult (f)3,55060110
95PFIliath of PernAdult (f)2,8165681
eOtKAvaloth of PernAdult (f)2,50353215
2RRDLSecrecyth of TelgarAdult (m)2,1216505
pGBnhMageth of PernAdult (f)2,2006072
YSTF0Serenityth of PernAdult (f)2,0395273
8jfdYBreath of PernAdult (f)3,3657434
Hhpd1Truth of PernAdult (m)1,7365536
N7n3LIroth of PernAdult (m)4,4711,2277
omKJJ(omKJJ)Adult (m)1,9555424
qs4uYLord Helios ParadiusAdult (m)1,9266483
VvcNvSol PlenaAdult (f)1,9565303
B5R24Lucem SolisAdult (f)1,8275522
ARWYjFiery Spring - District TwoAdult (m)1,9726303
8lMItLord Ember FirewingAdult (m)2,0005914
pTGXsIt's that feeling you getAdult (f)1,2855791
rFXGjWhere angels  fear to treadAdult (f)1,3476231
tGRZ7Oh - Oh in a secondAdult (m)2,4186012
SDKWPbut then againAdult (f)2,2116081
E8vEDThat impulse - that strangeAdult (f)2,0236060
gez4wThat is so humanAdult (m)1,8595951
wz39AEven now standing on the edgeAdult (m)1,8325290
fl2aGRight at the back of your headAdult (m)1,9025650
e34Mzlittle impulse - that mad littleAdult (m)1,4775521
MOycmvoice saying go on - go onAdult (f)1,6436501
L5FiNgo on - go over go onAdult (m)1,4646181
X5VB5maybe it's relying on thatAdult (f)1,4455921
njkPTOfficer ScottAdult (f)1,4345282
3UOeMFor once  in my lifeAdult (m)1,8665541
U9YUfI'm going to say - RetreatAdult (m)1,4275582
mK6qDrink Up Me Hearties Yo-HoAdult (m)3,19745331
hFqLLost in ParadiseAdult (f)2,8635755
n5FNHOh - that's whyAdult (m)3,7031,1052
eSWsVDelicate Wings - District EightAdult (f)2,0716872
V778GDelicate Wings II D8Adult (f)2,3675682
dBptWWhy is the rum -always- goneAdult (f)2,5327174
ISpsHDelicate Wings III D8Adult (f)2,2096272
IHY4nButterfly ParadiseAdult (f)2,7215565
MWOWO(MWOWO)Adult (m)4,6618074
qlUcK(qlUcK)Adult (m)2,5335981
ZIVYY(ZIVYY)Adult (f)1,6336192
wCVzF(wCVzF)Adult (f)2,0245301
62vSTVelvet TangerineAdult (m)2,48180813
7XNsRTangerine SpiceAdult (m)2,6748139
2HD8fTangy SalsaAdult (f)1,9705595
Bqan2Tropical Nights - District SixAdult (f)2,1965175
uLgd5Tropical Nights II D6Adult (m)2,3416311
ZhbFjTropical Nights III D6Adult (m)2,1486651
Ra7EOTropical Nights IV D6Adult (f)1,6595924
lr5QITropical Nights Mockingjay D6Adult (m)1,9766091
MTFir(MTFir)Adult (m)2,1795831
K5j0qTangerine SalsaHatchling (m, F)2,9856012
A9arA(A9arA)Adult (m)1,6826583
Ut5EX(Ut5EX)Adult (f)1,3746121
Oa1ljOali of the Lake CBAdult (f)2,9477922
n8pTT(n8pTT)Adult (f)3,8207142
R8qUBPolmordra of the Lake CBAdult (f)2,8406712
hJAY3(hJAY3)Adult (f)3,1557171
L5l9The Forest's Guardian SpiritAdult (f)5,0285448
RWC5nTai'iru of the Lake CBAdult (f)2,6878183
0368o(0368o)Adult (m)5,0997953
M8NsM(M8NsM)Adult (m)4,7637721
3BDX3(3BDX3)Adult (m)2,1916631
nlmwn(nlmwn)Adult (f)1,8836620
itD9GZapdos - Bringer of ThunderAdult (m)1,7875707
kw8WK(kw8WK)Adult (f)2,3646112
pEepe(pEepe)Adult (f)1,9794724
82CN9(82CN9)Hatchling (f, F)1,7806073
JReHS(JReHS)Adult (m)1,4785611
7VTrp(7VTrp)Adult (m)1,5186541
SEFRC(SEFRC)Adult (m)1,5106431
bBnCi(bBnCi)Adult (m)1,6895921
bsWHk(bsWHk)Adult (m)2,5346672
0iifA(0iifA)Adult (f)2,2566741
Q39j4(Q39j4)Adult (f)1,7056570
AEReM(AEReM)Adult (m)1,3156131
quXks(quXks)Adult (m)1,4706720
eKSbn(eKSbn)Adult (f)2,1906555
kD8ds(kD8ds)Adult (m)2,1696612
jb5mp(jb5mp)Adult (f)1,6465751
U6T2C(U6T2C)Adult (f)2,0036961
8cBlb(8cBlb)Adult (f)2,5676160
sI9dU(sI9dU)Adult (m)2,1686092
VMbb4(VMbb4)Adult (f)2,3475034
HaGEZ(HaGEZ)Adult (f)1,7356201
1W8gP(1W8gP)Adult (m)2,1986681
oOs0o(oOs0o)Adult (f)2,0346073
DfJJuI'm coming  to get youAdult (m)1,7955301
mUOPN(mUOPN)Adult (f)6,0109054
9y94s(9y94s)Adult (m)3,4307513
1cvmH(1cvmH)Adult (m)5,9061,3706
y0RrS(y0RrS)Adult (m)3,0817513
jNC7e(jNC7e)Adult (m)1,7556157
CsjGs(CsjGs)Adult (f)1,7606613
UMoDj(UMoDj)Adult (m)1,8716302
vt68D(vt68D)Adult (m)1,7865922
Z4FG8(Z4FG8)Adult (f)1,9696373
aoOYI(aoOYI)Adult (m)1,9726173
sy2hK(sy2hK)Adult (m)2,0295395
HjqVG(HjqVG)Adult (f)2,4825961
wTOET(wTOET)Adult (m)1,7506731
jGb76(jGb76)Adult (m)1,6136181
3oR6q(3oR6q)Adult (f)2,4546551
Pn00W(Pn00W)Adult (f)2,6436602
nzyIG(nzyIG)Adult (f)1,7945952
Pgp8U(Pgp8U)Adult (m)3,0185433
cTYqv(cTYqv)Adult (m)2,4956551
q2j8XFantasy of RosesAdult (f)1,7706162
BIiuM(BIiuM)Adult (f)1,8655701
EC67aMy Little RosebudHatchling (f, F)2,8881,0286
bbtA6(bbtA6)Adult (m)2,1336493
bC205(bC205)Adult (m)2,0356200
uOrK6(uOrK6)Adult (m)1,7615661
RisOS(RisOS)Adult (m)1,7285511
dMR8F(dMR8F)Adult (f)2,4955381
QDTMe(QDTMe)Adult (f)2,5425631
GfREG(GfREG)Adult (m)1,5406182
6mew5(6mew5)Adult (m)1,9376314
iCc0h(iCc0h)Adult (f)2,0415562
o3oW2(o3oW2)Adult (f)2,1466120
GQnom(GQnom)Adult (m)1,7746372
ToZ3i(ToZ3i)Adult (m)1,8006812
XYSoR(XYSoR)Adult (f)1,6546111
iIfOG(iIfOG)Adult (f)1,6436742
dL01Shyamal StrigoiAdult (m)2,7455198
IjOcBlood-Stained SnowAdult (f)3,16836315
LsuKEggkillerAdult (f)3,8424987
LgmOLa SerpienteAdult (f)3,5044614
FmZZtVelvet CloakAdult (m)1,7486312
qZZFZ(qZZFZ)Adult (m)1,6835431
aaXkbCountess IntegraAdult (f)5,2091,25112
6ZTneCount VictorAdult (m)2,2425764
nZJbaCount  AlucardAdult (m)2,1295815
zwxaLCountess SerasAdult (f)2,6146014
DAeUrCount QuincyAdult (m)1,7657589
kaDU4Count MontresorAdult (m)2,6996527
uuKOiCountess AlexiaAdult (f)2,3845872
BriR0Countess ReginaAdult (f)2,3905632
SLwuBCount AkeldamaAdult (m)2,3315331
ucKidCountess LaylaAdult (f)2,3855442
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