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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “SpiritOfSakura,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
SLwuBCount AkeldamaAdult (m)2,3315331
ucKidCountess LaylaAdult (f)2,3855442
J51CgCount FortunadoAdult (m)2,3495544
dY9GuCountess AutumnAdult (f)1,7395711
FgGkOCount LavishAdult (m)2,5665892
7C0LXCount ChocolatAdult (m)2,1195223
kZX27Countess LunaAdult (f)1,8335858
P5cHvCount SilvermoonAdult (m)5,3197446
DcsMtCountess SelvaAdult (f)2,5115134
CbtD2Countess ChristineAdult (f)1,9816704
xjzqbCountess CarlottaAdult (f)2,4187243
fCPAqCount ErikAdult (m)1,8695576
Q7fUtCount TonitruiAdult (m)2,1155521
xZJ5HCountess Ves De'nathAdult (f)2,1725096
6NeztCountess RegalaAdult (f)2,0955882
30uK2Countess SpectraAdult (f)2,1885924
KGVsWCountess TempestraAdult (f)2,0136021
3V6O9Count SusurrusAdult (m)2,0185892
3OyuiCount AnathemaAdult (m)2,0965102
wDmtACount DivaAdult (m)2,1955264
RFu4PCountess SummertideAdult (f)1,9695222
Yx2MFCount DreichAdult (m)2,0505631
zp6r7Count RelampagoAdult (m)1,9525313
qDdeTRC LINEAGEHatchling (m, F)3,0014087
4R0tFrozen FireHatchling (f, F)1,4535489
okWUAquos EquineAdult (m)1,52758234
QF0ot(QF0ot)Adult (f)2,3765881
IWh01(IWh01)Adult (f)3,0576274
eQmo3If you have forgottenAdult (m)3,1155591
MtMDdwater lilies floatingAdult (f)3,7257143
0OjS8On a dark lake among mountainsAdult (m)2,5095743
RDCbrin the afternoon shadeAdult (f)1,6866068
mCDGrIf you have forgotten theirAdult (m)1,7546385
0vI83wet sleepy fragranceAdult (f)2,2635643
QqhKUThen you can returnAdult (m)2,5695144
W8ucaand not be afraidAdult (f)3,0396152
ac9auBut if you rememberAdult (m)1,8497034
ZcCOVthen turn away foreverAdult (f)1,8526742
CLa5MTo the plains and the prariesAdult (m)1,7786532
VSmgdwhere pools are far apartAdult (f)1,5986492
MEH6TThere you will not come at duskAdult (m)2,3105464
WdT32on closing water liliesAdult (f)2,6985663
URqENAnd the shadow of mountainsAdult (m)2,9156674
sVJSVwill not fall on your heartAdult (f)1,8805983
7NJKkWater Lilies - Sara TeasdaleAdult (m)1,6865706
AssTc(AssTc)Adult (f)2,2506509
cH1h8(cH1h8)Adult (f)1,7325321
BOA15(BOA15)Adult (m)2,1606861
halHM(halHM)Adult (m)1,3316742
Galk9Galk the FailHatchling (f, F)4,1831,1105
jGENlRisemeth of PernAdult (m)4,2461,0854
h471FLylth of PernAdult (m)2,3386062
FfpvAVoremith of PernAdult (m)1,6156313
VGTnCAecerieth of PernAdult (m)1,7696370
lip0p(lip0p)Adult (f)2,5176331
AddNs(AddNs)Adult (m)2,0175452
c2pvFeathered MoonAdult (f)2,29950410
ZLDbPrincess SakuraAdult (f)2,67134512
bMnXLord Perseus WishhavenAdult (m)3,4612854
cvjeSakura's PurityAdult (f)3,7332496
T9DmBlue-Eyed White DragonAdult (m)1,82139724
4XlCg(4XlCg)Adult (m)1,9636311
KMKIC(KMKIC)Adult (m)2,1385631
HetYm(HetYm)Adult (m)1,9446262
Ng5BNPurity Spring - District TwoAdult (f)2,2416113
mn65oPurity Spring II D2Adult (f)2,0515752
vUQgSPurity Spring III D2Adult (m)1,9956043
OmnjF(OmnjF)Adult (f)2,2286373
2ESoHMagick CircleAdult (f)2,2316953
bCoJeBaron Mythos WishhavenAdult (m)2,4185171
y78u4(y78u4)Adult (f)2,1726533
h8UMV(h8UMV)Adult (f)2,3005542
euQJN(euQJN)Adult (f)2,6306373
6PII8(6PII8)Adult (f)2,6086534
ucWKZ(ucWKZ)Adult (f)2,2745302
Iyzm8(Iyzm8)Adult (f)1,9795303
MGpNt(MGpNt)Adult (f)1,6936952
I1wby(I1wby)Adult (m)1,5156451
flJwT(flJwT)Adult (m)1,4596592
xYbEe(xYbEe)Adult (f)1,4886202
WMOm9(WMOm9)Adult (f)2,2936432
FUAfJ(FUAfJ)Adult (f)2,3566271
OUQUR(OUQUR)Adult (m)1,5326420
EFlj6(EFlj6)Adult (m)1,7447112
TLM4t(TLM4t)Adult (f)1,6416702
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