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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “SpiritOfSakura,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ltk5GEdmund DaaeAdult (m)1,9306264
qJASY(qJASY)Adult (m)2,1136241
mAJpS(mAJpS)Adult (m)1,8796200
RnfN2(RnfN2)Adult (m)2,3465253
V9D7M(V9D7M)Adult (f)1,6265921
unozY(unozY)Adult (f)1,9586420
h2ckm(h2ckm)Adult (f)1,7586130
hG0MV(hG0MV)Adult (f)1,5435960
DzLCc(DzLCc)Adult (f)2,0026240
9O0B4Treasured AnathAdult (f)6,0407819
oVXiqTreasured ArayrthAdult (f)5,7951,03016
ejQvVI  am NOTAdult (m)8,4908716
YwvNQ(YwvNQ)Adult (m)5,2888998
95Hat(95Hat)Adult (m)5,3719005
ZNDVWinged LunariaAdult (f)2,0944967
Ge3FMoon's BlessingAdult (f)3,4873839
rP4LNSerene DorkfaceAdult (f)3,3928346
rGQ9vMorada DorkfaceAdult (f)1,5535423
X3PWOLord Augustus GallanciaAdult (m)2,1526461
tY43U(tY43U)Adult (f)1,6486302
3Lu0W(3Lu0W)Adult (f)1,6426211
J49Je(J49Je)Adult (f)1,9676213
FbWZh(FbWZh)Adult (f)1,6145962
ViXm8(ViXm8)Adult (m)2,2346383
Fci2T(Fci2T)Adult (m)3,5857012
5FRWBronze Kulen of Telgar WeyrAdult (m)1,7856496
cAv2d(cAv2d)Adult (m)1,5906275
poo84(poo84)Adult (m)2,5526222
YLo4f(YLo4f)Adult (m)2,3696443
Ty2pO(Ty2pO)Adult (f)1,7685413
0iIDU(0iIDU)Adult (m)1,5276333
OCkj1(OCkj1)Adult (m)1,6626703
ovYO(ovYO)Adult (m)2,7315344
nH2Rn(nH2Rn)Adult (m)2,2545464
PuNYk(PuNYk)Adult (f)1,78460710
usEUd(usEUd)Adult (f)1,7555800
bretA(bretA)Adult (f)2,4265285
0h5Lb(0h5Lb)Adult (m)2,3615264
NAWt3(NAWt3)Adult (f)2,5986171
2HKHBlack Pearl StargazerAdult (m)2,9155576
QNCMBlack Pearl on Stranger TidesAdult (f)2,2046508
UtZ5TNight on the Black PearlAdult (f)2,2196154
apYlDBlack Pearl CapturedAdult (m)3,8461,01811
GkGP4Treasured Black PearlAdult (m)1,4196161
0O3R0Black Pearl VelvetAdult (f)1,7435673
SobGC(SobGC)Adult (f)1,8256113
8tqKB(8tqKB)Adult (f)1,8955791
mSACu(mSACu)Adult (f)1,7425881
HMyum(HMyum)Adult (f)2,0786390
HFMZI(HFMZI)Adult (m)1,8016071
5ycDN(5ycDN)Adult (f)1,6356141
0yYnd(0yYnd)Adult (f)1,9406121
q4QoU(q4QoU)Adult (m)1,6916060
jqD2N(jqD2N)Adult (m)1,6736040
2U3HI(2U3HI)Adult (m)1,7976460
u9NNK(u9NNK)Adult (m)1,4865851
qxKnC(qxKnC)Adult (m)1,8095811
925Le(925Le)Adult (f)1,7575741
jsNDO(jsNDO)Adult (f)1,8335820
UQLy2(UQLy2)Adult (f)1,9166020
icgMC(icgMC)Adult (f)2,0996460
M60NB(M60NB)Adult (f)1,8725950
yCaG7(yCaG7)Adult (m)1,7975540
VlL5J(VlL5J)Adult (f)1,9516110
6YSSg(6YSSg)Adult (m)2,1275781
ioBxm(ioBxm)Adult (m)2,2436480
nmnbg(nmnbg)Adult (m)1,4326401
xVGQf(xVGQf)Adult (f)1,6696840
KDUF3(KDUF3)Adult (f)1,5716520
GR3tv(GR3tv)Adult (m)2,0756511
a0mTMokona's Cream PuffAdult (m)2,4395563
O0ctMokona's OptimismAdult (f)2,0595946
diGHMokona's 108 Secret TalentsAdult (f)1,6995575
WtfWD(WtfWD)Adult (m)2,1295742
kBasY(kBasY)Adult (f)2,0525900
nWaKe(nWaKe)Adult (m)1,6156610
vEREK(vEREK)Adult (m)2,3336092
qRNip(qRNip)Adult (m)2,3376852
iMVdTears of the Black PearlAdult (f)2,4385966
Sta6Black Pearl on the SeaAdult (m)1,3776405
RNCKrThe Black Pearl on Strange TidesAdult (m)2,2976232
tvprLBlack Pearl on the WavesAdult (f)2,4665417
3c0A2Freedom is the Black PearlAdult (f)2,3085955
SirOZ(SirOZ)Adult (m)2,6376322
EN4Em(EN4Em)Adult (m)2,1795840
J0ShR(J0ShR)Adult (m)2,6585970
F7vyg(F7vyg)Adult (f)2,6277852
bbFxp(bbFxp)Adult (m)2,4017401
FZrqE(FZrqE)Adult (f)2,5367275
QF8zp(QF8zp)Adult (m)2,3997623
yqQxN(yqQxN)Adult (f)2,0927300
Lqjcw(Lqjcw)Adult (m)2,4797312
0NcEd(0NcEd)Adult (m)2,4997681
xi6GY(xi6GY)Adult (f)2,8557972
Zkjs(Zkjs)Adult (m)2,9683535
17ac0(17ac0)Adult (m)2,1056072
9M6qY(9M6qY)Adult (m)1,8356031
PrI29(PrI29)Adult (f)1,7705722
mXKed(mXKed)Adult (f)2,0388182
QwoJq(QwoJq)Adult (m)1,8535813
DQAKj(DQAKj)Adult (m)1,7046402
IBEB(IBEB)Adult (f)1,60174325
tiY3L(tiY3L)Adult (f)2,3415702
d6S7GMoonbeam SolaceAdult (m)2,0375871
mMjYfMoonlight SolitudeAdult (m)3,8711,0954
J9ShN(J9ShN)Adult (m)2,0775591
h5a8O(h5a8O)Adult (m)1,9746390
V2xs8(V2xs8)Adult (f)2,1626210
T6lQv(T6lQv)Adult (f)2,2586851
mJyPt(mJyPt)Adult (m)1,4496250
embY2(embY2)Adult (m)1,3115621
BXnZ4All of you -- so smallAdult (f)1,8205953
Krl1v(Krl1v)Adult (m)1,5476031
SRtfI(SRtfI)Adult (f)1,5706142
CxJ1I(CxJ1I)Adult (f)1,6756270
Z5kFQ(Z5kFQ)Adult (f)1,6376571
0dT9O(0dT9O)Adult (m)1,7225850
QaBjE(QaBjE)Adult (m)2,3296580
NwoI3(NwoI3)Adult (f)2,0016721
9TNn7(9TNn7)Adult (m)2,0256452
c9Ft0(c9Ft0)Adult (f)3,5367045
oSrjEssence of SakuraAdult (f)3,43835213
CU5lmWitch of the SpringAdult (m)2,5145752
OKUXv(OKUXv)Adult (f)1,6686631
dPnw7(dPnw7)Adult (m)2,0225392
ytH9A(ytH9A)Adult (f)1,8996301
Wgvtx(Wgvtx)Adult (m)1,8825303
CjCvSong of GreenleafAdult (f)3,3892833
lbbPHWitch of the SummerAdult (m)1,5505642
3cDtv(3cDtv)Adult (m)1,8486030
Wj9iDance of Autumn's FlamesAdult (f)3,4782326
1G759Dancing Leaves DorkfaceAdult (f)1,5626142
u0pXTAutumn Wind DorkfaceAdult (f)1,9736663
Gv3Um(Gv3Um)Adult (m)3,2886431
XgTDdWitch of the AutumnAdult (m)2,1325451
rJbZV(rJbZV)Adult (f)2,3456001
pW4EI(pW4EI)Adult (f)2,3136161
DNO4q(DNO4q)Adult (m)2,4105941
JUU0v(JUU0v)Adult (m)2,5656554
1Krei(1Krei)Adult (m)2,1246331
vrZmt(vrZmt)Adult (f)2,4336850
pytQU(pytQU)Adult (f)2,3316850
9QIjD(9QIjD)Adult (f)2,3796560
V8lMT(V8lMT)Adult (f)2,3546160
ruDtF(ruDtF)Adult (m)2,3006120
9m37f(9m37f)Adult (f)2,0396190
JgZ4w(JgZ4w)Adult (f)2,3116211
9aWZc(9aWZc)Adult (f)2,3726390
4qP1t(4qP1t)Adult (m)2,0695970
xfou3(xfou3)Adult (m)2,0285940
JkfgG(JkfgG)Adult (m)2,0945780
fnC9Soul of IzotzAdult (m)3,27132116
YK8VqWitch of the WinterAdult (m)2,4346573
M1MNO(M1MNO)Adult (m)1,5336452
sOiIb(sOiIb)Adult (f)1,5966430
TZcbS(TZcbS)Adult (f)1,6546141
yZnIu(yZnIu)Adult (m)3,1327050
1UIkQ(1UIkQ)Adult (m)3,2397032
iYrTMShining Silver BellsAdult (m)2,94464844
tiigoAsh'nalAdult (m)2,2605976
RBoIXRose Blade of SilverAdult (f)2,5646892
DPbiLSilver Rose DulceAdult (f)3,66953712
zC5M2(zC5M2)Adult (f)1,6735661
n2ctSky's Free SpiritAdult (f)3,3223797
G9pjFai's HyuuuAdult (f)3,8433918
U0i7TRC FaiAdult (m)2,1742854
OphlCloudlessFlight - District SevenAdult (f)2,8702043
mMlKFai's Trilling WhistleAdult (f)4,3712917
MjIPLady Aera SkyboltAdult (f)2,75635313
bdGb0Cloudless Flight II D7Adult (m)2,2275383
1RCKLBaron Gale SkyboltAdult (m)2,0265954
J4Lay(J4Lay)Adult (f)1,9416163
6Tgi9(6Tgi9)Adult (f)1,7465851
6KMh8(6KMh8)Adult (f)1,7765761
sycYk(sycYk)Adult (f)1,9735971
sXQBn(sXQBn)Adult (f)1,8635450
VR4kI(VR4kI)Adult (f)2,1946150
yI1vV(yI1vV)Adult (f)2,1025631
Vhy3j(Vhy3j)Adult (m)1,3445311
mSf52I was gonna be with you foreverAdult (m)2,0816724
yh6CGo I know oAdult (f)1,9476042
hoNAbtravelling in the TARDISAdult (f)1,5985821
epOfSThe rest of my lifeAdult (m)1,7906091
oUIxFNo - Oh my GodAdult (f)1,9196191
nwfpNThe  Doctor-DonnaAdult (m)1,2375441
wLCPgI can't go backAdult (m)2,0926542
ppUFcDon't   make me go backAdult (f)1,4856402
J1t1eDoctor - pleaseAdult (m)1,6536301
vawYXPlease don't make me go backAdult (f)1,6266142
V4cG8o Donna - Oh Donna Noble oAdult (m)1,5175671
RoQJZo But we had the best of times oAdult (m)1,7796452
OTxE7o I am so sorry oAdult (f)1,5915251
sYXbNo The best oAdult (f)2,3976192
E9ypzo Goodbye oAdult (m)1,4395781
7D9PS(7D9PS)Adult (f)1,8556000
R4X8q(R4X8q)Adult (m)1,8575981
grbzi(grbzi)Adult (m)1,7666041
G3wqf(G3wqf)Adult (f)1,6915790
41Ire(41Ire)Adult (f)1,8636011
Hm1N5(Hm1N5)Adult (m)1,8446130
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