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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “RaisingDragons,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ofFqDuplexia Hyacinthia IAdult (f)3,4458748
VKfLDuplexus Hyacinthus IAdult (m)6,5471,2741
fvVtk2-headed female 1Adult (f)2,4338858
Awz7H2-headed female 2Adult (f)5,4989505
PK76M2-headed female 3Adult (f)6,2718082
J8fvV2-headed female 4Adult (f)5,9966670
sfGW72-headed male 1Adult (m)5,4256731
o2tYr2-headed male 2Adult (m)5,9136860
3eShp2-headed male 3Adult (m)3,4946540
w1yt52-headed male 4Adult (m)5,4375550
UYaHf2-headed male 5Adult (m)6,3206160
MJ9pX2-headed male 6Adult (m)6,4906661
foy162-headed female 5Adult (f)6,2516740
npIht2-headed female 6Adult (f)6,0657070
QHrRs2-headed female 7Adult (f)6,1145220
MX1sC2-headed female 8Adult (f)5,8985181
2jjUz2-headed female 9Adult (f)5,6466061
mMfK72-headed male 7Adult (m)6,4405380
OEvOC2-headed male 8Adult (m)6,1285160
254oo2-headed male 9Adult (m)6,0245240
QFUOL2-headed male 10Adult (m)5,8155371
MidOK2-headed male 11Adult (m)5,4845270
WIshE(WIshE)Adult (m)5,5936030
RQWjr2-headed female 10Adult (f)6,2925511
293IF2-headed female 11Adult (f)6,3466520
9jGjJ2-headed male 12Adult (m)6,4667872
7O4GK2-headed female 12Adult (f)6,8247740
9v18D(9v18D)Adult (f)6,6167700
fsSydDuo Capitus Purpureus I1Adult (m)2,76889820
TX3pHDuo Capita Purpurea I1Adult (f)2,55682925
qqphFDuplexia Nocturnia Purpuramia I2Adult (f)3,01190911
5Q0gHPurpura Nocturna Hydra I3Adult (f)2,8228368
nA03Mpurple 2 headed lindwurm male 2Adult (m)5,3579282
Vl1mypurple 2head lindwurm male 3Adult (m)5,9087570
IkmS8purple 2head lindwurm female 4Adult (f)5,4737930
nA3wKpurple 2head lindwurm male 4Adult (m)5,9817601
CnU7vpurple 2head lindwurm female 5Adult (f)5,4487991
ssad1female purple lindwurm 6Adult (f)4,7578941
K7iYUpurple 2head lindwurm male 5Adult (m)5,9058623
biCEvmale purple lindwurm 6Adult (m)4,8809292
ifh62female purple lindwurm 7Adult (f)7,9937431
PmIkYmale purple lindwurm 7Adult (m)3,1801,0221
gUX6qmale purple lindwurm 8Adult (m)5,1698120
qUXwzfemale purple lindwurm 8Adult (f)3,7819220
Ya9B4female purple lindwurm 9Adult (f)4,4041,0400
gP9zofemale purple 2h lindwurm 10Adult (f)5,2738130
8p5bvmale purple 2hlindwurm 9Adult (m)5,2128461
RdzFvmale purple 2h lindwurm 10Adult (m)6,3157700
Rr2aFmale purple 2h lindwurm 11Adult (m)5,9347751
VhOltfemale purple 2h lindwurm 11Adult (f)5,0369220
SchJcmale purple 2h lindwurm 12Adult (m)4,2379030
958pLfemale purple 2h lindwurm 12Adult (f)5,7777583
ukMUd(ukMUd)Adult (m)5,5247572
fQu6S(fQu6S)Adult (m)5,7196550
H9DdP(H9DdP)Adult (f)5,7976543
CP1J4Duo Capita Verideia IAdult (f)2,33485717
EJqpWDuo Capitus Verideus IAdult (m)3,2737974
gRnbdfemale green lindwurm 2Adult (f)3,1848085
jIwuBfemale green lindwurm 3Adult (f)2,8947578
ZbzBKfemale green lindwurm 4Adult (f)6,4671,0241
OsRZWmale green lindwurm 2Adult (m)5,6857650
75AI7male green lindwurm 3Adult (m)6,9587423
yo7WBmale green lindwurm 4Adult (m)6,8776880
3ApOfmale green lindwurm 5Adult (m)5,9576530
av5vofemale green lindwurm 5Adult (f)6,7307005
8BQfXfemale greenlindwurm 6Adult (f)5,2028472
jwiPxfemale green lindwurm 7Adult (f)5,5556860
c6LFDfemale green lindwurm 8Adult (f)4,3176940
l7WUxfemale green lindwurm 9Adult (f)4,3397850
izQ0Umale green lindwurm 6Adult (m)5,1716541
s9ov3male green lindwurm 7Adult (m)6,0436700
tOBz9female green lindwurm 10Adult (f)5,2577553
IJYyWmale green lindwurm 8Adult (m)5,0287840
idznLmale green lindwurm 9Adult (m)7,3416190
8uHlTmale green lindwurm 10Adult (m)5,8017310
S0zBCgreen 2-headed lindwurm m11Adult (m)5,2976871
qy4BRgreen 2-headed lindwurm f11Adult (f)4,7926980
BlM6Egreen 2-headed lindwurm m12Adult (m)6,2067111
gjBcqgreen 2-headed lindwurm f12Adult (f)6,8816001
CAlZ8(CAlZ8)Adult (m)6,3417630
FLub4aeon m1Adult (m)3,5097681
BvymQAeuum IAdult (f)3,6747411
N7EpZAevum IAdult (m)4,0217470
gC4Hwaeon m2Adult (m)4,1696841
B2UBIaeon f1Adult (f)5,3966050
sFErwaeon f2Adult (f)5,2896300
9F9bsaeon f3Adult (f)4,8826931
yuv4jaeon m3Adult (m)4,5856120
MOZfSaeon f4Adult (f)5,5466070
k0q5Laeon f5Adult (f)6,0295831
7NtgIaeon m4Adult (m)6,9215140
cAhhnaeon f6Adult (f)6,5595230
UNS34aeon m5Adult (m)6,3934960
FUFKwaeon m6Adult (m)6,4315440
cBdSiaeon f7Adult (f)6,1254992
q6LtZaeon f8Adult (f)8,3806490
babrWaeon m7Adult (m)5,0266310
7lMLNaeon m8Adult (m)4,9966011
43R2Taeon f9Adult (f)4,1177323
nmCVNaeon f10Adult (f)4,5167790
PlCWIaeon m9Adult (m)5,6796480
9Efdiaeon f11Adult (f)6,2736520
XhPZVaeon m10Adult (m)4,4265961
4ETVKaeon m11Adult (m)6,3695203
zFF05aeon f12Adult (f)5,3145091
7oPKLaeon m12Adult (m)6,7124740
XEIUx(XEIUx)Adult (f)6,1184830
j08mPallidaeus IAdult (m)1,2938011
u3833Pallidaeia IAdult (f)2,00465916
rhdIpFemale Albino 1Adult (f)2,7147836
RaIimRalim Albino I 1Adult (m)2,9966757
NhrarNhrar Albino I 2Adult (f)4,4096702
BRbSnalbino m2Adult (m)5,3016262
6AbA7albino m3Adult (m)7,0796562
MvQnxalbino m4Adult (m)5,4806871
PcOC0albino female 3Adult (f)5,6256311
lS6UAalbino m5Adult (m)6,5005941
P4SvTalbino m6Adult (m)6,0346040
jsmETalbino m7Adult (m)5,9316420
DyoqJalbino female 4Adult (f)5,2735090
cadjrAlbino m8Adult (m)5,3485860
Upjzlalbino m9Adult (m)6,0315241
N8c1kalbino female 5Adult (f)6,0085090
uAZ9Aalbino female 6Adult (f)6,7405820
cs9gfalbino female 7Adult (f)6,7455820
OBnzqalbino f8Adult (f)4,9535480
quT23albino f9Adult (f)5,9055201
w06H8albino m10Adult (m)5,9035520
f7lCMalbino f10Adult (f)6,1185211
9VFFSalbino m11Adult (m)5,7035581
IL49Oalbino m12Adult (m)5,9775581
LiCLu(LiCLu)Adult (m)5,8095571
o0ePoalbino f11Adult (f)6,1485500
bZ89Palbino f12Adult (f)5,8815182
ZTA2wPallidus et Gelidum InfansHatchling (F)1,2154276
rkFF9Smaragdus IAdult (m)4,3237151
IkmyBEsmaraldus IAdult (f)4,6936151
ZACsmalmandine fem1Adult (f)5,1345600
A1h3ialmandine fem2Adult (f)5,0555681
Iy4F7almandine male1Adult (m)5,3216181
PcKphalmandine fem3Adult (f)5,5125131
mNlzValmandine male2Adult (m)5,5375170
AdDx0almandine fem4Adult (f)5,7196080
mwvUtalmandine male3Adult (m)4,4426381
O4uYvalamandine male 4Adult (m)5,5705392
vWQDtalmandine fem5Adult (f)5,8525550
FhcmOalmandine fem6Adult (f)5,9135640
QKXTUalmandine fem7Adult (f)5,8545310
76xrlalmandine male 5Adult (m)5,4675600
PkHLhalmandine male 6Adult (m)5,4555560
ee4tCalmandine male7Adult (m)5,6855502
RET2valmandine male 8Adult (m)5,1125281
It8Z0almandine female 8Adult (f)5,5535340
1BA5xalmandine m9Adult (m)6,1314960
UTx1nalmandine f9Adult (f)6,2215190
bymiTalmandine m10Adult (m)6,4785440
dBTpGalmandine f10Adult (f)6,5485440
SXLUxalmandine f11Adult (f)6,4485410
wlqdJalmandine m11Adult (m)6,3475440
JFfYmalmandine m12Adult (m)6,4554851
GnrJ2alamdine f12Adult (f)4,5715780
4jExhCoccino Tinxerunt IAdult (m)5,5276932
KWHFMHyacinthinum Tinxerunt IAdult (f)5,5376743
A9eBxfemale anagallis 1Adult (f)5,0646832
gYowsfemale anagallis 2Adult (f)5,1236812
cd0mDfemale anagallis 3Adult (f)5,0996921
GTzLqmale anagallis 1Adult (m)4,9677012
SbmM4male anagallis 2Adult (m)4,9507001
EgExVmale anagallis 3Adult (m)4,2236560
fUEuDmale anagallis 4Adult (m)6,6426201
Q9N6Mmale anagallis 5Adult (m)5,9285940
E4BKpfemale anagallis 4Adult (f)6,2495831
KaFJFmale anagallis 6Adult (m)6,4426060
XuMGkfemale anagallis 5Adult (f)5,8206071
DfAYvfemale anagallis 6Adult (f)6,1446060
ZeyUVfemale anagallis 7Adult (f)5,5936111
vUB4pmale anagallis 7Adult (m)4,7405671
FL9Qjmale anagallis 8Adult (m)7,4976570
HPeSSfemale anagallis 8Adult (f)5,7995571
l4nCumale anagallis 9Adult (m)5,4975441
ZcQ8Hfemale anagallis 9Adult (f)5,7055111
fAsj9female anagallis 10Adult (f)6,2734990
SoGEDmale anagallis 10Adult (m)6,1835032
urq0smale anagallis 11Adult (m)5,6456130
e1i9Cfemale anagallis 11Adult (f)6,1526951
S4qeomale anagallis 12Adult (m)5,2266590
IE0a9female anagallis 12Adult (f)4,8916560
oQvvHMeteoron ex Antares IAdult (m)5,0206841
auVMbmale antarean 1Adult (m)5,1227120
ckDELStella Antares IAdult (f)5,1117011
nGJyQfemale antarean 1Adult (f)4,9607200
FEsX0male antarean 2Adult (m)4,9946761
mRwKKmale antarean 3Adult (m)4,8716721
gabX4male antarean 4Adult (m)5,3536150
zcXgimale antarean 5Adult (m)5,2216341
3C6IJmale antarean 6Adult (m)5,0546660
yphucmale antarean 7Adult (m)4,5826840
GKDb8female antarean 2Adult (f)5,8136181
M27nGmale antarean 8Adult (m)5,6026070
ehquLfemale antarean 3Adult (f)6,3486260
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