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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “RaisingDragons,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4V8jpfell m9Adult (m)6,2734711
iZyp3fell f10Adult (f)5,9044890
ixKLifell m10Adult (m)6,3345050
jriW6fell f11Adult (f)7,2574920
neLqmfell f12Adult (f)5,8495380
OzOFu(OzOFu)Adult (f)7,1244870
T8Az0fell m11Adult (m)7,0034810
V1fGu(V1fGu)Adult (f)6,5974662
byJvefell m12Adult (m)6,1894891
N5QLN(N5QLN)Adult (m)7,1394930
zSNBQFebribus IAdult (m)2,3198857
eXDcWFebrium IAdult (f)2,43877611
N64SPfever male 1Adult (m)5,4556660
0nG4wfever female 1Adult (f)6,6875261
Vt6eifever male 2Adult (m)7,2075151
OvsRHfever female 2Adult (f)6,8705160
XkQUDfever male 3Adult (m)7,6948581
f1ILBfemale female 3Adult (f)7,5888621
gSYanfever female 4Adult (f)7,5299160
YLBydfever female 5Adult (f)7,4155790
dhf5Mfever male 4Adult (m)6,2925282
P2grofever male 5Adult (m)6,4155270
uPH99(uPH99)Adult (f)7,9825481
Ki3IHLapis Caerulum Igne IAdult (f)5,6261,1022
55pZ4Incendio Lapis Sapphirus IAdult (m)5,5161,1385
mkPbp(mkPbp)Adult (m)6,9576880
TuxxH(TuxxH)Adult (m)7,1806050
xcs2O(xcs2O)Adult (m)7,4595970
c6CTw(c6CTw)Adult (m)8,0576081
AH0Rw(AH0Rw)Adult (f)7,6316560
JzM30(JzM30)Adult (f)6,9276420
oZIA2(oZIA2)Adult (m)7,2606180
sMgUb(sMgUb)Adult (f)7,2926290
8J2T8(8J2T8)Adult (f)6,5676210
YtJD8(YtJD8)Adult (m)8,0256242
HxxU3(HxxU3)Adult (m)7,5325551
HU5ag(HU5ag)Adult (m)7,3465960
nlu0tGemma Rubrum Ignis IAdult (m)5,5761,1032
X3bi4Carmine Incendio Lapis IAdult (f)5,5131,1062
6irA2(6irA2)Adult (f)7,2646640
99bRG(99bRG)Adult (m)7,9335990
JnGKm(JnGKm)Adult (f)7,6446550
XE8ZT(XE8ZT)Adult (m)8,2486761
ZViL8(ZViL8)Adult (m)7,9626220
ERvh1(ERvh1)Adult (m)8,2606311
QOZKL(QOZKL)Adult (f)8,1826411
4mFSE(4mFSE)Adult (m)8,0806230
e3rH7(e3rH7)Adult (f)8,0896170
pRNoQ(pRNoQ)Adult (m)7,0226001
xnXmoViridis Gemma Igni IAdult (f)5,5241,1162
6c9oGIncendio Lapis SmagdarusAdult (m)5,5841,1200
hmToZ(hmToZ)Adult (f)7,2555991
9R8wR(9R8wR)Adult (f)7,0516260
7sXQk(7sXQk)Adult (f)6,8126210
mUabU(mUabU)Adult (m)7,3927281
Powte(Powte)Adult (m)7,7006441
V4KDPhoenicopterius IAdult (m)1,6331,2064
vxnAOPhoenicotperia IAdult (f)2,97983410
WWBNOPhoenicopteria Vipera 1Adult (f)2,62468111
phyAyflamingo m2Adult (m)2,2266341
KibdKNotmine Flaming O IVAdult (f)2,31265210
YyelOYellow Flamingo 1Adult (m)7,0716641
1fwwxflaminfo f2Adult (f)5,4226200
Hq0Pfflamingo m3Adult (m)7,6815600
MakegMakeg Flamingo m4Adult (m)7,2747181
zbs0Mflamingo m5Adult (m)6,8237141
zdOCnflamingo m6Adult (m)6,4726120
AdWuXflamingo f3Adult (f)4,9647133
3AElcflamingo f4Adult (f)6,9245572
CGRIRflamingo f5Adult (f)5,8226531
DOYn4flamingo m7Adult (m)6,2806202
Bw337Bweet flamingo f6Adult (f)5,5775751
64Z3Dflamingo m8Adult (m)5,3486231
v4ywmflamingo m9Adult (m)5,7955972
ptRonPart-time Ronnie f7Adult (f)5,6216651
WSeX3flamingo f8Adult (f)5,5965664
oOkW5flamingo f9Adult (f)7,3475771
oq9xr(oq9xr)Adult (f)6,8595431
pLks8(pLks8)Adult (m)5,8726293
G1tfM(G1tfM)Adult (m)8,1735672
gkLaHCorona Imperialisia IAdult (f)2,67288824
EXi2gCoronaius Imperialisus IAdult (m)2,6198251
jEAn0Jean'o Fleshcrowne IAdult (m)2,2565885
ASP16(ASP16)Adult (m)6,0556051
sNsze(sNsze)Adult (f)6,9745380
0c7Qf(0c7Qf)Adult (f)8,1386240
5GfkZPalliatus IAdult (m)3,1777942
qRFj3Lacernatus IAdult (f)3,5067162
yAM3yfrillneck f1Adult (f)3,5747391
DhgAlfrillneck f2Adult (f)4,1746760
zRimNfrillneck f3Adult (f)4,0547240
ytWWxfrillneck f4Adult (f)4,6786820
by7H4frillneck m1Adult (m)5,0556530
4apXRfrillneck m2Adult (m)5,3655790
JEcFOfrillneck f5Adult (f)4,9475600
NULW0frillneck m3Adult (m)5,0705660
Cwwb2frillneck m4Adult (m)5,0085980
SaOgtfrillneck m5Adult (m)3,8367070
Y7Ivufrillneck m6Adult (m)3,8887030
UrA5Yfrillneck f6Adult (f)4,2336300
3PMusfrillneck f7Adult (f)4,5786750
YpKxpfrillneck m7Adult (m)5,3156230
IFNkafrillneck m8Adult (m)5,5255850
Su1xbfrillneck f8Adult (f)5,9445490
ljgZMfrillneck m9Adult (m)5,9595390
8XBAdfrillneck f9Adult (f)5,9245240
ehEZXfrillneck f10Adult (f)5,8425261
D6JNKfrillneck f11Adult (f)5,7965310
EUSa4frillneck f12Adult (f)5,3925550
EJESv(EJESv)Adult (f)5,5015410
xSvnCfrillneck m10Adult (m)6,1285050
Aqkiffrillneck m11Adult (m)6,0605190
kECcmfrillneck m12Adult (m)6,1824750
BSD08(BSD08)Adult (m)5,5924591
0pZOGelida SegmentatusHatchling (F)7453073
R4rviGelu Acerbus IAdult (f)2,7016344
lJaLKGelidus Morsus IAdult (m)2,7306613
Ah0Oyfrostbite female1Adult (f)4,3829431
58zhc(58zhc)Adult (f)6,4116713
138dpfrostbite male 1Adult (m)5,3716773
JnRt7(JnRt7)Adult (f)6,4156370
TecPKSquama Viridis Gemma IAdult (f)4,5919301
guXopVirides Gemmis Squama IAdult (f)2,8179590
zpnXfjade gemshard f3Adult (f)3,2749850
iWYmKJade gemshard m1Adult (m)3,1431,0310
mbVvYgreen gemshard f4Adult (f)4,6807322
65e1bjade gemshard m2Adult (m)5,0517700
7kqXBjade gemshard f5Adult (f)4,9567131
UIYMyjade gemshard f6Adult (f)6,6327320
1JGOrjade gemshard f7Adult (f)5,4157270
50QSVjade gemshard f8Adult (f)5,1446501
eTRrTjade gemshard m3Adult (m)5,4726940
MdxZpgreen gemshard m4Adult (m)5,3785892
M1Voujade gemshard m5Adult (m)5,9576770
SH5n6jade gemshard m6Adult (m)6,7616511
HzKL4jade gemshard f9Adult (f)5,5775581
f2KAKjade gemshard f10Adult (f)7,6896150
yk6qbjade gemshard m7Adult (m)5,7925885
2kDGTjade gemshard m8Adult (m)6,2356760
jANSjjade gemshard m9Adult (m)4,1308173
ImJlMjade gemshard m10Adult (m)6,3265441
BKzanjade gemshard f11Adult (f)5,8695641
csJ5Hjade gemshard f12Adult (f)5,8735992
Mc8qV(Mc8qV)Adult (f)6,4845551
A4h7Rjade gemshard m11Adult (m)5,3316232
XAStQjade gemshard m12Adult (m)6,0365260
HIiLT(HIiLT)Adult (f)6,0515530
Sm3jT(Sm3jT)Adult (f)6,4165080
bzu49Gemma Purpureus Squama IAdult (m)2,9859380
lxZIEGemmam Purpuram Squama IAdult (f)2,8849831
XoTdZruby genshard f2Adult (f)6,0816162
aSVfVruby gemshard m2Adult (m)6,2096372
k1LqWruby gemshard f3Adult (f)4,5357490
e3mXqruby gemshard f4Adult (f)4,8667610
4E3Rkruby gemshard f5Adult (f)5,0397690
CzE0Rruby gemshard m3Adult (m)6,7576330
a0GVJruby gemshard f6Adult (f)5,5277482
7EwiOruby gemshard m4Adult (m)4,6767313
GyTTbruby gemshard m5Adult (m)4,5528080
GutRVruby gemshard m6Adult (m)6,0276631
qqTJFruby gemshard m7Adult (m)6,2087290
4Cb7kruby gemshard f7Adult (f)5,6985750
69e1truby gemshard m8Adult (m)4,8336401
J03ypruby gemshard f8Adult (f)4,8717151
7BAh3ruby gemshard f9Adult (f)5,2238431
5KaGMruby gemshard m9Adult (m)5,3836014
Lj5Zyruby gemshard m10Adult (m)7,2597600
d1J1Rruby gemshard m11Adult (m)5,0916703
8PuSbRuby gemshard m12Adult (m)5,2306421
0qyuc(0qyuc)Adult (m)5,9955972
6hgIRruby gemshard f10Adult (f)5,7975460
rV3QEruby gemshard f11Adult (f)5,0026710
udPj3(udPj3)Adult (m)5,9535280
3x5BDruby gemshard f12Adult (f)5,7315990
pvLDbCaerulis Gemmam Squala IAdult (m)4,6719182
mBpQ7azure gemshard m2Adult (m)3,9539582
uEBpYCaeruleum Gemmis Squama IAdult (f)4,6878612
3k5Yyazure gemshard m3Adult (m)5,5116651
PjEoTazure gemshard m4Adult (m)5,2258110
EXevOazure gemshard f2Adult (f)5,2368020
7qyvtazure gemshard f3Adult (f)5,9986711
XB9Lqazure gemshard f4Adult (f)5,7627351
pasBtazure gemshard m5Adult (m)5,1397210
VaeZuazure gemshard m6Adult (m)5,8706541
GIpovazure gemshard f5Adult (f)5,8677050
cQKqOazure gemshard m7Adult (m)4,9507730
CTwTbazure gemshard f6Adult (f)6,1726890
vEzFnazure gemshard m8Adult (m)6,7956092
ay03Aazure gemshard f7Adult (f)7,2316440
j8gGqazure gemshard m9Adult (m)5,1966412
Y3uQBazure gemstone m11Adult (m)5,9826791
rsAgEazure gemshard f8Adult (f)5,5627361
tPX53azure gemstone m10Adult (m)5,9257190
RARkRazure gemshard f9Adult (f)5,4676601
HYaXSazure gemstone m12Adult (m)5,1637171
6j1RY(6j1RY)Adult (m)5,7066471
NxBg2azure gemshard f10Adult (f)5,6465431
F7loh(F7loh)Adult (m)5,8615541
pnzlVazure gemstone f11Adult (f)6,0046000
0YBf2azure gemstone f12Adult (f)5,5336091
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