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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “RaisingDragons,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
cES7pMagic Winter Faun IIAdult (m)3,4611,40312
mh8ERLord Merna Yirrkala IIAdult (m)2,59282215
rQ8E5Magic Carol of Sherlock IIAdult (m)2,36776816
XGcaaLord Merna Aestasia IIIAdult (m)2,50694121
S2RKrSherlock's Solstice Carol IIIAdult (m)4,3851,1046
oNUIcHelliday Wintermage IIAdult (m)5,4039472
IDSmWAurum Praeco Hiemis Magicae IIAdult (m)3,1457111
WMIzPRapt Bleeding Crescent IIAdult (m)3,1601,25313
NR8MGGravely Rapt by Marelven IIAdult (m)2,47580614
SZKLOWrapt Cruentus IIIAdult (m)2,41592522
6VNUUBright-breasted Wrapper IIAdult (m)3,1118161
sXOX1Brightly-wrapped Ham Bone IIIAdult (m)3,9901,0768
lhCkFLady Lohita's Winter Wrap IIAdult (m)3,3037051
0IWdQStarry Pepamint IIAdult (m)3,7395081
ohi94Festive Solstice IAdult (f)2,58379912
QOhyFJoyful Solstice IAdult (f)2,29176615
h2WADFestive Cheat IIAdult (f)2,46692226
vGO7CJoyful Custodian IIIAdult (f)4,8281,0956
Yd3ggGolden Solstice Herald IIAdult (f)4,0341,12212
JPCpwcelestine Solstice IIAdult (f)4,1506611
lavt4Regal Solstice crown IIAdult (f)4,2676251
hH2DdSolstice Custodian IIAdult (f)3,1748332
L0BMHMiss ElltoeAdult (f)2,4406752
OwWz0If You Kiss Me Yule Regret ItAdult (f)2,4576730
oKhf8Argent Mistletoe IIAdult (m)4,2818181
opY2IMistletoe Kisses by Moonlight IIAdult (f)4,2998011
eLrPjMiss Undine Elltoe IIAdult (f)4,7615801
8ORzVAegis Nativitatis IAdult (m)3,0627081
cNg1Lcelestial Aegis IIAdult (m)4,0786631
6OrACAegis of Yule IAdult (m)4,0491,0862
BsTFHAegis Ignited IIAdult (m)4,5036331
xpfdpNinguis IAdult (m)3,6105202
lL9I7Natalis Nix IAdult (m)3,2795052
bXMHMaritima Unda Cursor IAdult (f)1,1938417
xzwNdUndamia Currentemia I 1Adult (f)2,83391023
fMNygDehuarioia da Fluctusia I 2Adult (f)2,2846072
RiOo5Maritimum Unda Cursor IAdult (m)3,0358179
6oF3bfemale coastal waverunner 3Adult (f)2,0206445
qk5EXQuickie I 4Adult (f)4,0547045
TaharTahar Waverunner I 5Adult (f)4,4087535
KpKCLfemale coastal waverunner 6Adult (f)4,7966771
m709Vmale coastal waverunner 1Adult (m)4,4976531
fbLgXfemale coastal waverunner 7Adult (f)5,9526901
jVT6Gmale coastal waverunner 2Adult (m)5,7506591
ENulnfemale coastal waverunner 8Adult (f)6,2776401
3Z3Ndmale coastal waverunner 3Adult (m)6,3446351
81kDnmale coastal waverunner 4Adult (m)5,8476340
X9oKFmale coastal waverunner 5Adult (m)5,3246731
g2it2male coastal waverunner 6Adult (m)5,6546151
ecVGecoastal waverunner f9Adult (f)6,8056270
BBjynmale coastal waverunner 7Adult (m)5,5246510
YoawiYoawi m8Adult (m)5,4906720
bPHFncoastal waverunner f10Adult (f)5,3817081
bNuBIcoastal waverunner m9Adult (m)4,8655900
P1l5acoastal waverunner m10Adult (m)4,8058235
9bSEjcoastal waverunner m11Adult (m)5,4105371
hGGcjcoastal waverunner f11Adult (f)5,2315401
VVeg8Coastal Waverunner m12Adult (m)6,9335893
Fw0qRCoastal Waverunner f12Adult (f)6,1618088
Fs12WArmatae Colossus IAdult (f)4,9079662
7yv3cArmiger Opertus Colossus IAdult (m)4,9809521
NZtwGcolossus f1Adult (f)6,6968643
C8Bhvcolossus m1Adult (m)7,7295630
7pMqzcolossus f2Adult (f)7,9345610
GOcvb(GOcvb)Adult (f)7,5166011
Qa8rgcolossus m2Adult (m)6,7365791
wpAW1(wpAW1)Adult (f)7,4046121
y8SOZ(y8SOZ)Adult (f)5,9095961
WJkUtObscuratus Cuprous IAdult (m)2,8561,2756
OwvYfObscuratia Cuproia IAdult (f)2,81084213
g5KbyObscuratius Cuprous IIAdult (m)3,3121,12214
nEGqlCopper Girl 2Adult (f)1,8606655
CX3nBbrown copper f3Adult (f)3,69292117
YFE40brown copper f4Adult (f)3,7847209
PfsyLbrown copper m2Adult (m)7,0901,1774
ts7BWbrown copper m3Adult (m)5,8511,2075
e7dVZbrown copper female 5Adult (f)5,6638380
cAQplbrown copper f6Adult (f)5,9107611
5zenObrown copper f7Adult (f)6,1607761
SqoKNbrown copper f8Adult (f)6,3307811
GoZqMbrown copper m4Adult (m)6,8426922
axPzR(axPzR)Adult (f)7,4626330
EBwvjbrown copper male 5Adult (m)5,5599771
ILthvbrown copper m6Adult (m)5,2116500
UcnqKbrown copper m7Adult (m)6,3346630
LUlfPbrown copper m8Adult (m)6,1895330
4xisE(4xisE)Adult (m)6,2195650
W0dnCCuprius Purius IAdult (m)2,6281,2085
7sRh0Cupria Puria IAdult (f)2,7427293
vAFbMPurely Cupria f1Adult (f)2,11272512
s7aXkCopper Unalloyed m1Adult (m)3,0987529
0IzIGTitania Cupria f2Adult (f)2,8197862
TP6cbCopper Standard Rate f3Adult (f)3,96365629
WTYCAorange copper m2Adult (m)3,36376216
yXttgorange copper m3Adult (m)4,4539648
f8XAvorange copper m4Adult (m)3,4765966
MWJ9Corange copper f4Adult (f)2,9097070
9Q5ieorange copper m5Adult (m)4,4499311
w3rYQMy Preshuss Copper IIIAdult (f)7,1706443
a1DJnorange copper f5Adult (f)5,2378180
KWJ1Yorange copper m6Adult (m)5,8386912
qaqFVorange copper f6Adult (f)6,4806141
yA8Nvorange copper f7Adult (f)5,5056730
o9Zfuorange copper m7Adult (m)7,4727092
eCDFVorange copper m8Adult (m)4,9627052
Qe2ukorange copper f8Adult (f)4,1108312
25UiLorange copper f9Adult (f)5,7615442
iCrXSorange copper m9Adult (m)5,9365431
THs7forange copper f10Adult (f)5,6875631
VXRBuorange copper m10Adult (m)3,9497340
ZPOpXAeruginisus Cuprius IAdult (m)2,4881,1404
PLFkJAeruginisia Cupria IAdult (f)3,3357962
Fc3qFCopper Night Rate I1Adult (m)2,3028742
qLOmbgreen copper f1Adult (f)1,84637426
viopDgreen copper f2Adult (f)2,6186612
l7yhJgreen copper f3Adult (f)2,74295718
sJvx1Stealthy Green of Greece  m2Adult (m)6,9891,0328
HBqhxgreen copper m3Adult (f)5,5206396
iBskEgreen copper m4Adult (m)6,2226151
XLD7k(XLD7k)Adult (m)7,4927850
7HpVXgreen copper f4Adult (f)6,2135000
qWTxh(qWTxh)Adult (m)6,9655171
ItriHMortiferuma Plantateia I1Adult (f)1,5457693
9n3fjMortiferumus Plantateius I1Adult (m)3,6511,4137
1OGzeAubrius I2Adult (m)3,4368782
fmFDkVine male 3Adult (m)2,0427371
pqvvkvine male 4Adult (m)2,45885312
mqXYoAubria I2Adult (f)2,26981611
DnUm4vine male 5Adult (m)2,2626620
TurnzTurn Ze Vines 3Adult (f)4,1267172
ylARSLars the Vine 6Adult (m)2,8837710
cWn7yvine female 5Adult (f)4,0727280
UFCubVine Cub 4Adult (f)2,7107342
WEwkbvine female 7Adult (f)2,6406901
KSGtQvine male 7Adult (m)2,5687371
vFUkBFoul-mouthed Vine 8Adult (m)3,4661,0596
EQSiUvine female 8Adult (f)6,5287985
XLweZFemale vine 9Adult (f)6,0397780
3ysJSmale vine 9Adult (m)4,0241,1610
T70J0female vine 10Adult (f)4,4299101
pnvjHfemale vine 11Adult (f)5,5497580
76Foefemale vine 12Adult (f)4,7309761
JQ5Somale vine 10Adult (m)5,5077800
nwfPb(nwfPb)Adult (f)5,3777971
IifQmmale vine 11Adult (m)5,5977960
KOQT5male vine 12Adult (m)6,0368550
PjGq2(PjGq2)Adult (m)7,1658220
qU3VGelida Morteus Flosus RuberiusHatchling (m, F)3,4911,1135
y5W6uSpiders be Warned IIAdult (f)4,4128043
SA3JFactoremus Phantasius IAdult (m)1,2968112
6gL3mFactoremia Phantasia IAdult (f)3,27977610
bJwiDm1 daydreamAdult (m)2,2556491
CiyciCiyci Daydream f1Adult (f)4,4417061
HenliHenli Daydream m2Adult (m)7,1577465
u17L3daydream male3Adult (m)3,2028073
kEkoFdaydream m4Adult (m)5,7595500
qV196daydream male 5Adult (m)7,2604842
wf0lTdaydream m6Adult (m)7,1164881
Z3Cj5daydream m7Adult (m)7,6465750
w9WcGdaydream fem2Adult (f)5,8635470
YAqY6daydream f3Adult (f)5,7214640
7VbTEdaydream fem4Adult (f)7,2875031
hv6DCdaydream f5Adult (f)7,2504970
OD4rodaydream f6Adult (f)7,6425220
NlNshdaydream m8Adult (m)7,1605270
gGY7xdaydream f7Adult (f)6,7595190
aNi1jdaydream m9Adult (m)6,7725271
eW7sLdaydream f8Adult (f)7,3945081
Hm77Fdaydream f9Adult (f)8,2175590
GYFYedaydream f10Adult (f)7,8815460
z5HMD(z5HMD)Adult (f)7,7318482
9yAKhdaydream m10Adult (m)5,6395651
6XWdU(6XWdU)Adult (m)7,6265853
9h4hProfundum Marius IAdult (m)1,1356861
6S9mProfundum Maria PrimaAdult (f)5,1242,2434
lwjdqdeep sea female 1Adult (f)1,8915197
AHNRhdeepsea male 1Adult (m)5,5526862
n8DnHdeep sea male 2Adult (m)5,7526400
5YBwGdeep sea female 2Adult (f)5,8506960
1p1uQdeep sea male 3Adult (m)6,0636031
vSjwrdeep sea male 4Adult (m)6,2626340
ZKq4mdeep sea female 3Adult (f)5,6736252
PGU6Udeep sea female 4Adult (f)6,2115660
743LEDeep Sea Female 5Adult (f)4,3688032
IxpYpdeep sea female 6Adult (f)4,6887125
ta10hdeep sea female 7Adult (f)5,7036462
phSzbDeep Sea Male 5Adult (m)6,8106542
Cpm1Pdeep sea female 8Adult (f)6,5515852
luwdwdeep sea male 6Adult (m)5,6459842
vx4ZEdeep sea male 7Adult (m)6,7347121
AbEiOdeep sesa male 8Adult (m)6,9175682
x5A84deep seamale 9Adult (m)5,4145670
almQkdeepsea male 10Adult (m)5,5805831
ypJQDdeep sea female 9Adult (f)5,6805602
jHUo9deepsea m11Adult (m)5,5086021
e2cpKdeepsea female 10Adult (f)4,3256251
LOYZDdeepsea f11Adult (f)5,3866042
bhdpUdeepsea m12Adult (m)6,7154951
IBqbQdeepsea f12Adult (f)8,3186312
TYSIY(TYSIY)Hatchling (m, F)2,5275866
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