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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “RaisingDragons,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
QK3Iispeckle throated male 1Adult (m)5,8766021
WLh7Aspeckle throated male 2Adult (m)6,0125734
uWfPG(uWfPG)Adult (m)5,9045575
LnxIF(LnxIF)Adult (f)5,8476250
KmNTu(KmNTu)Adult (f)5,8085853
nBugP(nBugP)Adult (f)5,78355610
GRbhlCavet Spiritus IAdult (m)5,0666680
zInqHCavet Spiritalis IAdult (f)4,8606671
Z0XyFSpirit ward male 1Adult (m)5,0356730
lYdx9Spirit ward male 2Adult (m)4,9986771
1L1E4Spirit ward female 1Adult (f)4,9786730
hV9RwSpirit ward female 2Adult (f)4,6926591
Sl7mCSpirit ward male 3Adult (m)4,0107300
Mp6dlSpirit ward male 4Adult (m)5,1816241
sDmBqSpirit ward female 3Adult (f)5,2286270
4mCRfSpirit ward female 4Adult (f)5,2196421
FU9f2Spirit ward female 5Adult (f)5,2986350
voeeUSpirit ward female 6Adult (f)5,0536830
h9tEsSpirit ward male 5Adult (m)4,7316470
94fgpSpirit ward male 6Adult (m)6,0676540
TI7CfSpirit ward male 7Adult (m)5,5616631
vE8m7spirit ward male 8Adult (m)5,9006650
aMCteSpirit ward male 9Adult (m)5,3186780
ZtPyjSpirit ward female 7Adult (f)5,5866520
oAsf9Spirit ward female 8Adult (f)5,3396660
Fy6V0Spirit ward female 9Adult (f)5,4736480
SMnrASpirit ward male 10Adult (m)5,5506041
QGCLASpirit ward female 10Adult (f)6,0746610
aAA5zSpirit ward male 11Adult (m)5,9876760
xhpMiSpirit ward female 11Adult (f)6,0966670
UHXX0Spirit ward female 12Adult (f)6,2106630
NQd2u(NQd2u)Adult (f)5,8125801
OjC4O(OjC4O)Adult (f)5,6306080
lhGBQ(lhGBQ)Adult (f)5,5705900
RDKsiSpirit ward male 12Adult (m)5,3696080
T7B60(T7B60)Adult (m)5,5186220
dm9WSpumareia Igneia IAdult (f)2,0241,2053
Ljo5fSpumareus Igneus IAdult (m)2,4517890
tpd3vspitfire male 1Adult (m)2,14371514
KXNHnspitfire female 1Adult (f)1,77068710
lSI5IWrath of the Goddess I 2Adult (f)6,1068403
gzanxmale spitfire 2Adult (m)5,8907120
XWBzsspitfire male 3Adult (m)5,8266061
0YOHrspitfire female 3Adult (f)5,6576151
RdU5Yspitfire female 4Adult (f)4,6417122
1JP8j(1JP8j)Adult (f)6,4055333
Xfe0z(Xfe0z)Adult (f)4,8965481
pIjsJspitfire male 4Adult (m)6,6696121
scl5c(scl5c)Adult (m)4,6246703
iqAX3(iqAX3)Adult (m)5,5865874
WfhcLapideasius IAdult (m)2,2101,0301
TY0QLapideasia IAdult (f)1,6841,0491
rJK6e(rJK6e)Adult (m)5,5278022
geyFE(geyFE)Adult (f)2,5535012
nUAD3(nUAD3)Adult (f)2,1027008
DRaDOAlbum Striataius IAdult (m)1,93784410
JvOQpAlbum Striataia IAdult (f)1,9908588
kfkjBPallidaea Virgatisia IAdult (f)2,84986619
Tpt81Pallidaeus Vergatisus IAdult (m)3,1159149
Ghjqsstriped male 3Adult (m)2,0667220
DHkUkstriped female 3Adult (f)2,1227301
xZPzEstriped male 4Adult (m)2,4097660
Qz9P2striped male 5Adult (m)3,1408303
jpKIXstriped female 4Adult (f)2,5947930
78VJPstriped male 6Adult (m)2,4319010
Eg9XRstriped female 5Adult (f)2,29381715
jeUFyStriped Male 7Adult (m)3,2199560
EgsC2striped female 6Adult (f)2,6465771
bQQORstriped male 8Adult (m)2,9386963
5NFrEStriped Female 7Adult (f)2,6887494
95Tdxstriped male 9Adult (m)2,5137601
B6Jn0striped male 10Adult (m)2,8317931
9cAPpstriped male 11Adult (m)3,14082515
SKEnrstriped male 12Adult (m)2,0426852
LRRxfstriped female 8Adult (f)2,6497421
OEjC2striped female 9Adult (f)1,9837150
kBm7lstriped female 10Adult (f)2,2057070
LGeVkstriped female 11Adult (f)2,3385922
uwtvIstriped female 12Adult (f)2,6816860
XnevA(XnevA)Adult (m)3,9287132
hzbDX(hzbDX)Adult (f)3,0096862
SOGJd(SOGJd)Adult (m)2,8046960
Ogct9(Ogct9)Adult (f)2,2667651
9CLHsStriata Nigra IIAdult (f)2,51687017
3I6RP(3I6RP)Adult (m)5,0059160
gxpg2(gxpg2)Adult (f)5,1059272
F6BmVFlavius Corunamus IAdult (m)2,36788121
gfLnSFlavia Corunamia IAdult (f)2,35887813
I8SX8Velocesia Flavia Coronamia IAdult (f)2,1087152
6YVd0Flavia Coronamia Desertoa IAdult (f)2,05776713
O0Jvl(O0Jvl)Adult (f)1,63566913
bELF2(bELF2)Adult (m)2,09064415
RdxPv(RdxPv)Adult (m)5,9935590
TBYMRoseis Aurora IAdult (f)1,1507614
0vmEZSolis Ortus IAdult (m)1,4606462
sZVeRsunrise male 1Adult (m)5,1207780
q5GPysunrise female 1Adult (f)5,8786850
7s83Hsunrise male 2Adult (m)5,7597140
66j5Msunrise male 3Adult (m)6,5985700
lG9Gwsunrise female 2Adult (f)4,9256942
1yXRFsunrise male 4Adult (m)6,5755910
B0rBVsunrise female 3Adult (f)6,2605730
HIkK4sunrise male 5Adult (m)5,6366490
gvcsmsunrise male 6Adult (m)5,0097231
NrcvDsunrise male 7Adult (m)6,8465441
Qou7Vsunrise male 8Adult (m)5,4126111
SoSH2sunrise female 4Adult (f)5,5166360
9F1Jksunrise female 5Adult (f)5,6185681
sdXqssunrise female 6Adult (f)5,7045590
OGi43sunrise female 7Adult (f)5,2586341
xD9cGsunrise female 8Adult (f)6,5046761
Rapghsunrise female 9Adult (f)5,3856070
KQLBcsunrise male 9Adult (m)5,5655161
ueh72sunrise male 10Adult (m)6,1555601
LAENqsunrise female 10Adult (f)5,1886620
tO3tFsunrise male 11Adult (m)6,5145231
SwbF7sunrise female 11Adult (f)6,4005351
Bea1Asunrise female 12Adult (f)5,2976182
FYE1MSunrise Male 12Adult (m)5,8667402
6x6O2(6x6O2)Adult (f)5,7737502
q6sxM(q6sxM)Adult (f)7,8135552
ZDKBSolis Occasus IAdult (m)1,4819711
kN9ED(kN9ED)Adult (f)2,02564412
vUM01sunset dragon m1Adult (m)6,1301,01615
Zv3Ocsunset dragon m2Adult (m)6,5277481
4FnFGsunset dragon m3Adult (m)5,2807861
Tvm9dsunset dragon f1Adult (f)5,2857880
EsFz0sunset dragon f2Adult (f)6,6255731
Y0IxJsunset dragon f3Adult (f)6,9615330
DF3KYsunset dragon f4Adult (f)6,6575690
Mbw4Esunset dragon f5Adult (f)6,9215890
JVeK0sunset dragon m4Adult (m)6,7595570
W8J0Xsunset dragon f6Adult (f)4,9656751
U0m7wsunset dragon f7Adult (f)6,7505630
ZBj6Ksunset dragon m5Adult (m)5,6855831
UN6wusunset dragon m6Adult (m)5,4466072
3DZUFsunset dragon m7Adult (m)5,4496173
zFpmCsunset dragon f8Adult (f)7,2816332
TpfmMsunset dragon f9Adult (f)6,8796931
CZ8xQsunset dragon m8Adult (m)6,8655432
WsA0Tsunset dragon m9Adult (m)7,1195941
lFYZisunset dragon m10Adult (m)6,9045380
KTmLMsunset dragon m11Adult (m)5,5527910
LLhDmsunset male 12Adult (m)6,5915961
OL6nv(OL6nv)Adult (m)7,3706222
IwgkJ(IwgkJ)Adult (m)6,1246991
NKdZq(NKdZq)Adult (m)7,5065371
J1ztn(J1ztn)Adult (m)7,1405201
6HGbNsunset dragon f10Adult (f)5,2386861
t2IrMsunset dragon f11Adult (f)5,4336011
fMi5Jsunset female 12Adult (f)7,1265671
ynll8(ynll8)Adult (f)6,4475791
JTHUC(JTHUC)Hatchling (F)2,9655291
qe2BCanticum Soleus IAdult (m)1,9701,2221
06RSlCanticum Soleia IAdult (f)6084312
3aEAJSignumus Saliuntus IAdult (m)2,3476476
rfAwISignumia Saliuntia IAdult (f)2,7244442
loQXXHymnum Apollinius IAdult (m)2,8239336
1PHN0Hymnum Apollinia IAdult (f)2,31081821
D0bVKApollo Cantus IAdult (m)2,18180417
23TifCantus Apollinius IAdult (m)2,1407611
CDC9FHymnum Helius IAdult (m)2,3868222
jkp0oCanticum Helius IAdult (m)3,0767673
Vx5bcHymnus Solisus IAdult (m)3,0158246
hCfT9Cantus Solisus IAdult (m)3,0418245
zOJL0Hymnus Solis Invictius IAdult (m)3,40085012
TdlbXPhoebus Carmenus IAdult (m)2,2437677
gxEv4Apollo Cantusia IAdult (f)3,81478216
OGQ31Cantus Apollinia IAdult (f)2,1387658
icd3CHymnum Heliusia IAdult (f)2,19376412
Axks2Canticum Heliusia IAdult (f)2,2887812
aE4cWHymnus Solisia IAdult (f)3,4327060
zFHFUCantus Solisia IAdult (f)2,2837750
htMAJCanticum Solis Invictius IAdult (m)2,1277490
Jfd0cHymnum Solis Invictia IAdult (f)2,4407370
odNgwCanticum Solis Invictia IAdult (f)3,1288311
KXRxoPhoebus Carmenia IAdult (f)3,4278280
njzye(njzye)Adult (f)2,4397393
TBFFM(TBFFM)Adult (f)2,5657632
BkxqG(BkxqG)Adult (m)3,04091912
PbRiVGolden Sunsong IIIAdult (f)5,6006981
vAeaySolia Lapisia IAdult (f)4,67596012
xnpYkSol Lapis IAdult (m)3,1721,02915
LerniLerni Sunstone IAdult (m)3,6047333
SFKD8(SFKD8)Adult (m)4,6687130
819Fd(819Fd)Adult (f)6,4276351
dr3ty(dr3ty)Adult (m)6,4966161
dpkQi(dpkQi)Adult (f)7,2766112
MOM4x(MOM4x)Adult (f)5,5817430
TGI1j(TGI1j)Adult (f)6,7236751
5P5bO(5P5bO)Adult (f)6,4736804
qrSh5(qrSh5)Adult (m)5,5845953
NpZ21(NpZ21)Adult (m)5,9535562
v7UMK(v7UMK)Adult (f)5,3816051
DPXS8(DPXS8)Adult (m)6,0785121
nDhvHirundinis Caudius IAdult (m)4,8822,0731
f6hKHirundinis Caudia IAdult (f)1,7891,0491
Be3RR(Be3RR)Adult (m)4,3551,0512
t128B(t128B)Adult (f)5,6139294
fLOO0(fLOO0)Adult (f)5,0998120
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