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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “RaisingDragons,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
LkPIiShades of Pink IIIAdult (m)2,2228637
ZsCk7Umbra Nigra Bellatrix IIIAdult (f)5,2768361
7uNY1Tuny's Cavern IIIAdult (f)4,5761,2381
dN00JTrickster Boo IIAdult (f)4,4711,2261
R97YvWarning Mist IIIAdult (m)4,4621,2021
VxO1MChaebwyn's Boo IIIAdult (m)4,5301,2252
fHSxeRoyal Haunting IIIAdult (m)3,0718261
YAxkqShadow of Loved Lenore IIIAdult (f)3,3937624
XsW8sImmaterial Purity IIAdult (m)3,6447301
8NywENebulous Shadow IIIAdult (f)3,7467101
Tw6ETLurking Grave IIAdult (f)2,60398245
wB0L5Cavern of Copper IIAdult (f)2,6611,00216
ndgeFCavern Rush Raid IIAdult (f)1,7246504
PUnxBPunxatawney Lurker IIAdult (m)2,3646307
KcGjqLurking Bean IIAdult (f)2,2976425
UAhB7Lurker in Gold IIAdult (f)2,3136345
YVb8cLatet in Cupro Caverna IIIAdult (f)5,3268441
JAD5MLatet in Spelunca Viperae IIIAdult (f)5,3068351
ZomYmRaisin Stripus Caverns IIIAdult (f)2,7698791
8Ko7ZIgggy Ipscob IIAdult (m)2,6768470
sLtCrCavernam Insidiator IIIAdult (m)3,0278331
x8QjJNebulous Cavern IIAdult (f)3,6767311
6q7RYGravis Error IAdult (m)2,0296856
uGfRBGravis Vultis IAdult (f)2,0696967
LwX9OCinis de Sepulcro IAdult (f)2,1106966
9e2j9Pyram Ignire IAdult (f)2,0436657
Phzg5Gravis Periculum IAdult (m)2,0256919
OZzh6Gravis Vultus IAdult (m)2,0466568
7BKJnLeviore de Rogos IIAdult (m)3,3191,17336
E7WHlCinis Magma IIAdult (f)3,3601,19351
auRdzHellfire's Grave IIAdult (f)1,6396706
HUeAYConflatile Sepulchrum IIIAdult (m)5,2508432
GZ0jnAshes of Hell IIIAdult (m)5,2038502
COmboGraviter Coniuncta IIAdult (f)4,3608432
eztN0Pyram Ignire IIAdult (f)4,0767231
qpDvOContemnit Mentis ImbecillitateAdult (m)2,5028051
W2pnzContemptor Exterminatore IAdult (m)2,2527872
aWZh2Exterminatore Mentium IAdult (m)2,3088121
v8NfxCucullatus Contemptor IAdult (f)2,5228194
ZlAOOCucullatus Ingluviem IAdult (f)2,5838282
szzzrIngluviem Despiciente IAdult (f)2,7858433
60q1xCucculo Despiciente IAdult (m)2,0437902
yuaOSObiurgaturus Contemptor IIAdult (f)4,5608391
VRrnwContemptor Exterminatore IIAdult (m)4,1757321
v2TpLMortis Caput IAdult (m)2,6499041
BeJpCO Mors Bonum Est Caput IAdult (m)3,0399121
NuRfYEgo Sum Morte IAdult (f)3,5339231
SmnU7Exterminatore Vitae IAdult (m)2,9559240
nm2IVOmnes Prope Me Arescit IAdult (f)3,5499220
spL2zArescit Mortem Vita IAdult (f)3,2199230
YAiwqOmissa Vitae Adpropinquet Mihi IAdult (m)2,7699221
PqgXtMortis Caput IIAdult (m)4,3687171
9l7rUOmnes Prope Me Arescit IIAdult (f)4,1507070
Pr5pOVeneficas Lux IAdult (f)2,6047681
HqZoyLux Turbarentor IAdult (f)2,9817870
FOyNnLux Noctis Aeternae IAdult (f)2,7167590
VN7tPIllusio Mortifero IAdult (m)2,7947540
vwRswPer Errorem in Lucem IAdult (m)2,6147720
vsvA3Mortis Lux Decipit IAdult (m)2,6717610
Z0kgGDecipiat Maleficus IAdult (m)2,4777690
NfDLMessisia IAdult (f)2,7071,4883
62qhMessisus IAdult (m)4,9812,1783
KUQMnharvest m1Adult (m)1,6945556
sffraharvest m2Adult (m)1,7476784
PopqiPopqi Harvest f1Adult (f)7,0576662
Er7mn(Er7mn)Adult (m)6,2776450
NAXwwharvest female 2Adult (f)5,9866171
Az120(Az120)Adult (m)7,0965923
0ENlx(0ENlx)Adult (f)5,4306350
C6UbC(C6UbC)Adult (f)6,5386061
he1GU(he1GU)Adult (m)6,4426161
Mezyz(Mezyz)Adult (m)4,9107691
YkTGd(YkTGd)Adult (f)5,6938563
e3vDx(e3vDx)Adult (m)5,9237924
SdaBL(SdaBL)Adult (f)5,2905501
RRasw(RRasw)Adult (f)5,8515321
Dd98J(Dd98J)Adult (m)4,5516391
o7alIgnis Infernius IAdult (m)1,2578364
LUywCIgnis Infernia IAdult (f)1,6066838
QjxlzGehennaeus Incendiisus IAdult (m)2,2397181
7mr1lGehenna Incendiisia IAdult (f)2,1597421
8ERPzBurps Hellfire IAdult (f)3,3521,0306
VlSe4Hellfire's Vise IAdult (m)5,1418371
vEjI9(vEjI9)Adult (f)5,2207450
fAKcf(fAKcf)Adult (m)4,1886581
QjaVk(QjaVk)Adult (f)6,6895691
AWnFI(AWnFI)Adult (m)6,1576741
hpgX8(hpgX8)Adult (f)5,9125853
Se53D(Se53D)Adult (f)7,3906601
Es8Lk(Es8Lk)Adult (m)4,9046211
whgAl(whgAl)Adult (m)5,0675730
mrRIrEquumius Infernous IIAdult (m)3,1228058
z7727Equumia Infernoa IIAdult (f)3,9621,07519
YEhMLMel Dulce IAdult (f)5,0625992
9aKqAMel Fur IAdult (m)5,3666120
jEawlmel f1Adult (f)3,9246240
9v1Etmel m1Adult (m)4,5515200
KxhRcmel m2Adult (m)4,5745170
3eVcbmel m3Adult (m)4,4025221
QpTZ3mel f2Adult (f)4,3885270
atIqNmel m4Adult (m)4,3196200
E4lupmel f3Adult (f)4,8555281
eQdhPmel m5Adult (m)5,2625860
HJTKKmel f4Adult (f)5,0455000
Bujfsmel m6Adult (m)5,0295160
hCszfmel f5Adult (f)5,0465121
ZTNLwmel m7Adult (m)5,0285311
QnbjeMel f6Adult (f)6,7965720
mZImxmel f7Adult (f)5,4576380
wHEIwmel f8Adult (f)5,3626660
CwIHXmel f9Adult (f)5,5695392
M6yPWmel m8Adult (m)6,7704801
DdASFmel m9Adult (m)7,2074930
RGNCVmel f10Adult (f)7,0605130
t4xUumel f11Adult (f)5,9745300
jUxmpmel m10Adult (m)5,9895280
7LgZqmel m11Adult (m)5,8595370
Uxltumel f12Adult (f)6,0924930
n5hb3mel m12Adult (m)6,0884910
yfc7Y(yfc7Y)Adult (f)6,8535050
zVk9T(zVk9T)Adult (f)7,0904930
QGCRnhooktalon female 1Adult (f)5,1416424
BI3xXhooktalon male 1Adult (m)4,7936343
lcLl1hooktalon male 2Adult (m)3,1028213
SoEpdhooktalon female 2Adult (f)5,5815711
Y6YrPhooktalon female 3Adult (f)5,6676611
lnUuShooktalon male 3Adult (m)5,4686421
hUSKeHusky Boy I 4Adult (m)5,5936371
rppGgRole-playing Hook I f4Adult (f)5,3746791
Hg6Cnhooktalon male 5Adult (m)5,5776801
N5QS8hooktalon female 5Adult (f)5,7606201
nhRuShooktalon female 6Adult (f)6,0025880
xcbsOhooktalon female 7Adult (f)6,0115981
Qdbfhhooktalon female 8Adult (f)5,8405880
KAIbyHooktalon male 6Adult (m)5,4497290
tBfSvhooktalon male 7Adult (m)5,5106300
K7MKBhooktalon female 9Adult (f)5,4076350
tk7Jkhooktalon male 8Adult (m)5,5616210
PsTHkhooktalon female 10Adult (f)5,4496260
LuLCohooktalon male 9Adult (m)5,6207330
AfCbChooktalon f11Adult (f)6,1746491
ArW9ihooktalon f12Adult (f)6,0826600
EdRDAhooktalon m10Adult (m)6,1086620
Ofzbshooktalon m11Adult (m)6,2266520
FW7ZDhooktalon m12Adult (m)6,4037080
aoF3K(aoF3K)Adult (f)5,8057190
jDBhg(jDBhg)Adult (f)7,1906441
YwrSP(YwrSP)Adult (m)6,8736600
Pubby(Pubby)Adult (f)5,0628350
OVAQEqua IAdult (f)4,6141,9204
RbXfEmissarius IAdult (m)4,35393713
SWxpLhorse female 1Adult (f)4,1941,3963
ltY1Vhorse female 2Adult (f)7,0406250
sYnxVhorse male 1Adult (m)5,1706692
QwngPhorse male 2Adult (m)5,0251,0153
3qgnP(3qgnP)Adult (f)6,3895702
nTMXs(nTMXs)Adult (m)4,9116520
42lzM(42lzM)Adult (m)5,2166362
XMjX0(XMjX0)Adult (f)5,2056551
zGJzJ(zGJzJ)Adult (f)5,7406713
Os7A1(Os7A1)Adult (m)5,3045910
G9b8r(G9b8r)Adult (f)6,3385001
eQ3Vh(eQ3Vh)Adult (f)6,0975020
JXI6E(JXI6E)Adult (m)6,0585161
8zWMX(8zWMX)Adult (f)6,5466214
jobwY(jobwY)Adult (f)5,9445253
4Oraj(4Oraj)Adult (m)6,6385921
2iY6H(2iY6H)Adult (m)3,2217443
zliyv(zliyv)Adult (f)2,9897234
7GNAo(7GNAo)Adult (m)2,7487842
mPgRkExtends Her Blast 1Adult (f)4,49867011
3x52FThe Wintry West 1Adult (m)2,2068978
rx6bJDraco Glaciesia IIAdult (f)1,7796481
FHn9uDraco Glaciesus IIAdult (m)2,36979321
7YmeKThe Sweeping Blast 2Adult (m)3,8121,08816
JaFjIThe Sky O'ercast 2Adult (f)3,2041,25218
oTKfVIce Female 3Adult (f)3,5391,4063
67VnoIce Male 3Adult (m)2,3038417
NybSEice male 4Adult (m)3,1107616
JvHcDice male 5Adult (m)2,34579510
XjveD(XjveD)Adult (m)2,1457172
xrGPOice female 4Adult (f)3,1705666
KDxl9Ice male 6Adult (m)4,2881,1053
5zdD2ice female 5Adult (f)1,8296565
SyGMNIce female 6Adult (f)2,8397585
jiN5FIce female 7Adult (f)2,9717327
t4zemIce Female 8Adult (f)2,3697751
MMLDDIce Female 9Adult (f)2,2327473
4HuNeIce male 7Adult (m)2,6199108
UWzveIce Female 10Adult (f)2,2697859
7ttysIce Male 8Adult (m)3,2747221
Zwmo7Ice Male 9Adult (m)2,9847050
PUeCnIce Male 10Adult (m)3,0709381
but9UIce Male 11Adult (m)2,3406493
GWABJIce Female 11Adult (f)2,49087810
SE3en(SE3en)Adult (f)5,3241,2752
ryki4(ryki4)Adult (f)2,41760419
31RFp(31RFp)Adult (m)4,4347875
BY764(BY764)Adult (m)3,0175964
rjWIK(rjWIK)Adult (f)3,4669492
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