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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Pinky2010,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bKrjO(bKrjO)Egg (F)
sxGrr(sxGrr)Adult (f)2,3081,1482
qSDGN(qSDGN)Adult (m)2,6211,0981
9KV0bTabitah FlamingoAdult (m)1,7866921
LK9OhTabitah FlamencoAdult (m)3,7611,0784
mgnMMRay of BlissAdult (m)6,3881,1304
oOqfjBeloved FlamingoAdult (m)2,8937932
P6F5O(P6F5O)Adult (m)2,7622783
Fady2(Fady2)Adult (m)4,3349013
NSRe8Mini Crimson FlareAdult (m)3,5691,6272
SmmDkTabitah Crimson FlareAdult (f)3,4911,5050
YPDog(YPDog)Adult (f)3,9688969
7shby(7shby)Adult (m)5,5638255
ou5OM(ou5OM)Adult (m)2,3695924
9Rs9WBeauty in RedAdult (f)5,1141,4335
KaFcpTabitah Magic RedAdult (f)3,8091,1279
ko1rRTabitah Magic in RedAdult (f)2,2324901
mnsYHTabitah red wizardAdult (f)3,5601,0277
gDnX0Tabitah BewitchedAdult (f)5,2881,2479
eBb1e3 colorsAdult (f)3,3236721
Qtvv7Unfullfilled LongingAdult (f)3,0319163
06ZsA(06ZsA)Adult (f)3,4131,1655
rvy7L(rvy7L)Adult (f)2,8475847
CmHVr(CmHVr)Adult (f)2,0256712
ZP6kN(ZP6kN)Adult (f)4,7467086
hMEls(hMEls)Adult (f)3,5211,1254
mNBsDraky DragonAdult (m)1,3385762
QMD7pTabitah VampireAdult (m)4,2771,1215
xnalw(xnalw)Adult (f)2,9244720
JCXjiTabitah Christmas LoverAdult (m)3,1425833
4uSe1Tabitah Diving on ChristmasAdult (m)3,3515993
1eTHMLametta LoveAdult (m)5,0316899
b4XhH(b4XhH)Adult (m)5,5857572
nszalRight RoyalAdult (m)2,9976652
MJ3RMRoyal LoyalityAdult (f)2,6406441
zjFW2Royal DignityAdult (m)2,7366672
bRIPGNikkitahAdult (m)2,9826832
3xQ9LHigh but groundedAdult (f)2,5487566
DkNSjhere but goneAdult (m)3,1928393
krXPMhow I wish you were hereAdult (f)3,1648926
0dGfDBelly FeelingAdult (f)4,6547294
oNHeaCruel circumstancesAdult (m)4,7651,0666
ZPGc1Heaven from hellAdult (f)3,8491,0625
pIhdGis save with meAdult (m)3,7695622
PaCSDCrazy Little MiaouAdult (f)3,6991,0408
OoHYO(OoHYO)Adult (f)3,6049714
AnYQN(AnYQN)Adult (f)2,04466110
slX4E(slX4E)Adult (f)4,0571,1154
capIh(capIh)Adult (m)4,5351,1935
jlCOF(jlCOF)Adult (f)4,3361,3623
K7tlITabitah looks downAdult (m)3,0057513
MfgJm(MfgJm)Adult (m)2,1996564
9xv1n(9xv1n)Adult (m)5,5691,59810
BBHM8Pink as the LightAdult (m)3,6567834
KSCaQLingering over dreamsAdult (m)3,6339984
ohhJD(ohhJD)Adult (m)1,6666263
pCXAZ(pCXAZ)Adult (m)4,3617792
B0999(B0999)Adult (m)5,3729882
xvdge(xvdge)Adult (m)5,0558491
9x5Gb(9x5Gb)Adult (m)7,62685410
eGeI5Love NatureAdult (m)5,5021,3574
TKrQ0(TKrQ0)Adult (m)7,7748353
bQKTH(bQKTH)Adult (m)5,5871,17617
r2yHx(r2yHx)Adult (f)5,5381,18211
7JqpZTabitah HeartbreakerAdult (m)3,1121,1693
5GMQQTabitah Choclate HollyAdult (m)3,1471,2093
x3uatRadiate LoveAdult (m)3,6121,3007
z3yCj(z3yCj)Adult (m)4,7911,5334
WRxId(WRxId)Adult (m)5,4969206
9pHdO(9pHdO)Adult (m)4,0601,1768
ihfVf(ihfVf)Adult (m)4,1601,2096
sYSJH(sYSJH)Adult (m)4,1621,2039
PWF8v(PWF8v)Adult (m)2,5606703
Q9vejDino TraurigAdult1,9026692
qWuBALulu Big WonderAdult (m)4,2351,3673
VI9gYPurpur RotAdult (m)3,7251,4395
shaWS(shaWS)Adult (m)4,8401,2683
NRNxf(NRNxf)Adult (m)6,0428204
LQk6h(LQk6h)Adult (f)4,74895011
Fmt8i(Fmt8i)Adult (m)5,6777423
mAKUG(mAKUG)Adult (m)4,2351,1313
HE8x2(HE8x2)Adult (f)4,2731,1313
oXoYO(oXoYO)Adult (m)4,2351,1341
hnlZuTabitah SonnensteinAdult (f)2,2671,0430
uGsEgTabitah FeuersteinAdult (m)2,3596812
v4QUkTender PearlAdult (m)4,5876234
QmpkETabitah it hurtsAdult (m)7,1311,0513
7KvcBTabitah Sun and StoneAdult (f)5,8581,0771
tH71KFanja FirelightAdult (m)3,4696984
eQ2fP(eQ2fP)Adult (f)4,1811,0185
l8xSh(l8xSh)Adult (m)3,1278382
2c3sY(2c3sY)Adult (f)3,9003992
BGvn1Tabitah what is she looking atAdult (f)3,5911,06111
UV7oQWhere is he goingAdult (f)4,6521,14911
BqDWVClouds telling dreamsAdult (f)3,0867581
fCXtjfollow my heartAdult (f)3,3637882
QWajVSilver ray of ligthAdult (f)2,7449017
oloB7Born to be passionateAdult (f)3,0685930
tPMFtDavid CopperAdult (m)3,2941,12414
TQevDTabitah CopperfieldAdult (m)2,5771,2692
6x6HH(6x6HH)Adult (m)3,8881,0748
wq5n7Epic RainbowAdult (m)4,2501,06815
thMkI(thMkI)Adult (m)5,3821,4277
2WbYx(2WbYx)Adult (m)4,0307373
jTo5Tabitah HellAdult (m)7054741
iXv2NTabitah HotyAdult (m)1,8397462
XKIMNSo Hot so strongAdult (m)5,3901,0454
WDn1WTabitah will burn everythingAdult (m)5,0548204
qUOyJBurning soulsAdult (m)2,6196327
iV88aOrange ImpressionAdult (m)3,0831,0444
SuAOiSua OiAdult (m)3,5287483
fzSLpSelf-balancedAdult (m)3,0761,4933
hXmt3Earth Fire WindAdult (m)3,9636725
zuNbEFire Earth WindAdult (m)4,0336644
Tu1nWGlowing in the WindAdult (m)3,08691010
BsPOsSupertrampAdult (m)5,4489773
tie6zTie SixAdult (m)4,6377093
XXwwW(XXwwW)Adult (m)3,7101,0510
Hhxt2OpennessAdult (f)2,5361,2903
BX4BPBosom BuddyAdult (f)3,76868912
L65ph(L65ph)Adult (f)2,27068812
6bmnn(6bmnn)Adult (f)2,5844456
ADQeL(ADQeL)Adult (f)2,11569512
w8bYqImbert MarinaAdult (f)4,8847356
WLD5wBringer of Good LuckAdult (f)3,3501,1658
Fy612(Fy612)Adult (f)3,2641,0388
iAYpeDarkest BeautyAdult (f)3,5121,3362
dlGq6Tabitah AmberAdult (f)3,5997612
5lOqTAmber WomenAdult (f)6,2411,1347
6ovQfTabitah Dark AmberAdult (f)4,8869446
WQM03Spectra PinkAdult (f)5,1969784
lyYvLUnfinish MagmaAdult (f)5,3347962
p8YgPinkys Vampire LadyAdult (f)1,3657752
l0kOfTabitah DraculaAdult (f)5,4641,2884
0vMIoOmmmAdult (f)3,1711,4963
YilGhGuru meAdult (f)3,6407422
YWh8rSilver Dervish DancerAdult (f)1,9936465
hqo2cMiss Scroll 2013Adult (f)2,8399013
JsK60(JsK60)Adult (f)3,0868734
AXg7pAnti AgingAdult (f)5,1169955
PMP0H(PMP0H)Adult (f)3,7689481
VBVCY(VBVCY)Adult (m)2,3109682
BJenW(BJenW)Adult (m)3,2189673
MPgIqLydia HennaAdult (f)3,8588419
l97uGEspoire en OrangeAdult (f)3,4729137
gFcC5Schnuffi KnuffiAdult (f)4,3771,3564
6rua4(6rua4)Adult (m)4,8601,2706
OKOUT(OKOUT)Adult (f)3,89559914
dG6f3(dG6f3)Adult (m)3,9041,12824
o6TOr(o6TOr)Adult (f)3,4391,1784
aPOVG(aPOVG)Adult (f)4,5357774
RDRnH(RDRnH)Adult (f)4,2581,1251
nUKcX(nUKcX)Adult (m)5,8977413
FOqCC(FOqCC)Adult (f)3,7291,1495
RreGbTabitah AutumAdult (f)3,0061,2663
gZGOjTabitah Autumn BeautyAdult (f)7,2801,3517
FidpoTabitah FidpoAdult (f)2,3767204
W836uFlying towards summerAdult (f)4,2889482
KVI4D(KVI4D)Adult (f)4,8961,16910
26xntLove PretenderAdult (m)2,5691,3102
NtG30Plok CopperfieldAdult (m)3,87775210
5YAa8Crazy Violet HeartAdult (m)3,4029358
Yzkge(Yzkge)Adult (m)3,28889912
UmAkmMocha WingsAdult (m)2,24381711
nJx2DCovered with tendernessAdult (m)4,0611,17012
0r8UdI'll be your keeper for liveAdult (m)5,9318829
A8ELGCovering WingAdult (m)4,7801,03611
o80jM(o80jM)Adult (m)5,1117042
adPLg(adPLg)Adult (m)7,5127657
rqbS6(rqbS6)Adult (m)3,4419843
itTSo(itTSo)Adult (m)3,6339612
suhBP(suhBP)Adult (m)3,6329771
rMNBI was beautifulAdult (m)3,4511,5845
ZNGiWippy TailyAdult (f)2,7111,2403
xq3WSperfect symbiosisAdult (m)3,9471,0406
WR6IANo women no cryAdult (f)3,2727142
BnK07MwahahahahahahaAdult (m)3,4231,1475
RosBE(RosBE)Adult (f)3,2759953
kVLrREri's LaughAdult (m)4,6341,2427
vd9kN(vd9kN)Adult (f)5,2261,1102
rHaB5I am long lineagedAdult (m)2,6261,0890
tgYIcAutum BeautyAdult (m)1,8757882
ifPgBTabitah lookig after the sunAdult (m)5,3259907
uEbnMStriped hornAdult (m)4,0135094
N0gOKTabitah Indian SummerAdult (m)4,1096902
D6dJ7(D6dJ7)Adult (m)3,6839754
h0scTabitah OranginaAdult (m)1,6306990
LL6fWPinkys Orange BeautyAdult (f)2,4426541
KsBCrMaybe I am inbreedAdult (f)2,6396714
tInDAMr TeleportAdult (m)3,0439053
5LPJ9Too much OrangeAdult (m)5,3779401
6MMrGVery OrangeAdult (f)4,2141,0624
6rrePTabita orange pureAdult (f)4,2091,1381
FGktESwaradAdult (f)6,1948853
SaWjnBlack Orange of ThuwedAdult (m)3,0336984
Usi3nMiss Tabitah OrangeAdult (f)5,1659660
JC7l4Beem me up TabitahAdult (m)5,6109023
mQ0cNTabitah Orange JuiceAdult (f)5,6179044
saacvNikki Hollys BirthdayAdult (f)3,60395120
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