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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Pinky2010,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
aMtlCBurning ChristmasAdult (f)3,2377805
8sSf6Unwrapp my redAdult (m)3,2927395
wrIK0Fire after christmasAdult (m)2,8558115
Qo2bwdo I hoard redsAdult (m)3,7791,2075
4hkDPno I need incubatesAdult (f)2,3616111
LzUQTHolly MisunderstandingAdult (f)1,9996775
oLdmL(oLdmL)Adult (f)5,4561,1644
Bc2Ai(Bc2Ai)Adult (m)3,5961,0173
JVJ0Y(JVJ0Y)Adult (m)3,5301,0408
BjHHrValentine on fireAdult (f)1,8507046
6jbFATabitah TanedAdult (m)5,2869864
lniKMTaned KissAdult (m)4,4445206
D763YTaned ValentineAdult (m)3,3938094
oVPFfTabitah hang overAdult (m)7,2541,2076
WdGXY(WdGXY)Adult (m)2,3847653
8mbg6(8mbg6)Adult (m)1,7954992
3kvgc(3kvgc)Adult (m)1,7705414
NWu7W(NWu7W)Adult (m)4,3549331
VsQ4nTabitah Red DorsalAdult (m)5,3741,8664
kdSZsEx JoyAdult (f)6,7331,0382
nr9L5Hot for CrazyAdult (m)5,3745114
dhiLz(dhiLz)Adult (m)3,2368672
1Xloi(1Xloi)Adult (f)1,7946421
B2XBEJinglemanAdult (f)2,08653027
21pBH(21pBH)Adult (m)5,0911,02818
bRAjGHypnotic MajestyAdult (m)6,8211,30726
7VXRaBlack Valentine LadyAdult (f)1,3005715
deApFDorsal BeautyAdult (f)5,4299879
iuD6lUnder my coatAdult (f)6,6181,18032
jPZPdBlack CeylonAdult (f)2,6118377
DumY8Dumy 8Adult (f)1,3388018
6EDcgturkey on halloweenAdult (f)5,7036698
6CbXi(6CbXi)Adult (f)3,6736973
5Vd7f(5Vd7f)Adult (f)2,2716695
LRRfINever get enoughAdult (f)2,1427205
fYaurSilver LiarAdult (f)1,4607895
Uwjeh(Uwjeh)Adult (f)4,8841,0694
5sePMRed Lord of HalloweenAdult (m)4,0727883
URd8OFear of LoveAdult (m)5,3147029
9EbDUGot you down on my kneesAdult (m)3,6587405
s4nyU(s4nyU)Adult (m)2,3796852
oNy80Dark Prince of ValentineAdult (m)1,8737647
QUMHr(QUMHr)Adult (m)2,1726194
9meCJ(9meCJ)Adult (m)2,4957503
FDUXD(FDUXD)Adult (m)5,8851,0784
1pTzC(1pTzC)Adult (m)3,4801,0156
GFukB(GFukB)Adult (f)3,6739621
EJLv3(EJLv3)Adult (f)3,6579862
tweVJ(tweVJ)Adult (f)3,4689942
ppGpUTabitah Grey TurnadoAdult (m)4,3111,2125
8o5HTabitah Gray LadyAdult (f)2,1428553
DG35Hypnotized DancerAdult (f)1,3797471
U52Mb(U52Mb)Adult (f)4,2347571
Y20nIBleeding HeadsAdult (f)4,0568535
jzfTV(jzfTV)Adult (f)3,5397472
NmZqG(NmZqG)Adult (f)2,4497604
AR7HEArtheAdult (f)2,4689253
Fooj1(Fooj1)Adult (f)2,4499692
VfP27(VfP27)Adult (f)4,2249314
ZhoP3(ZhoP3)Adult (f)2,8818862
QT0Ny(QT0Ny)Adult (f)4,5301,0323
XK7ko(XK7ko)Adult (f)4,3401,0474
LngP0(LngP0)Adult (f)3,7267117
7iBXUTabitah SteinbeisserAdult (m)1,7966090
7OtYPThe StonemonsterAdult (f)9,0911,5873
UvrUvHard as steelAdult (f)4,8529593
sseXy(sseXy)Adult (m)4,2365908
FNDCH(FNDCH)Adult (m)2,5218184
EYs3oAdorable ShadoeAdult (f)2,2746184
afZgw(afZgw)Adult (f)2,5427005
9aHxz(9aHxz)Adult (m)2,8381,0283
ETtq8(ETtq8)Adult (m)2,5738513
YYPMK(YYPMK)Adult (m)2,3147273
iQHlF(iQHlF)Adult (m)3,4851,0398
BLNPO(BLNPO)Adult (m)2,9951,0442
3KiIW(3KiIW)Adult (m)2,7128743
zkkod(zkkod)Adult (m)2,6566233
u8GRmElla ShyAdult (f)7,0081,3395
XHlmkNikki SilverheartAdult (f)4,9007369
esCD2Tabitah LamettaAdult (f)5,1089458
93a9GSilver Sparkling LightAdult (f)5,23464813
He9b3Tabitah tickling LightAdult (f)5,75794712
k3ITPIt's a beautiful lifeAdult (f)5,72197311
fCerCHalloween in KirktonAdult (f)5,9161,00517
rjk5GTabitah looks upAdult (f)3,99059511
3TXtpSuch FunAdult (f)3,4745787
lpqsYI am a gipsyAdult (f)2,34677710
5vlyesilver batmanAdult (f)4,31580312
Qvv8DRuminativelyAdult (f)3,4377556
28xjRIt's win or loseAdult (f)3,6411,06011
1fIDkRose ElkAdult (f)3,6641,0736
8WhuWSinful PleasuresAdult (f)3,0421,0489
NPrZn(NPrZn)Adult (f)2,4908027
HmxFfDancing under the blue skyAdult (f)3,3559627
AOpmcAmor hit meAdult (f)3,2279747
crOHnLovamyAdult (f)4,4051,16221
kNbS1Tabith doesn't lookAdult (f)3,2951,07210
B4dE1DreamwarmerAdult (f)3,2991,0939
OdkbUAxeitAdult (f)4,2251,23817
DzByoSweetie EAdult (f)4,7588569
iQLcHEri isAdult (f)3,0731,00310
qFKMmYes I won'tAdult (f)5,2631,0556
3Inkz(3Inkz)Adult (f)2,7969137
rhBGY(rhBGY)Adult (f)3,5011,0097
p0UqqBonestealerAdult (f)5,8349307
RhBLrBrother PlokAdult (f)6,10794311
owW8KTickeling ChristmasAdult (f)3,39791714
MR2Mr(MR2Mr)Adult (f)2,9319376
mUw7U(mUw7U)Adult (f)5,6586718
cvZYySilver Green RedAdult (f)5,6329708
6Y3VBKalona in LoveAdult (f)3,3471,06510
gWJXZCupric CopperAdult (f)5,0511,1037
ZRbiKMittagsgeistAdult (f)5,0439839
hvm4W(hvm4W)Adult (f)4,62476411
nalF8Happy CakeAdult (f)2,68155212
n5l9B(n5l9B)Adult (f)4,6631,0217
907JP(907JP)Adult (f)4,6988137
Bc3ac(Bc3ac)Adult (f)4,3837796
BKsDF(BKsDF)Adult (f)4,4048125
YBL7X(YBL7X)Adult (f)6,7567225
OlT4s(OlT4s)Adult (f)7,8242,01243
reohbVolly SilverbeautyAdult (m)3,63465514
0uGNFOnly Silver ShadowAdult (m)3,9921,2187
K5qscTabitah gets what she wantsAdult (m)11,2308859
CyYvWPatient LoveAdult (m)3,44580012
lo9INbeatificallyAdult (m)5,0699695
Eo2ZhfondlyAdult (m)2,83580610
cRN7LMy DuckyAdult (m)4,0156355
nbt4ALong story made shortAdult (m)3,6871,1208
gnPkjColored TrihornAdult (m)2,1547096
fwHKQSilver HobbyhorseAdult (m)2,8377587
LPsQjTabitah Non NebulaAdult (m)2,70072013
2eAWxGlimmer TreasureAdult (m)2,5275946
c3S4DMoonholderAdult (m)2,4717408
fPBIgSilver BoneStealerAdult (m)3,6051,0638
7Yrg2Happy Maria 2013Adult (m)3,8079839
rGX8sBlue EmbryoAdult (m)3,9619109
xDwsW(xDwsW)Adult (m)5,1871,0887
3ZzRW(3ZzRW)Adult (m)4,6491,0477
oijnXsooo awesomeAdult (m)3,1901,0289
7Nwfa(7Nwfa)Adult (m)2,5607887
LpDCm(LpDCm)Adult (m)2,4366827
OPGU0Rose LieAdult (m)2,6495337
6sum3(6sum3)Adult (m)2,7623996
IDwOY(IDwOY)Adult (m)4,3671,1096
rpKyzStrass LoveAdult (m)6,5731,3098
iTd2NAbonded BeauAdult (m)4,9991,26019
rPcIWUnrepentant GeraldinesAdult (m)5,10686110
boJSVPatty the GenerousAdult (m)3,32384121
OZ9uPPatty PAdult (m)6,0756997
4nXyb(4nXyb)Adult (m)5,2671,2177
oJhM2Wheees TailAdult (m)5,8168759
x2m1lGlitter on WaterAdult (m)4,7498689
hhaTBRed PlokAdult (m)4,8431,0887
ndvNVPicca 13Adult (m)5,0921,1007
ly8FgTY 42Adult (m)5,5436985
gsniu(gsniu)Adult (m)4,0388598
gcMNfMiss SAdult (m)4,5237405
OdbNuReflections of SwallowAdult (m)3,8671,0157
gvPMm(gvPMm)Adult (m)4,6344287
CAFgkSnowhite BeautyAdult (f)5,2729876
pOTN0Greenwinged Christmas BeautyAdult (f)4,3328492
GdiRWeisses PferdchenAdult (f)1,8936861
ecf7Messy WhiteAdult (f)1,5947745
Vt2RLTabitah White ManAdult (m)1,7186962
GoIv7Tabitah BlancheAdult (f)4,2101,1794
HuR8LTabitah HealerAdult (f)4,3191,0323
SaKu6Tabitah SakuAdult (f)4,9601,2264
qtbkqUnder the mistle treeAdult (f)5,7381,0593
SJ091(SJ091)Adult (f)5,2379842
6p64RHealing RosesAdult (m)5,2998104
js2tmHolly white dreamsAdult (m)3,3278082
EGp62Valentine SnowAdult (m)4,3329652
6TE7tWhite Roses of LoveAdult (m)6,1321,2008
MSNBANikkys Holiday GiftAdult (f)3,1967925
bOf2sdreaming of a holly nightAdult (m)3,5356002
rOn2Iwarm kissAdult (m)2,3386973
06HceWhite Heart of LoveAdult (f)6,3591,0132
A6geVTabitah SnowflakeAdult (f)3,9628773
coq3C(coq3C)Adult (f)4,3572916
gFs8Q(gFs8Q)Adult (m)4,84492311
nTaYG(nTaYG)Adult (f)3,6167054
YhCeW(YhCeW)Adult (f)1,93972415
tUJ8YEremiteAdult (m)4,0468373
gfF41(gfF41)Adult (f)4,2898084
bum7aSnowhite EarthAdult (m)3,7541,1116
wioa5WiaouAdult (f)3,1817674
fl2jgSeasons in DorkfaceAdult (f)7,1901,0379
yWKwoPiece of LuckAdult (f)2,7468636
hAzdbWhite VirginAdult (m)3,6357504
Zw0aHWhite sheetsAdult (m)3,3731,1115
m9ba5All reunitedAdult (m)2,4858425
W2ZSF(W2ZSF)Adult (f)2,2335090
fIriA(fIriA)Adult (m)3,2281,01410
mDU3ZHeavens HeartAdult (m)3,3969947
WtPJk(WtPJk)Adult (f)1,8996266
A4IeMNightly cloudsAdult (f)1,8417227
t1AqGBeloved MiaouAdult (m)4,6101,2905
lF6pcGentle Rose HeartAdult (m)2,5726405
nii1B(nii1B)Adult (f)5,1298186
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