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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Pinky2010,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WPAb1The little DeathAdult (f)4,4377122
KknQt(KknQt)Adult (f)6,8271,1385
26U5rBlack'n CheckerAdult (f)3,3387163
QjP4xStraight loveAdult (f)4,7237654
mq9lCSilent loveAdult (f)3,0497713
iZK80Sugoroku BlueAdult (f)2,94577615
lDP1xFirst AprilAdult (f)3,3801,0425
4sN0aSilent all these yearsAdult (f)3,4796084
hbvmKFriends will be friendsAdult (f)3,0368104
2nNBlTheory of RelativityAdult (f)3,6627042
kKaBUTabitah SophisticatedAdult (f)3,9616903
VJKbeRich as a foolAdult (f)4,0134821
4won5(4won5)Adult (f)4,1569236
ucjrjPassion 'n DevotionAdult (f)3,6166051
RbNyTTabitah Lady LuckAdult (f)3,8731,1912
JkkZ7Constant FidelityAdult (f)4,6075821
G9X7Vleave your hat onAdult (f)3,2071,1136
uxTgtViolet SwallowAdult (f)3,8887832
eqjzt(eqjzt)Adult (f)2,0626774
OJtuv(OJtuv)Adult (f)2,9979781
wxk7BHappy Eri to meAdult (f)4,2618715
2CmzU(2CmzU)Adult (f)3,2351,0642
MSjSC(MSjSC)Adult (f)2,3696526
VHVci(VHVci)Adult (f)3,9081,0174
TPeDCTabyAdult (f)6,0031,00110
NCjo0All Groxes belong to meAdult (f)5,5551,0125
mgTN0Surprising YunikoAdult (f)5,2711,0292
la5GIT a b i t a hAdult (f)2,67394711
sYhTYAshes LoveAdult (f)3,3719389
hxIPrSwallow DeluxeAdult (f)2,3026336
YNliVWarm RaindropsAdult (f)4,5899034
icHtr(icHtr)Adult (f)5,8901,0485
H3vrx(H3vrx)Adult (f)5,2768356
XHI6UMate meAdult (f)3,6511,1657
mt612Silver SwallowsAdult (f)4,0578704
s3IttTabitah is badAdult (f)4,4908154
v1C9n(v1C9n)Adult (f)3,9799825
prKw7(prKw7)Adult (f)3,0924164
pyhjO(pyhjO)Adult (f)6,9706703
KVZ3KPinkys GreenwingAdult (f)2,1591,0211
38GJITabitah Spottet GreenwingAdult (m)6,8431,5180
c5CnD(c5CnD)Adult (m)4,0801,0681
ndRrp(ndRrp)Adult (f)5,6844321
hMjCTDehra OneAdult (f)3,4261,0933
JBE7u(JBE7u)Adult (f)5,3667626
dsEDICB Pinkys Swallowtail BeautyAdult (m)1,8636060
rWYlkTabitah ColorfulAdult (m)3,6801,1703
kQHpsTabitah Colorful BeautyAdult (m)4,8281,2104
WUlJ5Rainboy of the ForestAdult (m)4,5081,0934
YNY7uBeauty of ForestAdult (m)3,8347701
MeqAiKing of BronzeAdult (m)4,4369974
On8DjPride PeafowlAdult (m)4,4529812
bQjpkand the dream came trueAdult (m)5,4201,2011
MEP1bHuggingAdult (m)3,1995813
EIe5J(EIe5J)Adult (m)7,3871,0228
Oravm(Oravm)Adult (m)3,2548231
rrqQl(rrqQl)Adult (m)3,6518811
aX6eV(aX6eV)Adult (m)4,5626802
6OLBA(6OLBA)Adult (m)3,59598917
GJUmN(GJUmN)Adult (m)4,3738171
AcUsV(AcUsV)Adult (m)4,5305480
aGLet(aGLet)Adult (m)6,2086422
sUoEo(sUoEo)Adult (m)3,5107131
jGKON(jGKON)Adult (m)3,5137165
0RdxB(0RdxB)Adult (m)7,9329233
BpbKw(BpbKw)Adult (m)4,26868713
tsRq0thisismycodetsRq0Adult (m)2,9557807
j9mZpSpoiled by your touchAdult (m)3,9644585
HVKV4Dear little ThingAdult (m)3,8385933
EGbWWEnlightened TabbiAdult (m)3,3388576
8OEOIMitabi ThuwedAdult (m)3,5448515
rsJx5Blue skies from painAdult (m)3,6131,0565
ltAbKHardfaced QueensAdult (m)4,0548364
8LYvkSwallow ElfeAdult (m)4,0061,1518
CsRmkLucky BagAdult (m)4,0718333
CjRoda secret tellAdult (m)3,8115790
X2epYTales of ShadowsAdult (m)4,2726244
9qqzwSwallow PixieAdult (m)3,1137951
wKSIS(wKSIS)Adult (m)2,2647041
bZTcY(bZTcY)Adult (m)3,0999440
JCjNNAbsolute WisdomAdult (m)2,9148974
wMTbK(wMTbK)Adult (m)3,2886533
dL3L7(dL3L7)Adult (m)3,8656842
4Muzz(4Muzz)Adult (m)4,3027834
EoZhO(EoZhO)Adult (m)4,5411,1022
tklWS(tklWS)Adult (m)5,6718385
y2lje(y2lje)Adult (m)4,6939835
Lf32j(Lf32j)Adult (m)5,0181,0193
2KE4G(2KE4G)Adult (m)3,9994175
Ya99F(Ya99F)Adult (m)4,6409004
eSSVvTabitah WorterhorseAdult (m)3,3561,4363
RcetnTabitah WaterhorseAdult (m)4,5161,2524
t7woJ(t7woJ)Adult (m)5,5041,0422
rqj9Ethe way you touch meAdult (f)3,2146893
ro0ro(ro0ro)Adult (f)2,8368623
jy7sK(jy7sK)Adult (f)4,1151,1624
vdSmBGlitter NymphAdult (f)4,1087755
tJyQV(tJyQV)Adult (f)3,6579715
mQUvMSouldancerAdult (f)2,8731,00110
O3SI9Chaste SoulAdult (f)2,1766152
ntV1iImmortality of SoulAdult (f)4,2225418
dOkF1Paying lip serviceAdult (f)3,4537743
Ux5s3Cheerful SoulAdult (m)2,92099210
u6Z23Sweet DuplicityAdult (m)3,5748017
LIqBRKhramAdult (m)3,3137726
L3Jv4Glitzernde HundeAdult (m)2,2208884
ccoIa(ccoIa)Adult (f)2,5321,2563
M4sCb(M4sCb)Adult (f)4,1951,0981
AWPtAStrange little girlAdult (f)2,9871,0517
9EKOIPrisoner of CopperAdult (f)3,1711,0648
UKgsHMetallic SoulAdult (f)4,78475910
IMKMoShine on my SweetieAdult (f)3,7751,17510
RS7XR(RS7XR)Adult (f)3,9641,0931
jijgN(jijgN)Adult (f)2,6899204
hXlxq(hXlxq)Adult (f)2,7949413
fMetATabitah cloud dreamingAdult (f)1,4667323
jOtQO(jOtQO)Adult (f)5,1919662
OSlk6(OSlk6)Adult (f)2,7213815
INoLyInolyAdult (f)5,1169467
IaqbiManchurian TigerAdult (m)4,3258426
LGnXOMeloskyAdult (m)5,4471,4606
XzC7YDrache vs FischAdult (m)2,91477010
NP3foEri Knight in shining armourAdult (m)2,90381723
LEt44(LEt44)Adult (m)1,87359610
BGWTRDuring the WonderAdult (m)2,36873010
6Wmp1never forget you careAdult (m)3,4821,0147
j6wCP(j6wCP)Adult (m)4,78493110
Zb1Ha(Zb1Ha)Adult (m)5,6196805
9euX0(9euX0)Adult (m)5,5478547
1I89nElegant SwallowAdult (m)4,2739455
0DVbW(0DVbW)Adult (m)2,6551,1595
WS4dIce cold hellfireAdult (f)1,1225041
uejpbParadise WaterAdult (f)5,2225221
QkUhX(QkUhX)Adult (f)3,8149833
R4q7M(R4q7M)Adult (f)3,3457741
P1Cs(P1Cs)Adult (f)3,8021,7236
COtqCB COtqAdult (m)1,3977541
n8EiMWon't die without youAdult (m)2,9366001
jkhj4I'll guard youAdult (f)3,5008921
WefHG(WefHG)Adult (m)2,0558173
RCoDUBirthday CloudsAdult (m)1,6356040
bV71eShadow WormAdult (m)6,7308793
twgys(twgys)Adult (m)3,8229703
sThr8(sThr8)Adult (m)4,7591,3256
wekzf(wekzf)Adult (m)2,9869115
05tImRemembering GroxAdult (m)3,3259444
dZukoPrinz ZukoAdult (m)2,4559134
xpa4dBlue LiesAdult (m)2,1927093
cNALCNalcAdult (m)2,8229273
eNJ24ImposiveAdult (f)2,9919342
4vCAcHappy MonsterAdult (f)2,6819915
vnFp0(vnFp0)Adult (f)3,8151,2562
uLiO8(uLiO8)Adult (f)5,2397305
laAqYMessy WinterAdult (m)3,4147903
7W3EKTabitah WinterAdult (m)4,9181,1495
nFkLCSnow in JuneAdult (m)3,8821,2494
90PXd(90PXd)Adult (m)3,6027956
pZZmD(pZZmD)Adult (m)3,1987533
kLbttButty SnowflakeAdult (f)4,3919192
E0V35Tabitah Queen of snowAdult (f)8,6861,0299
qGt3kTabitah Ice princessAdult (f)3,4926543
ZCS0WEins WinterAdult (f)4,3836503
YVNIv(YVNIv)Adult (f)4,2641,0436
5JGeU(5JGeU)Adult (f)4,9081,2908
MSN63(MSN63)Adult (f)5,5501,3427
pPWUX(pPWUX)Adult (m)7,2248905
SXq3J(SXq3J)Adult (f)6,41793915
dViQCB dViQAdult (f)1,0366370
VNN8Ten YearsAdult (m)6674621
jsUgacrazy meetingAdult (m)2,5429544
crYN5It's in the skyAdult (f)2,5008343
8tmvKHere we are againAdult (m)4,3806102
GX8woHeartwiseAdult (m)2,33826215
C25ziLella BayaAdult (f)1,5825416
R6crKWisdom of loveAdult (f)3,6588995
3lUIQFlower in BlueAdult (m)4,0738584
eDajSPure SilenceAdult (m)3,8838613
SIXCO(SIXCO)Adult (m)2,1316704
Rayrv(Rayrv)Adult (m)4,2327353
BuGL5(BuGL5)Adult (m)3,6709231
NijIkNinja UVAdult (f)3,6848620
ggWXo(ggWXo)Adult (f)5,2117727
uX6fiJewel in the moonlightAdult (m)1,6556520
7EVZITabitah MoonstoneAdult (m)1,9096061
LnavPTabitah Blue MoonAdult (m)4,9321,1681
ZItX8(ZItX8)Adult (m)5,2397553
QZc0M(QZc0M)Adult (m)4,5869202
Ecr3xHippie MoonAdult (m)2,4809849
iW4hn(iW4hn)Adult (m)3,2876414
jHlqX(jHlqX)Adult (m)3,5981,0578
Joo87(Joo87)Adult (m)2,3139483
bvz3z(bvz3z)Adult (f)4,7248211
fELmO(fELmO)Adult (f)2,4001,1671
g6Idr(g6Idr)Adult (m)2,3199712
QVvVy(QVvVy)Adult (f)4,2551,3044
kiK53(kiK53)Adult (m)4,9961,1463
J4KTw(J4KTw)Adult (m)2,8787211
GuWZE(GuWZE)Adult (f)2,6138392
93qTe(93qTe)Adult (f)3,7959162
jTGDTabitah Ice ColdAdult (m)8454132
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