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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Pinky2010,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Xy82Hbehind the horizonAdult (f)4,2875059
ByCbaHoneymoon PinkAdult (f)4,2895156
AtilXQuiet NaimenAdult (f)3,0986778
B1zvYNikki flying GoldAdult (f)5,1841,05912
JUcVkHappy Birthday 2013Adult (f)2,84978811
9F1RGVoltgoldAdult (f)6,3861,3048
pJ68efrill me outAdult (f)3,3557933
2GhMhCharleys HorrorAdult (f)2,8539618
5Po1d(5Po1d)Adult (f)3,3541,14113
nZZlz(nZZlz)Adult (f)2,7931,0503
8FTpeMoody ValentineAdult (f)3,6519699
Lrz5LDancer in ParadiseAdult (f)2,87897211
GvZuMZumyAdult (f)5,2651,01810
4qzxH(4qzxH)Adult (f)5,9149499
xJ3EuSnogxAdult (f)6,6937604
GuqTa(GuqTa)Adult (f)3,9176697
zeNUKCrazy little InbreedAdult (f)4,7131,1039
ItZJJGoldy MistleAdult (f)4,34788115
Zb1yELucy in GoldAdult (f)5,68994413
tY1n3Grox of ParadiseAdult (f)5,8539077
MToQz(MToQz)Adult (f)4,7101,28211
dNEbu(dNEbu)Adult (f)4,2621,02516
AEKtL(AEKtL)Adult (f)6,7867446
JfTBk(JfTBk)Adult (f)4,7598687
2ia1YGolden AfricaAdult (f)5,03871116
rkoG6(rkoG6)Adult (f)4,3679428
w9t4hLurking in ParadiseAdult (f)7,0338287
UGjz7(UGjz7)Adult (f)6,5327926
klO4A(klO4A)Adult (f)4,0171,1479
pvKUF(pvKUF)Adult (f)7,9842,05839
WIFhe(WIFhe)Adult (f)2,93065322
uQ6UcLady Tabitah TurpentineAdult (f)3,7501,0935
EOhMcSmart PetalAdult (m)4,4171,2465
io03aTabitah MuffyAdult (m)4,5871,1784
ItO4eTabitah DottsAdult (f)5,0177573
KS5TqNarcismAdult (f)4,0371,0693
rsMcATabitah TurpentineAdult (f)2,3676593
X9g1f(X9g1f)Adult (f)7,3601,1233
s94sjBorn to be royalAdult (f)6,6611,1553
bpQ2KGolden DottsAdult (m)4,2417466
47pqMSugoroku GalacticaAdult (m)6,37797555
ns237Lucky ShockAdult (f)7,10389422
mjON6Blue YangAdult (f)3,6831,61220
LAhrXLahrxAdult (f)5,6961,19221
jFxnxLung Ying ShengAdult (f)4,3601,19121
XvYo7NoodlenoseAdult (f)5,07989326
Y4kVnPond of GoldAdult (m)5,20497419
WaFnwRoyal GlowingAdult (m)4,2181,04119
81XBVGlowing Stars of LoveAdult (f)4,3121,27319
Ued6LGlimmering  QueenAdult (f)4,2241,06817
pfh7q(pfh7q)Adult (f)4,8511,09613
35FcxFrozenblue GoldAdult (m)6,3501,13116
Cgkkc(Cgkkc)Adult (f)6,57695619
IzvG0High 42Adult (f)6,2919328
RQmgfNinja RichAdult (m)7,2157619
9R0O8(9R0O8)Adult (m)3,8241,3519
A4cuo(A4cuo)Adult (f)6,98595711
7KkshRibbon Christmas BeautyAdult (f)7,6561,7895
tHXiVHoliday GiftyAdult (f)5,3748752
euhwLTreue SeeleAdult (f)2,7621,02510
JU51RFlying golden CapAdult (m)4,3461,0822
y32N5Rap my CapAdult (m)1,9487422
1Z30aI can't change my moldAdult (m)2,7691,0593
ZqPHq(ZqPHq)Adult (m)2,9418375
yBGVP(yBGVP)Adult (m)6,1361,6004
JUiOI don't care to be messyAdult (m)9495131
WWaO9Gifty BlackAdult (m)1,7739135
gEFXHDarky BlackAdult (m)1,8228824
sv83gFaultfinderAdult (m)7,1731,4403
uHvS3Song for EveryoneAdult (m)4,5771,1215
2BfnEBlack Black ValentineAdult (m)4,8221,0764
fDeeCI am silver failedAdult (m)6,0539074
mAGqtBlacky von KirktonAdult (m)2,75379613
EoUlqBlack Pinky of ValentineAdult (m)5,1158544
eRgCS(eRgCS)Adult (m)2,4807891
mPFGjAmore negraAdult (m)4,1773674
vbB3n(vbB3n)Adult (m)6,2299585
kmOTlMostly beautifulAdult (m)5,0168507
QheqONewton with LoveAdult (m)5,5721,16212
Gno2M(Gno2M)Adult (m)3,8196651
qlCurHeartless DreamerAdult (m)5,9746495
t9d7gPart time loverAdult (m)4,6559826
8GgQcyou are beautifulAdult (m)5,7815614
GPHJhForever pink loveAdult (m)3,1347236
9bS2DTwo time loverAdult (m)3,7087243
l9Y1C(l9Y1C)Adult (m)5,9419134
v10zZ(v10zZ)Adult (m)3,4094194
GSFxKZuko JuniorAdult (m)3,4468595
96HHX(96HHX)Adult (m)2,6886784
5Q32X(5Q32X)Adult (m)4,0697394
dXjdy(dXjdy)Adult (m)2,9611,0073
k4S75(k4S75)Adult (m)1,8656831
ZmPSQ(ZmPSQ)Adult (m)5,6511,1455
MvZ3aSo young so bitterAdult (m)4,8371,0394
JUGHuPinkys StinkyAdult2,6981,1413
29Z1PTabitah EdamerAdult5,6321,2303
r40EmNo mouse pleaseAdult5,2721,0431
12MkMrs Messy BlackAdult (f)1,9027981
Tcpq(Tcpq)Hatchling (f, F)3,4754573
Njcl6Mme Messy BlackAdult (f)8,1701,9025
NMuriMiss Tabitah BlackAdult (f)4,7381,5254
l0RLPTabitah Jumping BlackAdult (f)5,26177410
uatAFRed Magic BeautyAdult (f)4,4621,1534
08HmITabitah Black PrincessAdult (f)5,4331,1105
l0oMTBlaue MondfinsternisAdult (f)4,4319896
as4rvnever ever thuwedAdult (f)5,0751,0353
jn0aLMy heart is jumping highAdult (f)5,2167226
0VIEXLurking in blackAdult (f)3,7786503
6qPEkAddicted ElmoAdult (f)5,0258513
3oXK0Jetta in LoveAdult (f)2,30866711
WnJjR(WnJjR)Adult (f)3,7546652
6pSbGpoeme loverAdult (f)4,3398138
6SD5Qtoo much blackAdult (f)4,4436163
DFg01Pink festivalAdult (f)5,89694411
eCURATabitah patienceAdult (f)6,2091,0017
JHEOsSweet bitter blackAdult (f)3,3917724
QtRN3(QtRN3)Adult (f)3,5887856
0tgIe(0tgIe)Adult (f)4,8381,4145
upBQB(upBQB)Adult (f)3,3377925
NN0L6(NN0L6)Adult (f)2,5636784
8dBHe(8dBHe)Adult (f)2,5627024
Yi9ybBlack meets pinkAdult (f)3,3351,1124
XmojeGolden DadAdult (f)1,7826032
3GhAm(3GhAm)Adult (f)2,4317174
uW5k1Black winged AngelAdult (f)4,4001,0145
Kbj4Q(Kbj4Q)Adult (f)3,4551,0094
KoOBrTabitah FriendshipAdult (f)3,2206969
jFHKHMxAxXxIAdult (f)7,66852617
meVfjTabitah ValfarisAdult (m)5,01642518
jmtugCap's BirthdayAdult (f)6,7401,3326
8W7ZVLittle Gold CapAdult (f)4,0551,0652
bQX6JStreet dancerAdult (f)1,8887163
9CWyn(9CWyn)Adult (f)1,3945883
qiNPO(qiNPO)Adult (f)2,8786609
P2lFoHappy CapAdult (f)1,9267057
9gSHm(9gSHm)Adult (f)2,6407892
0nH6M(0nH6M)Adult (f)5,6407383
1Vr9MMiss Tabitah OliveAdult (f)4,9251,1073
vcZ1P(vcZ1P)Adult (f)4,3255411
9K14Tabitah 9K14Adult (m)3,1706495
HhQBAWeihnachtsglitzerAdult (m)4,7965673
CuaTJWing of LightnessAdult (m)6,0375702
Z2eKTTabitah CowAdult (m)4,6981,1205
Z93Zo(Z93Zo)Adult (m)3,8916690
t0fcK(t0fcK)Adult (m)4,2571,1693
t9jLV(t9jLV)Adult (m)5,2491,2942
n2FHW(n2FHW)Adult (m)5,8818706
YZufTabitah TerraeAdult (f)1,2385852
O8St3(O8St3)Adult (f)8,9311,0513
TRVEe(TRVEe)Adult (f)3,5559031
QEdtnTabitah goes downAdult (m)3,4891,1362
30nZD(30nZD)Adult (m)6,4278085
I58jQ(I58jQ)Adult (m)3,3051,0861
pTPQ7(pTPQ7)Adult (m)5,2731,3501
gS2Lo(gS2Lo)Adult (m)3,4154770
uiwQb(uiwQb)Adult (f)3,1644702
05v1NBlowing by GoldAdult (m)3,9321,1085
hAOwv(hAOwv)Adult (m)3,4921,0483
LaRxVGolden GoalsAdult (m)3,2391,0545
ni9STabitah CanopyAdult (m)6494331
1r6iGGreen Dancer in the WindAdult (m)2,3356350
azvxVSpringtime DancerAdult (m)2,7788092
YOTAB(YOTAB)Adult (m)3,0191,1004
Ux5YN(Ux5YN)Adult (m)1,9666848
xkWuBLogical SongAdult (m)5,2441,1453
jYe3b(jYe3b)Adult (m)4,8151,13010
1JGHN(1JGHN)Adult (f)3,4491,1704
4uom5(4uom5)Adult (f)3,7323897
0KOZ5(0KOZ5)Adult (f)2,9796763
DZb1b(DZb1b)Adult (f)3,7791,0434
TS603(TS603)Adult (f)2,6389824
gFW2Mr Tabitah BWWAdult (m)3,2126494
Ckrlp(Ckrlp)Adult (m)4,4171,2142
mCGpTabitah Green MonsterAdult (m)1,4098001
WSjvqTabitah GreenyAdult (f)1,8377495
OYJ1eShout out loudAdult (m)5,0761,1963
YRcsgNebula Christmas BeautyAdult (m)3,6051,0898
90oWNNikki ChristmasAdult (m)5,4259082
lDbcTabitah SpringtimeAdult (f)1,4726482
SmmMMessy SpringAdult (f)2,2219381
d5wPzHandsome GroxAdult (m)2,4307724
lLRs9Hugging youAdult (m)3,1327825
WakPvTabitah Spring FeelingsAdult (f)2,7707696
PYAoCI love him even moreAdult (f)2,9288085
muG7HUnder the pillowAdult (f)4,3121,0328
2CSriI dontAdult (m)4,4421,3074
dLKfDno game no funAdult (m)4,0538333
IE8R7(IE8R7)Adult (m)4,7837617
jylcj(jylcj)Adult (m)2,3736893
MkvIRLost the GroxAdult (m)4,6228418
XD4Pv(XD4Pv)Adult (m)6,3686994
3ehTX(3ehTX)Adult (f)1,9607011
0bU0O(0bU0O)Adult (f)6,2666713
ISM2Messy SummerAdult (m)8214461
69ZsMy mum is the SpringtimeAdult (m)1,1655820
kjW07Sir Tabitah SummerAdult (m)6,9489363
3GufXTabitah SunshineAdult (m)4,3392916
DvRwPInteresting EncounterAdult (m)2,2278477
6nj3dTropical FrecklesAdult (f)3,2035326
MEKViSmooch meAdult (f)3,7619324
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