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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Pinky2010,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
C897iOne summer in ThuwedAdult (f)3,4289188
zw55wSummer Sun BeachAdult (f)3,0469195
rGLrWestern DarlingAdult (f)1,0634601
cHckS(cHckS)Adult (f)4,0391,1444
ubhUMUhbumAdult (f)3,4427123
VtwiC(VtwiC)Adult (f)2,4499694
S8Y3r(S8Y3r)Adult (f)6,1626413
cmJo1(cmJo1)Adult (f)6,0716443
lUHYBLittle mini pearlAdult (f)3,5611,6251
759kg(759kg)Adult (f)1,0145601
CNTcSwimming in rainbowAdult (f)2,0948032
MQS0j(MQS0j)Adult (f)4,6829642
mrCot(mrCot)Adult (f)2,6879255
pN2H4(pN2H4)Adult (f)2,1198003
J1Vu0Magical ChildhoodAdult (f)5,0051,1194
pnDAMessy VineAdult (m)1,8206732
TURKKViny GiftAdult (m)9,5091,6507
fPRcATinsel of VineAdult (m)3,3988955
2ViguTabitah VineAdult (f)5,4281,3673
NlTU5Vine of TinselAdult (f)3,5289132
buJJEFailed but not foreverAdult (f)4,7251,3924
L0bFNMrs Vine HeartseekerAdult (f)4,4721,2211
pKvvPVine loves HeartAdult (m)5,4871,5174
VUCDhTabitah GardenAdult (f)4,2784672
GNthDForensieAdult (m)4,4801,1213
aYKMJHeart of HollyAdult (m)5,9371,4425
20o1rPure Love twiceAdult (m)4,6151,2095
N8vLrRoses of JerichoAdult (m)2,8069406
4iinWRed Rose IIAdult (f)3,7171,1038
FXtciHeartseeker RoseAdult (f)4,8851,3058
YtQ9pTabitah NarcisseAdult (m)4,3551,1456
ZLWHnNikki in the MountainsAdult (m)1,9617676
aC3nURibbon Red RoseAdult (f)3,0198422
CaZHlMr Ribbon VineAdult (m)3,6849985
gSsXvTabitah Vine IIIAdult (m)2,4058410
K2sFkElias OrchideeAdult (m)3,4771,0216
7dDU1Pure Vine TwiceAdult (m)4,3699573
eZedoTabitah Frilly VineAdult (m)4,7388905
QKgpvThrilled Frilled VineAdult (m)4,8499633
08jjM(08jjM)Adult (f)6,1401,0001
iuLkN(iuLkN)Adult (f)4,4339052
fSaW7Magnolia in FrillAdult (f)3,5205267
ibI1Nforget about meAdult (f)5,2006131
WfEsONight Shadow FlowerAdult (f)4,6179626
961nQ(961nQ)Adult (m)4,7914695
ONjM8(ONjM8)Adult (m)1,88673015
VWxrJ(VWxrJ)Adult (m)3,0756234
GnowD(GnowD)Adult (f)3,0699027
kpyGo(kpyGo)Adult (m)7,1656475
bQ8s6(bQ8s6)Adult (m)7,1636512
SU6IbGifty Holiday GreenyAdult (m)2,6491,08823
cuoT4Tabitah Green MagicAdult (m)3,6295283
IkYiq(IkYiq)Adult (m)3,8978942
5wdHM(5wdHM)Adult (m)3,2151,0355
9wetlBitter AgonyAdult (m)3,4841,0063
EFBaV(EFBaV)Adult (m)4,7187937
oMcM4(oMcM4)Adult (m)3,7461,0056
4oVdz(4oVdz)Adult (m)5,4106835
D6c1l(D6c1l)Adult (m)5,1887506
IUrCDKnuffel DinoAdult2,5339727
1ZuJNTabitah NeotropicalAdult (m)2,0919910
FubLQShattering SeaAdult (m)3,8627065
5kZzmCorteos DancerAdult (m)3,0229482
xiKbZ(xiKbZ)Adult (m)3,3404882
zZwqI(zZwqI)Adult (m)3,6124830
FA1mKTao ShaoAdult (f)7,39880235
aJEUyLiang YangAdult (m)5,1611,06129
dnENqDazzling ShinyAdult (f)4,7991,08628
WiY7qHiding ZAdult (f)6,92581923
EILBXBlue LuciferAdult (m)7,62284121
iSkUoPurple BruceAdult (f)6,2271,12118
Q63QXAffectionate TouchAdult (f)4,7461,33122
KO09MLayla LightAdult (f)6,59690720
AoNKVJewel of HeartAdult (f)5,8361,16419
2BQ0wThe color of HellAdult (m)4,5571,31410
8GBb6Dar-lingAdult (m)4,3241,04813
NIZTcColors of MoonAdult (m)4,5941,2109
l3jjpColoured in BlueAdult (f)3,6971,20715
EMYP5Follow my EchoesAdult (m)5,9991,23311
KBnNCGrox is still hereAdult (m)4,0551,23620
vVQ3xEri Diva of HorsesAdult (f)4,3271,02117
DoaRDZuomengAdult (f)5,3461,06419
Woo3uExplore yourselfAdult (f)5,7441,16318
N7A7O(N7A7O)Adult (m)5,33399210
XaUxfLuckiest FoolAdult (f)5,4451,00914
laiRFJewel of the GlowingAdult (f)4,7851,21313
maXG7(maXG7)Adult (m)5,9801,10724
olErj(olErj)Adult (m)6,9919167
8yRn4(8yRn4)Adult (m)7,1019276
mBgz2Diva ZedAdult (f)6,3691,03214
8KJevSurprising MysticAdult (f)5,5411,1607
kIn8q(kIn8q)Adult (f)7,06892710
qZ6ya(qZ6ya)Adult (f)6,7719758
6kJTHHeaven of TearsAdult (m)5,1211,29612
xsU8UWinter GlitzerAdult (f)5,5721,0859
s1510(s1510)Adult (f)4,5477464
Xdw0oDear Mr PresidentAdult (f)4,6977779
Amnml(Amnml)Adult (f)4,0638566
FOzVmOceans PrincessAdult (f)4,8881,2833
lY78R(lY78R)Adult (f)4,6039125
ghmho(ghmho)Adult (f)5,1948552
rcFmy(rcFmy)Adult (f)4,2418822
tIVDY(tIVDY)Adult (f)3,7299172
Ai4r2(Ai4r2)Adult (f)3,8439132
4s4yL(4s4yL)Adult (f)5,3178062
PQ5cv(PQ5cv)Adult (f)5,5147841
6WZQu(6WZQu)Adult (f)4,7147732
y1EK2(y1EK2)Adult (f)3,8599362
yVvnc(yVvnc)Adult (f)2,8726362
6DDIz(6DDIz)Adult (f)2,63663412
ryXtP(ryXtP)Adult (m)5,5407646
2MsqTMiss alt heartseekerAdult (f)4,4209857
3nderTender FrillAdult (f)5,1051,0447
tEPu7Tabitah secret of GardenAdult (m)4,8641,1135
uh7VjCute little MintyAdult (f)4,8181,1864
aYMMRWhere the gras is greenAdult (m)3,3814944
kKR7UGreen PetAdult (m)4,9761,1222
SqlYCBronze MintyAdult (m)4,4154889
j69LXSir Tabitah MintAdult (m)4,1565241
4E3R4Tabitah After EightAdult (m)5,1287702
TsTWpPink meets MintAdult (f)1,8955442
Ev0KdTabitah BabyAdult (f)2,0125902
kx4TRShe is lovey doveyAdult (m)3,1485580
Oz3LaOh-La-LaAdult (f)2,9757628
QXDObGreen NoahAdult (m)1,62566810
NdrpDNordpoolAdult (f)3,6781,1796
SetCX(SetCX)Adult (f)3,2389042
3G4Nj(3G4Nj)Adult (m)4,7968771
9INEONineoAdult (m)4,7877213
xIPKp(xIPKp)Adult (f)4,7507184
QK4xe(QK4xe)Adult (m)4,9708326
IbAK9Tabitah WaterwakerAdult (f)2,0107702
eZ7vuTabitah walks on waterAdult (f)4,3198761
Xk3j5Mr Tabitah WaterwalkerAdult (m)4,8841,3103
trIZu(trIZu)Adult (f)6,6981,1616
QTEVr(QTEVr)Adult (f)3,9501,0943
FadTX(FadTX)Adult (f)6,1978903
WMUHC(WMUHC)Adult (f)4,8587433
Rexsc(Rexsc)Adult (m)3,4239622
EhSfTI'm inbreed and you like itAdult (f)2,5589006
MdMwnBlue ImpressionAdult (f)2,8981,0745
2OrFO(2OrFO)Adult (f)2,4689556
IaqbiManchurian TigerAdult (m)4,3258426
LGnXOMeloskyAdult (m)5,4471,4606
XzC7YDrache vs FischAdult (m)2,91477010
NP3foEri Knight in shining armourAdult (m)2,90381723
LEt44(LEt44)Adult (m)1,87359610
BGWTRDuring the WonderAdult (m)2,36873010
6Wmp1never forget you careAdult (m)3,4821,0147
j6wCP(j6wCP)Adult (m)4,78493110
Zb1Ha(Zb1Ha)Adult (m)5,6196805
9euX0(9euX0)Adult (m)5,5478547
1I89nElegant SwallowAdult (m)4,2739455
0DVbW(0DVbW)Adult (m)2,6551,1595
ccoIa(ccoIa)Adult (f)2,5321,2563
M4sCb(M4sCb)Adult (f)4,1951,0981
AWPtAStrange little girlAdult (f)2,9871,0517
9EKOIPrisoner of CopperAdult (f)3,1711,0648
UKgsHMetallic SoulAdult (f)4,78475910
IMKMoShine on my SweetieAdult (f)3,7751,17510
RS7XR(RS7XR)Adult (f)3,9641,0931
0ABL4Undines GoalAdult (m)4,3498037
nXU9D(nXU9D)Adult (m)4,1827274
a0Ie7(a0Ie7)Adult (m)4,4697573
ldmll(ldmll)Adult (m)4,0628593
0Vkw9(0Vkw9)Adult (m)5,1121,1292
u3LMU(u3LMU)Adult (m)5,7677005
vMvXt(vMvXt)Adult (m)4,9488492
CsfbT(CsfbT)Adult (m)4,6698942
zm4nJ(zm4nJ)Adult (m)4,2278873
uVLvJ(uVLvJ)Adult (m)4,0738193
DBSRk(DBSRk)Adult (m)6,2648541
ReQqN(ReQqN)Adult (m)3,8941,3603
OA2ZI wanted to be a silverAdult (f)2,6068544
j9PoMessy Sky and WingAdult (m)2,1318483
c34afTabitah SkywingAdult (f)4,2321,1221
NP6WWBlue Sky GlitterAdult (m)4,7861,0264
MJkvk(MJkvk)Adult (f)4,9159184
H45idLive is sweetAdult (m)2,9245554
jF8sVTabitah SeawyrmAdult (m)4,7971,2141
qSHGYTabitah Lady SeawyrmAdult (f)5,1681,3444
fZ1lqKleiner HamsterAdult (f)3,6841,1885
Gg2tiTabitah CinderellaAdult (f)2,2581,0391
4YfPgMme Tabitah SwallowtrailAdult (f)5,9401,0662
34ZE3Tabitah is smartAdult (f)4,2735827
RlA9BMiss Tabitah SwallowtailAdult (f)4,2561,0485
Z93sMonly if Grox will joinAdult (f)3,8911,0156
gqbsoGolden Swallow LoveAdult (f)2,7268482
Jsgp1Bronze Swallow LoveAdult (f)4,8691,2094
dTkqqTabitah SwallowAdult (f)4,7668552
4NqJf(4NqJf)Adult (f)4,2489763
RJbCL(RJbCL)Adult (f)4,7191,3103
WhbuT(WhbuT)Adult (f)8,4539756
0L7tD(0L7tD)Adult (f)4,6835544
buADn(buADn)Adult (f)4,0899573
0oBIpDon't swallow meAdult (f)2,6017820
FhsFj(FhsFj)Adult (f)4,9658731
WPAb1The little DeathAdult (f)4,4377122
KknQt(KknQt)Adult (f)6,8271,1385
26U5rBlack'n CheckerAdult (f)3,3387163
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