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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “GreatGoldDragon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1DGvH(1DGvH)Adult (f)2,1777462
tmopP(tmopP)Adult (f)1,8946672
AqXad(AqXad)Adult (f)1,9636901
LWPGt(LWPGt)Adult (m)1,9536792
uMIWV(uMIWV)Adult (f)2,2146530
6wuKh(6wuKh)Adult (f)2,1386981
6ycuy(6ycuy)Adult (f)2,1406410
HYVQq(HYVQq)Adult (f)2,0766362
hRv0V(hRv0V)Adult (f)2,1296742
rXGdI(rXGdI)Adult (f)2,1996661
IVFjg(IVFjg)Adult (f)2,1796770
9Lx4U(9Lx4U)Adult (m)2,2106782
KInej(KInej)Adult (f)2,1026682
eIG5Y(eIG5Y)Adult (m)2,1926694
9gqyK(9gqyK)Adult (f)2,1976541
z9wEh(z9wEh)Adult (m)2,3067190
CzwUg(CzwUg)Adult (f)2,2736552
TO9HA(TO9HA)Adult (f)2,2696740
K4gLj(K4gLj)Adult (f)2,2106430
iXFjq(iXFjq)Adult (m)2,2376692
UbOD8(UbOD8)Adult (f)2,3266971
RJUjp(RJUjp)Adult (m)2,3906913
o8rBh(o8rBh)Adult (f)2,4267481
tZzSV(tZzSV)Adult (f)2,1996741
94Bv6(94Bv6)Adult (f)2,2236723
E9Lns(E9Lns)Adult (m)2,2426841
BY3Fs(BY3Fs)Adult (f)2,6847724
mohFq(mohFq)Adult (m)2,2817092
6r9p5(6r9p5)Adult (f)2,4357963
fmRgt(fmRgt)Adult (m)2,2306662
YM5bu(YM5bu)Adult (f)2,2957022
4ChdK(4ChdK)Adult (f)2,3016851
1ke9n(1ke9n)Adult (f)2,2286871
nsbJn(nsbJn)Adult (m)2,2576741
FU0jc(FU0jc)Adult (f)2,2436303
cBOFN(cBOFN)Adult (m)2,2395890
kbK2K(kbK2K)Adult (f)2,2496371
x2R0a(x2R0a)Adult (m)2,2006051
col3d(col3d)Adult (f)2,2336371
5u8m1(5u8m1)Adult (m)2,2066170
QhdWk(QhdWk)Adult (f)2,0237382
RySDr(RySDr)Adult (m)2,0287334
SRBlm(SRBlm)Adult (f)1,9737112
WH6an(WH6an)Adult (m)2,5308572
btSXl(btSXl)Adult (f)2,4238663
uKb0d(uKb0d)Adult (m)2,0137221
gau4R(gau4R)Adult (f)2,0067321
pxQ71(pxQ71)Adult (m)1,9226941
ulYfG(ulYfG)Adult (f)2,6418081
sDd0Z(sDd0Z)Adult (m)2,4108170
wdBsJ(wdBsJ)Adult (f)2,2827490
5rVAB(5rVAB)Adult (f)2,1607420
X3beX(X3beX)Egg (F)
Svs34It All Goes DownHill From HereHatchling (m, F)2,2215791
8N7nEXilAdult (m)1,6067583
xhFK0The Shadow BreachAdult (m)3,0149922
UATlvAn Egg TheifAdult (m)2,6538330
uha5PBr34th 0f W0rdp14yAdult (m)4,2449044
k9rmiFl1ght 0f F4ncyAdult (m)5,1119278
MxVDYOf The Young's FamilyAdult (f)5,4538406
F3EW7Carne Vale'sAdult (f)5,3761,06031
o0JwwGr0wth 0f Fr0gsHatchling (m, F)5,3248527
UWlFDSilvias HybridAdult (m)2,9318753
22H3QI Will Listen To The VoicesAdult (m)2,4557003
wDg4qSebastian HybridAdult (m)3,0521,0715
JWClSThe Act Doesn't WorkAdult (f)2,5256816
LLAIQDo The W1ndy Th1ngAdult (f)2,7357333
PrqE9Skitzor HybridAdult (m)4,6521,2354
wwmJ8Soon EnoughAdult (m)2,5296763
xbjHbSomething's WrongphobiaAdult (m)2,2296542
uupHSThe Feeling Is IndescribableAdult (f)3,6781,0043
U6tkaIt Will Be FineAdult (f)2,2536573
EmbtsYou'd Think That I'd ThinkAdult (f)3,4278593
Ww21oWillow O'CazikAdult (f)1,9246292
zwdhkPitch Black EmblemAdult (m)3,0955923
lPKNZSin MasterAdult (f)1,6986971
Ua6UzPepper  SteakHatchling (F)1,9236692
08QTAHdqAdult (m)3,7219122
iMzsyIll Suited For ConductAdult (m)3,1079182
jG1gcSebastian CalveryAdult (m)2,0146310
PdoUmMr ChimneyAdult (m)2,4568622
I0jYGA WaiterAdult (m)1,8396490
teFzWKrill EldritchHorrorAdult (f)2,0206222
h3PYwDoze The RobotAdult (m)3,5636626
wzNMGHeart HarvestAdult (m)3,7341,0995
0NeJtPure Bred CrimsonAdult (m)1,8147042
fgdeiNerdockAdult (m)2,0486861
fmiogJawrAdult (m)2,2796323
d0W4SSeiarAdult (m)1,8075961
zbHoKThe Wayward ShoreAdult (f)1,6346082
PACXJfinnedAuratusAdult (m)4,4111,2500
rYCjJTime ShenanigansAdult (m)2,0896853
BubkTI Might Be A MagickarpAdult (m)2,4898561
mKu8dA Sharp Cheese GraterAdult (f)3,0389762
mirnZA Sharp Razor BladeAdult (m)2,6038531
pBzfqYou're Ugly and I Like ThatAdult (f)2,0417271
ycPxyI made an airplane out of stoneAdult (m)3,3388861
1VDnJSolitude With The BirdsAdult (m)2,2886153
B3SBGI always did like staying homeAdult (f)2,0476254
2S3I3Flight Of SongsAdult (f)1,6716921
UY5EhThtammer and YammerHatchling (F)7992571
X7wiXKill and ThpillHatchling (F)1,2252161
k17o6Flight Of MusicAdult (m)1,9787811
uNF5PAn Extended Mix of AtmosphereAdult (f)2,1176113
TtsbmThpeak and ThpokeHatchling (F)4,3026322
xEfGZThe Nights PowderAdult (f)2,8517766
ohdtHOh How I Should Have Lived LongAdult (f)3,4347692
PQCnjOver-Dose Is Not The AnswerAdult (m)3,2598683
a16ivThe Song Of An Old LadyAdult (f)2,6747062
dJ1K7ElheirAdult (f)1,05031350
N5twtI Am All That's LeftAdult (m)2,4806713
9OLoZRecipe ModusAdult (m)2,2846193
LWpazHeralding a New AgeAdult (f)2,8996422
VRM8fThe Thicker The RyeAdult (m)1,8186132
dkbKYI Must Have Been The Only HopeAdult (m)1,9176441
XlmP4Crushed LaughAdult (f)2,3668601
MwGgnThe Incredibly Arrogant ThuwedAdult (f)4,5618851
zK2fcI Am Incredibly CelestialAdult (m)3,9941,0013
f3FmTMoney Don' Grow on TreesAdult (m)2,0736822
bP6xsRather Feel Pain Than NothingAdult (m)1,7476342
DwG3sI Seem To Be Having A ProblemAdult (m)5,0391,2852
njscSDevil's Own ChuckleAdult (m)2,1727671
77zKoGoat's Black HoofAdult (m)2,5918291
1ebewCavity ReleaseAdult (m)2,7336964
lHXaLRejoice For The New WorldAdult (f)4,2351,2711
kkim8I'm A Little RebelliousAdult (f)2,0517223
o2ReOEngorged de BourghAdult (f)2,0826992
xsMlTWandering Fiction WriterAdult (m)1,8976690
ckhhdSkywingologyAdult (f)2,2418272
T9IQ7Study of the Deep SeaAdult (m)2,2187772
vI1rDI told you about tha stairs broHatchling (f, F)2,5986764
1ZiA5There's A Fat Man On The TracksHatchling (f, F)2,5017674
RITTRRITTRHatchling (f, F)1,4845581
hAHsmThe Blood That LeakethHatchling (F)1,1504691
6E3lNPsychic Lightning BoltHatchling (F)1,2282633
cvQynMy Timer Never ExistedHatchling (F)8573041
NZB3tThe Mind StoneAdult (m)1,8966733
VqWA5Can't Stay In The Air Any LongerAdult (m)1,9756701
R7escMistress WeaverAdult (f)3,9161,0561
NEw5qGetting Larger By The MinuteAdult (m)2,0885823
UMXCtI'd Rather You Not Poke MeAdult (m)2,4556551
x0vTZHa Ha Ha Hu Hu HaHatchling (f, F)2,3175945
Ssdh4I Am Okay With ThisHatchling (F)6572762
gTKiiLost All My StrengthAdult (f)2,7417315
AVw8GThe Story About YouAdult (f)2,8447724
HMzfXIt Is A Necessary EvilAdult (f)2,6676054
PcB2hGold That Is BlackAdult (f)3,3387830
7c7eOThe Ink Does Not WorkAdult (f)2,6246962
qYsxcSacrificingAdult (f)2,6537276
aBvRtBesottedlyAdult (f)3,1408015
RT4NCCapitulatedAdult (f)2,2237953
WwLHvSpecticalAdult (f)1,6727341
FxkoLNuzzlingAdult (f)4,3191,2343
mWcmsStrokingAdult (f)1,7707561
wIqlSCaressingAdult (f)2,0256651
XEQIlFondlingAdult (f)3,4468943
gNPDyTo Be A SpiritAdult (f)4,4521,1634
9KjdpAtramarlineAdult (f)2,4886872
eCIzxClevex MidnightAdult (f)1,8616695
9XXYIBronze Ribbon XionAdult (f)6,3931,2843
LocHoPast Inbred ParadoxAdult (f)2,0296592
aY6bA3D Doesn't Look All That GreatAdult (m)2,8747352
ZVmGbThe Runt That Abandoned SelAdult (m)2,8527973
1zZ94Apple Never Falls From The TreeAdult (m)2,6575863
RJSJWFull Throated War CryAdult (m)2,8497282
GJAnUThe Darkest of GoldAdult (m)2,5187073
HlnpATwins of the Same CordAdult (m)2,3986970
IOFtDDark Chess PlayerAdult (m)1,7106162
ZxmISHand That FeedsAdult (m)1,9606412
KGx25Kox Aurum-NimueAdult (m)1,6507552
ZEhOXEros IvyAdult (m)1,8606322
BVxWvChaotic HostileAdult (m)1,9966401
3afWMChaotic Thuwed DorkfaceAdult (m)2,5497331
ugO0FTo Be A GodAdult (m)4,3511,1655
BrqhoI am not laughingAdult (m)1,5196241
I0iwcNight of WorthlessnessHatchling (m, F)2,7006716
FdDfSNight of LiarsHatchling (f, F)2,5576304
jom6fSwirly Little Flight MasterHatchling (f, F)3,0156543
ou7fpUseless DorkfaceHatchling (F)9793202
IvN79Forever Full Of LifeHatchling (F)1,0304312
xbb7HOW that tea is hotAdult (m)5,7361,0176
gWXAoHeavy Leaden With SilverAdult (m)2,6166851
OJmJACrooked DukeAdult (m)2,1276452
R8VYvILikeHotChocolateMoreThanTeaAdult (m)2,5426684
U182aThe Kings Merry ConceptAdult (m)1,5925790
IxzaYSugar SphinxAdult (m)2,0536333
1Gn9nUnity of TeaAdult (m)1,8506391
cdZxzHarmony of TeaAdult (f)1,7136212
H9c4eDivided By FrightAdult (f)2,2847702
qP15JHoliday Sugar TeaAdult (f)3,3591,0441
tBemqHating The KingAdult (f)2,6216642
go4XbBony Backed SimAdult (f)2,92777212
aMuSUBut Home Dreams Naught Of MeHatchling (f, F)2,3936235
cqQTVSo Far Down the lineHatchling (m, F)2,0076455
WVjU8There Sure Are A Lot Of ZombiesAdult (f)2,8356901
jEFZPEven When I Fall To My DeathAdult (m)2,3776513
VRzzqPoi'son in the Wa'tersAdult (f)1,8706511
ZPUyEIncredibly Ugly SkinAdult (m)1,9366500
CiXObI Don't Remember Having ThisAdult (f)2,5596924
g3hCoLone Surviving SeagullAdult (m)1,6366122
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