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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Avari,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
zGFwC(zGFwC)Adult (f)2,1967441
2oFC4(2oFC4)Adult (m)2,2877933
lrzlr(lrzlr)Adult (m)2,9699404
GEoqdNara Onyx-Tira AvarisHatchling (f, F)4,7646617
rVn6OOrmana Onyx-Tira AvarisAdult (f)2,2437933
0Lu9dZa'Nin Onyx-Tira AvarisAdult (m)2,2138002
4l3JgBorba Onyx-Tira AvarisAdult (m)2,0817652
dEUUoHesione Onyx-Tira AvarisAdult (f)2,4918392
rkhDlApoll Onyx-Tira AvarisAdult (m)3,3587846
jIPECNikaia Onyx-Tira AvarisAdult (f)3,4068248
Z14rmEpica Onyx-Tira AvarisAdult (f)1,81463311
CW7A0Eritates Viridis-Tira AvarisAdult (m)2,0767102
lpFuiTurun'Pfui Viridis-Tira AvarisAdult (m)1,9007642
GKf0dLorian Viridis-Tira AvarisAdult (f)2,3228063
NLlYiAgdistis Viridis-Tira AvarisAdult (f)2,0216543
Yep0OTrevera Ruby-Tira AvarisAdult (f)2,2306783
87N5aToutanos Ruby-Tira AvarisAdult (m)1,9387571
UTm2jLuxa Ruby-Tira AvarisAdult (f)2,4838271
ISk1vLacaille Ruby-Tira AvarisAdult (f)2,9738414
geJt5Credno Ruby-Tira AvarisAdult (m)3,5587884
GlXvEArmaiti Ruby-Tira AvarisAdult (f)3,2468673
eAZ2qKinyras Ruby-Tira AvarisAdult (m)3,1087241
QogqMNorika Azuro-Tira AvarisAdult (f)2,2156752
HLtQRPeria Azuro-Tira AvarisAdult (f)2,0907011
tmfvhVasegima Azuro-Tira AvarisAdult (f)1,9407390
IpCm8Meduris Azuro-Tira AvarisAdult (f)2,0797634
Ii8EWVirbius Azuro-Tira AvarisAdult (m)3,4081,1043
oOckUNecrolius Azuro-Tira AvarisAdult (m)2,4598324
Ak3eoFarr Azuro-Tira AvarisAdult (m)2,3157264
rtOrMTsubasa Azuro-Tira AvarisAdult (f)2,0877072
pLGnhMintax Auris-Tira AvarisHatchling (F)1,3433345
YbY5YPinsesse Auris-Tira AvarisHatchling (f, F)2,8036655
Ha01qRhian Auris-Tira AvarisHatchling (m, F)2,4027994
rcaVzEpica Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)3,3871,2100
UvYaLEpico Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)2,3438143
WvrHOAmairgin Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)2,0717251
txj2gGylfye Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)4,3256211
WlC5lOnomaris Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)2,1587142
l7WpdPalmyra Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)2,4458177
enGHnAlilat Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)2,9846782
YWHIRKenchreis Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)2,6966662
BtX9gPaphos Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)2,2517991
39V3pLampo Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)2,1467622
8s7D1Kithach Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)2,7587534
7YXtRDubthach Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)2,2288301
iUVZ2Santao Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)1,7627776
kZp8DNin Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)2,8699062
dnc3HZadar Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)3,2288204
uLXUgLixa Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)2,7668172
LJk1BVasegus Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)4,1648254
UFmlgGwenhwyfar Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)3,7328126
FlPDRAnsotica Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)3,6708025
mWGCnPorrima Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)1,9587274
DCakmTeutates Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)3,2691,2128
XlesXMusagetes Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)3,1448203
DUjKeErigone Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)3,2129448
7sj30Aratos Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)2,6639135
R9JkjEntoria Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)3,3448385
5KJr3Abarbaree Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)2,7169302
886ktPriamos Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)3,1818911
MbmB3Janus Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)2,4957942
nD1YEDiana Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)2,0746351
4MfpEKalybe Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)3,2616871
mEG9NAnahita Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)3,6167471
KSl1eTuran Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)2,1257243
e2Gq7Laomedon Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)2,7347095
LqVULAttis Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)1,9766945
pORLTOrmusd Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)3,45279110
RN3AeAttun Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)2,8198099
gF4mIKybele Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)3,0667587
pMrGKoura Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)1,8516625
vLj8Albus Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)2,0708358
mubMFlavius Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)1,59363622
eOrVAuro Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)1,95383518
sDukFlavio Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (m)2,06051732
A4ZAGraeca Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)3,1041,50120
HrV4Flava Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)2,8251,27338
DVhXAphrodita Auris-Tira AvarisAdult (f)1,89179034
uwIv8Abando Lapis AvarisHatchling (m, F)1,8105760
BYffyByffy Lapis AvarisHatchling (f, F)2,5585733
Q3GoPeridot Lapis AvarisHatchling (F)1,40825713
Hpf81Fomoir Lapis AvarisAdult (m)2,6237692
4uUR8Poeninus Lapis AvarisAdult (m)2,1427219
2soL0Alisanus Lapis AvarisAdult (m)3,8148533
gLlCYAbbadira Lapis AvarisAdult (f)2,1197584
A2XArDusares Lapis AvarisAdult (m)4,3446714
OipJBatylos Lapis AvarisAdult (m)2,9006555
IDOnOurea Lapis AvarisAdult (f)1,66690213
TTkvAPylia Cyanis AvarisHatchling (f, F)2,9935725
3f3cLNafis Cyanis AvarisAdult (m)4,1946362
sqQAMOrseis Cyanis AvarisAdult (f)2,3296561
0g2mYXuthos Cyanis AvarisAdult (m)2,0176020
YNICfSidero Cyanis AvarisAdult (f)1,8566930
bdIJlKerdo Cyanis AvarisAdult (f)2,7258961
V1ESGKlitus Cyanis AvarisAdult (m)2,1577365
6ghP6Sithon Cyanis AvarisAdult (m)3,6249045
amdELKyzikos Cyanis AvarisAdult (m)1,9896544
oLnCaKlytaimnestra Cyanis AvarisAdult (f)2,0386562
jncuSIphigenie Cyanis AvarisAdult (f)3,6859778
IoX0JStrophios Cyanis AvarisAdult (m)2,6546292
JbjsTyro Cyanis AvarisAdult (f)3,1399301
vOkUAmythaon Cyanis AvarisAdult (m)3,8537064
ORX7Pyladis Cyanis AvarisAdult (m)1,6046692
6drhAnaxibia Cyanis AvarisAdult (f)2,4206706
ZNaYPheres Cyanis AvarisAdult (m)3,3075204
USpAAlkestis Cyanis AvarisAdult (f)1,2056792
sg9PAdmetos Cyanis AvarisAdult (m)1,4667362
pJh2d(pJh2d)Adult (m)6,3171,0091
Aa6U3(Aa6U3)Adult (m)4,9426780
9YQzX(9YQzX)Adult (f)5,7246292
l74y9(l74y9)Adult (f)1,9817900
pG8vTFathim Bivalvia AvarisAdult (m)3,0876853
lMB3xEuagoreis Bivalvia AvarisAdult (m)2,8606021
cv0PdIstyaeones Bivalvia AvarisAdult (m)2,1626464
vZ6ZmEione Bivalvia AvarisAdult (f)2,78785111
7jKkTEurdor Bivalvia AvarisAdult (m)2,6507214
VMNQACoria Bivalvia AvarisAdult (f)2,3226992
IurDGDrymo Bivalvia AvarisAdult (m)2,3177224
HM4NMCymodoc Bivalvia AvarisAdult (m)1,6947302
QWyNzClios Bivalvia AvarisAdult (m)2,1568314
SMhcCChryseis Bivalvia AvarisAdult (f)2,1327800
jdRrfAitna Bivalvia AvarisAdult (f)2,0507601
fNnq5Adras Bivalvia AvarisAdult (m)2,0697425
htTRs(htTRs)Adult (m)2,0357221
0uaIw(0uaIw)Adult (m)2,1967503
RYFuNPhaidra Animus AvarisAdult (f)2,0046661
axVWtDemophon Animus AvarisAdult (m)3,8287070
eis8CPhyllis Animus AvarisAdult (f)2,8658411
nFs0DAletheia Animus AvarisAdult (f)2,9798431
vNgWCEmer Animus AvarisAdult (m)3,0898281
9EcscElision Animus AvarisAdult (m)1,7897212
lcfOAAmymone Animus AvarisAdult (f)2,5637752
gUktfAcheros Animus AvarisAdult (m)2,7627995
K1KgGAithra Animus AvarisAdult (f)2,1476902
ncN43Lethe Animus AvarisAdult (f)1,6787156
tM4o0Talos Animus AvarisAdult (m)1,71874211
FkqoQPegas Patacaelus AvarisHatchling (F)3,4594662
dJ8XqDenebica Patacaelus AvarisHatchling (f, F)2,2346233
BmH4VTyrik Patacaelus AvarisHatchling (m, F)2,5796209
n3h8BAkmonia Patacaelus AvarisAdult (f)1,9606043
VETicBlanaid Patacaelus AvarisAdult (f)1,6746264
Eh1WKLludd Patacaelus AvarisAdult (m)2,2528600
b7ZCtDylan Patacaelus AvarisAdult (m)1,8887680
oEpeDArawn Patacaelus AvarisAdult (m)2,1067361
0mZiYKurud Patacaelus AvarisAdult (m)1,8558701
ApGNeColumba Patacaelus AvarisAdult (f)2,6697675
rEr2Caelum Patacaelus AvarisAdult (m)3,0595477
IjD8Urania Lotus AvarisAdult (f)2,5966775
sZshUrano Patacaelus AvarisAdult (m)2,6505726
RHBeGayus Patacaelus AvarisAdult (m)3,2481,0847
Ao32Urania Patacaelus AvarisAdult (f)1,69680830
KKX8Uranos Patacaelus AvarisAdult (m)2,12783844
gGjBDSchmuck Argento AvarisHatchling (F)3,2222526
oVC3FSilberling Argento AvarisHatchling (m, F)3,4367293
CYKTZAntigone Argento AvarisAdult (f)3,8886693
3sp9zNiamh Argento AvarisAdult (m)3,3627762
SJP6kAmphithea Argento AvarisAdult (f)1,6857441
DXKeVSilenia Argento AvarisAdult (f)2,9576605
v1J2GThestros Argento AvarisAdult (m)1,4856924
NdbonMaron Argento AvarisAdult (m)1,6937236
oBiIFArgeia Argento AvarisAdult (f)2,7568018
qfg1KSekmet Argento AvarisAdult (m)1,5007549
hh0j4Matala Argento AvarisAdult (f)2,97890811
vqTXkEuropa Argento AvarisAdult (f)2,2127208
CesJ2Mykene Argento AvarisAdult (f)2,0457014
a1SsMLeneos Argento AvarisAdult (m)2,0897745
uhSW5Melia Argento AvarisAdult (f)2,3438721
TPlcsSilenos Argento AvarisAdult (m)3,3961,01410
IjgLAtys Argento AvarisAdult (m)2,6621,14030
61l6Z(61l6Z)Adult (f)5,9107930
SzFxaTriglaw Seragamma AvarisAdult (m)2,5201,2231
XToe3Extoee Seragamma AvarisAdult (f)2,4971,2071
xziGgEgbesu Seragamma AvarisAdult (m)4,1011,5174
0binQSteed Wintar AvarisHatchling (F)1,2833162
TNgsfHolly Wintar AvarisHatchling (m, F)2,2907715
PeeVDPeeva Wintar AvarisHatchling (f, F)2,2707136
tTOl2Daemonum Wintar AvarisAdult (m)4,1818927
33cdoOisin Wintar AvarisAdult (m)3,1908377
d98SJFianna Wintar AvarisAdult (f)2,3567832
i4EiJGebrinius Wintar AvarisAdult (m)2,1806995
DlFbgBonnanaro Wintar AvarisAdult (m)2,4107483
BiD5rArvernus Wintar AvarisAdult (m)3,7037327
frTE5Cissonia Wintar AvarisAdult (f)2,2187421
TQCssPuca Wintar AvarisAdult (f)1,8186582
QNhmVIanuarius Wintar AvarisAdult (m)1,6477152
1L0hYRegani Wintar AvarisAdult (f)2,2748741
7fBNmEratosthenes Wintar AvarisAdult (m)2,5918053
E99BiSiligo Wintar AvarisAdult (m)3,1878432
bSN9WAirmed Wintar AvarisAdult (f)3,3817922
tE7UITerentius Wintar AvarisAdult (m)1,8098122
07faOBellona Wintar AvarisAdult (f)1,7398052
7rQYtSawan Wintar AvarisAdult (m)1,9308631
SIEAbVictoria Wintar AvarisAdult (f)3,0338943
Q8IsuSamonis Wintar AvarisAdult (f)2,3498223
B5QjMBresal Wintar AvarisAdult (m)2,2848211
24l63Loucetius Wintar AvarisAdult (m)3,1538332
eU1T0Eutin Wintar AvarisAdult (m)2,4368771
OFt15Youki Wintar AvarisAdult (m)3,0637983
vf4c0Neve Wintar AvarisAdult (f)2,6197043
3SA0HMorrigan Wintar AvarisAdult (f)3,1679013
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