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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Avari,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
eQrPeMorwen Black AvarisHatchling (f, F)5,8331,0134
flq34Zephyria Black AvarisHatchling (f, F)3,6366063
0N7jBlacky AvarisHatchling (F)5,2786393
gUpWNyxis Black AvarisHatchling (f, F)2,19895419
ehCQNNamira Black AvarisAdult (f)2,2985941
8EZQGNora Black AvarisAdult (f)2,7958514
J7uQmGravity Black AvarisAdult (f)1,7116652
KprLzChebel Black AvarisAdult (f)3,0629197
YxkhiChilan Black AvarisAdult (m)1,5046763
9Y3JDCabracan Black AvarisAdult (m)2,0637701
M6BnzHunabku Black AvarisAdult (m)3,4998724
eIXIuMaurian Black AvarisAdult (m)3,8311,1114
bPOf5Krishna Black AvarisAdult (m)3,1747715
jKWaUAmsa Black AvarisAdult (f)1,8525944
P3LVdEle'ele Black AvarisAdult (f)2,1017822
YikYINun Black AvarisAdult (m)3,5258191
1fOYuNaunet Black AvarisAdult (f)2,2348555
Q2RsAVivasvat Black AvarisAdult (m)2,7618184
pbKgKMacha Black AvarisAdult (f)3,2968275
oZ2R0Cimbaeth Black AvarisAdult (m)2,5728013
d8123Aditi Black AvarisAdult (f)3,7607473
vrMeUVaruna Black AvarisAdult (f)3,6488374
hfAYQAjidamoo Black AvarisAdult (m)2,0966153
k4LQATepey Black AvarisAdult (m)2,8667644
Db9VZMitra Black AvarisAdult (m)3,7241,2825
dfHBlRohini Black AvarisAdult (f)2,8557544
2b7UrChandra Black AvarisAdult (m)3,5519595
HgfvLFetu Black AvarisAdult (m)3,3209334
rZ6X7Saraswati Black AvarisAdult (f)3,2161,1795
vfBFcBrahma Black AvarisAdult (m)3,3091,2341
BQiOqLakshmi Black AvarisAdult (f)3,3021,2114
PRFd7Bambina Black AvarisAdult (f)4,3411,00212
t564SSaar Black AvarisAdult (f)2,84298214
TucQJShiva Black AvarisAdult (m)2,1877652
l62M7Vishnu Black AvarisAdult (m)1,7837492
jgOlkKali Black AvarisAdult (f)2,0446888
MdBnAlecta Black AvarisAdult (m)2,5718277
jM7EDaeira Black AvarisAdult (f)4,7278715
hPPUNyx Black AvarisAdult (f)3,7149285
MPD3Lucius Black AvarisAdult (m)2,21968412
gfraExcelsio Black AvarisAdult (m)2,4581,02338
n8C3Nyxia Black AvarisAdult (f)1,29053921
u6ZeExcelsis Black AvarisAdult (f)1,9811,04427
pKaqAither Black AvarisAdult (m)1,71486069
NTqrAither BlackAdult (m)1,29147848
djWjAMercurius Helianos AvarisHatchling (m, F)3,39795742
TloQ2Bakche Heliana AvarisAdult (f)1,9256293
BYsXpThiasos Helianos AvarisAdult (m)3,6047470
4UuxcCethlionn Heliana AvarisAdult (f)2,0336077
H2AGzSera Heliana AvarisAdult (f)2,0106848
d9kqnBalor Helianos AvarisAdult (m)5,1628852
MoZceTethra Heliana AvarisAdult (f)2,0787811
WL0noThot Helianos AvarisAdult (m)3,0878313
seKFjPartholon Helianos AvarisAdult (m)3,2469251
6dpYVThyia Heliana AvarisAdult (f)3,2128063
662VsDeukalios Helios AvarisAdult (m)2,5969031
LEs6jCliodhna Heliana AvarisAdult (f)3,5166722
DcpLuFafnir Helianos AvarisAdult (m)1,7886815
qMpiHoma Heliana AvarisAdult (f)2,6907581
rTPvLevitha Heliana AvarisAdult (f)2,2256823
BnNMPerdix Helianos AvarisAdult (m)2,2586733
05aYProkris Heliana AvarisAdult (f)2,3657313
OmA3Celeris Heliana AvarisAdult (f)3,73979710
WpERDaedalus Helianos AvarisAdult (m)4,8559793
CEbNDaphnis Helianos AvarisAdult (m)3,3277276
oRTNPronoia Heliana AvarisAdult (f)4,0686598
sa8mPrometheus Helianos AvarisAdult (m)4,3771,0194
3ZpDPegasus Helianos AvarisAdult (m)2,8595825
eoDFHermes Helianos AvarisAdult (m)2,95753710
WVF2Ariadne Heliana AvarisAdult (f)2,4288093
UjcQIkarus Helianos AvarisAdult (m)3,4994799
mcWpIkaria Heliana AvarisAdult (f)2,3241,03726
U6469(U6469)Adult (f)3,6787811
Q7vQl(Q7vQl)Adult (m)5,4436251
rOMBZ(rOMBZ)Adult (m)5,3805240
doMf3(doMf3)Adult (m)4,9536581
FZBSI(FZBSI)Adult (f)3,3516800
V9vLR(V9vLR)Adult (m)3,3047070
uR3Uj(uR3Uj)Adult (m)3,1707052
LunM6(LunM6)Adult (f)4,0777925
usIqh(usIqh)Adult (f)3,4465992
MoDB3(MoDB3)Adult (m)5,1186611
cJoKX(cJoKX)Adult (f)3,7137861
nxpgWBormo Albino AvarisHatchling (m, F)2,2297750
BHkHQLlew Albino AvarisHatchling (f, F)3,3577578
AV3OgCaswallawn Albino AvarisAdult (m)3,4996547
bkMm1Cailb Albino AvarisAdult (f)3,8127724
TJkpKFea Albino AvarisAdult (f)3,4177524
ATU03Scotha Albino AvarisAdult (f)2,5727941
LR2NdMidir Albino AvarisAdult (m)2,5638060
flvAVMabon Albino AvarisAdult (m)4,4534353
QZ4jUNemain Albino AvarisAdult (f)3,4889623
2hjfj(2hjfj)Adult (f)6,7097410
jwQmPHelernus Sedicio AvarisAdult (m)2,2748100
6eB7tLilim Sedicio AvarisAdult (m)4,2081,1532
LId5W(LId5W)Adult (f)4,9811,0231
eWT5CForculus Sedicio AvarisAdult (m)1,9686800
jK3IRCardea Sedicio AvarisAdult (f)1,9826810
3SOvIEntoria Sedicio AvarisAdult (f)2,0917470
LnWfPLimentinus Sedicio AvarisAdult (m)1,9057180
qL7u2Taygete Sedicio AvarisAdult (f)3,0647863
CjQrNSponde Sedicio AvarisAdult (f)2,0057690
KufqeCarme Sedicio AvarisAdult (f)2,9466886
hHudVLeda Sedicio AvarisAdult (f)3,2119312
T63SWCautepates Sedicio AvarisAdult (m)3,2467291
oo5HQSaturnus Sedicio AvarisAdult (m)4,1769805
KAk3Jana Sedicio AvarisAdult (f)3,5787315
QpakYanis Sedicio AvarisAdult (m)3,5006127
rSHAIano Sedicio AvarisAdult (m)4,0421,11432
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