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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Avari,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Ea8MBFedel Fulguris AvarisAdult (m)2,1037643
T80aSGinnevra Fulguris AvarisAdult (f)3,6958122
HUfcUGospodar Fulguris AvarisAdult (m)1,8678523
on9o5Prasutagus Fulguris AvarisAdult (m)2,9429141
ftsVoArtus Fulguris AvarisAdult (m)2,3418531
P7ZgCEudaf Fulguris AvarisAdult (m)4,1377482
ZUBiTBoudica Fulguris AvarisAdult (f)2,9327954
EeXhGAndra Fulguris AvarisAdult (f)2,8268264
WAsslNemet Fulguris AvarisAdult (m)3,2178523
P1SRvAndarta Fulguris AvarisAdult (f)2,3618333
RLmlgIdas Kerberos AvarisAdult (m)2,2276048
Xs3zaEnida Kerberos AvarisAdult (f)2,3106384
MzxE7Alpos Kerberos AvarisAdult (m)1,5646721
J5FCXLamia Kerberos AvarisAdult (f)6,6179303
MN7GnEmpusa Kerberos AvarisAdult (f)2,5087704
BX2iaSphinx Kerberos AvarisAdult (f)3,2305216
2Q6SGOrthos Kerberos AvarisAdult (m)4,5977675
PGpRoPsyche Kerberos AvarisAdult (f)1,8607731
em2fKallirhoe Kerberos AvarisAdult (f)3,0858265
jTvvChrysaor Kerberos AvarisAdult (m)2,3715653
gDrFTyphon Kerberos AvarisAdult (m)3,0376185
D481Echidna Kerberos AvarisAdult (f)1,6165594
PZOuG(PZOuG)Adult (f)3,6758181
hVeRIMeduris Dalmatia AvarisAdult (f)3,0728332
81iAoArecurius Dalmatio AvarisAdult (m)2,1756822
JOnN2Cranus Dalmatio AvarisAdult (m)3,1456112
m7hVcAnnea Dalmatia AvarisAdult (f)1,7376312
uq4siAlbiorix Dalamtio AvarisAdult (m)2,3376471
ftLXtCoella Dalmatia AvarisAdult (f)2,7026532
eqMHhBaeserta Dalmatia AvarisAdult (f)3,0677182
FbaZ8Abellio Dalmatio AvarisAdult (m)2,8246931
wuvNnAmmit Erinyo AvarisHatchling (F)1,0641952
AEnG9Agnes Erinya AvarisHatchling (f, F)2,9876154
n7gNCelaeno Erinyo AvarisHatchling (m, F)3,43046214
ZKhHSEzkela Erinya AvarisAdult (f)2,3236321
kZoYnNemesis Erinya AvarisAdult (f)2,4308612
5pbYOAlekto Erinya AvarisAdult (f)4,3208808
3UnjThanatos Erinyo AvarisAdult (m)2,8297565
5GFjAlectio Erinyo AvarisAdult (m)4,2707125
q5ctMegairo Erinyo AvarisAdult (m)7,9221,1666
gkvlSkotos Erinyo AvarisAdult (m)2,9764867
674UTisiphone Erinya AvarisAdult (f)1,99160610
R2Dj6(R2Dj6)Adult (m)3,3386111
wcI3RAlaska Boreas AvarisHatchling (F)1,3652301
dVFmVRefol Boreas AvarisHatchling (F)1,2972373
roBq6Nagase Boreas AvarisHatchling (f, F)2,5426154
UPnN3Joran Boreas AvarisHatchling (m, F)3,2266583
YcErC(YcErC)Adult (f)2,4166503
6Z4JaLeste Boreas AvarisAdult (f)2,1617110
SywZrBreba Boreas AvarisAdult (f)1,5506761
tUa5tLidar Boreas AvarisAdult (f)1,7756822
6pN0FNoShame Boreas AvarisAdult (f)2,2207877
1kG7DKosava Boreas AvarisAdult (f)1,5147114
96DtSMeltemi Boreas AvarisAdult (f)1,9157141
OKFvcPraxithea Boreas AvarisAdult (f)1,9227371
MV5ZdCollada Boreas AvarisAdult (f)2,1856151
bL0X6Mistral Boreas AvarisAdult (f)3,1927401
WsZvnCorvus Boreas AvarisAdult (m)2,7137892
0PLXiSahel Boreas AvarisAdult (f)2,0607341
mkPHtKarajol Boreas AvarisAdult (m)2,6278171
UbdXBCalima Boreas AvarisAdult (f)2,2898151
UidprBise Boreas AvarisAdult (f)2,3557922
MgVlMBarat Boreas AvarisAdult (f)2,1767204
shrhbScirocco Boreas AvarisAdult (m)2,9855183
8GgvRLevante Boreas AvarisAdult (f)1,8266962
VrcOGharra Boreas AvarisAdult (f)4,9329936
Y7ObSkiron Boreas AvarisAdult (m)5,0507763
0v7kNotos Boreas AvarisAdult (m)1,8625667
onHKAquila Boreas AvarisAdult (f)4,1872,02918
X4XIAquilon Boreas AvarisAdult (m)1,76583813
i0akOreithyia Boreas AvarisAdult (f)2,5991,20725
RUgtgEbru Shallow AvarisHatchling (F)1,7541311
n9CsEZijk-Ad-Kamo Shallowa AvarisHatchling (f, F)1,7785751
uNSkFCarassius Shallows AvarisHatchling (m, F)3,0358392
IY4U3Ereskigal Shallows AvarisAdult (f)3,2347091
CtRLDorado Shallows AvarisAdult (m)2,8848457
g3saCyprinus Shallows AvarisAdult (m)2,4377962
raRcAstreya'ina Shallows AvarisAdult (f)2,5117625
tKnvHermetion Shallows AvarisAdult (m)2,6948324
iFodNinegal Shallows AvarisAdult (f)4,1488637
mNvlHippolyte Shallows AvarisAdult (f)2,7137154
UZZ6Enki Shallows AvarisAdult (m)3,1349585
tu4pApzu Shallows AvarisAdult (m)2,2557984
EN17Triton Shallows AvarisAdult (m)2,6795516
3264Tonea Shallowa AvarisAdult (f)2,4609086
vqp1Amphitryon Shallows AvarisAdult (m)3,7816536
OtREAdmete Shallowa AvarisAdult (f)2,0155274
tlqJAmphitrite Shallowa AvarisAdult (f)1,4406188
2r4ENeptun Shallows AvarisAdult (m)3,9541,2266
HF4LNeptunia Shallowa AvarisAdult (f)2,1337962
t8mkAElodea Aurelis AvarisHatchling (f, F)4,10765011
HqDHLucentio Aurelis AvarisHatchling (m, F)3,2801,02222
N8jX1(N8jX1)Adult (f)5,5139651
p6t9k(p6t9k)Adult (m)5,6009861
Uf8Be(Uf8Be)Adult (m)5,2761,0502
VD1uh(VD1uh)Adult (f)2,6337215
76rrS(76rrS)Adult (f)3,2377547
1eeb3Zithra Aurelis AvarisAdult (f)1,8348122
tj45PCranky Aurelis AvarisAdult (m)1,7866617
PAW7XPax Aurelis AvarisAdult (m)2,74888912
N7KoQWega Aurelis AvarisAdult (f)3,05292312
IKRirSol'Dorado Aurelis AvarisAdult (m)2,44071017
RB4pSLyra Aurelis AvarisAdult (f)2,48880412
OhDCIKithara Aurelis AvarisAdult (f)3,0586467
TDgdLucentia Aurelis AvarisAdult (f)1,07860834
KSTpL(KSTpL)Adult (m)3,7075250
Ro8JDXenophon Glorius AvarisAdult (m)2,0277243
NLBICDionysos Glorius AvarisAdult (m)1,8246411
5IkSAntauges Glorius AvarisAdult (m)2,3507032
RhDFPhanes Glorius AvarisAdult (m)1,5895885
DDA2Demiurg Glorius AvarisAdult (m)2,8527276
3Ec0Ananke Gloria AvarisAdult (f)1,9525623
nQu6Erebos Glorius AvarisAdult (m)3,65097416
94b1Nyx Gloria AvarisAdult (f)3,30293627
TZwwQOrontes Glorius AvarisAdult (m)2,3176273
77AieNous Glorius AvarisAdult (m)1,9046952
VKn7jFortuna Gloria AvarisAdult (f)2,5668642
39pSHTyche Gloria AvarisAdult (m)4,4567851
2RR1FChronos Glorius AvarisAdult (m)3,9757136
o9uVHThalassa Gloria AvarisAdult (f)1,8786703
uqnuCicero Glorius AvarisAdult (m)2,7068274
H1HMEos Gloria AvarisAdult (f)1,9456115
nkMpHeimarmen Glorius AvarisAdult (m)2,1565755
2U4uNyxeren Gloria AvarisAdult (f)1,8625585
MDtEAuro Glorius AvarisAdult (m)4,0081,3492
vgOXHemera Gloria AvarisAdult (f)3,1581,36425
FHerp(FHerp)Adult (m)5,4106290
B0ef3(B0ef3)Adult (f)5,3698081
TvXHY(TvXHY)Adult (m)4,8866930
gWJYV(gWJYV)Adult (f)5,2518000
r6pum(r6pum)Adult (f)4,1021,0060
m1fwcRomeo Amethysta AvarisHatchling (m, F)4,6337042
ONTcqWoeto Amethysta Thuwed AvarisAdult (m)1,8697083
efGAhDehoor Amethysta AvarisAdult (m)1,9478053
FOnWUTuffa Amethysta Thuwed AvarisAdult (f)4,0388223
LDsjECampe Amethysta AvarisAdult (f)3,3837802
h4eRSAello Amethysta AvarisAdult (f)2,2157555
OWFMEuryale Amethysta de SeetaAdult (f)3,9081,0467
bvfAW(bvfAW)Adult (m)3,9307163
RxMUW(RxMUW)Adult (f)3,0169270
fbQf7(fbQf7)Adult (f)3,0129762
Qfm3y(Qfm3y)Adult (m)2,2027695
jgYgA(jgYgA)Adult (m)2,8939263
l73MD(l73MD)Adult (m)4,7858180
ATs7X(ATs7X)Adult (f)5,2188080
aAAUK(aAAUK)Adult (f)3,6809950
qhAaFrills AvarisHatchling (F)1,2811427
gAmoHesione Frillys AvarisAdult (f)1,9141,00323
u4cNPriamos Frillos AvarisAdult (m)3,2361,57536
XcxOU(XcxOU)Adult (m)5,0288131
kEk5U(kEk5U)Adult (f)5,4597911
PAEpE(PAEpE)Adult (f)2,3557930
ttxNu(ttxNu)Adult (f)2,2728060
mpSwa(mpSwa)Adult (m)2,4047581
Nenwf(Nenwf)Adult (f)2,6437464
9ckoiKoia Aves AvarisHatchling (f, F)1,6877600
CH1D1(CH1D1)Adult (m)2,0865765
vIbU6Sagitta Aves AvarisAdult (f)1,6876980
y7ZVbMinor Aves AvarisAdult (f)2,82085514
jh0ckCuba Aves AvarisAdult (f)1,9006631
AJLHuAndinus Aves AvarisAdult (m)3,7078502
FSpdJChilensis Aves AvarisAdult (f)3,2639141
PAMntJamesi Aves AvarisAdult (m)5,3378743
KAJXKajax Aves AvarisAdult (m)2,6619028
PisAPisa Aves AvarisAdult (f)3,2016035
GDiYr(GDiYr)Adult (f)5,4067990
ll4dA(ll4dA)Adult (f)4,9396861
MwEGz(MwEGz)Adult (m)3,7187770
l9ovk(l9ovk)Adult (f)5,1368190
kTALb(kTALb)Adult (f)3,5779650
UPXlY(UPXlY)Adult (f)3,8608640
RzMxT(RzMxT)Adult (m)3,9218660
mnAuw(mnAuw)Adult (m)5,0718380
CzowZ(CzowZ)Adult (f)5,9436970
bhzi2(bhzi2)Adult (f)3,1128710
1iuEe(1iuEe)Adult (f)3,1178730
oVpDl(oVpDl)Adult (m)3,1588680
ots9T(ots9T)Adult (m)3,8444760
iNPBR(iNPBR)Adult (m)3,6617950
a8Ay8(a8Ay8)Adult (f)4,0327081
4bpJm(4bpJm)Adult (f)4,7767220
e5bsy(e5bsy)Adult (m)4,1771,0422
dRCNY(dRCNY)Adult (m)3,6529770
44H1mNepit Benu AvarisHatchling (f, F)2,2846916
Wc62lSokar Benu AvarisHatchling (m, F)2,9191,0563
U9l0Foxy Benu AvarisHatchling (F)2,7863314
4HCjQAmheh Benu AvarisAdult (m)1,8976042
4re0GHaldaku Benu AvarisAdult (m)2,7358083
miaeSFomoir Benu AvarisAdult (m)3,3218134
5XEceSepa Benu AvarisAdult (m)3,7731,2473
n5S3JMot Benu AvarisAdult (m)2,7428025
YTLSGHusbisa Benu AvarisAdult (f)2,4558412
btHMUAnubis Benu AvarisAdult (m)1,7317882
CpDkuOsiris Benu AvarisAdult (f)2,3387462
4a9oCTartaros Benu AvarisAdult (m)2,9476898
8IFKdIsis Benu AvarisAdult (f)1,8287653
fkBcPhersipnai Benu AvarisAdult (f)2,2286984
BjGqPluto Benu AvarisAdult (m)2,8635405
C0dQKore Benu AvarisAdult (f)2,6367346
o7i6Proserpina Benu AvarisAdult (f)1,9096445
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