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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
  • 2017 Holiday Event
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2016 Holiday Event
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Holiday Event
  • 2015 Halloween Event
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Avari,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Apd0MNemetona Wintar AvarisAdult (f)2,0897453
ZkKhbManx Wintar AvarisAdult (f)2,9648496
ANtudSulis Wintar AvarisAdult (f)2,0187811
TV4uILugh Wintar AvarisAdult (m)2,1177682
Kt3lNKashmir Wintar AvarisAdult (m)2,7088433
KnmMORoan Wintar AvarisAdult (m)2,6478544
8IacaArtaios Wintar AvarisAdult (m)4,0627535
Mpvc6Maponos Wintar AvarisAdult (m)3,8787369
5TolServatius Wintar AvarisAdult (m)3,5899215
8iZ0Sophie Wintar AvarisAdult (f)2,1986104
V0UKHalwila Wintar AvarisAdult (f)3,4056037
nXVTKhunu Wintar AvarisAdult (m)2,7246444
sjI8Yalda Wintar AvarisAdult (f)2,7205693
iUfGTakarabune Wintar AvarisAdult (f)3,0565286
oHC5Nixa Wintar AvarisAdult (f)2,7086193
S22EKleopatra Wintar AvarisAdult (f)7,4588075
JF9XJosodtwod Jkof Wintar AvarisAdult (m)2,8106664
gML3Chione Wintar AvarisAdult (f)3,0936533
BgaoGlaciarius Wintar AvarisAdult (m)2,4156106
PGJbAquilon Wintar AvarisAdult (m)2,6528948
Y8TMSeptenrio Wintar AvarisAdult (m)3,3211,0706
rYq0Confucia Autumnus AvarisHatchling (f, F)3,4093998
8R91w(8R91w)Adult (f)2,2158031
43rzgEpic Autumnus AvarisAdult (m)2,4348761
bu3okSerana Autumuns AvarisAdult (f)4,0016764
M6VjMSirona Autumnus AvarisAdult (f)3,1381,1592
TgrT9Grannus Autumnus AvarisAdult (m)3,2549044
2dR0rSuelta Autumnus AvarisAdult (f)2,5908334
DM1dPSucellus Autumnus AvarisAdult (m)2,6058573
7vMkXErriapus Autumnus AvarisAdult (m)2,6287643
WqLa9Epona Autumnus AvarisAdult (f)2,6907833
1MDQNCernunnos Autumnus AvarisAdult (m)2,4768892
YlTkVNanto Autumnus AvarisAdult (f)2,4999031
KH551Dealgnait Autumnus AvarisAdult (f)3,1667923
Pd4YWAericura Autumnus AvarisAdult (f)3,1318872
v0RJsMoltinus Autumnus AvarisAdult (m)2,6939383
LRHHQArvalus Autumnus AvarisAdult (m)3,0078852
tFtGsDemeter Autumnus AvarisAdult (f)3,4999932
aUWbFArubia Autumnus AvarisAdult (f)2,7187321
WFAMJosodtwod Autumnus AvarisAdult (m)2,6576502
flR9Horatius Autumnus AvarisAdult (m)3,2885485
cG4UPeko Autumnus AvarisAdult (m)2,0065053
c4E3Karpo Autumnus AvarisAdult (f)2,8645295
bpG4Churcho Autumnus AvarisAdult (m)2,5985615
IAg4Basepef Autumnus AvarisAdult (m)3,7545856
CIsuKronia Autumnus AvarisAdult (f)4,3315846
9aPCAbu Autumnus AvarisAdult (m)3,4289323
5BL5Wahc Autumnus AvarisAdult (f)2,5275204
ihK2Vahjkwod Autumnus AvarisAdult (m)2,4886332
erA5Uluhaj Uikimdkamo Rey ThuwedAdult (m)2,6867515
X3HsAutumn Autumnus AvarisAdult (m)2,6195243
AaCXFolius Autumnus AvarisAdult (m)3,0629993
pq6nCarpervesta Autumnus AvarisAdult (f)3,0351,0753
WZ0ZRu-Shou Autumnus AvarisAdult (m)2,4829375
1o3qHarvesta Autumnus AvarisAdult (f)3,9901,0044
unKiDomitia Autumnus AvarisAdult (f)2,5336433
nfSBCarpere Autumnus AvarisAdult (f)5,2521,0185
du7YHarvesto Autumnus AvarisAdult (m)4,4758442
pA0NFolio Autumnus AvarisAdult (m)1,4975804
xNij0Keliknon Aestas AvarisAdult (m)3,3365070
P1xgcAuxois Aestas AvarisAdult (m)2,1956750
bpgIBUcuetis Aestas AvarisAdult (m)2,2467911
SZALoBranu Aestas AvarisAdult (m)1,9156532
c2rLXEpic Aestas AvarisAdult (m)2,5226721
DLTEaEpic Summerfeathers AvarisAdult (f)1,9366473
kQSt0Voltumnicus Aestas AvarisAdult (m)1,4326333
fg4dVerano Aestas AvarisAdult (m)4,4527446
vYffOrania Aestas AvarisAdult (f)3,2866715
fDEtOran Aestas AvarisAdult (m)3,6555356
DmXUMandarina Aestas AvarisAdult (f)2,2496233
j4kvOrangina Aestas AvarisAdult (f)2,9096286
2ilYRussusa Aestas AvarisAdult (f)2,1088812
36o9Subrubia Aestas AvarisAdult (f)2,1399635
z6oePPrima Veris AvarisHatchling (F)1,5222310
NsR1sVardki Veris AvarisHatchling (m, F)2,6636204
038cVeris AvarisHatchling (f, F)2,5466996
cgCnQAtsushi Veris AvarisAdult (f)3,0707483
vLXs0Alban Veris AvarisAdult (m)3,0638301
zAy8TZayt Veris AvarisAdult (f)3,6617340
97yPTAustriahae Veris AvarisAdult (f)2,9148471
HYfOcFarare Veris AvarisAdult (f)2,8318471
LkFG5Primus Veris AvarisAdult (m)2,8598543
ZFkwFPronet Veris AvarisAdult (m)2,3367803
PVOw0Uda Veris AvarisAdult (f)2,5987953
OfNwZAvolena Veris AvarisAdult (f)2,2517381
S5bV8Bontin Veris AvarisAdult (m)1,9426701
WV5uXXuan Veris AvarisAdult (m)2,1277201
jQZ6jBecha Veris AvarisAdult (f)2,1407073
vayzsBaxop Veris AvarisAdult (m)2,0146801
MKudEBahor Veris AvarisAdult (m)2,5047972
oDhz7Kasibul Veris AvarisAdult (m)2,5758040
Y5dvEMangsa Veris AvarisAdult (f)2,4718022
4RlOCTavasz Veris AvarisAdult (m)2,3507832
tdhOhTava Veris AvarisAdult (f)2,4367760
BTqHeNaleca Veris AvarisAdult (f)2,4147600
uAneTAryvot Veris AvarisAdult (m)2,1987290
ZGc4RKevad Veris AvarisAdult (m)2,1477212
LIOQgChirimo Veris AvarisAdult (m)2,5796444
VcMbgWesar Veris AvarisAdult (m)1,6066722
LD3OAArragh Veris AvarisAdult (f)1,5696761
9KpCQEarrach Veris AvarisAdult (f)1,5946762
lAKHuNalese Veris AvarisAdult (f)1,9857070
Bmev0Forar Veris AvarisAdult (m)3,9531,0122
ETtLDGwanwyn Veris AvarisAdult (f)1,8807113
0MOgUZymk Veris AvarisAdult (m)2,3867943
UKxSBJaro Veris AvarisAdult (m)2,0887602
RxquIPavasaris Veris AvarisAdult (f)2,4668134
9EzqIBoticelli Veris AvarisAdult (m)1,6677432
jIhiuVivaldi Veris AvarisAdult (m)1,6017032
dRV5zRhibyn Veris AvarisAdult (f)2,19486310
o4P6NBronach Veris AvarisAdult (f)2,9897655
6VibFArcana Veris AvarisAdult (f)1,4367092
VI7eZNevezamzer Veris AvarisAdult (m)1,6337131
9YHnmPhanchiri Veris AvarisAdult (f)3,2638114
2UdpjYaz Veris AvarisAdult (m)3,5526956
MpiFGAshi Veris AvarisAdult (f)3,0287925
IfVYQNouruz Veris AvarisAdult (m)2,0688833
vNu8Lenz Veris AvarisAdult (m)2,4896712
qoeTApollo Veris AvarisAdult (m)2,3286231
0KrXVoltumnia Veris AvarisAdult (f)2,7097623
bhKJPunicus Veris AvarisAdult (m)4,4121,4485
VGMQFavia Veris AvarisAdult (f)3,7291,1536
ee8SFavonia Veris AvarisAdult (f)3,3498614
lglGFavonius Veris AvarisAdult (m)2,9118783
rJDZSprings Dorkface AvarisAdult (m)1,32577219
k1EJn(k1EJn)Adult (m)5,3035242
X5vmt(X5vmt)Adult (f)5,3946310
sniKE(sniKE)Adult (f)3,3287020
CHsxK(CHsxK)Adult (m)3,4197130
nkfhd(nkfhd)Adult (f)4,1067566
ssXYSTyndareos Rubicundis AvarisAdult (m)3,0368262
hw0aYAgisthos Rubicundis AvarisAdult (m)2,8038051
9KAE2Menelaos Rubicundis AvarisAdult (m)2,1398261
KuFwZPercote Rubicundis AvarisAdult (f)4,4871,0683
VEiuAAisakos Rubicundis AvarisAdult (m)1,7927254
Dy9A8Arisbe Rubicundis AvarisAdult (f)1,4457303
NdFLGKortona Rubicundis AvarisAdult (f)1,4427415
mCIiMDardanos Rubicundis AvarisAdult (m)1,4397173
9q5UHEetion Rubicundis AvarisAdult (m)1,9077487
w76F0Bateia Rubicundis AvarisAdult (f)1,8327486
UWsnXCorotiacus Majestix AvarisAdult (m)2,3967664
XkCUdHanes Majestix AvarisAdult (m)2,2507631
wv0phBarrex Majestix AvarisAdult (m)1,5336801
0F8eeBarinthus Majestix AvarisAdult (m)2,6688694
NfNotGawain Majestix AvarisAdult (m)1,8897281
G6Zg4Geoffrey Majestix AvarisAdult (m)1,9057741
fkgkcDoged Majestix AvarisAdult (m)1,9057383
DDA3HGododdin Majestix AvarisAdult (m)3,0897988
DY8jkTheiti Majestix AvarisAdult (m)3,6378356
NZEeAGereint Majestix AvarisAdult (m)3,4587994
ICkveArthur Majestix AvarisAdult (m)2,6057573
sYIY5Alesia Majestix AvarisAdult (f)2,3027583
mLbkkMath Majestix AvarisAdult (f)1,8196880
dQSM6Felys Majestix AvarisAdult (f)2,0778201
0QigWHefaidd Majestix AvarisAdult (m)2,5647294
fi8DdHafgan Majestix AvarisAdult (m)2,2768352
O6ht3Scathach Majestix AvarisAdult (f)3,5308472
2UHhqBran Majestix AvarisAdult (m)3,2818126
Y25DVGutemine Majestix AvarisAdult (f)2,8148092
QdRmdIdefix Majestix AvarisAdult (m)3,0608735
e7RHrLi Ban Majestix AvarisAdult (f)2,8788653
Am0BFFand Majestix AvarisAdult (f)2,0807882
32n4YCilydd Majestix AvarisAdult (m)2,4478523
vDpuiCoel Majestix AvarisAdult (m)2,5468862
jpNdZCaratacus Majestix AvarisAdult (m)2,6618912
IjrzD(IjrzD)Adult (f)3,1121,0571
FCU29Macchiato Nucha AvarisAdult (m)1,43872610
G093eAlbula Nucha AvarisAdult (f)2,5987413
ZJFFWPamir Nucha AvarisAdult (m)2,0666750
H8taaAialik Nucha AvarisAdult (m)4,4467926
g7EvnAtewa Nucha AvarisAdult (f)2,4057884
bfdtVAdrar Nucha AvarisAdult (f)2,6538892
ORd7Gangotri Nucha AvarisAdult (f)3,0998414
uJNkMoche Nucha AvarisAdult (m)2,37363318
hLoSoAnadyr Nucha AvarisAdult (f)2,7439783
Rb2DCShyok Nucha AvarisAdult (m)2,5759022
Qemq0Janari Nucha AvarisAdult (f)2,3217802
ahGriNubra Nucha AvarisAdult (f)2,3268042
AnPkUAtakor Nucha AvarisAdult (m)2,3688641
nvEitFerrar Nucha AvarisAdult (m)4,0988911
d3qU4Kangshung Nucha AvarisAdult (m)4,0268602
SOk6jEpic Vista Nucha AvarisAdult (f)3,2308842
s0cgTPare Nucha AvarisAdult (f)3,1029791
eEG3PNyika Nucha AvarisAdult (f)2,7419092
vfFYlEpica Nucha AvarisAdult (f)2,5068393
CHUhmUral Nucha AvarisAdult (m)1,7038100
eCkKlRakaposhi Nucha AvarisAdult (f)1,3266523
sJHkLBhagirathi Nucha AvarisAdult (f)2,3777411
ZSLMHispar Nucha AvarisAdult (m)2,7817174
hdO3Siachen Nucha AvarisAdult (f)2,2755758
mRDTKhumbu Nucha AvarisAdult (m)2,8826564
5b9mBiafo Nucha AvarisAdult (m)2,71993210
66o4Rongpu Nucha AvarisAdult (m)1,6637695
84S4Baltoro Nucha AvarisAdult (m)2,3748572
Ki8MHimava Nucha AvarisAdult (f)3,7537227
p2EMPadme Nucha AvarisAdult (f)3,2756989
e0rLTianshan Nucha AvarisAdult (f)2,6946045
EbNnTYlafin Rubicundis AvarisHatchling (f, F)2,4887122
p77ZzFerdiad Rubicundis AvarisAdult (m)3,0518230
XL1NXTuca Rubicundis AvarisAdult (f)3,6011,1625
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