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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Avari,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
eIg32Quani Punicea AvarisAdult (f)4,2398093
mg36sAchadi Punicea AvarisAdult (f)1,9048424
BVBq7Midhir Puniceo AvarisAdult (m)4,3321,0723
Gfl38Guardiano Puniceo AvarisAdult (m)3,9571,2954
3tEUYCupido Puniceo AvarisAdult (m)3,1358692
ODGUeIstar Puniceo AvarisAdult (m)2,5068422
TmvjpFreya Punicea AvarisAdult (f)2,3218273
sEqZjAnanga Puniceo AvarisAdult (m)3,8117576
4QZuEErno Puniceo AvarisAdult (m)2,7876424
sT0hnKamadeva Puniceo AvarisAdult (m)3,1585192
5WvfDBhakti Punicea AvarisAdult (f)1,6136911
BSW0bMeili Punicea AvarisAdult (f)2,6088155
RXYeEros Puniceo AvarisAdult (m)2,7488485
NjmnAmora Punicea AvarisAdult (f)2,0147042
ArIDAdonis Puniceo AvarisAdult (m)3,6288829
d7rvThallia Punicea AvarisAdult (f)3,64179210
LEr3Dulcinea Punicea AvarisAdult (f)1,8895413
H0AeAmor Puniceo AvarisAdult (m)3,4265437
loWSGalor Puniceo AvarisAdult (m)1,7487528
5R6UKadmos Puniceo AvarisAdult (m)1,07264325
lheoLeona Punicea AvarisAdult (f)2,62587022
IYDHRosaria Punicea AvarisAdult (f)1,52687718
82E6JTama Cuddlefluff AvarisHatchling (f, F)2,5955371
YgpFCHodge Cuddlefluff AvarisHatchling (m, F)3,2746263
TB7NkKitty Cuddlefluff AvarisHatchling (F)1,2171273
Geq9Q(Geq9Q)Adult (m)3,6727401
9glLjDewey Cuddlefluff AvarisAdult (m)2,2097251
8DoA5Muezza Cuddlefluff AvarisAdult (f)2,5747830
9PZNnMrs Chippy Cuddlefluff AvarisAdult (f)1,9856992
S6XHCErnie Cuddlefluff AvarisAdult (m)2,1077951
A2QFfTom Cuddlefluff AvarisAdult (m)2,8278093
q1hLUFerdinand Cuddlefluff AvarisAdult (m)2,4388041
uMcSmMinka Cuddlefluff AvarisAdult (f)3,3597755
g2oiiNala Cuddlefluff AvarisAdult (f)4,2801,4435
JO4hVTiger Cuddlefluff AvarisAdult (m)4,3029133
Tt3sFMizou Cuddlefluff AvarisAdult (m)5,9171,0144
0bPZsMrs Norris Cuddlefluff AvarisAdult (f)3,9308176
XRGT4Minouche Cuddlefluff AvarisAdult (f)1,6237650
fXfc9Zoe Cuddlefluff AvarisAdult (f)3,1136311
S1TshStitch Cuddlefluff AvarisAdult (f)2,3746663
AdubChico Cuddlefluff AvarisAdult (m)2,4218383
re4ADiego Cuddlefluff AvarisAdult (f)6,2796722
dMf9Odie Cuddlefluff AvarisAdult (m)2,9728173
rHu9Spotty Cuddlefluff AvarisAdult (f)5,0907446
XLdsFelicitas Cuddlefluff AvarisAdult (f)2,1066971
6KRcSilvester Cuddlefluff AvarisAdult (m)3,1836596
3Nh0qThalia Papyrus AvarisHatchling (F)1,7303744
nonTETerpsichore Papyrus AvarisHatchling (F)9653264
0dYueSilver Heart AvarisHatchling (F)3,4463298
ottbPPolyhymnia Papyrus AvarisHatchling (F)2,2387252
1sYEEuterpe Papyrus AvarisHatchling (F)1,8474523
t73MKalliopus Papyrus AvarisHatchling (F)1,90587436
7Mig6Erato Papyrus AvarisAdult3,4849815
vAeKBMelpomene Papyrus AvarisAdult1,8436211
PPECKlio Papyrus AvarisAdult3,2071,43546
vHear(vHear)Adult (f)2,1216930
JbXBrPicudo Olivius AvarisAdult (m)2,9488498
XkJSeKalamata Olivia AvarisAdult (f)2,4736791
JmnLnCoratina Oliva AvarisAdult (f)2,3746681
6g3SCBlanca Olivia AvarisAdult (f)1,9986880
g7o9OArbequina Olivia AvarisAdult (f)2,4167153
CldljGordal Olivius AvarisAdult (m)1,8616921
nBL2pManzanilla Olivia AvarisAdult (f)1,8517481
0hsog(0hsog)Adult (f)2,6448621
QfQQU(QfQQU)Adult (m)1,9256581
58oKp(58oKp)Adult (m)3,9355480
qukC7Tatenen Ochre AvarisAdult (m)3,1327143
oajTVAmaltheia Ochre AvarisAdult (f)1,7926751
kaP2Koios Ochre AvarisAdult (m)4,02247515
frsuAigle Ochre AvarisAdult (f)2,61141912
MmgcRhea Ochre AvarisAdult (f)2,4711,08835
2h85Geb Ochre AvarisAdult (m)1,05852632
ZfpabMata Nyx-Solanum AvarisHatchling (F)1,8763453
cQmumNera Nyx-Solanum AvarisHatchling (f, F)2,0897216
oF5JeAulom Nyx-Solanum AvarisHatchling (m, F)2,5776282
M4uCVSurtur Nyx-Solanum AvarisAdult (m)2,4137223
T4OJgMephisto Nyx-Solanum AvarisAdult (m)2,3877444
NKKbHProspero Nyx-Solanum AvarisAdult (m)2,6588572
5srRrCaliban Nyx-Solanum AvarisAdult (m)3,3587093
lp0NnSycorax Nyx-Solanum AvarisAdult (m)2,8988772
G6ZNuSetebos Nyx-Solanum AvarisAdult (m)2,2337934
dEmPTWhisper Of The Night WalkersAdult (f)2,3316582
Z9NClScream Of The Night WalkersAdult (m)1,5106984
66BhiAnaya Nyx-Solanum AvarisAdult (f)1,9067901
kcLrDesdemona Nyx-Solanum AvarisAdult (f)2,5128464
EQWSNocturnus Nyx-Solanum AvarisAdult (m)1,44284529
qcEjX(qcEjX)Adult (m)3,6257573
coH66(coH66)Adult (m)1,4123814
hO3wA(hO3wA)Adult (m)4,8618421
Upi5S(Upi5S)Adult (m)1,9346280
v0nHlOlympius Neotropicus AvarisAdult (m)3,0941,1303
XB8fwSorata Neotropica AvarisAdult (f)2,7746574
QM8zKKinna Neotropica AvarisAdult (f)5,4148975
FfD00Galion Neotropicus AvarisAdult (m)1,8176882
N7sWJSeleukos Neotropica AvarisAdult (m)2,1658491
keseRSemele Neotropica AvarisAdult (f)1,9997851
gGj9Euryanassa Neotropica AvarisAdult (f)3,2998722
gLPNLaodike Neotropica AvarisAdult (f)3,4458045
tbItTeledike Neotropica AvarisAdult (f)3,1858666
IH7WNiobe Neotropica AvarisAdult (f)2,7466463
DimhDionne Neotropica AvarisAdult (f)2,56264317
Qv4HBacchus Neotropicus AvarisAdult (m)3,4112686
GnD3NCellarius Nebulis AvarisHatchling (m, F)2,9456726
jOC10Crux Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)2,3077996
Y2bLnEje Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)1,7466632
9033QVespa Nebulis AvarisAdult (f)2,0716912
ORpTCCetus Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)2,2097171
rEl8YLupus Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)1,9237430
SZdEMEridani Nebulis AvarisAdult (f)2,6108642
bpAngFornacis Nebulis AvarisAdult (f)1,6947492
BHPHPSpock Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)2,0378602
RHfY5Apus Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)3,2189022
39OXNGrus Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)2,6178012
GW5eaAuriga Nebulis AvarisAdult (f)3,7847381
7rRUfCassiopeia Nebulis AvarisAdult (f)2,7968469
HelomHeloma Nebulis AvarisHatchling (f, F)2,4556222
bnO7q(bnO7q)Adult (f)3,6626946
clLIfCephei Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)2,8878321
NsGwoAvalon Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)1,6576902
sZliFTestudo Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)3,1038014
lQ0RKSethos Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)3,6488069
OYWWsCrater Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)2,1818282
APRIqApriqo Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)2,1318302
X1YQhVirgo Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)2,0988235
tIPHdEridanus Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)2,8518054
LBuo2Fornax Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)2,9918244
RCJfWSculptor Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)2,0697481
3f2CqIndus Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)2,7777571
uSi02Apodis Nebulis AvarisAdult (f)3,2927606
pdsLaAntlia Nebulis AvarisAdult (f)2,1797793
55UX2Borealis Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)1,8667391
DQ62dAries Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)4,1657504
r4J7DPavo Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)2,2217783
Rg101Leonis Nebulis AvarisAdult (f)2,1967852
Xr0ZGPictor Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)3,5299933
qYh6kLynx Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)5,1558881
tq16VLeporis Nebulis AvarisAdult (f)2,6888652
rq4QJMonoceros Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)2,0117082
OBGAvBerenice Nebulis AvarisAdult (f)2,0396763
TSRD1Vulpecula Nebulis AvarisAdult (f)5,1687924
oKNkTelegonos Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)4,0898299
vKSIKepheus Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)4,75892712
DOJlCarina Nebulis AvarisAdult (f)2,1525466
auHILacerta Nebulis AvarisAdult (f)2,3036758
CI8kAquila Nebulis AvarisAdult (f)3,0065625
UafiCirrus Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)2,3706644
04GNDoradus Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)1,5728503
fW3hAndromedus Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)1,7836343
dtAKNephele Nebulis AvarisAdult (f)6,4201,11733
lbe3Draco Nebulis AvarisAdult (m)2,01454437
6L2pJ(6L2pJ)Adult (m)4,9046541
VxhKE(VxhKE)Adult (m)3,4977261
AQAHg(AQAHg)Adult (f)3,1738271
zOmlhEclipse Adularia AvarisHatchling (F)1,6801431
q8RdgErna Adularia AvarisHatchling (f, F)3,3727906
bqkjoMiril Adularia AvarisAdult (f)1,6746329
njAi4Ashura Adularia AvarisAdult (f)2,0717723
59BHFLunestra Adularia AvarisAdult (f)1,4407434
gtofhSurtur Adularia AvarisAdult (m)2,5548013
Ikev0Hypermestra Adularia AvarisAdult (f)2,1486222
iLCD3Argeus Adularia AvarisAdult (m)2,2687031
YdpnLAbas Adularia AvarisAdult (m)2,4816353
AgmkmBelos Adularia AvarisAdult (m)2,1337352
GOuSOAegaeon Adularia AvarisAdult (m)5,4191,4904
gfnStPhineus Adularia AvarisAdult (m)2,9749002
RuZWqLynkeus Adularia AvarisAdult (m)2,4728021
h74EFPhoenissa Adularia AvarisAdult (f)2,1206794
UqpnuAigyptos Adularia AvarisAdult (m)1,8497463
e0Ri6Danaos Adularia AvarisAdult (m)2,7847663
olELOLuna Adularia AvarisAdult (f)2,1166795
QJ0DB(QJ0DB)Adult (m)5,1616541
kaKhG(kaKhG)Adult (m)4,9736581
qaeKsIlos Reptilios AvarisAdult (m)2,2867451
8L8NUKapys Reptilios AvarisAdult (f)2,0697482
7erpIAcallaris Reptilios AvarisAdult (f)6,5391,6188
gNE3NHippodameia Reptilios AvarisAdult (f)4,1311,0944
vJv8jThemiste Reptilios AvarisAdult (f)1,8886561
I9AvAnchises Reptilios AvarisAdult (m)2,3665685
3iBRLaokoon Reptilios AvarisAdult (m)1,9376174
q7r8G(q7r8G)Adult (m)5,1078410
vnYkPBromo Eosforos AvarisAdult (m)2,18784810
AfEjKAdultos Eosforos AvarisAdult (m)1,4916965
nUfh9Pirongia Eosforos AvarisAdult (f)3,5588287
TeGnZRufus Eosforos AvarisAdult (m)2,9116603
fHFXYYmir Eosforos AvarisAdult (m)2,8471,0053
p7Am3Caldera Eosforos AvarisAdult (f)2,3167543
idVbVAlutur Eosforos AvarisAdult (m)1,7787445
ucWZHPatera Eosforos AvarisAdult (f)3,1117784
XOVhWSapas Eosforos AvarisAdult (m)1,6666423
b8RaKhilava Eosforos AvarisAdult (f)2,4147197
6aPTVesta Eosforos AvarisAdult (f)2,8217547
cNc3Caecula Eosforos AvarisAdult (f)1,59059032
HaTbHephaista Eosforos AvarisAdult (f)2,22797427
TEeoHephaistos Eosforos AvarisAdult (m)1,42849534
LfdbSubruby AvarisHatchling (F)1,3543766
5ONu5Sonussa Subrubia AvarisAdult (f)1,7397351
G7GY3Kirke Subrubia AvarisAdult (f)2,6378061
O7fVaMoina Subrubia AvarisAdult (f)1,7216781
NPjuqCalatina Subrubia AvarisAdult (f)2,9127973
CA3hOTiu Subrubia AvarisAdult (m)4,7631,0398
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