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You pick up the scroll labeled “tempestsea,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
UCUbHUCUbH 2G PBFAdult (f)4,4077971
jdRh1jdRh1 2G PBFAdult (f)4,3828302
x0IB2x0IB2 2 PBFAdult (f)2,1723204
PwSlPPwSlP 2G PBFAdult (f)4,8858932
TUTIQTUTIQ 2G PBFAdult (f)4,8338961
Pk8IQPk8IQ 2G PBSpAdult (f)5,2789630
l4fBwl4fBw 2GAdult (f)6,0544522
zewXBohai Sea 6MAdult (f)3,4851,985118
SZs7(SZs7)Hatchling (f, F)8,88860121
FGfLSpring Sea CBAdult (m)6,6821,04419
lrwE1lrwE1 CBAdult (m)5,1326951
ZprHFZprHF CBAdult (m)7,4905971
mX5kLmX5kL CBAdult (m)5,9458823
yC7C0yC7C0 CBAdult (m)3,2727406
mfqwkmfqwk CBAdult (m)7,0741,1471
d0CpWd0CpW 2G PBWAdult (m)5,9329153
tF5cqtF5cq 2PBWAdult (m)4,8446974
rbvjFrbvjF 2PBWAdult (m)4,8556973
hlB6JhlB6J 2PBWAdult (m)5,3426111
uHWCguHWCg 2G PBFAdult (m)4,6971,1384
6WU4B6WU4B 3EG SWFAdult (m)6,3385772
qolPHqolPH 3 PBFWAdult (m)5,4645891
ZLspyZLspy 3EG SWFAdult (m)5,4761,0021
kYBe(kYBe)Hatchling (m, F)4,99983416
4h2Vm4h2Vm CBAdult (f)5,8817982
iQTz3iQTz3 CBAdult (f)4,5076260
g9VVng9VVn CBAdult (f)3,2599093
V2Ec3V2Ec3 CBAdult (f)6,3177713
DSDytDSDyt CBAdult (f)5,7827062
BJ0q6BJ0q6 CBAdult (f)6,0418305
AerejAerej 2GAdult (f)7,6095623
FsFjDFsFjD 2PBSuAdult (f)5,5176591
9dk4s9dk4s 2G PBWAdult (f)1,8688162
dNYbOdNYbO 2G PBWAdult (f)3,1238064
HGAGpHGAGp 2G PBWAdult (f)2,8899921
QG78ZQG78Z 2G PBWAdult (f)3,7009310
qJZkUqJZkU 2G PBWAdult (f)4,1098892
BnErJBnErJ 2 PBWAdult (f)5,3526120
7C9tK7C9tK 3EG SWFAdult (f)5,2056471
A5DUA5DU 5PMAdult (f)5,07283622
MuSO(MuSO)Hatchling (f, F)4,98380417
0apb0apb CBAdult (m)4,6305031
DTY1DTY1 CBAdult (m)4,0823581
JtNQvJtNQv CBAdult (m)4,5564161
MrbP6MrbP6 CBAdult (m)5,5381,1912
SPuYoSPuYo CBAdult (m)6,3028821
GVOjxGVOjx CBAdult (m)5,8507060
XueDO(XueDO)Adult (m)5,9635110
N3Qd2(N3Qd2)Adult (m)6,4255612
bBHGSbBHGS 2G PBAdult (m)5,1303421
UpGDcUpGDc 2GAdult (m)4,9803721
iAWlT(iAWlT)Hatchling (m, F)3,6833761
oTcWBoTcWB CBAdult (f)4,4234241
CuHfWCuHfW CBAdult (f)6,4241,1472
QerqTQerqT y CBAdult (f)5,1287413
SZDrnSZDrn CBAdult (f)2,5799620
CFwPzCFwPz CBAdult (f)2,8628210
vtmcMvtmcM CBAdult (f)2,3777222
Qs9O5(Qs9O5)Adult (f)6,9774942
1NOpP1NOpP 2G PBAdult (f)5,7236430
Fqc9(Fqc9)Hatchling (f, F)4,2454491
EFaJNEFaJN CBAdult (m)3,5151,5240
095KF095KF CBAdult (m)2,9371,4041
E9g7mE9g7m CBAdult (m)4,3228646
QqxW8QqxW8 CBAdult (m)2,0738014
X7ZUhX7ZUh CBAdult (m)3,5761,0071
lgjaR(lgjaR)Adult (m)4,7199802
8ehyA(8ehyA)Adult (m)5,8426510
zjWyazjWya CBAdult (m)7,8577534
khPBLkhPBL CBAdult (m)4,1021,0611
SKGwkSKGwk CBAdult (m)4,0308393
b0AzUb0AzU CBAdult (m)5,0187022
AeaHJ(AeaHJ)Adult (f)2,3137190
Mdzh5(Mdzh5)Adult (f)3,3599480
SbcnN(SbcnN)Adult (f)4,4591,0471
nLals(nLals)Adult (f)4,0861,0321
KkHV9KkHV9 CBAdult (f)3,0881,4020
FKbEuFKbEu CBAdult (f)3,0617633
FgNfIFgNfI CBAdult (f)3,0291,4161
XEjhvXEjhv CBAdult (f)2,8431,0640
24Gsq24Gsq CBAdult (f)4,3029571
QDKaW(QDKaW)Adult (f)4,3661,1242
CfkuWCfkuW CBAdult (f)6,2501,0742
pd3Y5pd3Y5 CBAdult (f)2,4998271
GFLPhGFLPh CBAdult (f)4,8501,0623
PXtToPXtToCBAdult (f)4,1198943
n3UTR(n3UTR)Adult (f)7,1926351
7VEYj7VEYj 2SMAdult (m)5,0485642
38Py938Py9 2SMAdult (m)5,9895113
FNIU3FNIU3 2SFAdult (m)4,8575964
y6GZly6GZl 2SFAdult (f)4,9405701
83IJ683IJ6 2WFAdult (m)4,7781,1873
5QVfm5QVfm 2WMAdult (m)5,1311,0022
0p92X0p92X 2WMAdult (m)3,58633411
SEmNeSEmNe 2WFAdult (m)3,3368873
22T6H22T6H MessAdult (m)4,6798543
i7kP(i7kP)Hatchling (m, F)4,4161,2028
A6CNhDenian 2WMAdult (f)5,0003341
gv2iegv2ie 2WFAdult (f)6,9967821
WJR0uOrange Sprinkles 2WMAdult (f)4,8473241
MC7SoMC7So 2WFAdult (f)2,1417383
jDaIFjDaIF 2WFAdult (f)5,5376503
nlLd(nlLd)Hatchling (f, F)4,4491,1909
Bfp4Gin No Silberdrache Sea 2GAdult (m)13,6143,922237
mhFYKmhFYK 2GAdult (m)5,2168818
3cO3h3cO3h 3EGAdult (m)6,2965863
V3aLArgent Sea 3StAdult (m)7,8543,16364
MAAz042s Argent gift 3STAdult (m)2,8748322
kGUnQIce Gift 5STAdult (m)4,2288988
4QXJZArgent Spiral 5Adult (m)5,8751,0622
trecCepevpo SeaHatchling (m, F)1,68776251
jrBBPlata Sea CBAdult (f)7,6053,20860
djGriArgent Moon 2GAdult (f)3,2209062
HWDISudraba Sea 3StAdult (f)7,4563,20355
lNfBfS'aar's Gift 3EGAdult (f)7,01467519
GFdeXGFdeX 4EGAdult (f)2,5617431
6jtXH6jtXH 4STAdult (f)6,4165883
vd5sOvd5sO 5E fr shAdult (f)4,7625581
YqEr(YqEr)Hatchling (f, F)4,0546195
0o0Zevd5sO CBAdult (f)6,8335332
kJySa(kJySa)Adult (f)5,2805261
oGEow(oGEow)Adult (f)4,7997250
TVeF6(TVeF6)Adult (f)6,8655310
JuGog(JuGog)Adult (f)5,8355340
mQ155(mQ155)Adult (m)7,1175320
uP5Bt(uP5Bt)Adult (m)6,6235291
GGgke(GGgke)Adult (m)4,8047341
q7Mun(q7Mun)Adult (m)6,9925690
35xU6(35xU6)Adult (m)5,7726561
N1r4l(N1r4l)Adult (m)5,8366510
Y7ceu(Y7ceu)Adult (m)5,3226811
jcrwK(jcrwK)Adult (m)6,5935020
XjbnU(XjbnU)Adult (m)6,1345051
3VRaD(3VRaD)Adult (m)6,1235583
EpJRSulu Sea CBAdult (m)7,9573,41568
G2LEG2LE CBAdult (m)4,9065101
rG4OMrG4OM CBAdult (m)6,8085471
IurV5IurV5 CBAdult (m)6,4225341
W3sf8W3sf8 CBAdult (m)3,9369352
MZgTXMZgTX CBAdult (m)4,6407313
RjXVcRjXVc CBAdult (m)6,4681,1363
3sK2X3sK2X CBAdult (m)4,3256941
Edj5aEdj5a CBAdult (m)2,7761,0570
d2LYGd2LYG CBAdult (m)2,8447282
pgI1LpgI1L CBAdult (m)2,7086933
hcTCt(hcTCt)Adult (m)5,8495550
APyRhAPyRh CBAdult (m)1,9237181
wxdZ6wxdZ6 CBAdult (m)2,3266190
0WTyk0WTyk CBAdult (m)4,2177603
RRYbRRYb 2GAdult (m)7,2735663
LhrzJames BayHatchling (m, F)1,40928237
RshzArafura Sea CBAdult (f)8,0053,23787
DlXfDlXf CBAdult (f)6,8661,04020
pese4pese4 CBAdult (f)6,8415571
dhu32dhu32 CBAdult (f)4,0769071
MUxPzMUxPz CBAdult (f)4,1438052
5BV5v5BV5v CBAdult (f)3,3456830
pCM5ZpCM5Z CBAdult (f)1,6186042
hmKWfhmKWf CBAdult (f)1,8567501
EIFk8EIFk8 CBAdult (f)2,7141,1031
aL678aL678 CBAdult (f)2,2515040
tAr7btAr7b CBAdult (f)2,3037332
3UyVE3UyVE CBAdult (f)2,2436641
mTGGYmTGGY CBAdult (f)5,3856191
i30CS(i30CS)Adult (f)2,2776500
Yl5DYYl5DY 2GAdult (f)3,8944340
uqXMauqXMa 4Sp fr SilverAdult (f)2,5269131
4kLFf4kLFf 4g messAdult (f)3,1327361
lyQoTasman SeaHatchling (f, F)8,2213,33853
R3j7WR3j7W 2WFAdult (m)3,5548562
ldQy6ldQy6 3STAdult (m)3,3278644
krGkAAzure Eyes 2WMAdult (m)4,0347921
baIfpbaIfp 2WMAdult (m)2,0387263
nmCjsnmCjs 2WMAdult (m)2,4258733
VxHREVxHRE 2WMAdult (m)2,3989261
nICdDnICdD 2WFAdult (m)5,0261,0561
htM2EhtM2E 3EG WMAdult (m)2,4809172
YJ1EeYJ1Ee 2WFAdult (f)2,4618972
UCnFMUCnFM 2WFAdult (f)1,7236832
ou40zou40z 2WFAdult (f)4,5835464
E7mo3E7mo3 CBAdult (m)4,6485772
V0w0LV0w0L CBAdult (m)4,5246541
QFDM6QFDM6 CBAdult (m)5,0111,1705
HuuqqHuuqq CBAdult (m)4,14692115
KC9fLKC9fL CBAdult (m)3,0968276
ymF7nymF7n CBAdult (m)2,3357690
s35Xfs35Xf CBAdult (m)2,2707900
nG2S1nG2S1 CBAdult (m)3,6289390
eW0QxeW0Qx CBAdult (m)2,4138501
bAh32bAh32 CBAdult (m)4,6029652
r6pLir6pLi CBAdult (m)2,5638082
lEO5blEO5b CBAdult (m)2,6108261
FhLzgFhLzg CBAdult (m)2,1288010
Fv6i2Fv6i2 CBAdult (m)5,9426732
25ZgM(25ZgM)Adult (m)4,0688791
odg0Nodg0N 2GAdult (m)2,6187403
QylDeQylDe 3EGAdult (m)2,5538683
k0jtzk0jtz CBAdult (f)4,7205851
KGxyWKGxyW CBAdult (f)3,1971,0642
EHC9hEHC9h CBAdult (f)3,8031,1864
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