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You pick up the scroll labeled “tempestsea,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
mjdpkmjdpk CBAdult (f)2,6786796
459rZ459rZ CBAdult (f)2,6608492
Mx72rMx72rCBAdult (f)4,1628301
l3n8Pl3n8P CBAdult (f)5,2147918
BW2w8BW2w8 CBAdult (f)7,9205711
43mlF43mlF CBAdult (f)5,2697866
U6k7yU6k7y CBAdult (f)4,6448523
1aztW1aztW CBAdult (f)5,9967831
qse9wqse9w CBAdult (f)4,3736800
gJw5tgJw5t CBAdult (f)4,6286600
xbNqWxbNqW CBAdult (f)4,4767690
bH1Y7(bH1Y7)Adult (f)7,0726761
DhhOm(DhhOm)Adult (f)5,8185490
xQRa2(xQRa2)Adult (f)4,8126860
Oa00I(Oa00I)Adult (f)4,7067540
rWEJ2rWEJ2 2GAdult (f)4,2536221
jTFZw(jTFZw)Adult (f)5,3175770
C8xUpC8xUp 2G PBAdult (f)4,1229883
sJjIYFormal Sea 2G PBAdult (f)8,7161,8084
51ye0Night Kat 2G PBAdult (f)4,7749821
7EFfQEbon Child 2G PBAdult (f)4,3891,2443
PYjQZPYjQZ 2GAdult (f)4,8839166
tm3RXtm3RX 2G PBAdult (f)4,4951,21410
A6g2TA6g2T 2GAdult (f)2,9531,0365
7zyqY7zyqY 2G PBAdult (f)1,3325131
Fr7UIFr7UI 3EG fr SilverAdult (f)3,1648073
a28OUa28OU 3STAdult (f)7,2591,09712
acGtOBlack Gold 3STAdult (f)4,5501,0663
YHG7FYHG7F 3ST fr SilversAdult (f)3,4838823
NH7ERaven Sea 4StAdult (f)8,8573,659166
kH7KSable Sea 4Adult (f)8,9863,936138
ooq9Night SeaHatchling (f, F)2,08395758
TBUl9TBUl9 2GAdult (m)4,6751,1112
4rbbiArgent Curl 3EGHatchling (m, F)5,4328476
jj93Halmahera Sea 2DAdult (f)1,36929734
oZL41oZL41 3EGAdult (f)5,1289385
LafnUDancing Sea 3EG PBAdult (f)5,8071,3762
vfN55Thinking of Pika 3EGAdult (f)5,9758184
KPBqMidnite Sea 5MAdult (f)7,9983,302216
br42fbr42f MessAdult (f)4,2753997
5H6GMarmara SeaHatchling (f, F)3,9431,68588
cXMqucXMqu CBAdult (m)5,0631,0877
BTrCaBTrCa CBAdult (m)5,1621,1462
ZY3rRZY3rR CBAdult (m)3,9271,3772
6omre6omre CBAdult (m)1,9717280
5jpGQ5jpGQ CBAdult (m)1,9097031
O1bD5O1bD5 CBAdult (m)3,3941,1144
iqTAkiqTAk CBAdult (m)1,7946410
YlmTOYlmTO CBAdult (m)5,7056552
jCDPD(jCDPD)Adult (m)5,2089741
91LLF91LLF CBAdult (f)5,0571,0852
G6f6NG6f6N CBAdult (f)3,7791,3162
yOd9JyOd9J CBAdult (f)2,9988332
mvCXUmvCXU CBAdult (f)2,7051,0550
bqGGUbqGGU CBAdult (f)3,1248141
h6Cfhh6Cfh CBAdult (f)2,5629090
KrhDHKrhDH CBAdult (f)2,5238871
cpmXccpmXc CBAdult (f)2,5918660
X9qM9X9qM9 CBAdult (f)3,8961,3130
O136wO136w CBAdult (f)4,6579902
OOfCW(OOfCW)Adult (f)3,8348831
g2YI1g2YI1 CBAdult (f)4,6651,1332
ibzATibzAT 2GPBAdult (f)5,9225991
gKyu7gKyu7 CBAdult (m)3,0208382
kmcKHkmcKH CBAdult (m)6,3994780
N0d5cN0d5c CBAdult (m)2,4777253
TRvxjTRvxj CBAdult (m)2,0488404
csNUIcsNUI CBAdult (m)4,7851,2021
xcZbXxcZbX CBAdult (m)2,8379661
fZfELfZfEL CBAdult (m)2,6348311
v61Ja(v61Ja)Adult (m)2,1227074
KlbzSKlbzS CBAdult (m)4,2665942
qUdZuqUdZu CBAdult (m)4,3771,0600
j7yXI(j7yXI)Adult (f)3,5979962
R4vTu(R4vTu)Adult (f)2,3347291
wvxXhwvxXh CBAdult (f)2,1306792
nRK7OnRK7O CBAdult (f)2,7539272
9xiyz9xiyz CBAdult (f)2,6138251
pAuICpAuIC 2GAdult (f)3,8327354
U3z6VAlbion Sea CBAdult (m)4,2041,0571
HHrmrHHrmr CBAdult (m)5,5127590
5YBNL5YBNL CBAdult (m)5,9606420
kuZX5kuZX5 CBAdult (m)1,8027203
DsRpO(DsRpO)Adult (m)4,9558020
iUY90iUY90 CBAdult (m)2,5558661
fI1GcfI1Gc CBAdult (m)2,6336551
uWbUY(uWbUY)Adult (m)5,7535470
xDvnJxDvnJ CBAdult (m)3,0011,3691
AGKhFAGKhF CBAdult (m)2,7991,3292
DxqQxDxqQx CBAdult (m)2,5967723
qojD7qojD7 CBAdult (m)2,9359192
d3bEAd3bEA CBAdult (m)1,9707300
JSuDrJSuDr CBAdult (m)1,8448891
CQSgV(CQSgV)Adult (m)6,4718502
7PzAt7PzAt CBAdult (f)2,5369470
QqY3GQqY3G CBAdult (f)3,4189631
RlWE6RlWE6 CBAdult (f)2,5978152
dafX1dafX1 CBAdult (f)2,6799032
0wt1a0wt1a CBAdult (f)1,6637210
MmnjRMmnjR CBAdult (f)4,7671,2171
QzmENQzmEN CBAdult (f)4,9381,0052
uJ7oR(uJ7oR)Adult (f)1,9406871
E8ONJE8ONJ CBAdult (m)2,3908872
CDiCQCDiCQ CBAdult (m)1,9478402
zGWKzzGWKz CBAdult (m)1,8709041
JmI3WJmI3W CBAdult (m)7,0315660
ww0HLww0HL CBAdult (m)2,6209470
0ZLuU0ZLuU CBAdult (m)1,9288350
uiAK9uiAK9 CBAdult (m)2,3468820
DaWGIDaWGI CBAdult (m)2,3077520
1rC4a1rC4a CBAdult (m)2,1567250
DNAVQDNAVQ CBAdult (m)2,0117460
xVdKYxVdKY CBAdult (m)1,7415695
WUE9hWUE9h CBAdult (m)2,4299123
HmJFkHmJFk CBAdult (m)1,9766611
2kDIj(2kDIj)Adult (m)2,8407441
JLeDiJLeDi CBAdult (m)5,1249331
s15Nws15Nw CBAdult (m)4,3071,2480
Ao5lSAo5lS CBAdult (m)1,6285520
HuVTX(HuVTX)Adult (m)2,4781,1301
H9DnbH9Dnb CBAdult (f)2,0468852
pUo9MpUo9M CBAdult (f)2,2298520
P5qTDP5qTD CBAdult (f)3,0468394
BtZMKBtZMK CBAdult (f)1,9318691
luBisluBis CBAdult (f)1,6797531
U6cLTU6cLT CBAdult (f)3,9171,1954
D7qrmD7qrm CBAdult (f)4,4941,4201
TVL9TTVL9T CBAdult (f)2,0147211
amynKamynK CBAdult (f)1,9996431
0ruu3(0ruu3)Adult (f)6,0587290
CaX99CaX99 2GAdult (f)2,9297321
dhykLdhykL MessAdult (f)4,5419472
c6GTI(c6GTI)Adult (m)5,1317633
vM6VV(vM6VV)Adult (m)2,5007660
HZL07(HZL07)Adult (m)1,9096580
Jcbtc(Jcbtc)Adult (m)3,7386892
EcFwT(EcFwT)Adult (m)1,8457330
sl7X1(sl7X1)Adult (f)4,4819770
yKAfA(yKAfA)Adult (f)1,8277130
Gd8Vj(Gd8Vj)Adult (f)4,2576875
76M9Z(76M9Z)Adult (f)2,3546981
MKuYO(MKuYO)Adult (f)2,3706600
t9hKf(t9hKf)Adult (f)4,8577781
GMSOy(GMSOy)Adult (f)4,4039100
NIfIP(NIfIP)Adult (f)2,5496813
9Oif7(9Oif7)Adult (f)4,4679041
4JBDI(4JBDI)Adult (f)3,7114953
Q5J0CTempest's Blusang CBAdult (m)4,3869445
xNyRoThe Greatest Gift CBAdult (m)6,4796714
GwIVhGwIVh CBAdult (m)7,0245451
ND6ziND6zi CBAdult (m)2,5623157
f2mvVf2mvV 5ST TKAdult (m)5,0526761
sQiWhsQiWh 2G PBAdult (m)3,1218027
bf4nXbf4nX CBAdult (f)4,5601,0274
h0PdXh0PdX CBAdult (f)4,8679613
nxbndnxbnd CBAdult (f)5,5587676
nGgJd(nGgJd)Adult (f)5,9785580
iQOQziQOQz CBAdult (f)5,6967141
Y24W0Neko Time 2G PBAdult (f)6,2038879
uvvWsIWOKd Some Truth 2G PBAdult (f)4,96880115
KdGFRKdGFR 2G PBAdult (f)5,7011,0953
l1goe(l1goe)Adult (m)6,2034790
Ke2Rp(Ke2Rp)Adult (m)5,1395350
P5O21(P5O21)Adult (m)6,4855210
O58dF(O58dF)Adult (m)5,7201,0642
uxxM6(uxxM6)Adult (m)5,0095200
4fYpMMr Bolt CBAdult (m)6,7826120
Rd6VdRd6Vd CBAdult (m)5,5276181
qMoRfqMoRf CBAdult (m)4,6457351
KEoXGKEoXG CBAdult (m)4,8696320
u8zohu8zoh CBAdult (m)4,8666360
ArvI1ArvI1 CBAdult (m)5,3876110
dNYbj(dNYbj)Adult (m)5,2728712
8Ykg1(8Ykg1)Adult (m)5,7787743
QRwmQ(QRwmQ)Adult (m)5,6546020
1jj5a(1jj5a)Adult (m)3,9376601
TDfb4Mrs Bolt CBAdult (f)6,6566111
Hdy9RHdy9R CBAdult (f)4,5107392
s5CyC(s5CyC)Adult (f)4,5595731
716VY(716VY)Adult (f)3,4656551
li48B(li48B)Adult (f)5,6195680
aJPvo(aJPvo)Adult (f)6,1495120
oyuxQ(oyuxQ)Adult (f)4,2496350
NlaFy(NlaFy)Adult (f)4,8595491
BuJId(BuJId)Adult (f)5,6277010
4R7Rw(4R7Rw)Adult (f)5,6975830
rjUEf(rjUEf)Adult (f)5,7675820
y0d3Q(y0d3Q)Adult (f)6,7324680
GGTucGGTuc 2GAdult (m)5,8745411
Mv39XMv39X CBAdult (f)6,9695051
0KFxk0KFxk CBAdult (f)6,9565440
3DcSQ(3DcSQ)Adult (f)5,4666060
SA4zx(SA4zx)Adult (f)5,3765271
rvn7r(rvn7r)Adult (f)2,1241,2992
m5gvm5gv CBAdult (m)5,6801,4104
Hdf0Hdf0 CbAdult (m)4,0305150
1Bicn1Bicn CbAdult (m)3,0324790
TfMiWTfMiW CBAdult (m)5,3359501
vvsKfvvsKf CBAdult (m)5,6499562
B7ftsB7fts CBAdult (m)5,6691,1351
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