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You pick up the scroll labeled “tempestsea,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2rkJf(2rkJf)Adult (f)5,3266530
iX3vV(iX3vV)Adult (f)4,3935992
iEYf5iEYf5 CBAdult (m)5,1396473
B6JA3B6JA3 CBAdult (m)4,7347161
sUqi1sUqi1 CBAdult (m)6,5737520
qezkuqezku CBAdult (m)6,7997001
MX0TtMX0Tt CBAdult (m)4,7517201
FJC89FJC89 CBAdult (m)7,6127041
Aghf7Aghf7 CBAdult (m)4,3678442
34b4a34b4a CBAdult (m)5,4896150
FyZ81FyZ81 CBAdult (m)5,6215760
WbKLo(WbKLo)Adult (m)4,7465620
kB4qm(kB4qm)Adult (m)5,0015770
fMQqifMQqi CBAdult (f)5,9297051
Wx92UWx92U CBAdult (f)6,5397540
wWlvYwWlvY CBAdult (f)6,6027470
pjKQEpjKQE CBAdult (f)6,5456971
JRVypJRVyp CBAdult (f)6,5407520
gLktxgLktx CBAdult (f)4,6907211
A5tZ0A5tZ0 CBAdult (f)4,6137231
vWCkHvWCkH CBAdult (f)4,4907731
utfKQ(utfKQ)Adult (f)4,4075990
CXFBY(CXFBY)Adult (f)4,7727960
q9n0W(q9n0W)Adult (f)6,9525710
v8cxS(v8cxS)Adult (m)6,5895893
MY6PC(MY6PC)Adult (m)5,9465075
fnSnI(fnSnI)Adult (m)5,6486111
zvkD7(zvkD7)Adult (m)4,5516072
WxpvI(WxpvI)Adult (m)5,4046261
XJQr2XJQr2 CBAdult (m)5,9925990
W603eW603e CBAdult (m)5,3705680
H1rTaH1rTa CBAdult (m)6,4655221
lNso8lNso8 CBAdult (m)6,3915212
nV7nLnV7nL CBAdult (m)4,6707241
ZUrV9(ZUrV9)Adult (m)4,6386680
d53xF(d53xF)Adult (f)5,3616370
BYkZb(BYkZb)Adult (f)5,6356280
fZIie(fZIie)Adult (f)5,7476281
KYr5KKYr5K CBAdult (f)6,2295060
AVW9uAVW9u CBAdult (f)5,0417090
t1BGxt1BGx CBAdult (f)7,2087703
2s0ep(2s0ep)Adult (f)3,9417180
0V0zD(0V0zD)Adult (f)6,3505301
ECaxT(ECaxT)Adult (f)5,3287671
7Xi4l(7Xi4l)Adult (f)5,0605860
HQNXb(HQNXb)Hatchling (F)2,7703653
KhIoBKhIoB CBAdult (m)3,5747481
Nmtqp(Nmtqp)Adult (m)3,3498150
TrVFV(TrVFV)Adult (m)4,6716452
fMRMC(fMRMC)Adult (m)4,7755880
6aWGF(6aWGF)Adult (m)5,5585840
bAuXx(bAuXx)Adult (m)4,1277410
YSnwt(YSnwt)Adult (m)4,4085990
ZUpZW(ZUpZW)Adult (m)5,2293570
iTKgPiTKgP CBAdult (m)4,4647392
A48JAA48JA CBAdult (m)4,5867400
0J3iM(0J3iM)Adult (m)5,9726131
PpeYTPpeYT CBAdult (m)5,4596030
Azddj(Azddj)Adult (m)4,9955761
N4oDy(N4oDy)Adult (m)6,9854680
UstIK(UstIK)Adult (f)6,3525364
p1nIb(p1nIb)Adult (f)5,3095520
ZzR4J(ZzR4J)Adult (f)5,6315950
hvqcKhvqcK CBAdult (f)5,4666030
Quu7d(Quu7d)Adult (f)5,7215380
uY54B(uY54B)Adult (f)4,8106542
Ata1f(Ata1f)Adult (f)5,1185750
DcvUB(DcvUB)Adult (f)4,4036391
MkFBo(MkFBo)Adult (f)5,6485581
E5JZH(E5JZH)Adult (f)5,6945540
foRrF(foRrF)Adult (f)5,0046102
zktn0(zktn0)Adult (m)5,7015200
UfeMp(UfeMp)Adult (m)7,5435110
3OlXq(3OlXq)Adult (m)4,6377110
Au86i(Au86i)Adult (m)4,3597370
qUAap(qUAap)Adult (m)6,0115651
Vi9rc(Vi9rc)Adult (m)5,3474581
hba3Thba3T CBAdult (m)7,3975310
YGiFaYGiFa CBAdult (m)7,9545760
sjQ1T(sjQ1T)Adult (f)5,8825621
05T0G(05T0G)Adult (f)5,7115180
d1H7L(d1H7L)Adult (f)6,1524950
sPvWu(sPvWu)Adult (f)5,5344782
jc5Hc(jc5Hc)Adult (f)5,7055961
sASi9(sASi9)Adult (f)7,6155541
0hMln(0hMln)Adult (f)6,6625180
HyCDg(HyCDg)Adult (f)4,8747944
XsAyz(XsAyz)Adult (f)4,5947242
daVgi(daVgi)Adult (m)4,4426080
HwtDW(HwtDW)Adult (m)4,7665421
b86FA(b86FA)Adult (f)5,4116430
qO4cA(qO4cA)Adult (f)5,3926451
dYocw(dYocw)Adult (f)4,9875541
jw34V(jw34V)Adult (f)4,5636040
qz2hU(qz2hU)Adult (m)5,1005141
vqPIx(vqPIx)Adult (f)4,6595582
8uLvT(8uLvT)Adult (f)6,2515582
g0jrg0jr CbAdult (m)2,3641,05022
CMa2CMa2 CBAdult (m)1,67762922
39bOsLighter than air CBAdult (m)5,9341,4343
Ah3lWAh3lW CBAdult (m)7,0707823
VIDedVIDed CBAdult (m)6,4121,0056
Eb2MoEb2Mo CBAdult (m)2,7038503
pe9uApe9uA 2G PBAdult (m)1,8577170
ehmI6Fire Balloon 2GAdult (m)3,1118423
Jw8V(Jw8V)Hatchling (m, F)1,54984714
wUgMwUgM CBAdult (f)1,45570821
H79RH79R CBAdult (f)1,24753221
1c6qQ1c6qQ CBAdult (f)3,9639201
cTp02cTp02 CBAdult (f)6,3691,1011
evCL5evCL5 CBAdult (f)4,3448932
9cn3G9cn3G CBAdult (f)1,7096981
z6LoUz6LoU CBAdult (f)3,0299784
lJQb(lJQb)Hatchling (f, F)1,51356919
e3UXOnyx Sea CBAdult (m)8,7163,46269
9eFmk9eFmk CbAdult (m)4,4611,0020
69mTa69mTa CBAdult (m)4,3649725
KquFBKquFB CBAdult (m)2,0448221
q6lUxq6lUx CBAdult (m)3,8941,0728
Eb8NPEb8NP CBAdult (m)5,9476650
sBqDvsBqDv CBAdult (m)6,8726770
5RmQK5RmQK CBAdult (m)5,7147580
37tDo37tDo CBAdult (m)2,41327417
6K1sb6K1sb CBAdult (m)3,8851,0331
NPOYUNPOYU CBAdult (m)5,4319512
41rOt(41rOt)Adult (m)4,8206780
UQCxa(UQCxa)Adult (m)6,2934670
JWRjp(JWRjp)Adult (m)4,5447570
ul28l(ul28l)Adult (m)5,8535391
VY7RW(VY7RW)Adult (m)6,5755070
jY8Zs(jY8Zs)Adult (m)4,2976800
CYAvnCYAvn CBAdult (m)4,7547931
vcP4EvcP4E CBAdult (m)5,1557881
etDe0Cherno Sea 2G  PBAdult (m)8,4401,4425
IdvO7IdvO7 2GAdult (m)2,7816914
ZPpkUZPpkU DL 3STAdult (m)4,3863622
wfa6Murky SeaHatchling (m, F)8,3603,39791
k8BmHk8BmH CBAdult (f)5,1057568
n3Ui5n3Ui5 CBAdult (f)4,8226341
8EjdU8EjdU CBAdult (f)3,0108304
U9O8OU9O8O CBAdult (f)3,3918761
mjdpkmjdpk CBAdult (f)2,6786796
459rZ459rZ CBAdult (f)2,6608492
Mx72rMx72rCBAdult (f)4,1628301
l3n8Pl3n8P CBAdult (f)5,2147918
BW2w8BW2w8 CBAdult (f)7,9205711
43mlF43mlF CBAdult (f)5,2697866
U6k7yU6k7y CBAdult (f)4,6448523
1aztW1aztW CBAdult (f)5,9967831
qse9wqse9w CBAdult (f)4,3736800
gJw5tgJw5t CBAdult (f)4,6286600
xbNqWxbNqW CBAdult (f)4,4767690
bH1Y7(bH1Y7)Adult (f)7,0726761
DhhOm(DhhOm)Adult (f)5,8185490
xQRa2(xQRa2)Adult (f)4,8126860
Oa00I(Oa00I)Adult (f)4,7067540
rWEJ2rWEJ2 2GAdult (f)4,2536221
jTFZw(jTFZw)Adult (f)5,3175770
C8xUpC8xUp 2G PBAdult (f)4,1229883
sJjIYFormal Sea 2G PBAdult (f)8,7161,8084
51ye0Night Kat 2G PBAdult (f)4,7749821
7EFfQEbon Child 2G PBAdult (f)4,3891,2443
PYjQZPYjQZ 2GAdult (f)4,8839166
tm3RXtm3RX 2G PBAdult (f)4,4951,21410
A6g2TA6g2T 2GAdult (f)2,9531,0365
7zyqY7zyqY 2G PBAdult (f)1,3325131
Fr7UIFr7UI 3EG fr SilverAdult (f)3,1648073
a28OUa28OU 3STAdult (f)7,2591,09712
acGtOBlack Gold 3STAdult (f)4,5501,0663
YHG7FYHG7F 3ST fr SilversAdult (f)3,4838823
NH7ERaven Sea 4StAdult (f)8,8573,659166
kH7KSable Sea 4Adult (f)8,9863,936138
ooq9Night SeaHatchling (f, F)2,08395758
TBUl9TBUl9 2GAdult (m)4,6751,1112
4rbbiArgent Curl 3EGHatchling (m, F)5,4328476
jj93Halmahera Sea 2DAdult (f)1,36929734
oZL41oZL41 3EGAdult (f)5,1289385
LafnUDancing Sea 3EG PBAdult (f)5,8071,3762
vfN55Thinking of Pika 3EGAdult (f)5,9758184
KPBqMidnite Sea 5MAdult (f)7,9983,302216
br42fbr42f MessAdult (f)4,2753997
5H6GMarmara SeaHatchling (f, F)3,9431,68588
cXMqucXMqu CBAdult (m)5,0631,0877
BTrCaBTrCa CBAdult (m)5,1621,1462
ZY3rRZY3rR CBAdult (m)3,9271,3772
6omre6omre CBAdult (m)1,9717280
5jpGQ5jpGQ CBAdult (m)1,9097031
O1bD5O1bD5 CBAdult (m)3,3941,1144
iqTAkiqTAk CBAdult (m)1,7946410
YlmTOYlmTO CBAdult (m)5,7056552
jCDPD(jCDPD)Adult (m)5,2089741
91LLF91LLF CBAdult (f)5,0571,0852
G6f6NG6f6N CBAdult (f)3,7791,3162
yOd9JyOd9J CBAdult (f)2,9988332
mvCXUmvCXU CBAdult (f)2,7051,0550
bqGGUbqGGU CBAdult (f)3,1248141
h6Cfhh6Cfh CBAdult (f)2,5629090
KrhDHKrhDH CBAdult (f)2,5238871
cpmXccpmXc CBAdult (f)2,5918660
X9qM9X9qM9 CBAdult (f)3,8961,3130
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