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You pick up the scroll labeled “tempestsea,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
98YES98YES 4PB WBlaWBluAdult (m)6,4756704
CYv0DCYv0D 3EGAdult (m)4,2561,0012
495gf495gf 5SPAdult (m)3,3871,0871
m1bueRed MessAdult (f)4,2939213
Y4R1pY4R1p 2G PBAdult (f)4,8674184
neDa7JoaMe 3EG ThuwedAdult (m)6,3018203
lfDGWlfDGW 3EG PB WRRAdult (f)5,3479571
Qbkc1Qbkc1 2G WRAdult (m)3,0858733
oaBg5oaBg5 3EG PB WRRAdult (m)5,0958685
et6nTet6nT 3EG PB WGRAdult (f)4,7509816
cQm2ncQm2n 3EG PB WBRAdult (f)5,1829763
0DF2tUmana Draconis 5EG PB WGBuRRAdult (f)4,1734635
s7Ybjs7Ybj 2G PBAdult (f)2,5678544
TAAYmTAAYm 2G PBAdult (m)5,9765572
JIF63Jade Sea 2G PBAdult (m)3,9471,1245
SmO0jSmoo Sea 3EG PBAdult (f)3,5521,2083
dim8qVerdant Sea Thuwed PB 6EGAdult (f)4,2261,1332
I1i3MI1i3M 2G PBAdult (m)4,1139801
b51rqFern Sea 3EG PBAdult (f)3,2988803
ICkXPICkXP 3EGAdult (m)4,2229155
naS9JnaS9J 3EGAdult (f)4,0569812
OnWbIOnWbI 2G PBAdult (f)3,6799261
WbvH9Silken Jade Sea 5EGAdult (f)4,0699305
ANp1JPure Emerald Sea 4EG PBAdult (f)5,0119272
ARDVvARDVv 3EGAdult (f)4,8731,1502
7Wf9lEmerald Iridescence 3EG PB WBGAdult (f)6,0338623
vuFGkEmerald Storm Waters 3EG PB WBGAdult (m)6,2361,05426
dbHloQuaZama Draconis 5EG PB WGBuRGAdult (f)3,2964674
lAA7JlAA7J 2G PBAdult (m)4,3733321
4zRNBGilded Vert 2G PBAdult (m)3,5261,0039
kpg6Hkpg6H 2G PBAdult (f)6,0255532
D7KQZDark Sea 3EG PB WRAdult (m)5,7651,0722
c7hSnEbon Alabaster 3EG PBAdult (f)3,9901,0783
ACZgUACZgU 5G MessAdult (f)3,7316983
4OOLH4OOLH 4EG PBAdult (m)3,6879752
Rqop3Rqop3 3EG PB WRBAdult (m)5,09189611
oHEMaoHEMa 3EGAdult (m)5,3571,06911
cJPflYonder Sky 3EG PB WBuAdult (f)7,8361,18712
gVj2qgVj2q 3EG WRBkAdult (m)3,2138387
m2QBtm2QBt 2G PBAdult (f)3,7451,0574
caF9mcaF9m 2GAdult (m)4,1157453
V9D31V9D31 2G PBAdult (f)1,9966951
edGcRBlack messesAdult (m)6,0731,0232
2F2oi(2F2oi)Adult (f)3,1641,0040
R8tBW(R8tBW)Adult (m)3,1731,0041
PG62l(PG62l)Adult (m)4,2219381
186Jl(186Jl)Adult (f)4,5468770
i8meY(i8meY)Adult (f)5,5367530
Ap5aR(Ap5aR)Adult (f)5,1047113
pCz9s(pCz9s)Adult (m)5,0419622
4XXS54XXS5 CBAdult (f)7,3961,5806
oIClsoICls CBAdult (f)4,7937470
hPbuT(hPbuT)Adult (f)3,8178211
18OR18OR CBAdult (m)1,54955819
V5S4V5S4 CBAdult (f)1,47563115
W4XlW4Xl 2GAdult (f)1,30968212
onmG6onmG6 CBAdult (f)2,54373721
uakNpuakNp CBAdult (m)8,5681,0952
DsjBqDsjBq CBAdult (f)7,9098382
W4gYYW4gYY CBAdult (f)8,0359384
R1HRWR1HRW CBAdult (f)6,8909231
vvwtIvvwtI CBAdult (f)4,6251,1083
FxzxAFxzxA CBAdult (m)1,9077193
fQJOEfQJOE CBAdult (m)5,5389703
DivAFDivAF CBAdult (f)2,7268132
FQa4iFQa4i CBAdult (m)2,2996960
cL9BlcL9Bl CBAdult (f)2,7608104
aTQnlaTQnl CBAdult (f)2,3778150
AddqoAstrid of Belgium 2G PBAdult (f)4,2209412
iZULjiZULj CBAdult (m)4,2377052
kYAfx(kYAfx)Adult (f)3,5207211
MqeD(MqeD)Hatchling (f, F)1,42770212
t01f(t01f)Hatchling (m, F)1,36425735
NZskNZsk CBAdult (m)9,43868339
CefBCefB CBAdult (f)2,4742741
OclJOclJ CBAdult (m)5,6364041
n9V9jn9V9j CBAdult (m)4,2109751
o38U5Tempest's Destiny 3EGAdult (f)6,2648701
Lvge1Lvge1 CBAdult (f)14,8291,0824
losGVlosGV CBAdult (m)4,8364773
t5gdMt5gdM CBAdult (m)7,3606496
TelgATelgA CBAdult (f)5,9354902
m0nWWm0nWW CBAdult (f)2,8967462
5Ol0h5Ol0h CBAdult (f)6,3698532
5Hche5Hche CBAdult (f)2,9518381
7l7Kg7l7Kg CBAdult (m)6,5455991
eHEzAeHEzA CBAdult (m)6,8805251
x3WM4(x3WM4)Adult (m)5,1919581
AVOJy(AVOJy)Adult (m)3,0057162
N5cz(N5cz)Hatchling (F)5992917
dbQG(dbQG)Hatchling (m, F)1,9003661
gOZo(gOZo)Hatchling (f, F)7,2027366
9NMF9NMF CBAdult (f)2,5162833
k3faPenzance CBAdult (m)1,9023281
HBRHHBRH CBAdult (m)3,9445250
dsCAdsCA CBAdult (f)3,6115772
adXcadXc CBAdult (m)3,2694731
1ssj01ssj0 CBAdult (f)3,1996731
NZ5rfNZ5rf 5EG TF8Adult (f)4,8325300
AvIE4AvIE4 CBAdult (f)6,0448872
VN9aUCandies Tango Thuwed 6EGAdult (m)5,7898529
d0PaSd0PaS CBAdult (f)3,5459766
ZUYHXAntoinette de Paris 2G F6Adult (f)2,2757102
ylheEylheE CBAdult (m)2,0047695
GQiv4GQiv4 CBAdult (m)2,7299650
G5sM5G5sM5 CBAdult (m)3,9208436
bldvcbldvc CBAdult (m)5,1277251
CedwSCedwS CBAdult (m)6,3024942
LZ1ji(LZ1ji)Adult (m)4,2367900
PRDON(PRDON)Adult (f)3,6507260
ogrO(ogrO)Hatchling (f, F)5,0581,4373
gLlm(gLlm)Hatchling (m, F)3,9921,2230
WiFuaWiFua CBAdult (f)5,4603901
ucquPucquP CBAdult (m)4,1313820
sQVeDsQVeD CBAdult (m)4,3193740
BJNcDBJNcD CBAdult (f)4,7124011
6QKKR6QKKR CBAdult (m)3,2993991
4n82I4n82I CBAdult (m)4,6693991
gk0gZgk0gZ CBAdult (f)4,4023810
HaHprHaHpr CBAdult (f)4,9714102
KkugXKkugX CBAdult (f)5,4364661
NbJX4NbJX4 CBAdult (m)4,3453662
LFSaGLFSaG CBAdult (f)3,4458082
5CMXh5CMXh CBAdult (m)5,0277770
BAELtBAELt CBAdult (f)5,2494060
WW5b1WW5b1 CbAdult (f)5,9131,2635
WqBLSWqBLS CBAdult (m)3,5289763
eloJTeloJT CBAdult (m)4,5809740
G93iUG93iU CBAdult (f)5,3047572
M0Ps3M0Ps3 CBAdult (f)6,1574202
ncdLKncdLK CBAdult (m)3,7748881
4Hvkh4Hvkh CBAdult (f)5,0497531
2kASd2kASd CBAdult (f)6,9757631
FKuQYFKuQY CBAdult (f)4,5748653
YBVQXYBVQX CBAdult (f)4,7157572
DpbLhDpbLh CBAdult (f)3,1417905
j361xj361x CBAdult (m)3,3309354
WJY5oWJY5o CBAdult (f)4,6598372
noYPxnoYPx CBAdult (m)2,7208776
RNTsHRNTsH CBAdult (f)2,0527741
Hpt0wHpt0w CBAdult (f)2,5048061
bDNZwbDNZw CBAdult (m)2,5336332
gRyUE(gRyUE)Adult (f)1,7326752
8JwQe(8JwQe)Adult (f)2,5257021
AjAbnAjAbn CBAdult (m)5,2477132
6Oh3b6Oh3b CBAdult (m)5,6155992
EpJnWEpJnW CBAdult (m)5,3457780
h1q1Oh1q1O CBAdult (f)4,0428310
kzpQpkzpQp CBAdult (f)6,8307470
EvJOt(EvJOt)Adult (m)4,7996460
d8yUWd8yUW CBAdult (m)5,8367080
pBJUVpBJUV CBAdult (f)3,9285830
DdGJD(DdGJD)Adult (m)4,4785922
jRdXh(jRdXh)Adult (m)4,7025600
wQPDO(wQPDO)Adult (f)6,9114921
xOxro(xOxro)Adult (f)3,7678071
kpCLY(kpCLY)Adult (f)4,7637754
WX73t(WX73t)Hatchling (f, F)4,5554721
8WFmD(8WFmD)Hatchling (m, F)4,6944951
k6iek6ie CBAdult (m)4,0385666
X4R2X4R2 CBAdult (f)4,2385975
jRXojRXo CBAdult (f)6,6904781
9Oen9Oen CBAdult (m)6,6555343
FQXfFQXf CBAdult (f)4,0054540
7Inv7Inv CBAdult (f)5,4324380
uD37uD37 CBAdult (m)4,4625942
Qkj0VQkj0V CBAdult (m)2,9179791
ORFTcORFTc CBAdult (f)5,2624350
p3Yeqp3Yeq CBAdult (m)5,6319042
AqcG9AqcG9 CBAdult (f)7,0638343
Qkpe6Qkpe6 CBAdult (f)5,2093907
0Fj5D0Fj5D 2GAdult (f)6,2027812
GLAghGLAgh CBAdult (f)5,7614172
cKO8tcKO8t 2GAdult (f)2,2578263
R87YyR87Yy 2GAdult (m)2,2967843
Tg1r9Tg1r9 CBAdult (m)3,5865631
5nGpR5nGpR CBAdult (m)2,9096971
bUlVjbUlVj CBAdult (m)2,0687661
vxPnSMatrona Moskovskaya 2 F2Adult (f)3,9029012
cwa97Moskovskaya 3EGAdult (f)3,8229983
2tbZ42tbZ4 CBAdult (f)4,9337431
Q2Yc(Q2Yc)Hatchling (f, F)4,6344933
BtgX(BtgX)Hatchling (m, F)5,0083562
Dd95Sweetling Sea CBAdult (m)1,7774042
b9kgLPink Lady 2GAdult (m)3,7558335
X5ZaWX5ZaW 2GAdult (m)3,7811,4663
jHH2NjHH2N 2GAdult (m)6,2107912
EHtseEHtse 3EG PAdult (m)6,2828002
VIqudVIqud 2GAdult (m)3,3154862
XE4GfXE4Gf 2GAdult (m)4,2969905
vLp3rvLp3r 3EGAdult (m)4,0811,2162
MxiwSMxiwS 2GAdult (m)4,5644992
26scO26scO 3EGAdult (m)4,9876973
fAPT3fAPT3 3EGAdult (m)3,9708554
qVOjvqVOjv 3EGAdult (m)5,0121,28612
E4uL7Sweet Song CBAdult (m)4,9961,0122
YrDYx(YrDYx)Adult (m)4,0881,0731
AetZp(AetZp)Hatchling (m, F)3,4798383
ocIRmocIRm CBAdult (m)3,7647301
aUWnRaUWnR CBAdult (f)3,6277671
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