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You pick up the scroll labeled “tempestsea,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
N5cz(N5cz)Hatchling (F)5992917
k3faPenzance CBAdult (m)1,9023281
HBRHHBRH CBAdult (m)3,9445250
adXcadXc CBAdult (m)3,2694731
ylheEylheE CBAdult (m)2,0047695
GQiv4GQiv4 CBAdult (m)2,7299650
G5sM5G5sM5 CBAdult (m)3,9208436
gLlm(gLlm)Hatchling (m, F)3,9921,2230
9NMF9NMF CBAdult (f)2,5162833
dsCAdsCA CBAdult (f)3,6115772
1ssj01ssj0 CBAdult (f)3,1996731
AvIE4AvIE4 CBAdult (f)6,0448872
d0PaSd0PaS CBAdult (f)3,5459766
NZ5rfNZ5rf 5EG TF8Adult (f)4,8325300
ogrO(ogrO)Hatchling (f, F)5,0581,4373
ucquPucquP CBAdult (m)4,1313820
sQVeDsQVeD CBAdult (m)4,3193740
4n82I4n82I CBAdult (m)4,6693991
6QKKR6QKKR CBAdult (m)3,2993991
NbJX4NbJX4 CBAdult (m)4,3453662
5CMXh5CMXh CBAdult (m)5,0277770
WqBLSWqBLS CBAdult (m)3,5289763
eloJTeloJT CBAdult (m)4,5809740
ncdLKncdLK CBAdult (m)3,7748881
j361xj361x CBAdult (m)3,3309354
6Oh3b6Oh3b CBAdult (m)5,6155992
EpJnWEpJnW CBAdult (m)5,3457780
noYPxnoYPx CBAdult (m)2,7208776
bDNZwbDNZw CBAdult (m)2,5336332
AjAbnAjAbn CBAdult (m)5,2477132
d8yUWd8yUW CBAdult (m)5,8367080
EvJOt(EvJOt)Adult (m)4,7996460
8WFmD(8WFmD)Hatchling (m, F)4,6944951
WiFuaWiFua CBAdult (f)5,4603901
BJNcDBJNcD CBAdult (f)4,7124011
gk0gZgk0gZ CBAdult (f)4,4023810
HaHprHaHpr CBAdult (f)4,9714102
G93iUG93iU CBAdult (f)5,3047572
KkugXKkugX CBAdult (f)5,4364661
LFSaGLFSaG CBAdult (f)3,4458082
BAELtBAELt CBAdult (f)5,2494060
WW5b1WW5b1 CbAdult (f)5,9131,2635
M0Ps3M0Ps3 CBAdult (f)6,1574202
4Hvkh4Hvkh CBAdult (f)5,0497531
2kASd2kASd CBAdult (f)6,9757631
FKuQYFKuQY CBAdult (f)4,5748653
YBVQXYBVQX CBAdult (f)4,7157572
DpbLhDpbLh CBAdult (f)3,1417905
Hpt0wHpt0w CBAdult (f)2,5048061
WJY5oWJY5o CBAdult (f)4,6598372
RNTsHRNTsH CBAdult (f)2,0527741
h1q1Oh1q1O CBAdult (f)4,0428310
8JwQe(8JwQe)Adult (f)2,5257021
gRyUE(gRyUE)Adult (f)1,7326752
kzpQpkzpQp CBAdult (f)6,8307470
pBJUVpBJUV CBAdult (f)3,9285830
WX73t(WX73t)Hatchling (f, F)4,5554721
k6iek6ie CBAdult (m)4,0385666
9Oen9Oen CBAdult (m)6,6555343
uD37uD37 CBAdult (m)4,4625942
Qkj0VQkj0V CBAdult (m)2,9179791
p3Yeqp3Yeq CBAdult (m)5,6319042
Tg1r9Tg1r9 CBAdult (m)3,5865631
5nGpR5nGpR CBAdult (m)2,9096971
bUlVjbUlVj CBAdult (m)2,0687661
R87YyR87Yy 2GAdult (m)2,2967843
BtgX(BtgX)Hatchling (m, F)5,0083562
X4R2X4R2 CBAdult (f)4,2385975
jRXojRXo CBAdult (f)6,6904781
7Inv7Inv CBAdult (f)5,4324380
FQXfFQXf CBAdult (f)4,0054540
ORFTcORFTc CBAdult (f)5,2624350
AqcG9AqcG9 CBAdult (f)7,0638343
Qkpe6Qkpe6 CBAdult (f)5,2093907
GLAghGLAgh CBAdult (f)5,7614172
2tbZ42tbZ4 CBAdult (f)4,9337431
0Fj5D0Fj5D 2GAdult (f)6,2027812
cKO8tcKO8t 2GAdult (f)2,2578263
Q2Yc(Q2Yc)Hatchling (f, F)4,6344933
mMuIfmMuIf CBAdult (m)5,6196160
Zkrm9(Zkrm9)Adult (m)4,4936550
ocIRmocIRm CBAdult (m)3,7647301
aUWnRaUWnR CBAdult (f)3,6277671
NCTjk(NCTjk)Adult (f)3,2448080
BRTIJ(BRTIJ)Adult (f)4,4996600
oDVF6(oDVF6)Adult (m)4,0707091
q7Qsm(q7Qsm)Adult (f)5,4995870
GkxuO(GkxuO)Adult (f)4,5425760
D1ll4(D1ll4)Adult (f)3,9037190
VaONT(VaONT)Adult (f)4,7685500
gM980(gM980)Adult (f)4,4586070
Ist6A(Ist6A)Adult (f)5,8785360
gTSxd(gTSxd)Adult (f)4,4875980
mmLHg(mmLHg)Adult (m)5,3263670
ftj3C(ftj3C)Adult (m)5,5225850
UQ853(UQ853)Adult (f)5,6816590
7XnI7XnI CBAdult (m)3,8175392
ACq44ACq44 CBAdult (m)6,9479381
gGki2gGki2 CBAdult (m)5,1451,2708
a0Jvja0Jvj CBAdult (m)4,5907381
rJPMkAsparagus Sea CBAdult (m)3,8751,0995
YD8rBYD8rB CBAdult (m)3,1417973
y32tMy32tM CBAdult (m)2,7628682
4W1Mx4W1Mx CBAdult (m)2,9378335
mApjVmApjV CBAdult (m)2,4226454
QNZAuQNZAu CBAdult (m)3,0977570
v0FmEv0FmE CBAdult (m)2,2096964
Qu1eMQu1eM CBAdult (m)2,7407201
9w9hO9w9hO CBAdult (m)2,6375521
JWUAWJWUAW 2GAdult (m)4,1869282
r7U9Wr7U9W 2GAdult (m)7,2891,2173
pVpBApVpBA 4 MessAdult (m)5,5141,1820
GMg8(GMg8)Hatchling (m, F)4,1359831
6JK76JK7 CBAdult (f)2,9057791
vJKqvJKq CBAdult (f)5,9851,6254
mZfklmZfkl CBAdult (f)5,3604980
jbYunjbYun CBAdult (f)3,0888471
niV34niV34 CBAdult (f)3,1448572
ONQ9HONQ9H CBAdult (f)6,9901,0913
fe8Y7fe8Y7 CBAdult (f)4,5929841
gm3qVgm3qV CBAdult (f)6,3098662
fbpEkfbpEk  CBAdult (f)6,4638622
lCBCRlCBCR CBAdult (f)7,0948222
qn5FFqn5FF CBAdult (f)2,6538202
Z4ApCZ4ApC CBAdult (f)5,3186712
hPCjDhPCjD CBAdult (f)3,0938162
bxsEVbxsEV CBAdult (f)2,6206872
IRATMIRATM CBAdult (f)2,0669971
ZfefoZfefo CBAdult (f)4,8521,0473
bfTvjbfTvj CBAdult (f)3,0761,2202
oOhUdoOhUd 2GAdult (f)4,5431,1072
bMJVGbMJVG 2G PBAdult (f)6,1497803
dshfbHuge Mess Zombie FodderAdult (f)6,0764060
TUKe(TUKe)Hatchling (f, F)3,6055860
4CaxNMidnite Thunder CBAdult (m)2,6468583
QjbEQjbE CBAdult (m)1,7285432
Xb91iBlue Lightning CBAdult (m)5,1568451
U8gXeU8gXe CBAdult (m)6,1751,0325
ZVmpv(ZVmpv)Adult (m)6,8976805
39kXP(39kXP)Adult (m)5,7966713
TjD0UTjD0U 2G PBAdult (m)2,8848572
LLMaQLLMaQ CBAdult (f)3,9529164
pdFnBpdFnB CBAdult (f)3,7401,1254
jM6v9(jM6v9)Adult (f)5,5597926
LDERJElder Sea TF 3StAdult (f)5,4871,0708
6sTIN6sTIN 2GAdult (f)4,6591,0915
RQKJkRQKJk CBAdult (m)5,8618006
CQoFNCQoFN CBAdult (m)5,1291,1074
AZaG9AZaG9 CBAdult (m)3,1369201
Tpw8VTpw8V CBAdult (m)3,3508321
8wBKR8wBKR CBAdult (m)2,7719500
xtJWlxtJWl CBAdult (m)1,5856960
uXCNYuXCNY CBAdult (m)5,9575943
KosfG(KosfG)Adult (m)4,9177171
Yy9by(Yy9by)Adult (m)3,9959120
SnxfG(SnxfG)Adult (m)4,7257991
UOJZVUOJZV CBAdult (m)5,8781,0142
2TXw52TXw5 CBAdult (m)4,3479301
LY9zDLY9zD CBAdult (m)4,8191,0253
uQNCduQNCd 2G PBAdult (m)5,3809643
kuXU7Roca Valthoria 2G PBAdult (m)4,6789862
G1cT4G1cT4 2G PBAdult (m)5,0088634
5gsf75gsf7 2G fr IceAdult (m)1,8896982
NSQAUNSQAU 2G PBAdult (m)2,2818762
ED0EPED0EP CBAdult (f)3,9557324
uapf5uapf5 CBAdult (f)3,0268043
lfnqGlfnqG CBAdult (f)3,8555727
Hr4CsHr4Cs CBAdult (f)6,1098305
JFUAzJFUAz CBAdult (f)1,6216202
qmXfRqmXfR CBAdult (f)3,5079421
Zy53hZy53h CBAdult (f)2,2277860
FUKBAFUKBA CBAdult (f)2,4498461
zHnMAzHnMA CBAdult (f)4,5799270
7d3K4(7d3K4)Adult (f)5,2146820
uUOGmuUOGm 2G PBAdult (f)7,0227485
eQXjXTae Bria PB 2GAdult (f)4,2919713
PlN8QPlN8Q 2G PBAdult (f)5,0091,0204
BFpkpBFpkp 2G from silverAdult (f)6,0421,0430
MKQG2MKQG2 3EGAdult (f)2,0887710
kmkhAMy Baggins of Bag End SKAdult (f)5,5707661
tmYIjtmYIj CBAdult (m)4,2861,0371
m1V0Qm1V0Q CBAdult (m)2,5719780
hDJJohDJJo CBAdult (m)5,1516641
cbcFUcbcFU CBAdult (m)1,9137110
e1PbWPure Bred Blue 2GAdult (m)5,4179662
4SnNaTsunami Silverson 2GAdult (m)5,0598086
gqtEVgqtEV 2G PBAdult (m)4,9943332
hGh9PhGh9P CBAdult (f)4,2551,0192
vReeGvReeG CBAdult (f)7,9359663
CqLqfCqLqf CBAdult (f)3,13972311
BpY5EBpY5E CBAdult (f)3,6761,2193
is4F3is4F3 2GAdult (f)4,8147722
2Z0hlBlackened Gold CBAdult (m)6,2168802
09SQf09SQf CBAdult (m)7,5108652
Hlt8aHlt8a CBAdult (m)4,0591,0451
Ef0ALEf0AL CBAdult (m)4,7039581
WVVdqWVVdq CBAdult (m)4,2601,1322
SUgT6SUgT6 CBAdult (m)4,1591,16324
lj980lj980 CBAdult (m)5,2978500
Mk62WMk62W CBAdult (m)5,9221,0481
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