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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “tjenni,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
yvuhpWelcome to tjenni's ScrollAdult (f)4,4751,2265
daU76XOX Sapo Dragons XOXHatchling (F)3,2363132
6PLq5XOX Labradorite Dragons XOXHatchling (F)2,4292412
WVR1wXOX Pargulus Pygmies XOXHatchling (F)2,8933092
mmYw2(mmYw2)Hatchling (F)1,5032322
INVUT(INVUT)Hatchling (f)4,4071,0087
wzKI0Wizkio TjenHatchling2,2634893
6yRwe(6yRwe)Hatchling (F)1,6782071
2IsR6MehugAdult (m)7,3351,3753
H4ZHVHazerozAdult (m)8,2671,2561
5De3EXOX Cloudplume Dragons XOXHatchling (F)5,4886426
aSAiKXOX Amalthean Dragons XOXHatchling (F)4,2918001
TPCM7XOX Alcedine Wyverns XOXHatchling (F)4,3807891
5QxcBCobonHatchling (m)6,3421,2501
CIM2jCimesHatchling (m)6,3711,2761
vprQnVapronHatchling (m)6,1601,2111
SFFIxSuffixoHatchling (m)6,3591,2542
VRtmdVarto TjenHatchling (m)6,1351,2254
4FNT3Afent TjenHatchling (f)5,6711,1956
AI8KaAika TjenHatchling (f)4,8259901
F4iR1Fair TjenHatchling3,2897832
J0MALJomal TjenHatchling3,2358121
dHDVZDaduz TjenHatchling3,2037832
WUO28Wuo TjenHatchling3,3057661
S4nenSanen TjenHatchling1,5484681
fha7AFaza TjenHatchling1,5354881
8CMJ5SmucoAdult (f)6,6451,0326
DhK8WI'm tjenni on the ForumAdult (m)5,6531,4536
0kbRJI  breed on RequestAdult (f)4,3599505
cFSNsMostly for FreeAdult (m)5,6771,2206
9ByPjI like GiftingAdult (f)3,4401,14812
T5mqoEspecially HatchlingsAdult (m)3,9431,1644
a56JTJust send me a PMAdult (f)4,4281,0313
OFaL7because I don't biteAdult (m)4,6931,1508
eVm9Zand if you want to knowHatchling (F)1,2214118
3JGFOI collect 3rd genHatchling (F)2,2815518
UPGmmPrize Checkers andHatchling (F)3,2513503
U1kO1CB All-Capital-Letter CodesHatchling (F)3,0504426
EqmXHEycoAdult (m)7,7071,44514
jAthPFortuna GimliAdult (m)7,2511,1716
KasKeKaskeAdult (m)7,2551,1615
37100(37100)Adult (f)9,6141,3133
86396(86396)Adult (m)9,3591,3472
30232(30232)Adult (m)8,8491,3158
67549(67549)Adult (m)6,8941,1907
31748(31748)Adult (f)6,8711,1643
7b3rzOberasAdult (f)7,9731,3634
uDZseUdesnoAdult (m)8,2641,3372
ujqhiUqitiAdult (m)7,5671,2463
Kydud(Kydud)Adult (f)7,2191,2353
Kuvco(Kuvco)Adult (m)7,0741,2239
Crika(Crika)Adult (m)7,5251,0892
Rouyo(Rouyo)Adult (m)7,9161,0861
Puioe(Puioe)Adult (f)7,2221,0663
Aeain(Aeain)Adult (m)7,1141,0985
Irrxo(Irrxo)Adult (f)9,3221,2416
Cisaq(Cisaq)Adult (f)8,0721,2612
Ompho(Ompho)Adult (m)7,6861,1713
Jyano(Jyano)Adult (f)7,3541,1492
Gizej(Gizej)Adult (f)5,9591,0580
Picti(Picti)Adult (f)7,9681,2742
Xuhue(Xuhue)Adult (f)8,8681,1943
DUDOZ(DUDOZ)Adult (m)6,9841,1482
OZUAA(OZUAA)Adult (m)6,3031,0733
SKIHU(SKIHU)Adult (m)6,1381,1342
SEBEM(SEBEM)Adult (m)6,4551,1645
TEWUE(TEWUE)Adult (m)7,6381,1623
FROPS(FROPS)Adult (m)9,3501,3127
VOTRU(VOTRU)Adult (m)7,5991,2264
OYMAO(OYMAO)Adult (m)7,8911,2161
YUEUS(YUEUS)Adult (f)6,3931,1451
HUYUM(HUYUM)Adult (f)7,0211,1261
MOGIC(MOGIC)Adult (m)7,0681,1874
XNIBO(XNIBO)Adult (f)5,8081,0752
XYFpoTartufiAdult (f)5,0001,0302
ZDylcZ'DylcaAdult (f)6,2771,0456
tgFsbAranohanaAdult (f)4,8439643
hP131HapetiAdult (f)6,5351,2815
UGgBzUgebizAdult (f)6,3811,3055
V5Th0VastheoAdult (f)7,2291,2417
cP0MdCepomAdult (f)6,3911,2295
3U5JlBujinAdult (f)6,9331,2505
mOgaBMogabiAdult (f)6,9131,2055
rThlnRetihanaAdult (f)5,9101,2353
b0N5aB0NSAIAdult (f)5,6711,2113
bPsu7PokusanAdult (f)6,5581,2562
fypG2FypsAdult (f)2,2414493
GvX2sBell CrownAdult (m)5,4781,0532
IJFMGSun OnyxiusAdult (m)6,0701,1093
KCasiKacasiAdult (f)3,0466024
xjZc0XebringaAdult (f)1,9792747
k8Lt3AquatiloveAdult (f)6,9461,2043
zChkeZ'ShakeAdult (m)5,1241,1232
u8qBrBlack DanguAdult (m)4,8168383
FzThIDon't SinkAdult (m)6,3079702
fnscuFinuscuAdult (m)4,5539143
4zozwAlbischneeAdult (m)3,4525534
AHL9pSnow EelAdult (m)4,8511,0393
OQpbpOqonisAdult (m)7,2441,5323
kLNeqKaluneqAdult (m)5,0211,2122
D1J59DijonasAdult (m)5,1321,2494
UqsFFLeokorAdult (f)2,7289035
kpSbHSilksongsAdult (f)3,2308023
M6S4ZMaorizAdult (f)6,4751,2507
2msYsFalcangelAdult (f)5,4611,2112
H9XIOHexio FawnAdult (f)4,9361,0893
4Qb8LMonolandAdult (f)5,1169603
G6ii2GrenydaAdult (f)5,3101,2215
AqwS4AqwoniaAdult (f)4,4968784
wMDeOCandle DeoAdult (m)5,0479823
lYGEWWolkenblattAdult (m)4,3081,0315
wyjL9SunollyAdult (m)5,2931,0333
KyKg6KykorionAdult (m)8,8411,1751
Vz4WDBuccharessAdult (f)6,4791,3026
Mg6MbMogomiAdult (m)7,0641,0542
zEyo4Z'eyoAdult (f)5,1769106
oc8OYOcoyAdult (f)6,4461,2622
sWhUxSovuxAdult (m)8,1251,2786
4qsO1Releeshahn is Hot EnoughAdult (m)7,9151,1933
VFHRcGreedthrienAdult (f)8,7511,3737
CnMIQPompon GlitzAdult (m)6,7931,0941
PSB8VPesobaAdult (m)7,4911,1949
jitwfJitwarAdult (f)8,1001,3833
ja9ngSangay TjenAdult (m)5,8931,04436
5zFHFReventador TjenAdult (f)6,0931,00933
PmTA6KlyuchevskoyAdult (m)8,6581,1722
yqQtlYakutinAdult (f)5,8231,22011
CRDvgCardo TjenAdult (m)4,0397534
K9GZsKagaz TjenAdult (f)5,1427042
45C6QCusco TjenAdult (m)5,6511,0376
5F2n6Efna TjenAdult (f)8,5781,0894
zIPoeZ'ipoe TjenAdult (f)6,2741,0436
07hiOOhio TjenAdult (f)6,3711,0535
ta6lmTalim TjenAdult (f)5,8037283
tXwNHTeox TjenAdult (f)5,9201,0103
3DiIQDilqa TjenAdult (f)6,2501,2004
YQVWpYcon TjenAdult (m)7,8701,2494
rPheNPhen TjenAdult (m)5,76695410
ujaFVUjafa TjenAdult (f)8,3041,1723
tDs2QTodo TjenAdult (m)4,1136889
dy9dcDydec TjenAdult (f)2,7606931
2c7AiCai TjenAdult (m)3,6118255
vuqC0Vuqo TjenAdult (f)6,9179946
QHiEMQihem TjenAdult (m)5,8501,01314
AAktSAkts TjenAdult (m)6,9781,0084
d9FhxDefex TjenAdult (m)6,5481,0503
8ESMzEsmoz TjenAdult (m)4,5829902
ZmGd1Z'amda TjenAdult (m)3,5505122
tcknRTackno TjenAdult (m)7,8631,0205
uf4lmUfala TjenAdult (f)7,4259065
4kTeTAktet TjenAdult (m)4,6771,0094
BVVKNBukin TjenAdult (f)8,2781,2746
DRpY1Dryp TjenAdult (f)6,8221,0442
TBhVITobvi TjenAdult (f)4,4907771
QMNNvQana TjenAdult (f)3,9059035
ZxzSAZ'ox TjenAdult (m)3,3944132
ToNW2Tonwa TjenAdult (f)6,2961,0794
w9UbZWubz TjenAdult (m)3,5949583
twEHVWehvo TjenAdult (m)5,8599843
lNqTeNyqo TjenAdult (m)6,3751,0864
6qztHHotem TjenAdult (f)3,8428601
It6N5Itun TjenAdult (m)5,2131,0821
KZW90Kazo TjenAdult (m)3,5018141
YOX3WYoxo TjenAdult (m)5,3791,0825
bd80jBodo TjenAdult (m)5,6691,0193
6z3cCBeza TjenAdult (f)11,9261,1864
wNccnWanca TjenAdult (f)3,4927743
7KTpVKeton TjenAdult (m)4,8549362
NpdpZNoddy TjenAdult (m)7,2449774
gYqigGig TjenAdult (m)7,3339995
EkQUdEkud TjenAdult (m)9,8599246
I81qbIcon TjenAdult (m)3,6618394
jFkcYFocky TjenAdult (m)6,6181,0218
EO7gPEgona TjenAdult (m)8,9111,32312
vIEQqVieg TjenAdult (f)5,7509441
HAJvVHaja TjenAdult (f)5,5869638
rwV40Rawon TjenAdult (f)4,6024176
AolPaAolpa TjenAdult (m)6,6598776
GOO8fGoof TjenAdult (f)6,6571,1867
6CE6xCex TjenAdult (m)7,2271,1294
Ag3s5Ages TjenAdult (f)7,4789641
GcNe0Neo TjenAdult (f)5,21879410
DGDuNDun TjenAdult (m)7,0731,1374
bCrTLBoco TjenAdult (m)5,8591,0345
gTPyUPyu TjenAdult (f)9,2111,0913
b4MeiMei TjenAdult (m)3,7024683
TJMpzTimopzAdult (m)
FfGLqFefolonAdult (m)
dJMWbDameranAdult (f)
riuDRRiudorAdult (f)
FGaEuFageuAdult (m)6,5481,1544
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